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You Have A Rigth To Be Heard
Sun Mar 12, 2017 01:55


All across this planet you are being censored.

You try to speak out on all sorts of websites like Pravda and they remove your comment.

On almost every website either you cannot comment or your comments are being erased.

Even here on You Tube - as you can see - we get about 1 Comment every minute yet when you go back to You Tube your comment is gone.

Over 2,500 Comments per day and where are they???

We receive them on AOL all day long.

Often times those who have watched the video and commented on it are in greater numbers than the hits they give us.

So when you see a video with 3,200 hits we may have 3,500 comments on the video already. .

So where can YOU go to speak your mind???

Where can you be heard without being censored??

We chose to download so we are CAN speak our mind. We read all the comments here and this helps to determine what our story is to be about.

Just be respectful and let people know how you feel.

This is YOUR channel and YOU determine what we discuss.

Please pray that YOUR family concerns are heard and that the Elites stop censoring the Internet immediately.


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Dr William B. Mount

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