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"Journal Great Stuff, Advance Us." That is something that B
Sun Mar 12, 2017 09:12

"Journal Great Stuff, Advance Us."

That is something that Bitch would truly like to do. That suggestion is from an overnight Tele receive.

We now are deep into an extinction level event. Are there some that are not aware that we like the dinosaurs are dying out now? Or might it not be correct to say, "we are being died out now?"

Do we not yet perceive that we are in a war and weap Judah is attacking us with his last best shot before he is out of God's village on the surface of planet earth and into his mountain shelters to die off his consciousness in God's decision to die them off in tunnel death?

Judah has dozens of his other Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plants wired up with Stuxnet software to put them into meltdowns as he has accomplished at Hitachi-GE.

Have we not noticed the over 40 nuclear power plants that have gone into unscheduled shutdowns over the last few years?

Are we not understanding that our extraterrestrial family shut them down to give the operators a chance to pull the Stuxnet controllers out of them?

Will we not thank our good God for giving us a multiple of chances to save ourselves from Judah extinction level event?

Jewish terrorism, found in the tens of thousands of nuclear weapons built by weap Judah bankers, that they planned to exterminate us with, pulled out of the sky when they attacked us with them by Sir Casper our Martian neighbor and a good friend.

Those are a couple of thermonuclear warheads that Judah shot at us in Vera beach Florida and was photographed after extraterrestrials contacted a group of humans and invited them to be there with their cameras rolling for the event of Sir Casper burning those nuclear warheads off in the sky.

The extraterrestrials did not tell the humans those were nuclear warheads, they left us to figure it out. here's a link to see the 9.07 video:

Thousands of thermonuclear warheads Judah has pitched at us and is still attacking us with nuclear weapons.

His most dangerous nuclear weapon, might we see that it is Hitachi-GE at Fukushima?

The pouring of vast amounts of radioactive waste into our environment. Have we not yet figured it is to die us off in MEGA DEATH numbers?

The extremely high background radiation that Judah has put upon us to burden us. Going from 5 to 20 counts a minute to now reaching levels of 7 to 9 thousand counts a minute across our beautiful nation.

A third of the water on our planet now poisoned and dying off the sea creatures that live there. Weap Judah refusing to shut his dirty bomb down continues poisoning our air and fields.

Do we recall that Judah refused assistance to shut his dirty bomb down years ago? And today it is burning more out of control than the day before.

The day it blows up and sends all of the spent nuclear fuel rods into our atmosphere. The billions that will die off from radioactive waste poisoning, starvation and a host of illnesses. The desert weap Judah will leave on the surface of planet earth.

Do the victims of nuclear war, us, not recognize that Judah has shot us right?

Americans never missing funding a shot or shell that has produced tens of millions of homeless in our world. Genocide, the sport of Judah, American Labor funding it all.

Warned thousands of times over 5 years now by our good God Almighty to STOP THE WAR. Foolishly we baste ourselves in a more poisoned atmosphere.

The criminal siege of Washington. Radiation monitoring of our milk ended when the funding for it was cut for it in 2014. What could that mean?

A fabulous, fantastic brimstone radioactive waste die moving ahead unimpeded. Is there not some way to convince Labor that it should get into this?

Judee with his lies and falsness spreading rumors to make Bitch look very hunchness. Videos from 35 years ago. Using his preachers and diapers to hold Labors head in. All while he exterminates us good.

"Minutiae" is how elders from outer space describe what Judee claims he has on Bitch. Bitchie fist no one out of life. Judee fist hundreds of millions out of life and going for billions now with his brimstone nuclear waste as he leaves us for good.

Bitchie, with a bit of unintentional rude vegetable disease, has given to Judee a chance to save his mutual by Bitchie errorly failure here.

Judee, precise to the point of nearly being perfect as a god on earth himself, only making one mistake in thousands of years, June 11, 2011,

But what a mistake it was what with Bitchie waiting for it with his $20 dollar computer to blow the horn on Judee good.

"Unix put us out," Judee say.

Mercury truth established now worldwide. Judah pulled the trigger on us all. Pushed the button too. Is it not certain that Judees Christmas goose is truly cooked? Certainly. Any chance he will ever again convince any group of people that his great balls of fire are to do them good? Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

The fire is burning out of control. Everything going according to Judah's plan. The theory still holds. Is this to be the end of mild man?

Druid mild man of the North West now faced off with Slavic mild man of the North East. Both armed by Judah with the deadliest of Judah's war disease.

