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"You're A Filthy Irishman That Dies for Free Waste Off." Th
Fri Mar 10, 2017 09:50

"You're A Filthy Irishman That Dies for Free Waste Off."

That is a Tele receive from last night. Might that be in response to mentioning the waspitals that have been working side by side with Judee ricepitals putting us in? Or could that have been Judah ringing Bitch's ears?

J. Edgar Hoover telling us in reverse speech that he was just holding himself in by being "centrifugal."

The centrifuges that gave nuclear warfighting weap Judah his ultimate terror weap; instant death to the entire nation anytime day or night that Judah decided to push the button on us.

Now that Judah has pushed the button on us and lost his great balls of fire to the angels that our precious sweet Father sent in to preserve our lives, will Labor not come alive, STRIKE THEM OUT and help us now to let them off right?

"The viceroys we do through federal." J. Edgar Hoover reveals in his reverse speech from 1960.
"The dignity and stability of government in all its branches, the morals of the people and every blessing of society depend so much upon an upright and skillful administration of justice, that the judicial power ought to be distinct from both the legislative and executive and independent upon both, that so it may be a check upon both, as both should be checks upon that." --Thomas Jefferson to
George Wythe, 1776.

"The great object of my fear is the Federal Judiciary. That body, like gravity, ever acting with noiseless foot and unalarming advance, gaining ground step by step and holding what it gains, is engulfing insidiously the special governments into the jaws of that which feeds them." --Thomas Jefferson to Spencer Roane, 1821.

Has the federal judiciary not succeeded marvelously for weap Judah in putting the deadliest tyranny ever on any people by what he has put upon the people here in America?

The centers of power, federalized in Washington DC, using Federal agencies to manage viceroys operations throughout the land.

Here's some verbal reverse speech of Lee Harvey Oswald
This was Lee speaking months before the Kennedy assassination:

After Lee was arrested in Dallas he said this in reverse speech:
Those were taken from this video at:
"I just opp to source you malty," J. Edgar Hoover said in reverse speech. From video at:

J. Edgar did not have a birth certificate filed when he was born in 1895. Might we only wonder was he a Replicon from Judah? Does his reverse speech not reveal that he is a Judah Replicon? Yes it does.

His early assignments included arresting peace activists and imprisoning them when Judah put America into the first world war. Hoover also favored capital punishment.

Immediately after getting his LL.M. degree, Hoover was hired by the Justice Department to work in the War Emergency Division. He soon became the head of the Division's Alien Enemy Bureau, authorized by President Wilson at the beginning of World War I to arrest and jail disloyal foreigners without trial

While it may be interesting to view figures that have ruled from Washington and their motives, might it not be interesting and more useful to look at how they appeared and held their positions?

Are we seeing it is due to who it is that issues our money?

War resisters that were jailed without trial. Are we perceiving it is Judah use of war that has broken our civil rights down best?

Prohibition. And Hoover reveals that it is "malty" that he uses to "source" us.

Those who have tried to warn us of the great dangers we have been subjected to by weap Judah building of a high technical nuclear war machine in the new land of America. Might they not have been Fisted out Federal?

Hoover with his tape recordings of sexual activities of Dr. King behind closed doors. Have we not noted Judah's primary instrument of warfare is sex of any variety that he can use to smash people?

Hoover telling Robert Kennedy that Dr. King made unkind remarks about JFK during the funeral for the President.

Wiki: Jacqueline Kennedy recalled that Hoover told President John F. Kennedy that King tried to arrange a sex party while in the capital for the March on Washington and told Robert Kennedy that King made derogatory comments during the President's funeral.

In those things might we not perceive the strategy of weap Judah? Do we see how Hoover tried to diminish Dr. King with Robert Kennedy by saying things that were merely rumor? Taken out of context? Maybe made up lies?

"Judas thought made you a lemon," Judee say.

Will Labor not help us to let them off right? Will Labor not help us and take this Judah thought that made America a lemon and help us to put in the best opportunity for the children of God on earth, The United States of America on our Bill of Rights, and turn this caged up shot up, brutalized Jewish lemon into some good lemonade?

Has Bitch report on Mercury not shown conclusively that Judah climbed into their coffins and put wooden stakes into their loveless hearts?

The HUGE Tasmanian fireball. Are regular readers of Bitch report not quite aware of what it is we are looking at here? Are we not aware this is a picture of a great ball of fire in a controlled burn off by our Martian good friend and neighbor Sir Casper?

