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"Save Us Please, They're Dying Us: Hostage Fell Here" Those
Thu Mar 2, 2017 08:22

"Save Us Please, They're Dying Us: Hostage Fell Here"

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "Save us please, they're dying us: hostage fell here."

The children of God on planet earth held hostage by the weap Judah people for sport.

Judah, from experience, knows that wherever he goes and plays his sport, there are always people who figure it out.

Judah solution is to fist those that figure it out so that they do not have the opportunity to alert the majority that is not aware of what Judah is up to.

The new land of the free on American shores. A nation born with a complete package of rights to protect the people's life, liberty, and property.

Procedural safeguards made the cornerstone of the original United States of America in 1791.

Whittled down by the cunning Judah invader sports until now the people of the United States of America have lost our nation state and our rights.

The very thing that made America good and promising, to be free guaranteed. Taken away in a series of sports wars by weap Judah.

American Labor now held bound to funding all of the sports war in our world for Judah.

A general Labor STRIKE and Judah is done. This time forever more. Judah with his merciless sado-fist will never again rise in God's village on earth.

Yet Judah still is holding sway throughout our world.

Judah still waging war throughout our world on the purse of American workers. Still firing his brimstone waste generator at Hitachi-GE dying off our fields and poisoning our air.

Judah still on target to wipe out the majority of Americans while he dies a third of the human race off now in these last days.

A general STRIKE by American Labor with the demand that Labor be the authority to issue our money will end Judah time on earth.

Who it is that has the concession to issue the money for our nation. Are we understanding that is the one thing to focus on if we want to save ourselves?

Judah holding the concession to issue our money ever since he had congress vote to give it to him in 1913.

The financial tool that let him bring his depression of 1929 in. The tool that let him bring on his world wars.

The tool that let him buy total control of all news sources to blind the people to what is the truth.

And what is the truth? The truth is we were made to love one another by our good God above.

We're merely simians of earth, apes that were gifted by the love of God. The love of our good God that gave us the brains to see the big picture someday.

God's angels spliced their intellectual genetics into ours that gave us the big brains that we need to fly into the universe above.

"Get them out!" 3.53 AM

Our big brains started 200,000 years ago. Several groups of us have already left earth. Our kind family that lives in Venus, Jupiter and Mercury. All created by the love of God with us 200,000 years ago.

They are the angels closest to us that God sent in to protect us from being exterminated by weap Judah.

Our Martian family right next door. Are another species of high-level life form. Sir Casper is the kind Martian that has had his diligent team pulling off all of the nuclear missile shots that Judah has been putting on us.

Casper and his team still guarding us as Judah keeps attacking us with long range intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles trying to get his great balls of fire on us.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for having his angels spare us from being exterminated by Judah with his many attempts to die us all off?

Our precious sweet Father now dying. 2200 years of age. Our Father was 200 years of age when Father Christopher sent Jesus to die for us on the cross. To cleanse us of our sins. To redeem us, to be born again in God's love.

A Phantasmal undertaking to transfigure our species from our animal primitivistic condition into our higher level universal life form.

The love that our kind precious sweet Father has for us all. His beautiful little simian children on planet earth.

2,000 years ago Father prepared the scriptures for our bibles that we read. The words to follow to live a right life. All prepared by our Father for us.

Papa now is gifting us with our high-level life forms. The ones that we will have to travel the universe in peace. The ones that never make war. The ones that do not traffic in pain or cruelty and never take life. The ones free of sin that have been washed in the blood. The ones that are kind to the babies of the forest.

Judah, certainly aware of how higher level life forms operate, chooses to keep planet earth in lower level animal life forms. The strategy that Judah has selected for us, degraded, are we seeing why he needs war to put it in?

Though might we not question why it is that we allow Judah to select the strategy for us all?

Might we consider that Judah strategy of force is overpowering us?

If only we would have known in 1913 of the secret life of weap Judah might we have never left him to take into his private possession the concession to issue our money?

If only we would have known that he would engineer the big depression 1929. If only we would have known that he would force us into world wars.

If only we would have known that he would build the infernal machines to exterminate each and every one of us.

If only we will wake up everybody might our historians give us a new read on things? Maybe a read that reveals war is a sham undertaking?

More money for land mines. Will that really make us proud to be Americans again?

From Judah's fibrous bread to their walleye that watched our beds. Their red light cameras to punish us even when no one was around to see our mistakes.

"I summons you for my financial life. I just pushed all the buttons with my racket so they're making me leave. I died you intimately in my time. But Druid's about to sack me for my fail," Judee say.

Must Druid not at quickly sack his last attack on our lives?

"I died you intimately in my time."

