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Elites Are Killing Us - Fight Back
Thu Mar 16, 2017 03:53


We do these videos to help us fight back.

Video: (((You will have to go to You Tube to see the video as links do not post here)))

One if by land, two if by sea, three if by both land and sea?

We will need to put out about 100 Lanterns.

They are hitting us with:

1) Con Trails
2) Vaccinations
3) Food additives

4) Toxic Waste in Fertilizers
5) Toxic Waste in the oceans - reducing the Oxygen Levels
6) Wars - Killing people world wide

7) Nuclear Energy Leaks - which are ongoing
8) Poisons in our Water
9) Poisons in our Air

10) Electronically
11) The list goes on and on and on.

The list just goes on and on an on.

On our videos there are 4 parts….

First - we cover the politics so we can pray and stop these murdering Elites - such as the news today that North Korea is deploying their entire army to the South Korean boarder.

Second - We try and stop the Assassinations of President (Like the hit on Trump 27 March) and Nuclear War. Both of which would lead to cracking this planet apart.

Third - We do videos that allow us LITTLE PEOPLE to fight back ands live a fairly normal life. So we discuss eating products like Immusist, Citricare, Get The Tea’s Life Change Tea, etc.

Fourth - We are now absolutely upsetting the Medical Community in our Anti-aging Efforts by figuring out how to trun the hands of time backwards on your age.

Even in our William Mount Cooking vides we try and cover most of these 4 parts but focus on how to cook Storable Foods and how to incorporate products inot our cooking htat reverse cancer, Autism, etc.

So hang on folks and pray that you can continue to come here and learn for YOUR own health and safety.

Got a call last night that in exactly 6 days the US Military will begin spraying 2 compounds across the world. The first will give you huge headaches and the second will give you huge amounts of Phlegm - wheezing.

So we pray they are immobilized and stock up on Liquid Advil, Magnetic Bracelets, Licorice Root, Nettles, Immusist, Citricare, Life Change Tea Products and pray even more that their plan back fires.

The spraying will begin in Maine and go world wide within 2 days. Even DC will get hit - HARD.

By the way - they were warned in DC and they did not act and do as GOD asked them to do. So what happens there - oh well….


Buy storable food now while it is still reasonable priced.
The News You Need and consider building a Green House and covering your gardens to protect them from the spraying.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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