Is there still some trouble with believing the truth that Judah has been lying to us and he really didn't mine our planet with tens of thousands of nuclear bombs to do good things for us?

The FBI s files on UFOs. Only one year of them exist. 1947. And what about the many UFO reports that were filed with them over the years?

They were handed around to the offices and then shredded. No FBI records were kept of UFO reports after 1947.

Are we all together understanding here, weap Judah has known significant things about our extraterrestrial family for thousands of years?

When Judah put on his false court procedure in 1431 that he used to convict Joan of arc to burn her at the stake.

When her heart was pulled from where the fire burned her up, and it would not burn no matter how many times the executioner tried, so Judah ordered Joan's heart thrown into the Seine river.

Might Judah not have learned quite a bit from that battle with Saint Joan?

If only Judah would have signed up with our extraterrestrial elders then can we only imagine what sorts of fireproof material we would have had available since then?

But then again, how would the firebug of our species, weap Judah, have been able to burn so many of our cities down again and again?

The hope, the promise of a new land of the free. Dashed upon the rocks of war. The supreme clerks gnawing it off at the roots. Congress acting as if it was Parliament.

There's about 160 million Judah and their hosiery worldwide. Over 18 million Judah have already gone into their mountain shelters to sit out the die of the rest of us on the surface of planet earth.

Judah scientists are telling him that he has locked in the die of at least one third of the human race living on the surface of planet earth.

Underground space worldwide available for 700 million people is what elders have shared with Bitch.

Our extraterrestrial elders could bring the entire human population into their underground shelters.

If we will not act to STOP THE WAR, might we understand that we are not going any further?

This is it. Is it not seen that our backs are to the corner?

This Is It
Kenny Loggins
There've been times in my life,
I've been wonderin' why.
Still, somehow I believed we'd always survive.
Now, I'm not so sure
You're waiting here, one good reason to try
But, what more can I say? What's left to provide?
Are you gonna wait for a sign, your miracle?
Stand up and fight.
Make no mistake where you are.
(This is it.)
You back's to the corner.
(This is it.)
Don't be a fool anymore.
(This is it.)
The waiting is over, no, don't you run.
No way to hide.
No time for wonderin' why.
It's here, the moment is now, about to decide.
Let 'em believe.
Leave 'em behind.
But keep me near in your heart.
Know whatever you do, I'm here by your side.
For once in your life, here's your miracle.
Stand up and fight.
Make no mistake where you are.
(This is it.)
You're goin'…
Don't even have to fight Labor but you do need to stand up and STRIKE!

Judee ricepitals and his alliance partners waspitals. Waiting for us in most every town in America. His dining with Wayne, his blue plate specials. His warrant less arrests. His nickel deals. His fun and die us.

Will Labor not come alive and let them all off right?

Have you looked into the bank account to see if you have an extra $5 million dollars free?

If so then you might be able to buy a ticket and be one of the 700 million people that will get into the shelters to sit out the poisoning of the surface of planet earth.

If not do you love God? That is asked because those are the people, that love God, that have a chance to survive this last wholesale war that Judah is weaping against us in America.

"We legal them dead. This summer I will sell you out and breeze you dumb. We're working for next week to see if we can stop your breathing. We have such sexual that we like to pull you with police.

I pull right apes out with my goose ment to make them die. Luxury is corrept. I'm just going to leave you with a political mess in war.

I hold my Federal life with cannabis. My main challenge is to 'ope' your head.

I'm setting you out with my ruse beautiful. A dog lets me see right to fist you. Jewish people are truly demented for passing you with businesses that are corrupt.

I'm dead for my jail. Torque is used to die rate you. Venus is toughing my war so I'm going in. If you're insulted Jew is satisfied. I set you with a capitol of East Germany to set you and take you out with Russia too.

I arrest you with money for sports. Jew ever rejuvenated just fist you. My apps corrupt to make you witless. I can't keep you in without a percent, our government failed.

My fierce day they're taking off with my Parliament. We just want to stumble you and leave you Fallujah. Jew weapatory kept me, we believed we could give you hell, with New York kept you dumb.

They're taking off my Federalizing because of my sporting. We just use police and weap a fierce force. We just apped you away in our time, that's cuz I'm a jerk. We just wipe you all off if you're intelligent," Judee say.

These next Judee reverse speech came from many speakers that are falsing us from Hitachi-GE.

