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"The Final Weap Has Set Your Field. Get them Off, They'll Ca
Thu Mar 9, 2017 07:42

"The Final Weap Has Set Your Field. Get them Off, They'll Capillary This Field Dead."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives: "The final weap has set your field. Get them off, they'll capillary this field dead."

Two thousand years warnings from our bibles of the end times. The fire smoke and brimstone weap that is scheduled to take a third of the human race away.

Do Americans not yet see that we are part of the third of the human race that is now set to be taken out of life form in these very last days of weap Judah with us?

Funding all of the shooting and bombing on earth that weap Judah desires. Never shorting him a penny for any destruction he wants to be done anywhere.

No opp no matter how dastardly, has American Labor failed to pay for free.

And why have we not tried to bring a halt to the guy that only makes war and perps genocide against the children of God on earth?

Why invite calamity in?

Might we see that inaction only makes it worse?

Though with unlimited free money to molest peace activists, might we not consider that Judah has scored most all of us out?

Judah, he shoots us with a Wesson or a video camera. Plays a social mental game with his opp Replicons of smearing us in every way.

Uses his unlimited deep pockets to put municipals and his vast cage system on us. Benches populated by sports people to perfect his molest of us. Knowing all of this, who would ever want to oppose his sports wars?

Now that we are in the final stages of being washed out of life form, would some courage to get the tool out of his hands that allows him to do it all, the concession to issue our money, not be something we should try?

A 40-year-old man in Chicago was shot in the leg and groin and was in the hospital for 3 weeks when he died. The guy that allegedly shot him was charged with murder.

No coroners grand jury so how do we know how the victim really died?

As prisons are a big investment item in weap Judah's category of tyranny investments, might we be less than surprised if the hospital put the victim in so to insure a nice long term to serve the prison investors pocket book?

A man and woman arguing and one pushes the other down. Simple assault and battery, a warning at most for first time offender.

Hospital gets a hold of the one that was pushed down, sticks a needle in him or her and they never come around.

The pusher charged with murder. Now the prison investor has at least 20 years of collecting big dollars on the victim that was perped by the hospital.

$47 dollars a day the state taxpayers may pay to keep the investment locked up. Might we speculate that the prison Investor takes a tidy $37 dollars a day for their private pockets? Might we see the incentive to have the hospitals put in as many as is possible to change the charge from simple battery to murder 1?

Our American Bill of Rights. Our American legal process calls for a grand jury to determine legally how a person died. A medical examiner makes a medical, not a legal determination of how the victim died, only a coroner's grand jury can make a legal determination of how the deceased died if there is to be a prosecutable action.

Might 23 members of a coroner's grand jury not sniff out that the big perps are working the corridors of the ricepitals and waspitals? Sure they would. Are we seeing now why Judah got rid of our elected coroners system?

First he got rid of our constables to molest us right and then the coroners so it was not reported right.

Will America not get Germany's Jewish medical out of America along with their nuclear perp against us?

Will Labor not bring the love of precious sweet Father in?

"My kids, treat them super nice. Let the fishies roam free. Try to perceive me, I love you. I would have given you anything. Be kind to the babies of the forest. I want to save your lives." Papa said.

Judah, who says the "Druid is not dutiful, the Druid has ever failed to save himself," now Judah is closing the Druid out using Germany's pharmaceuticals and medical, plus Germany's nuclear war fighting industries nuclear brimstone waste technology.

Might we not try to recall Judees style of joking with us, Smokey the bear saying "only you can prevent forest fires?"

Our forest now set on fire with nuclear waste. This after Judah tried burning us all out in a few hours in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

God had mercy on us and spared us from Judah blast burn out of us all. Will American Labor not have mercy on the children of God on earth and end Judah's burning us slow?

They've all got their passes to get into the undergrounds were they will be died off by God Almighty.

If you do not understand at this time that you have been scientifically perished and are set now to pass out of life form with your children and grandchildren over the next few years, might there be no hope of saving the Druid people at all?

Over 5 years of warnings from our good God above to STOP THE WAR!!

"Glug, pour me another one?"

If the people cannot see what is on us now might our lack of vision and hearing cause us to lose our life forms?

Is it not seen yet that Judah is out of here with his gold plated tyranny investments?

His missile shots he's doing from North Korea. Do we not see Judee is a worldwide sport? Are we not getting it yet, Judah shakes a fist at his Replicons in every country to hold the ordinary fish in with fear?

