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"It Is Over Here For Violence."
Thu Mar 16, 2017 10:31

"It Is Over Here For Violence."

That's an overnight Tele receive. Is there any doubt that we have been harmed? Is it not understood that we are set to die off in the hundreds of millions from nuclear waste pollution while Judee slips into their well-prepared mountain hideouts?

Here is an excerpt from a post Bitch put up just minutes ago at Latest UFO Reports:

Croissant Shaped Object Spotted Above The Sea In Malta
March 15, 2017, LUFOS daytime UFO, Europe,
The image was allegedly taken in October 2016 but has been shared only recently for an unknown reason.

This is the comment that Bitch just posted at Latest UFO Report Wednesday at 3.32 AM

Patrick Sullivan
MARCH 16, 2017 AT 9:32 AM

Here is a reverse speech that Bitch pulled out of facial reverse speech and posted the 13th of March at APFN. The title of the post was:

“They Damned Us Vicious. My God, We’re Being Destroyed, Oh My God We’re Being Destroyed.”

This facial reverse speech was found in a national news video report:

“I simp you Malta.”

What might that indicate combined with the croissant “MARKING” by our extraterrestrial elders above Malta?

Did our genocidal nuclear war fighting elite have a meeting in October on Malta?

Making decisions of how they will finish out the people of the United States of America by turning war loose here?

Does Labor see why we need you to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from those that only make war?

Do the people of America understand that the decision by weap Judah is cast in stone to finish as many of us out as he possibly can in total war?

The issue for American Labor to consider. Do working men and women realize that it is our income tax payments handed over to international weap Judah that is funding all of the war inside and outside of America?

All the bombing in the Middle East. Is American Labor not aware that it is the income tax that we hand over to international weap Judah that provides much of the cash for all of the war there?

Posted last night at APFN:

Patrick Sullivan
Wed Mar 15, 2017, 11:30

While lying in bed praying to Father to have Labor bring on a STRIKE to spare us from total destruction Father said to His Bitch at 7.17 PM Wednesday night, "STRIKE, I WANT THEM OFF!"

Back to bed to begin Thursday before 3 AM

Will Labor please listen to our good God Almighty and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Will Labor please keep the love of God in mind and what Father just said, "STRIKE, I WANT THEM OFF?"

Thank you.

Might we only wonder in how many ways they "simp us Malta?"

“I simp you Malta.”

Are the ordinary people understanding that the decision was made long ago to destroy the mass of the human race with the best technology available?

America, with the best package of human rights of any nation on earth, our American Bill of rights that was made the law of the in 1791, do we understand why the Jew set about to destroy us most of all?

The mild man of the north, according to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the most slaughtered man on earth. Held into poverty and used by weap Judah to fist his wars, making it look as if there is such a thing as "white supremacy."

At a deeper level, is American Labor understanding that it is the Labor of ordinary men and women that is funding the Judah Replicon war sport in our world?

Do we the people of America see that with our fabulous protection package found in our Bill of Rights the free people of the United States of America have always been the prime target of the old world autocrats?

Are we understanding that it is weap Judah with his spreading of his weap cipher into every terrain on earth that has produced so much war in our world?

Is the white fella understanding that as the Judah and their Replicons are coming out of every society that they control on earth, which is every single one, that it is the white fella that is marked out to be died the most?

We are set by Judah nuclear brimstone waste warriors to lose 95% of the white people in America and Europe.

The nuclear waste plague, different than previous plagues that Judah put on us, will leave our genetic heritage of 12 million years nonreproductive.

Our simian life form is set to pass out of existence.

God our Father forgives us and has mercy on us and said, "I want to save our lives."

Is there not some way that the white fellas will STOP THE WAR?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." Father's angels said.

“I simp you Malta.”

Might we only wonder what was decided at Malta last October?

"I've got some new inventions to try out on you,"Judee say.

Are we understanding that the same people that attacked us with nuclear missiles in the middle of the night to exterminate us are the same people that are making decisions on how to wipe us out now using nuclear brimstone waste to make us go?

The long lines of people that we have seen fleeing from war around our world. Will American Labor not take these war sports off of us before we are in the same situation ourselves?

Their style of rule, a missile, and a cage. False words to fight us with. Will Labor not let the falsers off of us here?

"We've both been carriaged," Judee say.

Judee, being died off by our good God Almighty due to his inability to accommodate others. Do we not yet perceive that he has carriaged Druid to die out with him now as his nearly biological fist?

"The white had a mental we could take out so we did," Judee say.

The only fist serving weap Judah, the mild white man of the north. Must Labor not help us and STOP THE WAR?

The American fellow that is now as right less as Dred Scott was in 1859 when the supreme clerks told him he had no rights at all.

Will we not re-sight ourselves in peace as the angels that Father sent in to advise us suggested?

Are we understanding that Judah wants to carriage the white guys to die off with him?

Weap Judah thought that he could war against the Galactic Federation of Light. Our elders in the Federation do not fight and Judah knows this.

Did we not have a wondrous demonstration of that when Judah attacked us all out with his long-range intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles and had them pulled out of the sky by the angels that our good God sent in to spare us from Judah's plot to extinct us?

That Judah has got the white fisting world wars for him and paying for all of it, as soon as the whites realize we have been set out to be destroyed by nuclear waste will we not end funding it?