"My ruse here lets me die you superior. The wholesale man is going to show you how we beat you in, a whole new sky is coming in. My route is to bust out your beautiful space.

We have a settlement opp whole that will give you muscular dystrophy. We have truly reduced the percent of your arrangement. I'm a true criminal that is purposely a mal fit. I accomplish your real estate with watts," Judee say.

Are we understanding the nuclear dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE is not an accident, it is a well planned shot to die us from the womb?

Muscular dystrophy? Is that due to high levels of radiation in our nation?

Here's a reverse speech from one of our non-Judah Asian family:

"They've got a mental of Kleenex, just blow you; put them in their tomb quick. They'll harsh your genitals to take you out."

Tele receives:

"Brilliant, I got it. 4.32 PM

Your late investors got thrown out. 4.48 PM

Our economy is ruined.

He's a little bumpy but he sure knows who's up to no good. 6.25 PM

We all die for first snail. 6.28 PM

A dog killed us. 6.33 PM

You let them false you out. 6.41 PM

Their perm-us war is a jerk us deal. 6.44 PM

You're involved in a right false a scientist did not halt.

You thiefed palacously. 6.54 PM

Professor cared and their faces are revealed. 11.13 PM

Merchants failed in survival. 12.36 AM

Jew won, he's strangling us. 12.38 AM

An app has fell bandit.

Put the gun away. 1.06 AM

They cored us rabbit.

You're a filthy Irishman that dies for free waste off. 1.07 AM

A flirtatious die. 1.08 AM

Oh my, they're dying us off. 1.10 AM

Permanent strike us dead. 1.14 AM

They're washing the animal out. 1.19 AM

It's a weakness fell. 1.20 AM

Footage. 2.36 AM


Jail beat us. 3.12 PM

He cites diesel. 5.07 AM

Vegetable lost to theory. 5.22 AM

You make yourself permanently reject-able by holding in your thief's.

Mustrophy. 5.41 AM

Jew burned us war, his molest racket." 7.44 AM

These next reverse speech are from top level Asian weap Judah Replicons:

"I've got you scheduled to take out your whole field, I womb shot you. Your true battery is coming up. My shells are shooting you right in.

I pitch fake to catch your attention. My Tiffany aid had to get out of town because you saw her. My prime minister is deceased for what Pat said about her," Judee say.

The house of Morgan. Are we not aware that is the prime shooter on the streets out here?

The "nickel" that is provided for all that participate in putting a homeless, destitute uninsured waif in.

That judges are cutting deals with the bail bond houses on the take. Is Labor not able to help us when this nation has gone so far off of course as this?

House of Morgan, are we not aware that is the house that took the dare? The dare to see if they could get us all out with just a few hours of right shooting in the middle of the night.

Will Labor not retire the sports brand? Will Labor not try to preserve yourselves as they finish us with their wholesale brimstone nuclear waste shot?

"Contact took them out!" 7.56 AM

Any doubt that Sir Casper has not shown us some great balls of fire safely burning high up above our heads?

"Up Above My Head"

Up above my head there is music in the air
Up above my head there is music in the air
Up above my head there is music in the air, oh yeah!
And I really do believe, I really do believe
I really do believe there's a heaven somewhere
There's a heaven somewhere

Are we appreciating that there really is a heaven somewhere and now we know where it is, 38 light years away in the direction of the North Star?

And it's home to the angels and our good God that loves us.

Heaven, might we identify now is located at the home base of the Galactic Federation of Light?

The UFOs that have have been protecting us from Judah being able to get a clear shot off with his nuclear blast genocide, are we understanding that our salvation is heaven sent?

The magnificence and glory, the love that precious sweet Father has for all of His beautiful little simian children on earth. Is this the way that we repay our debts by ignoring Father's love for us?

Right behind the chef, have we not become aware that it is medical that holds the record for putting us in?

A story now making news out of the south land of the 23-year-old nurse that was purportedly stabbed to death. They even have a Druid homeless guy in the lockup charged with stabbing the young nurse to death that was never stabbed at all.

Here's some reverse speech concerning that:

"Bitch has challenged our ceramic relationship. The angel threw our perjuries away. I try to comfort you with a police wipe. All Jew fist is criminal. I dork you right, I'm a Quisling.


Venus has gotten rid of us quite fast. We got all minorities for our dead. I'm off for pooch. We arrest more than 47 now. We fail visive completely, we're out, they're just doing us a favor here.

This is a mouse to throw you off. This i

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