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"They Damned Us Vicious. My God We're Being Destroyed, Oh My
Mon Mar 13, 2017 09:26

"They Damned Us Vicious. My God We're Being Destroyed, Oh My God We're Being Destroyed."

Those are Tele receives from over night. "They damned us vicious. My god we're being destroyed, oh my god we're being destroyed."

The most destroyed people of the human species, mild man of the north mostly East and now to be West.

The mild man of the north that Judah says, "Ever failed to save himself. Druid is not dutiful."

Now set to go out of life form as Judah dies out of consciousness in his mountain shelters.

Tele receives:

"They damned us vicious. 12.03 PM

My god we're being destroyed, oh my god we're being destroyed. 3.32 PM

Truman berserk you. 4.02 PM

Good luck to you. 4.56 PM

Thank you for your shoo side. 5.11 PM

Stupid. 6.56 PM

STRIKE the harsh. 7.01 PM

Oh, marvelous, the camel locks fell thee. 7.05 PM

Mercury tossed Judee out for hard knocks. 7.19 PM

Your competitor died you off with fear. 7.24 PM

Pure psyche washing you out. 7.27 PM

Perjury, you're bound to return to your life yet. 7.28 PM

All tight wits fair. 7.43 PM

Patrick, you failed up very narsal. 7.51 PM

Master failed us. 8.14 PM

You lost your rights with a ruse. 12.00 midnight.

Too wonderful threw out of here.

Judah wakes. 12.03 AM

Economy racial accomplished us. 12.05 AM

Fireballs corrupted us. 12.12 AM

ORGANIZE, you're safest is off. 12.18 AM

Barbershop poles just playing dysfunction. 1.35 AM

Son of a bitch boursed you out. 1.36 AM

They exhausted us free financially. 1.48 AM

You liars now fist us. 1.49 AM

It's a molest 3 days that will take your world away. 1.53 AM

We're staggering. 2.33 AM

Patrick failed to save us from war true. 2.35 AM

I hear we completely fell. 2.38 AM

H-bomb mapped theory.

It's waste.

Patrick help us, they puncture me, boost us up. 2.42 AM

Substandard. 2.45 AM

Right this corrupt sports guy. 2.48 AM

Get them off of here. 3.14 AM

You won. 3.23 AM

They're rolling us psyche dead. 5.48 AM

It's HUGE. 6.08 AM

The threat from particles is boring us dead." 6.20 AM

Any doubt that the side of the angels won in the contest with nuclear war-fighting weap Judah?

Is it not certain that Judah will be out of office permanently in America and throughout the world and off of the surface of planet earth soon after American Labor acts to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Is there anyone that as any doubt Judah will be past history the day after American Labor STRIKES THEM OUT and takes the concession to issue our money away from them?

Judah tells us that without his white fist he has nothing. When American Labor acts to end funding Judah's fist do we see that Judah will no longer rule the roost on planet earth?

The bombing in Syria yesterday that killed over 40 people. Is American Labor understanding that it was American workers that paid for that terror bombing?

All the bribes to the local politicians to let Judah have his technicians come in and wire the bombs up. Might we imagine it cost a hefty dollar to get that done? Certainly.

When American Labor no longer will let a check be written on American Labors checking account are we perceiving bombs will no longer be planted anywhere?

When the Committee of the Whole has American Labors checkbook in its hands might we not be aware of every check the Committee of the Whole writes? Certainly, we will.

Is it not extremely likely honest everyday working people on the Committee of the Whole will write no checks to be setting bombs off on our family anywhere on planet earth? Certainly.

Can we only pray for that day of Liberation when American Labor says, "enough, we are to be free men and women and no longer ruled by the weap Jew?"

The cunning guy weap Judah with many faces, all of them false. Must American Labor not get smart and end funding Judah's sports wars?

The series of wars that he planned to finish out all mild men. Will Labor not help us at all? The STRIKE Labor. Will you not give us a hand?

Not a STRIKE for a dollar more an hour or for more pension benefits or health care. A STRIKE to take the root of it all, the concession to issue our money away from the most dangerous guy of them all.

In the name of our good God above will Labor not RISE ourselves to do God's will and STRIKE THEM OUT until Labor has the concession to issue our money in the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?

As we are being perfectly perished out with nuclear waste in a well thought out plan to die the mild man and his children off will the mild man not come alive and try to save himself this time?

The mild man that submissively carries on after Judah rused him out of the best deal of all. The rights his ancestors put in for him that Judah took away from him.

