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"The Cat Wants To Exhaust the Whole Human Race." That is a
Wed Mar 15, 2017 09:26

"The Cat Wants To Exhaust the Whole Human Race."

That is an overnight Tele receive. "The cat wants to exhaust the whole human race."

American Labor still funding the mass destruction of America and much of our world for the sport of Judah.

Judah, still fighting for free on the pocketbook of American Labor.

"We just come to evict you. I base you force on my ment, once you see me I'm quite timorous. American, we just couldn't fall you," Judee say.

Judah with his attack on the lower 48 in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with a thousand continentals equipped with three thousand two hundred thermonuclear warheads.

Spared from our total destruction by the love of our good God because He sent His angels in to pull every single nuclear blast shot off of us.

Can we only wonder what day it will be that America Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and end their war genocide sport against us?

The fierce guy with his nearly biological white fist. Will Labor not end funding it? Will Labor not put our grand juries in so that the timorous fellow Judah will end perishing us and our families out of life form?

"When you get a grand jury I'll be a man who left," Judee say.

American Labor can stop them in a day and yet has held us into an extinction level event now. Will we not pray that American Labor will see its own interests here, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Children born disabled due to high levels of radiation in our environment. Is that Judah not sly that he put Jewish electricity in as a way to slip his nuclear artillery in pretending it is to power our society?

That we are now part of the third of the human race that Judah is perishing off in the last days of him occupying the surface of planet earth is there not some way to convince Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and close them out right?

Must we not end refusing to act and STRIKE THEM OUT rightly?

Mormons still sporting our heads out on the street. Will Labor not give us our grand juries so that we can end it the right way, in peace?

"They're holding me for my freebie in the nursery, my death roll has been refused. If these guys go grand jury I'm leaving. We want to shoot you ultimate, we just believe in pressing you always.

My illiberal ways were always fun. I just have a pork chop freezer. My cow serves me right or I water him good. We just shoot you with war. that's our way because we're nuts.

I'm a danger taking your kids off. We just have a responsibility to chapel you great chump. I sport you newspeak, we make your baby fall. We just predator you for more opps.

I'm basically a hunter you see and sports rule me. With plastic, we mooched you swell. Because I'm crazy they fouled my sale. I just fall you for insurance all day.

Since Morgan failed we can't soothe you now. There's a lot of Borgia going against Druid but I'm stalled now, I clearly need a miracle to keep you dumb my way for stretch. If I can't core you I'll leave you.

Our giant molest is done, our SAM got us rolled gorgeous. I play marbles on your face because I'm a Goebbels. I'm a cop to cite you or ignore you. White people, I've strangled completely.

Your highness is descended from a flesh of my housie. To my alliance, you have succumbed. We use policemen to take your spirited organization out.

A baby let us fist you Bethlehem. Your fatal has almost fallen into my cop theory. We're clearing your straightest easy. We just push you in all ways for free. I fall you with a Titans rule and mace.

It seems normal to me to core you from a real job. We got pure symbols and bear amusement to wipe you out, so I just got to go and die.

Our whole shaft-en, Irishman ruined it. We assume fishing minnows is out, it's all over now. My analysis is, Druid I've poisoned you. I make you with a water summons. I off your face with electricity basically.

My previous arrangements taken out your air. My mice insurance religion is basically dead. I'll just continue this life until you STRIKE. I just play a big blasphemy up to perish you out stupidly.

With 4 eyes we pull them out, but genocide won't work with the dog. Police wit does our fighting for us so I'm a wise man. Our warring bed you. We're thugs that misery you, that's our complete sphere here, now you see me.

Judee always has faulty eyes. Jew shot your head with his psycho wish; I take all angels off. Our whole alliance was lying, I mashed your kid. Our "H" porting was contested.

They pulled my whole wolf off for all times. I'm Jimmler on a page. Going after you's caused me to be fallen, I'll be out of here. I'm going to polio you as I'm going out of here because that's my right.

Pooch bored to fail you fine. Bitch I told you is all bad.

Our Kansas city types fell ridiculous. I fell you with a sheaf and a 5," Judee say.

Rather than live with the hunter force that Judah is upon the children of God on earth will we not STRIKE THEM OUT, take the concession to issue our money away from them and let them off right?

A hungry wild beast roaming the forest that resents anyone entering into his territory so he attacks and kills as soon as he can. That Judah considers the entire surface of planet earth his territory to stalk and kill us in might we not act to protect ourselves from the wild beast? Must Labor not demand our human rights be put in again?

