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"With a Stone Psyche, You Will be Frozen. Perma-Cash Late Yo
Tue Mar 14, 2017 10:53

"With a Stone Psyche, You Will be Frozen. Perma-Cash Late You's"

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. The perma-cash that weap Judah holds onto worldwide that has allowed him to keep our planet in war. Will Labor not join together STRIKE THEM OUT and take it away from him?

Can we only wonder what it is about the mild man of the north that makes him remain so easy for Judah to destroy? In the name of our good God must we not find what it is and remedy it to save ourselves?

The man that the word slave came from. The mild Slavic peoples that carry the gun and continue to do most of the shooting in our world for Judah sport.

The people of America that were beaten by Wall Street guns and cages, drafted and forced to leave the promise of the new world of America in 1917 to return to the old world to shoot our family in a Judah sports war.

The only man that is still funding and fighting weap Judah sports war and genocide a century later now due to an economic draft, the mild man of the north.

Is our mentality so gentle that it allows us to be right less guys to Judah? Must we not free ourselves forever from Judah terrorist control?

Must we not end the animal Talmud rights Judah assigns us and put in our rights as human Beings our good God gave us?

The truth that we were made to love one another. The vicious brutality that Judah puts upon mild man. Could that be the explanation why we have not risen against the genocidal Jewish oppressors?

The oppressor that fooled our parents and grandparents going back into the ages many centuries ago and now fooling us to continue to fund assaulting, imprisoning and killing God's children on earth.

The mild man set to lose his life form, his family going out with him, now funding the last nuclear war, or any war, that Weap Judah will ever wage against the children of God on earth.

UFO buzzing Jamaica New York. Are we not aware our elders from the universe are MARKING Judah's nuclear blast sport?

Two Identical UFOs Filmed Over Florida and New York
March 12, 2017

Identical UFOs were seen in Homestead, Florida and Jamaica, New York. Might we try to understand that our elders from the Federation are trying to alert us to what our nuclear war fighting elite are up to now?

Might we not consider that American nuclear war fighting elite are not unlike the old world bombers that rode in for loot and fun, except infinitely more dangerous?

Might we consider the genocide of Judah has finally done him and his nuclear war fighting collaborators in this time?

After attacking us with intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, to extinct us, might we consider that sooner or later mild man of the north is going to act right?

Fooling us as if we are little children. The wicked falseness of Judah that is holding mild man in to die himself off.

The etymological root of the word 'slave,' from the mild Slavic peoples of the north. From the mild man of the north, Judah is now using us to fund and shoot his sports war.

The poor kids that stick guns in our faces. It's not a question of class but of the bourse, cruelly manipulated boy gets paid to aim a gun in our face.

And why do the other mild men of the north not listen to our good God above and put an existence stipend in so that the poor mild man does not have to fight as a right less war serf to get to eat and go to school in Judah weap state?

"Because of my complex the white remain fooled bad. White people I've strangled completely," Judee say.

Will white not get smart and close these pyramid sandal thugs out right?

"We just come to evict you. I base you force on my ment, once you see me I'm quite timorous. American, we just couldn't fall you," Judee say.

Using economically disadvantaged mild men from the new world nation of America to displace and evict our family in the Middle East who are then driven into mild man's terrain and are again sported by Judah. Hidden within are his Replicons that set about a path to give refugees a bad name.

All the while mild man of America funds the destruction of war in our world allowing Judah to set mild man up for a big fall of himself.

Judah, getting caught red-handed attacking mild man to extinct him, is it not certain that sooner or later mild man will end Judah's private issue of bourse?

Certainly. By Judah setting a plot, giving himself the destiny to extinct the white members of the human race, has Judah not lost his last best chance to live in any society on earth?

Once the white man pitches the Jew is there any society on earth that will let him rule?

What with attacking us unprovoked with thousands of nuclear blast weapons, seems unlikely doesn't it?

Once our family in India gets a clue that the guys and gals running their society are not true, that their plan is to hit them with the nuclear blast force they have built up there, might Judee not be out of there too?

Replicons that look like natives are actually Judah Replicon 5th columnists. Hidden within the societies of the Far East for the last 16 centuries.

Awaiting only their chance to rise up and destroy the rest of god's kids.

Judah breeding up his look alike hybrid transplant shells in every terrain. Replicons is the name.