His custom for over 8 centuries now to give everyone a jury of our peers to decide if we should lose our liberty, property or life.

The jury that said that Dred Scott was free. Overturned by the supreme clerks on high. Will Labor not give the clerks a breeze? Have they not shown us their foul hand?

The stage props of tyranny, Judah, and his statute books. The most clever and cunning that they use to fool you and me. Ten dollar words and a nickel hit. Will Labor not get hold of the authority to issue our money and let them off right?

"With a poor waitress, it's easy to get her to see. We just aim to fail you true. My genius stopped. It's a wake that falls you.

We rulerize you. I burned you dead. Take you off humid. If I can beat you off this place I'm willing to do a face off. You never did see us. It's an airport to me.

We Wayne dine ya. I held Jupiter out from you to take the states out good. I'm all off of my wolf in Britain because of my grease shot here. Bitch, he's suffering my terrorist truth," Judee say.

Judah no longer a force in our world. A man of the past that shot himself out of God's village on earth.

Only power left is what mild man gives him. Will we not pray for the day that mild man takes Jew off of our purse and gives us a chance to live in real peace?

All of those Bon Ami pies as a kid. Now it seems so clear what they did. The brightest that could help us all fisted out or imprisoned. In the name of God will Labor not help us here and let them off right?

The part of the human race that is bombing out this place. Put upon the face of white that is paying for all of this fight. White himself a right less fellow because Judah hired some fellows to tell him that to his face.

Assault kidnap, sniper murder teams brought in from the old world to work America's streets. Is there not some way to convince the mild man that he truly has the rights of a man, a human Being?

The right to speak his mind without being framed up and carried off. The right to earn a living without fear of being robbed and kidnapped off of the streets.

The right to not have to live in fear of being assaulted out because of opposing Wall Streets wars.

Judee and his Wall Street war sports that did their best to blast us all out of here in the middle of the night with their great balls of fire. Where are you Labor when we need you?
Stjepan Radić, who organized the Croatian peasants into a viable political force to have their say in government said in 1926 that "clericalism means abuse of the most sacred feelings of religion in order to destroy the family, to demolish people in order to gain political power." He often repeated the slogan: "Believe in God, but not in the priest."

Now that we have been attacked with nuclear missiles by the Judah banker force might we not consider how seriously our priest and preacher force has failed us all?

The force of preacher world that has held the mild man against the message of God's Bitch to STOP THE WAR!

And what do we learn as our truth now but that the church has been mousing with the viceroy force?

"Believe in God, but not in the priest." Stjepan Radić said.

And what happened to Stjepan that helped the ordinary folk? As usual, they shot him dead.

"I have a dream that my little children will live in a world without genetic mutations from Judah brimstone waste sport. I have a dream."

"I have a dream that my little children will live in a world where they are not forced to pay to assault their brothers and sisters with war and cages. I have a dream."

As certain of a die as we ever have been in, poisoning of our environment with radioactive waste. Judah will be long gone into his undergrounds while he smirks as we die out on the surface of our planet.

Will Labor not consider just what is at stake here?

Those that love God may survive this last nuclear war that weap Judah will ever fight against us all. Is there not some way that the war victims, Americans, and Europeans, will consider ending it all?

The guy that likes to toy and play with us. Sport us out of life when he gets hold of the government. Now taking us out in MEGA DEATH numbers. Will American Labor not get smart and stop paying for this abuse?

Mild man of both East and West proven not able to survive the Judah test. Assaulted out easily with the permanent war that Judah put us on when he took the concession to issue or money into his hands in 1913.

Nuclear blast war would have finished us off if not for the love of God for us.

Is this to be Labors responses to the love of God for us by sending His angels in to spare us extinction, to be ingrates and ignore the thousands of warnings from God to STOP THE WAR?

The most slaughtered man in history, the mild man of the north. Used and abused by Judah to do Judah's fisting for him.

Will mild man not put your faith in our good God and let the Jew off of here right?

Before we are the third of the human race to die out with Judah, will we not try at least once to save ourselves?

The FINAL SOLUTION. Is it not mind expanding to consider that the Federation knew two thousand years ago when Judah would discover the atom force and knew also that he would mine it from underground and bring it to the surface and use it to die us all off worldwide?

The poisonous stones that we have been sheltered from with the good earth to protect us from them and Judah digs down deep beneath the earth to bring them to the surface to poison us with them.

"The majority won't be around." Is how the angel described what will happen here in America in the next few years as brimstone nuclear waste pours in on us.