Can we only imagine the excitement, the thrills of getting mild man of the East and West to slaughter each other well?

Don't believe it's about to happen? Who hasn't noticed Judah build up of the mild man of the West assault armor on the borders of the mild man of the East?

Might Judees of today be thinking of the fun, excitement, and thrills their grandparents had of dying the mild man of America on the battlefields of the mild man of Germany in 1918?

The greatest slaughter in history, was it not when New York Judee took over Moscow? Did Alexander Solzhenitsyn not inform us mild man of the north is the most war died man in all of history? Yes, Alexander did inform us of that fact. 60 million put to death in the mild man of the north lands early in the last century.

Is it not something to think about and consider, the most violent century in our history all came about because of a decision made by Congress in 1913 to give the organizing principle of American society to weap Judah?

America now a gulag state, foreign troops sniping us down on our streets.

Americans reduced to serf rights. Peonage in our modern world. Will Labor not end it now? Will American Labor not free Americans of the sports war of weap Judee?

Our good God up above having His angels keeping watch over us so that not even one sub could get a shot off on us.

Judah attacking again and again with his great balls of fire to immolate us. Again and again, the love of God saves us from being turned into radioactive dust.

Are Americans really not aware that Judah has a path of extinction to take us out of the race of man?

The last fist Judah has on this earth, the mild man of the north. Will American Labor not help your fellow man and give him hope that he can live in peace and not have to fight to get a piece of bread?

Alzheimer's that Judah cooks into to some of our foods. Will Labor not help us to clear our shelves off? Will Labor not get the chrome nanoparticles out?

Eyes hurt for no apparent reason? Could it be chrome nanoparticles banging inside the head?

Our food selectively and widely contaminated and has been that way for many decades. Might we understand that Alzheimer's is one of Judees favorite jests?

Fists us by zip code. Knows where we shop. Will Labor not hire us our grand juries to help us straighten it out?

Judah rules by extortion murder racket. Will Labor not give us the love of God instead?

Bus and cab drivers. Does the new technology coming in not look like a lot less of us will be needed in the not too distant future?

Sanitation services. Robots to collect our refuse operating soon too. And what are workers to do when our income sources are replaced by automated machinery?

Will Labor not do yourself a favor, put the God-given right to an existence stipend in and let a meal ticket do the rest?

Destroying our economy with his sports war. Creating hatred for us throughout the world. Poisoning our air, fields, and water. Massacring us as they leave us for good now.

Will American Labor not try it?

The STRIKE Labor. God Almighty of heaven and earth asked us about it, 'Why didn't you try it?"

The Fed Ex guy that said it was refused because of the messenger God sent. "Very hunchness."

Might it not be good to consider with many bus and cab drivers no longer needed maybe they will be applying to work your route next? Maybe even willing to do it for a couple dollars less?

Do working people not have the sense to perceive that it is in the financial realm that the clever among us bluster us best?

The cruelly manipulated poor that they use to molest us with. Will Labor not remove from Judah the tool that he uses to accomplish his fist with, the concession to issue our money?

Our children now showing increased levels of kidney disease. What could it be? The air they breathe or the something they drink?

Will American Labor not get smart and end funding perishing us in Judah jester sports war?

Tele receives:

"The fighter's rolling out, the fighter's falling out. 9.56 AM

Sour. 5.53 PM

End this felons siege. 6.22 PM

All of us RISE UP! 6.23 PM

Victims were ever shelled. 6.27 PM

We lost to stupid. 6.57 PM

Grandfather packed them away for fouling us. 7.27 PM

The wild fist goes. 1.00 AM

Father ceased dying you good. 1.01 PM

The bench fetch so it's out of here. 1.02 AM

Refused real monster great. 2.09 AM

Your colony is sick. 2.11 AM

We've failed permanently. 2.17 AM

A monster massive suicide. 2.19 AM

Totally fight electricity. 2.29 AM

They already tossed them out for your benefit. 2.37 AM

Do risen-able feat. 2.48 AM

You're going to have to realize how gloriously false they are and STRIKE THEM OUT! 2.51 AM

Journal great stuff, advance us. 2.56 AM

They roll us psyche dead." 5.48 AM

As to journaling great stuff, while re-reading Dr. Mallove's Open Letter to the World, concerning the truth of free energy here and now, in his letter, he mentions a device that produced free energy and was patented in the mid-1990s.

Mentions that it used elements of Wilhelm Reich's technology. It used a couple of Orgone generators to produce free energy.

