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"You're a Victim of War and Foolish to Have Let Me Score Yo
Sat Mar 11, 2017 09:04

"You're a Victim of War and Foolish to Have Let Me Score You."

Could that be any other than weap Judah? None other than the weap artist that failed to score Druid with nuclear blast due only to the love of God sending His angels in and pulling every single nuclear blast weapon out of the sky before any had a chance to reach and score us.

Yet Judah knowing of the love of God for His children on earth planned to get around that love by building his backup nuclear artillery disguised as Jewish electricity and it has scored us bad.

Druid, Slavic peoples set now to die off in the range of 95% of us over a few birth cycles. Too genetically sick to reproduce ourselves properly.

Mild Druid of the West, Slavic mild people of the East, serving forever as the near biological fist of weap Judah, set to die out of life form while Judah is died off by God with tunnel death.

Some surveys give that 2 out of 3 mild people are imbibers of Judah's chemical warfare agent. Suds in any degree. Alcohol. Beer and whiskey that has caused us to fail to see that Judah has died us out of life form now.

The unseen killer; radiation. No smell, invisible, tasteless. Our air now poisoned to the level that according to Judah scientists they have the third of the human race already in the bag.

The third of the human race that would be died out of life form when it was time for Judah to get out of here.

Revealed to us after the Federation did their computer simulations of how it would go when Judah had lost his nuclear missiles and only had nuclear waste left to shoot us with.

The Federation's computer simulations of the last of weap Judah in our world. Are we not recognizing that is where our bibles came to us from, the Galactic Federation of Light?

"Get Smart" our elders to say to us. Wasn't that Judee cute by making a television series by that name, Get Smart?"

"Foolish to do nothing." Elders have said to us for years now. "Foolish to do nothing."

As we face the loss of our fields, poisoning of air and water, does "foolish to do nothing" not sound fair?

That Labor leader William Sylvis advised Labor that it needed to have a seat at the table where our money is issued before he left us at only 41 years of age in 1869.

Nearly a century and a half later Labor has nothing to say about the issue of our money that American Labor makes good.

God Almighty, the sovereign of planet earth has expressed His will that Labor issues our money.

Rather than a seat at the table where our Labor money is issued as William Sylvis advised us, Labor is to take the table where our money is issued into its own hands total.

So far no response from American Labor to end funding all of the war in our world. Nation after nation destroyed by American Labor dollars in the total control of the errant life form that has fled from us into his safe mountain shelters to die us out of life form.

Over 60 million of our family made homeless worldwide due to American Labor funding Judah sport of sending the cruelly manipulated poor Americans to assault our family with high technical war.

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared." An angel that our good God sent to save us warned us now.

"We came to warn you." Our Qwill friend from the Federation Sir Morris said.

Judah, by his own estimates, has dropped the time needed to get him and his sports war genocide out to 3 hours instead of 5.

Judah reveals in reverse speech that he is so weak that just a bus drivers strike would cause him to fall out now and hand over the concession to issue our money to a Committee of the Whole from Labor.

One high-level American official Judee said in reverse speech to the effect that for taking Americans rights away from us what is going to cause Judah to lose the concession to be the private holders of the issue of our money.

Taking our God given rights away from us returning us to serf rules, peonage in the Western world.

Do we recall the one former head of the Federal Reserve Bank that said dealing with Americans was "like taking candy from a baby?"

What can we wonder will it take to convince Labor to try and save yourselves?

2,000 years warning and we are now being exterminated by weap Judah as predicted by the Federations computer simulations they did. Gifted to us as prophesy and found in our bibles.

"I just have a zoo and put you in whiskey. Officials tore out your future my way. My income force is what lets me make you chilly. I brace your wit stupid because my mental is Auschwitz. Bitch is stupid, he's one we degenerated right," Judee say.

With all the free money that weap Judah wants from the abundance produced by American, Labor Judah has the free bourse to hire the cruelly manipulated poor to take out those that have information that can help us all.

The cruelly manipulated poor that points a gun in our faces all the time. "It's not a question of class, its bourse, I get paid to stick this gun in your face."

And Labor funds all the guns that are pointed into the faces of the meek that wish to make their contributions to our life and world.

Held out by the persistent war that weap Judah is waging here. Will Labor not look closely to see what a beautiful deal you have thrown away?

And what has weap Judah bought for Americans with the cash we allow him to issue backed by our Labor?

Are we not now receiving the gift that weap Judah leaves us of poisoned air, water, and fields?

Roast kidney disease to be diagnosed soon. Pleurisy for our children walking home from school. Did any members of American Labor really believe that Labor could fund all the war and sports genocide in our world without the chickens coming home to roost?