That the angel's computer simulations have proven accurate from two thousand years ago, might it not be smart to listen to what they are telling us all now?

Do some really think that they and their family are going to escape this nuclear war that Judah is waging on us?

Might some think that this is some sort of a joke here?

We have let Judah set us for any day to be our last day of life now. Is this to be it, just die out without ever even once challenging Judah for the concession to issue the paper?

Judah always sets the minnow to die out right. Do we see that our good God wants us to issue our money right? Do we see that will end Judah's ability to die any of us out right?

Bitch Mercury report about Pittsburgh-New Hampshire finished them Labor, what are you holding against me that you will stay the course that Judah set and die yourself and your own children too?

Father has showered blessings on us Labor. Will we not claim them for ourselves?

"I would have given you anything. Try to perceive me, I love you." Precious sweet Father said.

As the high-tech mild man of the North West faces off against the high-tech mild man of the North East directed by Judah for sports war is there not some way that Labor will be concerned enough to act and STOP THE WAR?

"Pat, Casper failed to save us." 6.15 AM

Will Labor not break the code and let Judah off of us right?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

Are we perceiving that we are in the village of God that Judah has terminally poisoned out on us now?

"Jewish people have a good Faust to peep us right."

That a reverse speech of a non-Judah speaker.

Faust, the fellow from the middle ages that sold his soul to the devil for special advantages in this life.

By giving special advantages to some Labor has that been enough for the devil in Judah to buy us off?

Judah and his Mr. Peepers ways. Is it Judah morals that have held Labor in to fund more war?

"Jew morals fade your way so the minnow I can score," Judee say.

The false morals that Judah put in. Will mild man not let us re-sight ourselves now in peace?

Will mild man not get this elephant warriors goose state out? Will mild man not help yourselves now?

"I just scourge incredible. I'm giving you a maximum deed for spite. I always hos you right when I get your rights away. Irish people said my war financials are going in so I'm out of here. The stupid Bitch has ruined my natural lies and made us all go.

Because of New Hampshire Bitch, you truly blew me away. The whites I'm screwing through making war. My Jew truly is my false that gets you to fight war," Judee say.

We are Father's children. We are Father's people. We do not war each other for any reason much less the sport of the smirky guy weap Judah.

Will the American people not claim our rights as human Beings?

"I always hos you right when I get your rights away."

Will Labor people not participate in government in a real form by taking the concession to issue our money away from the war sports crowd and holding it yourselves as our good God wills?

The baggage handlers that will soon be coming out. Will you not go on STRIKE while you still have some clout?

With Labor issuing our money might we see as the robots come in Labor will have an existence stipend in so it is not put out onto the streets with no income at all?

Our extraterrestrial family have 2 out of a thousand that are in their Labor force. As our technology advances are we seeing we will have less and less Labor slots available to generate income sources from?

Might Labor try to perceive along with our good God loving us that we are transitioning now into an extraterrestrial civilization?

To properly transition a planet out of war and into peace might we understand that those that are not able to act in peace must now go?

Is the mild man not perceiving that all we need to do is re-sight ourselves as our extraterrestrial elders have advised us here?

Will Labor try to perceive that Father is a kind perfected Being that has done so much for us throughout His beautiful lifetime guiding us from above?

That Father gave us the peace, will Labor not reciprocate the love of Father now and give us the peace?

"You're a fail and incompetent." 8.12 AM

The thought of America the beautiful destroyed and a couple of hundred million of us dead. Will Labor not give us a general STRIKE to take the concession to issue our money away from the warriors and put it into the hands of the meek?

The STRIKE Labor. They cannot stand a day of it before they will hand the concession to issue our money over to a committee of the Whole from Labor.

Is this to be our sad sorrowful end, do nothing and merely go on funding all of the war in our world?

"I Jew pistol right wicked. I leave you with a sports set abuse because I'm dumb. We arm Norman right to shoot you and I'll cap until the end.

You're very molestable to Jew thoughts so I just put you in. Into the sewer, I have crushed you. Because of my great, I soon go away.

Truly I have thrown you with my great tyranny. I simp you Malta. Patrick boy said Jew dumb, set me out of here dead. Jew Hosberg die for our chumming.


We shot you in our Lincoln time to make white go. All grease spots I make HUGE sufferage. My Judee has truly proven that he can can your wits.

Petroleum always had some fine stution. In America, my Jew ever dies your minnow. I just bust you domestic. Your whole generation's coming out to our tu

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