Here's a link to Dr. Mallove's open letter to the world.

Wilhelm used rock wool, a semiconductor on the top of his Orgone box and a metal plate on the bottom of his Orgone boxes. Plants placed inside the boxes grew faster than outside the box.

Now we theorize that the magnetic and semiconductor effect produce an accelerated standing wave field inside the Orgone box, with free energy being released into space in the box.

The planetary standing waves that Tesla discovered in 1911 when a lightning storm occurred nearby. The meters on coils jumped up showing the lightning bursts put energy into the air that remained in the electromagnetic coils reading on his meters.

Standing waves also called "Zero point fields." Or "planetary inertial fields." Or the "Static fields."

In 2003 the Russian Academy of sciences examined the Moldavian cavitation pump heater and determined that it actually did produce 4 times over unity of heat energy.

The leader of the team Russian academy of sciences team, Dr. Lev Saporsky then suggested that the over unity free energy may be coming from the "Zero point fields."

We now understand that is exactly correct. Zero point fields appear to have zero energy available in them due to the fact they are traveling at the same speed as we are.

"Take them off." 6.59 AM

If we compare zero point fields to our sun, they are traveling at 18.5 miles per second around the sun. So might we consider that while they are static fields in relation to the earth, relative to the sun they are kinetic fields?

Tesla said: "Throughout space there is energy. Is this energy static or kinetic? If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic and this we know it is, for certain then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature."

So Zero point fields appear to be static fields from our frame of reference on earth if viewed from outer space, might we appreciate they are seen as kinetic fields then?

Such a big mystery, where is the free energy coming from? Might we see it now it is to be found in the continuous high-speed motion of our planet, solar system, galaxy and our universe?

How much easier might we guess our lives will be when we have unlimited clean free heat and electricity for everyone?

Clean water available in abundance worldwide. How much nicer might our world be then?

And so why do we not have wide-scale use of free energy yet? Might a simple answer be that if we have it then Judah's nuclear brimstone artillery will easily be seen for what it is?

Only one Jewish electricity artillery piece shooting 24/7 from Hitachi-GE. Threatening to take us away in MEGA DEATH numbers. For the love of God and ordinary common sense will American Labor not close them out now?

Might we now have in operation what was claimed to be impossible, a perpetual motion machine? Is that not what GE has brought to life poisoning us and claiming not to know how to turn it off right?

A criminal autocracy weap Judah installed in the nation that is the best hope for man. America on our sacrosanct Bill of Rights.

Will American Labor not help us to close them out?

God Almighty has given us a second chance. Will Labor not take it and STRIKE THEM OUT?

The oligarchs, monarchs, bankers or the Cliveden set are not going to issue our money again. Will Labor not be a friend to us yet?

Must Labor not hear the love of our good God above and STRIKE THEM OUT so that you can issue our money for us?

As God has treated us right will American Labor not step up and act right?

The biggest event in all of our recorded history, our good God has stepped in and redirected us into a path free of sin. Will American Labor not end its involvement in war sin? Must American Labor not have the rightness to end funding it?

So if God really wanted to save His kids then might we wonder why He sends a guy as deeply imperfect as Bitch to send the message?

Might God in His wisdom want his children to express Mercy over judgment as is His will?

So Bitch keeps on errorly making stupid mistakes. Who is to say, might God be trying to test His kids?

Proverbs 21:13 "Whoever shuts his ears to the cry of the poor will also cry himself and not be heard."

With millions of destitute wandering homeless on our streets due to Judah war on Americans might we not want to look a little ahead to see if there will be any to hear our pleas?

May we have been convinced to ignore the needs of others so long that we miss seeing our own needs now?

The multiples of genocide that weap Judah is presenting us with here. Is it not clear we're going no further with criminals directing our world?

As to the criminal autocrats that took over the United States of America, the best hope for God's children on earth, did Father not give us the words as to the criminal autocracy weap Judah and his alliance partners put in, "IT IS NO MORE, PUT THEM OUT, THEY'RE CRIMINALS!?" God our Father said.

As we face total extermination, Jewish death rays destroying our DNA. Our heritage as life forms on this planet being died out in an extinction level event, will we not try it?

The STRIKE Labor. Will you not try it?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" Father asked.

Sir Casper, have we not seen with thousands of nuclear missiles and bombs, He and His diligent Martian team have not let even one get past?


Has our good God not truly given us the peace by letting us see weap Judah's true face of the beas

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