And what's Judah's response to the demand that our human rights be observed? "You all can kiss my transportee, I'll kid and die you for free."

Will Labor not bring us into the world to which we belong, the loving world of our precious sweet Father in heaven above?

"Be kind to the babies of the forest," Papa said. Will Labor not bring us into the house of our good God NOW?

"I perceive your sables taken off all of my rights,"

That is the reverse facial speech of an earthquake survivor that was living in a tent camp in Nepal that was being demolished by the authorities.

Might we not detect Judah in that terrain when we have such a thing as tearing down housing of survivors of the earthquake that Judah put upon our family there?

HAARP. The earthquake Tsunami generator floating high in the sky above us. Must American Labor not get hold of the paper and end the weather tampering and warring that Judah is doing against us?

Earthquakes and tornadoes that Judah is steering at us. Will Labor not help us and close them out?

Will Labor not bring us into the house of our good God above where we all can live in peace and harmony with each other? Must Labor not STOP THE WAR?

The white Replicons that Judah created. Might we see them as the most dangerous of all of his monstrous errant creations? His warring us with a bed. The Replicons that attacked us to die us all off in the middle of the night with their great balls of fire. Will Labor not let Judah's orange fist off?

Might we recall they were the sleepers that struck down the English people when Maurice of Orange invaded England in 1688 and shortly thereafter gave the issue of money to international weap Judah?

"When we foul you in April Jew truly off," Judee say.

Several reverse speech have indicated that April is the month that America will be permanently and irreversibly ruined. The mass die will be sealed in after they turn loose all of their disasters upon us.

Judah listens in our houses to hear our conversations. Might some workers that have been wanting to get this strike going have been fisted out by Judah already?

Might we see that fisting is the be all of Judah's Labor management policy? Will Labor not challenge Judah for the concession to issue our money? Will Labor not get Judah peep society out of here? Will Labor not end fist as the final arbiter in Labor and all other negotiations?

With Judah rule, we have Talmud rights of animals while Judah has all rights over us. To take our lives, liberty, and property from us.

Do ordinary workers not see that we can have our American Bill of Rights in by merely tossing Judah Talmud rules out of here?

"My maximum rule is a joke until I ditch you. I just use a palace aid to do crunchy. Scrimmage holds your mental here so I can die you freely," Judee say.

Are we understanding that Judah has America tied to his war machine as a way to give him the right to physically assault us out in America too?

Might Labor not want to think about how Judah has gotten us involved in sin by getting us to fund his fist for him?

Tele receives:

"Patrick psyche gets brutal out. 7.32 PM

Respect for them failed because they got some harsh sh*t and they're going. 8.03 PM

Their harsh nick failed. 8.08 PM

Tore out emotious. 8.38 PM

The animals tossed initial. 8.42 PM

It's a real hilly protest. 8.47 PM

Judah law is not true. 8.48 PM

We're sealed off genocide. 8.53 PM

Coring lifestyle, I gave you that information. 8.57 PM

Patrick's toss could save us. 8.58 PM

Chapelatized. 8.59 PM

Mumps diabolical. 9.09 PM

It's murderous. 9.11 PM

Let's STRIKE THEM OUT, they truly failed. 11.59 PM

They smashed our space good, they strike with a fearoid. 1.14 AM

They fear us, they're harmful and Pat closed them. 1.15 PM

The cat wants to exhaust the whole human race. 1.17 AM

False you out of this field. 2.20 AM

They annoy us with feud until dead. 2.21 AM

They fight us right. 2.22 AM

Their fiercey screwed us out. 2.25 AM

Contact end suffering us. 2.29 AM

The CIA, they shot us bad. 2.52 AM

Pat, they're spying us. 2.55 AM

The creatures failed your state lousy. 2.58 AM

Receipts took out our air. 5.36 AM

A tumor roll rape. 5.39 AM

Get them out, they're critical.

Cheats here. 5.43 AM


"We're perceived to be dumb for shooting and a real fail. All our genius is sold for predator. We shatter peace with our core breath. Bitch psyche us real arrested.

Bitch has pushed out my goose shot and told you how I pushed out your atmosphere. I'm inciter in your head to do what I can to drive you crazy. You let me do some nice tumors for imaging thee," Judee say.

Bitch did a reverse speech of a woman that had attempted suicide and one thing she said in reverse speech, "I died my image."

Judah is claiming that we let him do some nice tumors by imaging us. Might we only wonder about the true force that image is to us?