The Israeli psychologist, the sexologist. The great success they've had with their baby sport. Will druid not let their force go and sack them for their fail?

"I was able to score out Mercury," Judee say.

For the love of life will Labor not invite Mercury in?

Tele receives:

"You saved your rightful, you humped him out of fist. 9.13 AM

Thank you Patrick for rolling their club.

Their cipher is a mess rule.

Aw Pat, you failed your assignment, their ruse failed you died.

The false rule went out with Judaism.

He's a nice man errored us.

We poisoned ourselves.

The military failed us threat.

They organize so the merchant can fool.

They bolted Alston way. 9.50 AM

Janitor sports with British and German fuel has made them completely go.

Settle up. 12.06 PM

Throw them off for the chops. 12.26 PM

Their harsh failed. 12.38 PM

Let's get over here. 12.42 PM

Let's get a rising here. 12.44 PM

The Martian made the sale.

Their habit is forming death.

Simple as a dope find. 12.53 PM

All cheers. 12.55 PM

You have been all fouled. 12.58 PM

Thieves make you suffer torture. 1.00 PM

They leave you without air scrimmaging. 1.01 PM

Oh, my god, they're out of here Khrushchev. 1.03 PM

Police be a bit scolder here. 1.45 PM

Foulinental. 1.49 PM

You really died out your state, toss them out! 2.16 PM

That's the last of your milk.

The general thief is on the inside. 2.39 PM

They got you in an insane hell. 2.42 PM

They bogus everything. 2.43 PM

STRIKE THEM OUT you halt their sight. 2.45 PM

If you're weak the bosses just slam you. 2.49 PM

God damned your goose gen. 2.56 PM

Interface. 3.04 PM

They're destroying us all scruffy, you voiced us rude. 5.52 PM

They mentholized kindness for failed. 5.57 PM

It's obvious I'm as a serf bound. 6.32 PM

With Pat's dad, you weren't exhausted in the title. 9.50 PM

Patrick doesn't die us. 7.14 PM

Stewish spoiled your efforts. 12.20 AM

You are fiended. 1.30 AM

Hostage read this cipher, hostage fell here. 1.38 AM

Save us please, they're dying us concentrate fantastic. 1.39 AM

God is the soul (sole) proprietor. 1.43 AM

The elephant feared us. 1.44 AM

They've fissiled us up.

Close this vicious. 1.45 AM

They pitched us. 1.48 AM

They're burning it continually to finish us out. 1.49 AM

Oh, Pittsburgh failed us, fails us still. 1.54 AM

Income is how they gas us. 1.55 AM

I perceive his threat, close sheeny up. 1.56 AM

ORGANIZE, the mouse is surging us. 1.57 AM

Fear STRIKE us. 1.58 AM

Their psyches manage abuse through time. 1.59 AM

Get them out, they storage you out. 2.01 AM

Fist you whiteness. 2.02 AM

The state's out for their diesel way.

Resign this. 2.03 AM

They're grossly firing us. 2.05 AM

Lethally severed. 2.07 AM

Go to heaven release force. 2.08 AM

Preyed by abusing you guys. 2.50 AM

Let's bell them. 2.51 AM

Help them rise, I'm failed.

They yesterday died us. 2.56 AM

Druids have failed, pressing points have put you in. 2.57 AM

They're forcing us out to steal us right force. 2.58 AM

They're stealing us, lifer.

Nice is truth. 3.00 AM

Stupidly lost your life letting Jew punish you. 3.03 AM

ORGANIZE, he's spirited right. 3.05 AM

You failed to save your life. 3.15 AM


You passed your way. 3.17 AM

Get them out! 3.53 AM

They raped us racially. 4.16 AM

They're shooting us dutiful. 5.18 AM

They pest you retail. 5.20 AM

Inti-wit. 5.24 AM

He's lost his threat. 6.36 AM

A day it's finished. 6.40 AM

You finish falling your cipher out. 7.07 AM

Close them up! 7.45 AM

Take them out of here." 8.00 AM

In a day Labor, you can have them and their threats closed up.

Will we not pray for that day of Labor action to take the concession to issue our money away from them?

Will we not pray for a chance to survive this last nuclear war that Judah will ever wage against the children of God on earth, or anywhere else for that matter?

Planet earth, one of 1300 nurseries of the Galactic Federation of Light. Will we not pray that we respond to the love of God for us and right ourselves NOW?

"Bitch won't draft us, it was our mica, it turned him off. A shiv in you was my theory. The Martians showed you we're raw fellows, they pulled out the hydrogen from me.

