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"Get Them For Scorching Us: The Monsters Monst US" Might Je
Fri Mar 3, 2017 09:15

"Get Them For Scorching Us: The Monsters Monst US"

Might Jew have put in dog paralysis for their whole theory? Our milk and bread filthy nationwide due to our fields being contaminated with radioactive waste. And yet he is still holding off the Galactic Federation and its mission to liberate the children of God on earth from weap Judah.

The rice camera they used as a sword to assault us completely. Made us all fail. Now we are chemicaled right Judee. Is this all because he is a shooter?

A dubious fox he uses to hold us. Will Labor not let them off right?

A race horse with a fabulous sauce that breaks us in ways that leave us unable to save ourselves.

Martians still pulling all of Judah nuclear missile shots and holding them safely up in the sky and burning them off.

Here's some recent warheads being burned off over Mesa, Arizona:

Link to a video:;article=157351;

That nuclear warhead attack upon Mesa, Arizona was on March 1st, 2017, just the other day. Is Labor not seeing the failure of allowing Judah all of the free money Judee wants?

Those warheads being burned off over Everett, Washington.

Texas UFO Research Committee YouTube channel was taken down. The pilot that directed UFO research was threatened with loss of his job.
Video report 12.33 at

70 years after Roswell and the topic of UFOs still too touchy to investigate.

Is it not something that we have been attacked with long-range intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles to exterminate us and many remain unaware aware of such a significant fact?

Weap Judah has built enough nuclear blast force to kill most of the people on planet earth directly by blast and those that survive would die from the radioactive poisons that fall out from the sky.

Is there not some way to convince Labor that it is in its own best interests to help us get these errant nuclear war fighting ciphers shut down?

The forty minutes needed to figure it out. The 30-minute break through. The 3 minutes to change one's mind and decide to STRIKE THEM OUT of here right. Will Labor not demand peace in our world?

Tele receives:

"Pat, you're missing all of this deal correction, you're a scientist that doesn't seem to prevent corruption, you're basically a fish head. 5.05 PM

We're fouled. 5.34 PM

Give it a thought and will you toss them, please? 5.44 PM

The scientist tossed them out and we failed his mother. 5.51 PM

These people shop people's lives.

They murdered us most ever way. 8.56 PM

They're now banging the mouse. 10.28 PM

Each of us died Germany. 11.28 AM

They're suspects killing free.

Intelliga fell.

They murdered the mouse.

Oxygen bores us. 11.36 PM

Praise God here.

Military failed to save us.

How much time does he have until you're done? 3 weeks. 11.46 PM

Our food is all contaminated. 11.48 AM

Quite fusible you're permanently out. 12.31 AM

Lethal serious life. 12.32 AM

God damned this false right here.

Weaping is out. 12.33 AM

We're past due, oh my god. 12.34 AM

Strategy forced them out.

Die chemicals.

Save your families.

He scores you optically.

Rights die communisty. 12.37 AM

Siege dull you off.

For shooting racially you die justive. 1.10 AM

Your remaining days are out for abuse.

It's started tumors. 1.11 AM

Get them out universal.

Kneel. 1.27 AM

Meals scored our days.

They perish you office. 1.30 AM

Their ability dies us. 1.31 AM

A Sad loss here. 1.32 AM

Back words bore great. 1.33 AM

Very doofy house has outwitted us. 1.34 AM

STRIKE missile out. 1.35 AM

Gorgeous fell truth.1.35 AM

They versatile cave.

They forced you out of here. 1.36 AM

Pat, we're dying fist completely. 1.37 AM

They're out and you're still breezing yourself. 1.44 AM

ORGANIZE about a beautiful life now that they're dead. 1.45 AM

Basically, you're out your fridge.1.46 AM

Your fouls are criminals.1.47 AM

It's a fail tragedy. 1.49 AM

They blew our psyche-us. 1.50 AM

It's all over, cancer strikes us. 1.51 AM

They have a sight die us electricity. 1.55 AM

The criminals passed us off leaderly. 1.56 AM

Falsed out yourselves neglective. 1.57 AM

Your life has been extinguished in a most hideous way. 2.00 AM

Roll devilly fist. 2.01 AM

Palace rate has accomplished you. 2.02 AM

Sport out. 2.06 AM

He slums ya.

They're leaving a fire field. 2.08 AM

They're leaving nuclear desperate life. 2.25 AM

Psyche opps have died us off. 2.27 AM

It's a massive food poisoning. 2.28 AM

It's yield. 2.29 AM

Your police have fallen for menting Jew. 2.27 AM



They're poisoning us badly. 2.31 AM

They're torching faulty us. 2.32 AM

They're totally out.

Jew drive us dead.

You're falsing out yourselves, they've thrown you out. 2.37 AM

Get them for scorching us. 2.43 AM

You're gorgeously racialled. 2.55 AM

The monsters monst us. 3.41 AM

They knock you sweat. 7.21 AM

Compet-it-it. 7.53 AM

"My Roosevelt enforcement attempt of you made me leave. I'm sorry my mate foul good was my analysis. I core-a-state you to take out the function of Druid. I fatal late you.

Mercury's out to get me out of here. Our geno-sight fools you. We badge you armed. If I'm clearing you I'm having a good day. We embarrassed you. The assault is cleared.

Wall street's got a ruse then I'm leaving with force. I shot your nation because I'm totally nuts. I fail you fugitive. We're going to weed the white folks right away with a whack.

I'm Judas on Dale truth. We've got the British set to roll them off. I just have a dungeon to take your peace out. We just fault you on your dumb. I'm failed for my baby gen, I scored you right.