While the animal force is a great raider, might we consider that with velocity power supplies instead of brimstone waste electricity generators, we have no tears?

From reading the comments on the web it seems that many are just not aware how seriously Judah has burned us out of here now.

Oh, there are a few that know just exactly what Judah has done to us. The fellow that suggested buying some nitrogen tanks so the whole family could leave together instead of dying a couple of months or years apart.

Might we think of the family that prays together stays together?

As the reality sinks in that 200 million Americans are now set to die out of life form due to inhaling radioactive waste particles, can we only wonder what plans we will be making for our last years of life form?

Radioactive waste, a toxin like we have never had to endure before. Sure, do we recall Judah killed 2 out of 3 mild people of the north with plague in the Middle ages?

Yet those that survived the plagues that Judah put on us in the middle ages, the survivors could breed to reproduce ourselves again.

With Jewish death rays taking us out at the cellular level, are we understanding our heritage is now going out forever?

Are we not yet perceiving that we are nuclear war victims of weap Judah that is dying us with a toxin that will die all of our genomes off?

From here to eternity. A nuclear plague that dies life itself. Returning our land to before the stone age.

"We always pulverize a chicken. You're too smart to frighten. You're finished of here, we threw your day off," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"Bitch revealed the hos siege. 10.42 AM

Your bee-olitics failed. 10.42 AM

The animal force is a great raider. 11.14 AM

Jew ranch and stalk people, that's what he does. 11.26 AM

It's nuts. 11.37 AM

Officials tore our future away. 11.51 AM

Stretch is on you HUGE. 12.07 PM

They hoisted sin with a viper sale.

Statue just falls you. 12.29 PM

Kidney die. 4.39 PM

Their consciences are off.

The Jew just had a breeze sale so he's through.

You lost your rights, you lost your passion. 3.34 PM

Pat, we're all sober. 4.20 PM

That error. 7.09 PM

Sh*tty. 7.24 PM

We're dying sh*tty. 7.27 PM

It's wonderful Pat that you're righteous.

Luxury proved evil days for us. 7.36 PM

Enslave you money to mind fault. 7.42 PM

It's quite real the hunger to fist you. 7.43 PM

Patrick, we need some freshen joken. 7.44 PM

They set you quite right.

When you're breathing war on a nice summer day then you'll know why you're going away.

It's too racial. 7.51 PM

Advise them all to get rid of the trigger. 7.53 PM

Judah flew out, you missed his early dump. 8.32 PM

We've got to get Truman off the street.8.35 PM

Official rights cost you all. 8.36 PM

You are going pretty easily to death. 9.38 PM

Jew dough is taking off this sacred. 11.33 PM

Your life is going up casual.

Take them off vigilantly, this Bitch is up. 11.34 PM

You've been creatured. 1.30 AM

Prepare the vessel for rising up. 1.32 AM

They hold you right mortgage. 1.36 AM

They falsed us out of this life. 1.40 AM

You're a pure ox. 1.43 AM

Publish reality, your life was always sick. 1.44 AM

Sewerage rate. 1.46 AM

Huge century rate Jews did. 1.48 AM

Oh my god toasty ment corrupts.

Stumble bad. 1.53 AM

They're opping us daily. 1.55 AM

The whole relationship was sheeny fell for wicked and we kept capping ourselves in. 1.58 AM

They're setting you's, they're setting us out of here. 2.12 AM

Suffering suckering. 2.15 AM

No controls, pp kept you out. 2.21 AM

Childish stuff has destroyed us. 2.22 AM

Judee privilege gives you lower income. 2.23 AM

Oh underground? The cats made us? 2.25 AM

He dies you off. 2.27 AM

Psychin soon be out. 2.34 AM

Oh my god paralysis leaves them mush us. 2.57 AM

Pat, we see they're boring your state peaceful. 5.26 AM

We're war occupied. 5.51 AM

Your vegetable rudeness saved mutual. 6.02 AM

Sheeny apps fell. 6.18 AM

Pat, you're truly giving them an industrial mush. 6.54 AM

You missed it. 7.10 AM

Irish revealed their real attitude. 7.19 AM

Hi sweetheart. 8.00 AM

And what did we discover was Judah's real attitude to the rest of us? By attacking us with thermonuclear missiles with the blast force of 70,000 Hiroshima's to die us all off in the middle of the night might we not have Judah's real attitude towards us puzzled out yet?

"We finish them off virtually. We're done for great barbers shears. I wrench you fair a wit. Cancer you can't refuse here. We love cored, it's fisty. You're a vegetable that made us.