Will Labor not Finish the end of our relationship with weap Judah and his tyranny arrangements that he has forced upon America and the world with his brutal fist?

Will Labor not give us our divorce from weap Judah so that we can regain our sanity?

"I want the crazy out," out good God Almighty said of His village on earth where his simple simian children live.

The guy that always pulverizes a chicken, weap Judah. Will Labor not take our paper from him?

The foolish message here, are we reading it right? The one that says that Americans must fight to be free?

Are we perceiving that is a foolish message to us from Judah breed? He's weaping miles fiendish. Will Labor not step in, STOP THE WAR and help us now?

He's got 12-year-olds that are making guys die right.

Judee's storage shed Labor. Will you not show kindness to the minnow and pull it off of here, please?

Their schools have a fire chef. Will Labor not bring our grand juries in, please?

They're criminals that played us Moscow rule for sex. Their lifetime is to try and give everyone their Palestine weap.

Their Goebbels apology from the bench. Their showing us their true barrels in a fool way. Will Labor not close them out right?

They're storming our biology true images. Their Muslim pie is going to fill us up backward. Will Labor not let these tricky, fisty guys and gals off right?

Judah paste us occupied true weap, but their rule has stumbled out total for attacking us with their heavy metal. They're hustling our cipher off of this beach.

A citizen's right is they booze us up. Their criminal power is their favorite stun. Their serious heart just makes minnows fall. Their woodpecker is their cash industry to shoot us us well.

Their ein zwei vision is just for foolish guys, will Labor not help us to pull it out right? They sue us with Federal police power to mortar us for tuition.

Must Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from them and put it into the safe hands of Labor as is our good God's will for us?

The vinyl, urethane, old basalt, just a few things that Judah hides in some of our foods and beverages. Will Labor not help us to end the widespread food contamination that weap Judah has done here in America?

From the message the other day from the council of the Galactic Federation of Light does it look as if we have heard the last message from them?

Have they not advised us well? Have they not explained in detail how we can save ourselves?

The historical rulers that shot their way to the top. Have our kind elders not advised us on how to retire them now? Yes, they have. Have elders not advised us well to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Have elders not explained that the key to living in society well is to have the Organizing Principle of Society held in the democratic hands of Labor?

The Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our cash. Will Labor not take it away from genocide Judah and put it into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?

"I shot you fierce-al," Judee say.

Is there not yet some understanding among the Druid people of America that we are now being died out of life form by weap Judah using his Jewish electricity dirty bomb shot?

There is no more time here Labor. It looks that the next month will pour large amounts of chemicals into our atmosphere to speed up our demise.

Children being born with polio. Mutations, birth defects from the nuclear waste that Judah is burning at Hitachi-GE that is falling on us here. Doesn't happen in a day, will take some years to show how deadly it really is. But deadly it is. Deadly enough that the majority of us won't be around in only a few more years of breathing it if we do not help ourselves right.

"The bench used you solar right. It's an ascent off of the right see, certainly, you will see your state now go. The Nice boy is helping us legitimate-full. Your loss of oxygen rights will take your life."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris for those messages today.

With our American rights in are we not aware that we have rights to clean breathable air? Will Labor not put our rights to oxygen in so that we can shut that Jewish dirty bomb down? Before we die off in the hundreds of millions will we not try it? The STRIKE!

The purples mess with Bitch because I'm useful. If I was wicked they wouldn't shoot. I caught their wicked sight with a wrench and stopped eating their hamburger. Will Labor not try to get a whiff of these guys and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"A STRIKE is useful." 9.49 AM

Just after saying a prayer to Father to bring Labor in to help us heard these words:

"You've been rolled abusive ready to die. Get your proper force and close out evasive." 9.56 AM

They've been dying us with their kids and now their kids are ghosting out. Will Labor not help us and put our grand juries in so that we can close them out right?

God is helping us Labor out of the sin of war. Will Labor please follow the love of God and man and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Wednesday, March 15 Psalm 36
Nehemiah 5:16:14; Romans 4:112
My eyes are awake before each watch of the night, that I may meditate on your promise. Psalm 119:148
Mary treasured all these words and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19
O Heavenly Father, remind us to pause within the busyness of our day, to feed our souls with your words of peace. For it is in those words that we find our strength, our hope and our purpose. Amen.

3.32 PM

Tele receives:

"Treat em right. 10.17 AM

Fox beat Druid. 10.21 AM

The rats sphere blew it. 10.39 AM

Shatter. 11.07 AM


This is just a fatal threat. 11.38 AM

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