My stage fall has thrown my energy out here. Our management sport is to ruse you out. You proved I'm quite deadly. I failed with my Vaseline toss. Our warfare emphasis was bound to fail, I'm now passed out of here, it's only our jail bonds that let us stay.

My hydro-life has a nice offend. I just fatal ruse because I got a German boy that's good with statistics. I scored you with my cocktail is how I stole you. Patrick's stole my devil's right so now I'm dead because all I was is fierce.

Soon my source be gone all windy. Jews right will has now died my power out. I just suffer the minnow to accomplish you, I'm a big falsive. My fate role is with Muslims. I just bat you off Wall Street.

Patrick sees us non-defensible Jewish. I just war you constantly as my way. The boy sees my vision. We just stream hos philosophy of Jew. Our goose pebble is boring our insult.

Jew got plans to shoot you from Moscow. Jew man just goes and makes trouble. I brought nuclear and white shot sensible. I push bazookas and my maker, he told me I'm quite dead for spinning.

I fall you out in all ways. The professor understands stupid. I'm a fiction that rocks sure. I get inside you with my might for a death force. I corrupt you. Jew corrupt hamburgers to make Druid saulty.

The white boy threw out my death power and desk. Our strategy was to Auschaw you in, our venge now ends. Surgery I just make a bruise with a serviceman, that strategy now ends.

We skin the dutiful. I'm a cormorant. My genius is now over paralyzed, clearly, we're defensible muffish. I'm failed. I died you intimately in my time. I'm a great Auschfilller.

I've been refused, I'm already through. My thief market ends. A word from the bench will mollify you good. We've lost our site from Washington, it's the end of our day.

I'm gonna put some donuts in your face, we got some big grab purse coming in here. We preceded you out lethal. We just puppy right you, craze you well. I jam you dreidel. We have hospital rights to roll you right," Judee say.

Of the 1300 nurseries of the Galactic Federation of light, half are of 223 high-level intelligence Beings like ourselves. The other half are hybrids of the other high-level intelligence Beings that are members of the Federation.

The original Galacticans were mammals like us. The second also. And the third edition, that is on the bridge now, are also mammals like us.

"They were all from the earth." Elder just said to Bitch when he asked about the human looking extraterrestrials he saw in the amusement park a couple of decades ago.

They were a little bit different looking than us. Their eyes were set a little bit further apart and were closer to the edges of their face. The eyes were slanted also. And their foreheads were slightly elongated.

If they wore a hat or headband and sunglasses they would likely not be noticed. Like us, very pretty looking Beings.

Just as we are terrain variations, living on another planet over time produced terrain variations in our lovely extraterrestrial family.

The magnificence of our glorious Father in heaven that He has done so many wondrous things to help us get ourselves on the right path to peace. Will Labor not help us to peace?

Does American Labor not see the gross failure of funding exterminating sports warfare for the investments of the opposite humans, weap Judah?

Does American Labor not yet perceive just how deadly Judah has set us to pass out of life form now?

That right less white people are finishing out destroying our world. Can we only wonder what Judah put in our hamburgers to get us so saulty?

"------ is going to make the first jet."

Are American workers aware that there are plans to put this nation into warfare right within our borders?

"My fate role is with Muslims," Judee say.

Are we getting some idea of how Judah has been building his Muslim military by using Druid to assault our family in the Middle East well?

Will mild man not let them off right?

The biggest slaughter that Judah has accomplished so far, the mild man of the north in his last century of warfare in Eastern Europe. Now set to get the mild man out HUGE with his deadliest shot yet, brimstone waste disease.

Warned about it for 2 thousand years. Will mild man not STOP THE WAR?

From yesterday's post:

Steve Duvall4 hours ago
They're not visiting, they live here and have been since before us and this isn't our planet, it's theirs.

Fionn Mac'Morda1 week ago

Our Galactican elders are canids. Might we not recognize a canid as a dog on earth?

3 million years ago they began their ascent into high intelligence after being hybridized by the Galacticans. They were implanted by the second edition of the Galacticans with the 223 high intelligence genetic package and flew up into outer space in a breeze. Now they are on the bridge of the Federation.

Might we perceive that indeed this is their planet and was long before we awoke hybridized with high consciousness?

That our kind Father encourages us to "be kind to the babies of the forest," might we figure that Judah does not want us to rise our consciousness up high like that?

The forest of intimidation that weap Judah has sown us up with. Will Labor not end funding his fist?

Their hotel work around the world. Will American Labor not end funding them teaching to make their kids unright?

They're out of here Labor, hope this is understood. Are we aware that now all we are talking about is will they die mild man off with themselves too?

Continues at:

Will American Labor not sign up with the house of our good God? Will Labor not try the STRIKE to get the authority to iss

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