Will Labor try to understand, that the cunning classes use false and fear to keep the rest of us ordinary guys and gals in?

They've found that a good shove, a knockdown shot of four or five of us, a gun on the hip, lets them keep us sheepish and not deny them their world they rule by fist.

Fists they use to shoot down our brightest so that we cannot right the masses. And who is there to argue with their success, for has their fist not truly held us in?

Certainly. Is the proof not in the pudding?

Did Judah and his alliance partners not hold us in body and mind long enough to attack us with their great balls of fire? Yes, they did.

A general STRIKE Labor and Judee and his fists are out. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and save our lives?

Buddha for our family from the East, Quetzalcoatl for our family from the south, abundance for our family from Africa. All found their way to peace.

The brutality and blight that was put upon the mild man of the north, the guy that had never been known to make war in his 30,000 years in the north lands until Judah weaper force showed up.

Judah, after arriving in the north in force in the 6th century AD, used his extension to create his white hosiery. Started his wars in in the north in 760 AD and is still using his white fist to offend our world yet.

"We had fun with the white guys," Judee say.

Judah degraded mild man of the north into battering, caging, torturing and shelling each other first, then used us to shell everyone else into hell on earth.

"Sooth me. Wake me when they've struck." Father said.

Will the meek not hear the love of God for us all and step in now to let the past off right? Will Labor not finish?

So they've had their filthy fun with us. Came up into the north lands to have some foul sex they said. Their white Replicons that attacked us with their blast force. Will Labor not let them off of here right?

The continual mind degrading experiences Judee enjoys subjecting us to. Their war on drugs, their make work program in support of tyranny investors. Will Labor not let them all off right?

The final desolation of the best hope for all the children of God on earth, the United States of America. Must Labor not restore our sacrosanct Bill of Rights?

The guaranteed Rights that our good God gave to us. The rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Will we, must we, not close the cannibal cult crowd out right?

Will Labor not end their assaults upon the children of God on earth? To save own physical health, our lives, our children's lives, our heritage, will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

There's a new sun
Risin up angry in the sky
And there's a new voice
Sayin were not afraid to die
Let the old world make believe
It's blind and deaf and dumb
But nothing can change the shape of things to come

There are changes
Lyin ahead in every road
And there are new thoughts
Ready and waiting to explode
When tomorrow is today
The bells may toll for some
But nothing can change the shape of things to come

The futures comin in, now
Sweet and strong
Aint no-one gonna hold it back for long

There are new dreams
Crowdin out old realities
There's revolution
Sweepin in like a fresh new breeze
Let the old world make believe
It's blind and deaf and dumb
Nothing can change the shape of things
To come

Now that Judah has been caught red-handed attacking us with 70,000 Hiroshima amounts of nuclear blast force over America, much chance his face will recover with or without a dog and a diaper to defend him?

The substitution of cunning and brutality where wisdom is called for. Will Labor not let the dangerous, vicious wit off before we are no more?

The middle ages when Judah brought the plague upon the mild man of the north, wiping out 2 out of 3 people that were alive at that time.

Our extraterrestrial family dressed in black outside of the towns hit by plague using sprayers to spray the air. What could it mean?

Might we say today it was a "Meta-transiliatory communication to us? Many of the people at that time charged the Jews with introducing plague into the community. And yet, 2 out of 3 mild folks died out from the plague.

Now the plague that Judah has put upon the mild man once again. Brimstone threatening to die off over 90% of mild man and his kin.

Over 5 years of warnings this time from our good God Almighty. 2,000 years of warning from our bibles of the coming plague of fire, smoke and brimstone poisoning to take away our lives.

Hosea 4:6 My people are being destroyed because they don't know me. Since you priests refuse to know me, I refuse to recognize you as my priests. Since you have forgotten the laws of your God, I will forget to bless your children.

Kind sweet precious, all merciful and forgiving Father wants to save our lives. For us failing to take the power away from the communist fascist guys are there any that believe we won't be bumped aside?

And what is the power that we have failed to take away from them? Is it any other than the simple act of taking the authority to issue our money away from them?

Such a simple thing to stop all of the war in our world and give ourselves a chance to survive, and yet near to being perfectly perished and we have not even tried a strike once.

What could it be that has kept us from challenging Judah for the authority to issue our money?