You're finished off here, we threw your day. I used my sight of Washington to cash you. Through abortion we do sin. Stall you great. We just do Talmud rules. We wake sorrow. I just hold you embezzle perfect," Judee say.

Has Judah not feared us Muslim? Has he not held our whole country with a weapatory? Yes, he has. Are we not strong enough to close their racket out of here and try to save ourselves?

"Bitch is conducting a spirited denouncement of our cataster here, we can't put him in. I'm Jew university off to put you in. The cats meow just f----s you. We war, we're just poor fiends.

Our barbershop decision said Germans will make you go. I'm quite deadly here on locks. I just grieve you with a heart attack, I just frost you to die. April cores you're going to see all our threats.

The gentlemen fly to the university and I hold you all mutts. You're a victim of war and foolish to have let me score you. I hold you embezzle perfect. My vitamin just fist shot you so I'm completely out of here.

Jewish people are experiencing some faults that are making us go. You're all air heads. I'm just out to freeze you right but now we be done. You'll take my force for decease dumb," Judee say

Any doubt that Americans will take Jewish force away from them? What is their force? Is it any other than holding the concession to issue our Labor money in their cannibal cults hands? Any doubt that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and take it away from them?

No doubt Labor will take it away from them, only question then when?

"I'm glad you die weaped, forever I have shorted you. You have formally let us die you dead. Jew obviously got you out dead. I protest you a British way, great abuse.

I set you peaceful because I'm pushing war. I percentage you big time then I blast you, that's how I make you go. I'm poople who push you right off.

The Irish psyche we already roll zipper, it is pure delight. Our protest of the bourgeoisie was our biggest fail, they're numbing us," Judee say.

The bourgeoisie is apparently what Bitch has been reading in Judee reverse speech that is pulling their bourse spouts out.

While no complaint from the bourgeoisie while Judee was terrorizing both at home and abroad, it looks like they were not informed about the middle of the night shot and quickly figured out what Judah had done to them.

Are we recalling that it is the prerogative of the sovereign to issue the money of a nation? Do we recall from the Mixt money case of 1604 in London that was one of the things that the court determined?

Our good God Almighty of heaven and earth. Our precious sweet Father above.

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God Almighty said.

After having His angels pull all of the nuclear ballistic missiles shots off of us is there anyone that doubts that our good God Almighty is the Sovereign of planet earth?

If we all can agree on that Father is our Sovereign then can we not agree that Labor is the party that is going to issue our money from now on?

Father did not will the king or queen to issue our money nor Parliament or congress, the bourgeoisie or the president. Father has willed that Labor is the party that Father has designated as the party to issue our money from now on.

Will Labor not ORGANIZE without delay, STRIKE THEM OUT, do the will of God, help us out and take the issue of money into your hands?

Might our children precede us in death from this MEGA DEATH that we are funding upon ourselves?

Will we not pray to GOD that Labor will help us NOW?

If so will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless you, God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Saturday, March 11 Psalm 35:110
Nehemiah 1:12:10; Romans 2:173:2
The Lord was my support. He also brought me out into a broad place. 2 Samuel 22:1920 (NKJV)
Paul wrote: Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. 2 Corinthians 3:17
As we look back on this week, we are grateful for the strength you gave us to work, the love that supported us, the confidence that surmounted obstacles and the joy of your constant presence. Thank you, Lord, Amen.

11.37 AM

Just returned from doing a little food shopping. Several Tele receives. Would like to start with this one first from a Fed Ex delivery driver.

"We refused, very hunchness." 10.10 AM

From that Tele, sender might we consider that the decision to reject acting to STRIKE THEM OUT was based on the shortcomings of the messenger, Bitch, rather than the message, STOP THE WAR from the house of God our Father and try and save ourselves?

Could that Tele send answer the question Father asked about the STRIKE, "Why didn't you try it?" Might we consider the answer is because Bitch was very hunchness?

At 11.20 AM Father said to Bitch, "Sooth me."

Father has said that before to Bitch. "Sooth me."

To get the mass of the American population out of life using radioactive waste pollution. Who would ever imagine a scenario like that? For that matter, who would ever imagine that a government would be so totally criminalized that it would put such a thing on the unsuspecting population?

Might we consider that with Judah holding the checkbook in his hands for over a century that he has gotten every single one of the people out of government that might help us in our greatest hour of need?


Here's some more Tele receives from folks that Bitch saw along the way:

"Get out the ruse stuff and fear. 9.18 AM

Tossing out your burning heart. 10.11 AM

Target bad rolled them. 10.19 AM

You lost your economy. 10.20 AM

To save is hard. 10.25 AM

You are courageous with a bull. 10.28 AM

Loser Roosevelt went out scum. 10.36 AM

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