Has Mercury not let Bitch blow the horn on Judah game? Bitch in daily communication with our extraterrestrial elders from outer space since May of 2008.

In October of 2011 Mercury let Bitch in on a little secret, Judah attacked us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with one thousand missiles equipped with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads on them.

The total equivalent nuclear blast force of 70,000 Hiroshima atom bombs. All headed for the lower 48.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty for having His angels spare us the loss of life form in the general nuclear Holocaust Judah wanted the mild man of the north to endure?

Judah continually tells us in reverse speech that he is "crazy, a lunatic, insane, a sexual psychopath."

He also reveals that it is Druid that he most enjoys sex with. Reveals that mild man has the "unique value of cooperation," that Judah himself lacks.

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

Mild man, aware that he has been attacked by weap Judah with nuclear atomic blast force for over 5 years now, has also been made aware that he has been under attack with a nuclear brimstone waste force for even longer, over 6 years now.

The cruelly manipulated poor Dr. King called those that must fight Judah sports wars to eat. Have we not heard Judee calls us much harsher things?

Cruelly manipulated kids from the USA molesting and abusing our brothers and sisters every day. Mild man now going out of life form from Jewish sports war and brimstone nuclear waste.

Message From The Council of the Galactic Federation Of Light
Mon Mar 13, 2017, 11.25 AM CST;article=157403

In the telepathic message yesterday from the council of the Galactic Federation of light we are informed:

"You have closed their vehicles, their assault is through. Their primary destiny has now failed."

Are we understanding that the primary destiny that weap Judah gave himself was to totally exterminate the white people from planet earth?

"Our destiny as Jews is to war until we put the white man away, we will war until you stop us," Judee say.

The mild man of the north having no violence for 30 thousand years until weap Judah takes over in 700 AD. Then the wars in the northland begin. Culminating in a couple of Jewish forced world wars and aiming for the final extinction of the mild man of the north.

Might we not consider how clever Judah is involving the mild man in his sports wars to lead mild man into sin?

The promise of great wealth if the only mild man will join Judah in his sport. Might we not understand where that path has led us to now?

Do we not understand that we are dying out of life form now?

Tele receives:

"Cancer cost you your rifles.

We've lost our field. 12.20 PM

Suckered 12.22 PM

Tyranny fell. 1.00 PM

Good luck.

Videos shot you right out of here quick.

Bitch heavy. 5.28 PM

Suitable. 5.42 PM

Patrick is telling us about their morsel. 6.03 PM

Nazi fish falling out for real stroking.

Reich-ed. 7.39 PM

Bust them all, stingy thugs. 7.41 PM

They tossed you off this field. 7.43 PM

Was this bait available complete? 7.52 PM

They set us up right for dying complete perish. 8.01 PM

They're saulting out our core here. 8.05 PM

STRIKE THEM OUT, they faulted us lethal. 8.06 PM

You be Eskimo tears here. 8.14 PM

Supervising fist opps, is that what they've been doing? 8.18 PM

As they do their switch turkey is with you. 8.19 PM

They're just jailers, they're jailing us. 8.57 PM

They're scoring us out sewerage.

Focus right. 9.00 PM

Patrick locked them out, they're jammed permanent now. 9.06 PM

With a stone psyche, you will be frozen here. 1.37

You lost your money through mosh. 1.38 AM

Their core has taken us, a sure die.

The plan died out here. 2.51 AM

Perma-cash late you's. 3.03 AM

Push them back. 3.38 AM

Wasters debit. 3.39 AM

He's really deep into it. 5.50 AM

Oh my god, they're oppin false? 6.10 AM

He kill us thrill." 8.38 AM

Bitchie identifies with all the ordinary people in every land. With our family in the Middle East that has been shot and bombed out by Judah Wall Street crowd to our family in Ukraine bombed out by Judah Wall Street crowd. The Buddhists in Indonesia beaten with canes purportedly by Muslims based upon Sharia law.

Indonesian Buddhists caned under sharia for the first time
AFP | March 10, 2017
The two men grimaced as they received nine and seven lashes respectively on their backs, a sentence that was mitigated because they had spent over a month in detention.

Might we not recognize that Sharia law is Judee in disguise? Do we not recognize his Judah Replicon hybrid transplants Replicons hold all the heads of state throughout our world?

Are we not aware that Indonesia is in the complete control of Judah Replicons that are well positioned and pretending to be Indonesians?

