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Two Identical UFOs Filmed Over Florida and New York March 12
Mon Mar 13, 2017 19:42

Two Identical UFOs Filmed Over Florida and New York
March 12, 2017 LUFOS Latest posts, N. America, UFO videos 0
Various reports suggest that a significant number of people witnessed a UFO in Homestead, Florida on February 15, 2017. The UFO was so mysterious as an aircraft mechanic with many years in aviation could not explain the video of the alleged mass UFO sighting.

Interestingly, a second video showing the same UFOs surfaced on March 3, 2017, and made the rounds online. The unnamed witness was in his room fixing the blinds. He usually looked out of his window to see the moon. He was surprised to see lights beaming from a distance. The sighting took place in Jamaica, NY.

The witness was sure they were not airplanes because he had been seeing planes from a distance during the night and he knew they did not beam as bright or as big as the mysterious lights that he could not explain.

The witness went on to say that he noticed the objects many months, but not paid attention to it as he thought they were just from the JFK airport on the right side.

Airplanes or helicopters are a regular sight around the area with JFK airport stationed nearby.

The witness also initially thought they were just motorbike headlights that appeared flashing when a tree was in front of them while the wind blew the leaves around. He observed on the last beam of light on the right side continually drifted off to the right and reappeared a few seconds again.

The witness claimed to be into cosmology, and his UFO sighting could be his wonderful, amazing discovery yet.

Huge orb hovering above Mudgee, Australia 11-Mar-2017
March 13, 2017 LUFOS Aus and Oc, Latest posts, UFO videos 0
Here’s one interesting footage of a huge unidentified flying object that was hovering above Mudgee in Australia. This was recorded on 11th March 2017.


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