Might we just not have gotten over the shock of the beating death of Gustavito, the friendly hippopotamus in the San Salvador zoo?

Or might we be too traumatized and not healed from hearing of the death of the baby polar bear Fritz in the Paris zoo? Might the question of the outcome of baby Fritz's stool test results have in some way have tantalized our heads?

Or could our emotions still be too fragile to challenge weap Judah after reading about the repeated attacks by those guys that have been cutting puppies ears off of them? Did Baron's nose job not look just great?

Or what about the dog that was purportedly held in the grip of a kangaroo that was punched in the nose by the brave guy down under to save his dog?

Might these sorts of scary things rattle our minds so much that it affects our intestinal fortitude to challenge Judah to take over the concession to issue our money?

"You're felled ash wit." Tele receive 5.42 AM

Are we understanding that to ignore Judah as he is ashing us will only get us executed?

No doubt, for have we not learned first hand that Judah and his henchmen are frightening guys?

Might we recall that to counter Judah and his henchmen in England that in 1215 the Barons put in their Bill of rights?

Trial by jury before life, liberty or property was taken away. And if king John would not accept jury trials before the loss of life, liberty or property, they were prepared and ready to decide the issue by all means.

America, in its creation, nothing as drastic as force of arms to get our Bill of Rights in. No threats at all, merely, no United States of America if there was no Bill of Rights in.

The American cow now a silent accomplice to weap Judah's wars and genocide. Is there not some way that Labor will try to view the big picture to see that Judah is finished forever here in God's village on earth?

Will Labor not try to perceive that we do have a kind, sweet precious Father above who would love to give us anything out hearts desire if only we will STOP THE WAR on his children on earth?

Our family in Asia has largely signed Judah out, though Judah Replicons are still occupying most all of the seats of power there.

Might we recall that Judah installed his Replicons throughout Asia in the last century by using the mild man's fist to depose the previous regimes?

Our family in Asia, as has been expressed in Germany also, are holding for American Labor to get the issue of money away from weap Judah in America so that they can clear their local shells out.

As long as Judah has the concession to issue American Labor money do we see he is able for free to hire all of the fists he needs to hold his Replicon shells in worldwide?

Judah imported his Hapsburg conspiracy in here along with their dungeons and torture chambers that made them. Fritz and his Judeo-German genocidal nuclear war machine.

Will Labor not give us our free United States of America, please? Will America not close out the ways of the old world for good?

So they were able to shoot John and Martin and Eugene too. For pulling the big trigger on us do we see that they now have lost their zoo?

Guys and gals that like to shoot. Are we not lucky our good God loves us?

The master of love, our good God above. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for sparing our lives here?

We are in contact with an advanced peaceful civilization. The extraterrestrial civilization that gifted us with our high-level intelligence 223 psychiatric genetics.

Judah calls our extraterrestrial family, "Our breeders." Claims he doesn't need them. He is a god himself, his own Savior.

Will America Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from Judah and put it into the hands of a committee of the whole from Labor and disavow Judah of any more foolish notions?

Will Labor not end giving him free money that he only uses to hire the shooting that he is doing to us in our world?

Tele receives:

"You lost your righteous forces. 5.02 PM

You die corrupt. 7.34 PM

We've got to have love to survive. 7.47 PM

It fails, it scores you out as a waste die. 7.49 PM


Stock evil. 7.55 PM

Sucker ya good. 8.02 PM

Get you with a bad perceive. 1.33 AM

They're killing us out of here. 1.38 AM

Cash precedes us out of fun.


You failed to right your field, now it's Wesson. 1.50 AM

The final weap has set your field. 1.54 AM

Get them off, they'll capillary this field dead. 2.10 AM

Your tranquilizer has cost you your life.

Shanty writes it so insect fascist will fall. 2.39 AM

Claws your deal. 2.41 AM

Fishing your fortune out. 2.13 AM

Three Oaks will freak you well.

They sold you a goose fight, save yourself, get clear.

Their racket halts you. 2.55 AM

Virtually dead. 3.16 AM

Oh, my god, they're punishing us." 7.41 AM

That's all they do is punish us. Will Labor not let these errant life forms off right?

They just viciously scrub thee. Have we not seen enough of their opps that we do not recognize them in their many variations?


"I just like to mouse your Euro-face dead. I'm all off of my wolf in Britain because of my grease shot here. I've hel

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