All the states in the Middle East. After reading reverse speech have we not discovered that they are mostly all Judah Replicon hybrid transplant shell people? Yes, they are.

Boko Haram in Africa that is spanking the kids there. Are we not aware that they are Judah hybrid Replicon kids? They claim to be Islamics. Can we not spot Judah assault, kidnapping, bombing and shooting style there?

The mild man of the North West holding all Judah sports kids in. Will American Labor not let Judah and his 5th columnist Replicon creations off of here right?

God Almighty has saved our lives white people. Is there not some way you will help set us right?

Will American Labor not recognize that we have a God-given right to be free and act upon the impulse to be free and let the desert dwelling assault and battery crowd and their Hapsburg alliance partners off right?

Will American Labor not help us close the Auschwitz building racist Judah out of America right?

"We're out of here true. That Bitch has got our fetch threw here. White sandals I use, that's part of my philosophy" Judee say.

The beginnings of the nuclear war fighting crowd in America that have attacked us with nuclear missiles to extirpate us all. Might we find it all in the overthrow of the jury decision of 1854 with the 1859 decision of the supreme clerks to return a freed worker to serve as a slave to his master once again?

Might Labor not recognize the whole game has always been who it is that gets the gains from Labor and how much of a portion?

That Dred Scott was freed after a trial by a jury of his peers. Did the jurors not see Dred as one of us? Yes, did they not free him as such? Yes, they did.

They saw Dred as a fellow subject of American Law no matter what the supreme clerks said about color that the supremes claimed they knew from reading the minds of the long passed away crafters of our Bill of Rights.

The confabulations of the high and mighty clerks that make up big stories to fool the ordinary. Will Labor not help us to clear them off right? Will Labor not give us our grand juries to close this vicious godless nightmare of tyranny out right?

After surviving repeated attempts to exterminate us with nuclear missiles will Labor not accept as a real truth that all our leaders are fabulous failures?

“You can fool all the people some of the time, you can fool some of the people all the time, but you can't fool all the people all the time.” A. Lincoln.

"You can fool some of the people all the time, and those are the ones you want to concentrate on." George W. Bush

Denial of his right to a jury court's decision given in 1854 by the 1859 decision of the supreme clerks to deny Dred his right to a jury of his peers, and in only another century and a half later the courts and their satraps return the people of the United States of America to the rightless condition of the re-enslaved Dred Scott of 1859.

Are the people of America, the working people, aware that Labor is the party that is paying these guys and gals paychecks here?

Will Labor not turn this around and begin with acting as if we are the employers and they are the employees here?

Will Labor not take the middle man out, weap Judah, is it not clear he is not going to be issuing any more sports checks on American Labors checkbook the day after Labor STRIKES THEM OUT?

Genocidal guys and gals that hate everybody with a special hatred for white people most of all.

If we understand that might we not understand why Judah keeps the white man held into hurting his fellow man?

"We have West point so we can do intimate," Judee say.

In that reverse speech might we perceive the sexual psychopath that is mauling us out of life form now?

The rapist of our species, weap Judah. With our good God on our side will the mild man not try at least once to save ourselves now?

"Basically my core is off but you don't see it right," Judee say.

Will Labor not try to "Focus" and see that Judah core is basically off and STRIKE THEM OUT to get the rest of their core off, please?

"White sandals I use," Judee say.

Might we consider it was Judah white sandal technicals that designed the infernal machines to put our species out of life form? The white sandals that attacked us from Pittsburgh to wipe us clean.

Is American Labor not aware that it is American Labor that is funding most all of the tricks that Judah is playing on us in every nation in our world?

Taiwan tourist bus fire kills all 26 on board
Twenty-four tourists from China killed, plus Taiwanese driver and tour guide after bus caught fire on busy road
Associated Press in Tapei
Tuesday 19 July 2016

Video from the scene showed both of the bus’s doors were pressed up against the highway’s guardrail, making them impossible to open.

The latest accident is likely to revive safety concerns surrounding the treatment of Chinese tourists, most of whom come on cheap group tours.

China claims Taiwan as its own territory and the sides have no formal ties, although contacts have been growing in recent years to handle trade, travel and other practical, nonpolitical matters.

However, relations have deteriorated since the January election of independence-leaning Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen,


and Chinese visitor numbers have declined

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