We burned you right in. My right seed bores your wages down. I blew my wit but Jew is going to leave you right sewered. I just put in a police state then assault you and port you," Judee say.

"I blew my wit but Jew is going to leave you right sewered."

How right sewered is Judee leaving our nation with our fields, air and water poisoned? Might Labor not consider how severely Judah blew his wit when he attacked us with a thousand nuclear missiles equipped with 3.200 nuclear warheads in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Are we not yet perceiving the false of war that Judah has put upon our world ever since he got a hold of the purse of the mild man of the north?

"The jerks have slugged us." 8.52 AM

"Total. FINISH!" 9.12 AM

Bitch has errorly failed. And so why continue on trying to get Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT if Bitch is failed useful failed jostled and failed personal?

Might it be because Bitch is not the director here, he is merely the telegraph operator that's copying the message from Father's house and sending it to His children on earth?

"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked about the STRIKE.

"I gave you the peace, must you fail? I won't save your lives because 2+2=4. Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives. I want to cross them out of this place with their crazy." Precious sweet Father said.

"They're vandalizing." 9.18 AM

Mercury is still close to us, Bitch heard a word from elder early today. They have not given up on us.

Mars just pulled those three nuclear warheads out of the sky and burned them off high in the sky over Mesa, Arizona the other day.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sending His angels in to spare us from being burned up by weap Judah on the nuclear force?

Will Labor not RISE and take our purse away from Judah and end funding his force on MOX?

If so must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Friday, March 3 — Psalm 32
Ezra 3; Acts 27:39–28:6
Solomon prayed, “You have kept the promise you made to my father David; today every word has been fulfilled.” 1 Kings 8:24 (GNT)
Indeed you have tasted that the Lord is good. 1 Peter 2:3
We are so grateful for your kindness to us. We are so grateful that we have been granted another day of life. We ask that you open our eyes to all the graces and blessings that you offer this day. Amen.
1.26 PM

Some Tele receives since posting at the Daily test site earlier.

"Rats fell. 9.45 AM

Fetchious. 11.33 AM

They're rolling us failed. 12.00 Noon

Ober refused. 12.19 PM

They just sweep us, it's all cash axle way. 12.22 PM

Irreconcilable is the fist. 12.24 PM

Get out diesel. 12.25 PM

They forest us out. 12.27 PM

Get them out, they only fail. 12.42 PM

Take a breath and fall. 12.45 PM

Police halt you rightful, insured. 12.46 PM

You've fallen so much force you breed an error-tude. 12.47 PM

It's irritate. 12.48 PM

You cheat. 12.59 PM

They're defeated. 1.00 PM

They're making us dead. 1.01 PM

They die you with a jailer. 1.04 PM

Shanty, they false you up good. 1.08 PM

They fold you knowledgeable. 1.09 PM

Because of their pure ways camel rights are done. 1.11 PM

You fall all tyrannized. 1.12 PM

Abusive failures, numb nuts. 1.13 PM

With their suckering they Principal us. 1.18 PM

Grease they're racken. 1.24 PM


Scoring here rightfully greatest thugs. 1.54 PM

Civil rights, not just juvenile rights." 2.19 PM

"You've fallen so much force you breed an error-tude.
It's irritate."

Thanks for the Tele feedback. Bitch is sure trying to shake off error. "Irritate" in yesterday's post? Thanks for pointing it out.

Bitch is constantly trying to bring Labor in to put our rights in again and to appeal to Labor in ways that are not irritate.

"You cheat."

That allegation Bitch declines. He does not cheat. Might it be too much belief in what Judah says? Do we recall elder said that Judah libeled Bitch seriously? Thank you for your consideration.

Here is a Judee reverse speech just pulled from a TV interview.

"The white man, a percent of them are fallen away because of our genius. We have a new procedure, the white we're going to roll them because we can keep them in fear. We just hack them out sand lot with a pencil."

Do we recall Judee saying, "we always pulverize a chicken?"

Will American Labor not reach out for the love of our good God that had His angels let Judah and his nuclear war fighting industrialists off right?

Will Labor not give us some courageous efforts to get us to peace?

Must Labor not give us a general STRIKE with the demand that a committee of the whole take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and put it into the hands of a committee of the Whole?

Here's some more reverse speech from Judah from the last couple of hours:

"I port you with police Hapsburg's. My police let me idle wild. His mother didn't approve of my sewer pure. Orvidas gave me my day for all Druids.

You failed buddy, you just leave us shoot. I just score. Falsed you casually business guy. I'm grief right pepper. My sole purpose is mente for perping you.

You give us plenty of power so we roll your state and you. I'm a force from Berlin and with police, I occupy you.

I take a picture for my short sale and then just fist an investment. All Venus is velosic so my wiener and dog got to go. We just bust you war to grudge you. I'm hobbled already for my truth goof. Our fiction's out exclusive.

Bitch out to brain me fool. Englewood we falsed him to silence and he walked away to fall us another day.

My commas only got a scowl. Jew weapin is the pure body that's why I want to make the white go, that's why they closed me.

The white house papers are going to suffer some wits. I close you with my alphabet roarpedo. Perjure wit with police aimed to put you in. I'm a burning fool with a jug head wit.

I mapped ya Hitler great. Shanty filthy ass blew my frog. I make you on beer. My dog's Loomis to me. We scrimmage risky, part of our fools rights.

Alzheims let Jew cap away. I jimmy you with a jail. We don't want the rooster to come back that's why we shoot them right. I warred the union and my attempts made my conscious die," Judee say.

Are we seeing here Labor that Judah for trying to get us out with his great balls of fire it made his conscious die?

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death. They have no defensible rights. They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God almighty said.

Please, Labor STRIKE THEM OUT! Let us Finish.

Continues at:

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