It seems we should don't it? Could it be that we are not yet aware that we have been perished by nuclear waste that will take some time to die us out right with a totally and permanently poisoned environment?

Might it be that we have gotten so wealthy and comfortable, having everything we need and in abundance, that we have gotten to think that we do not need God anymore?

As we now have funded ourselves into extinction might we not want to think again about needing our good God?

Is there not yet some acceptance of the truth that if not for our good and merciful God sending in His angels to spare us from the nuclear blast of weap Judah that we already would have been blown into oblivion?

The etymological root of "oblivion," forget.

Suppose Sir Casper and His diligent team of Martians had not been watching over us and guarding us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 when weap Judah attacked us all out with his 1,000 intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles and the 3,200 MIRVed thermonuclear warheads they carried, and they had been allowed to get through and they had reached us in America while most of us were sleeping in our beds, might the world have already forgotten us?

Would we not be in oblivion now? If we were destroyed that night as weap Judah desired, would the world forget about us?

America, a nation so promising, guaranteed rights for all. A package of civil rights so strong they even served the most disabled of working folk, the slave, by freeing him from his master by jury trial that was open and public.

Ricers now closing us out. Is there not some way that Labor will help us here?

The ordinary everyday workers that make everything operate. Will Father's meek children not step up and STRIKE THEM OUT until Labor has the concession to issue our money in its hands?

Must Labor not STOP THE WAR?

Will Labor not give us a new business model, a business model of peace?

Might we have to give Judee his due for did his assault and battery model not win?

His ability to assassinate our useful people. Has he not scored most every one of them?

We are leaving earth and going into the universe now. Might the message from up above read, "the meek welcome here?"

Those who are going into the universe now. Are we understanding that only the meek need apply?

"I would have given you anything. I won't save your life because 2+2=4," precious sweet Father said.

The advanced extraterrestrial Beings that created us into our high-level form. Came to us from the Galactic Federation of Light. Might we not recognize that is where our good God is from?

The kind advanced perfected Being that loves us all equally. Will we not try to perceive the love that Father has for you and me?

Are we not understanding yet that war is merely a false, something that Judah does best to sport us all?

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives," Father said.

Will the meek of Labor not bring the love of God into America right? Will Labor not help us to get the Jewish terrorism out of our nation?

Are there any that do not perceive that Judah is a faulty dangerous guy? Bitch would have left this life long ago if not for God having His angels keep Bitch in.

Father wanted someone here who would reveal to His simian children on earth that He loves us all.

Bitch, as most others that do not agree with the ways of the weaper crowd, stressed out from the constant threat Judah presents by hiring his cruelly manipulated poor to carry Bitch off.

Judah explains that Bitch was properly degenerated by subjecting him to incessant mind degrading experiences.

And yet from Judah success of nearly perfectly degenerating Bitch, Bitch failed on the most important button of them all, respect and honor to dignity when he broke down and called the people a bad name.

While Judah claims that he perfectly degenerated Bitch, the one thing that Judah did not degenerate in Bitch was Bitch refusal to participate in any way in harming human Beings.

And because of Bitch refusal to support some son of a Bush, Judah used his municipals to assault Bitch out of his livelihood.

"We certify you on a low budget route through perjury," Judee say.

The treason found in Judah police state. The secret street files that are kept from the defense attorneys that reveal the falsity of Judah law. Will Labor not put our Bill of rights in?

Turned a simple honest working man into a homeless fellow for some time. Bitch is not complaining about it though for he is lucky to still be alive.

Is it understood that even with his deep imperfections, Bitch has been kept in by the love of God for His kids?

This hit, that grudge, revenge, and retribution. Turned into an exciting profitable sport for weap Judah and company. Will Labor not let the primitive ones off? Will American Labor not reclaim our beautiful nation?

Will Labor not close this vicious, violent, revenge based state up and bring in America the beautiful for all of us again?

Because Judah failed to get Bitch to shut his mouth while Judah and the son of Bush hurt God's kids, Judah used his free bourse to knock down Bitch as much as he could.

Bitch, intelligent enough to find extraterrestrials monitoring our phone lines, yet not intelligent enough to connect the dots with extraterrestrials and our good God, learned of Father only when he was 61 years old in 2009 when Father spoke these words to Bitch:

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death."

The message came in from 38 light years away. Bitch said to himself, "Oh, we do have a God."

Our family in Asia had Buddha, South America had Quetzalcoatl and our family in Africa had abundance. All found their way to peace long ago.

Mild man of the north raided by Judah so God himself sent His only begotten son Jesus to help free us from the war too.

In early mild man's law, man kills another, and a cash payment to the family of the deceased would do. Judah came in and added imprisonment, torture chambers and execution to follow as his rule.

Now in America Judah holds a man in jail for decades and then executes. The mercilessness of weap Judah attitude.

Judah reveals that he is exactly opposite of us, opposite of peace so he only makes war.

Might we perceive with Father's house stepping in and letting Judah toss himself right that what we have as regards us ordinary folks is a question of consciousness to deal with now?

Father has told us about the status of Judah in regards to us, "they have no defensible rights," Father said.

If we understand that then what level of consciousness might be needed to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the most important aspect of our political, economic, legal and social lives, the Organizing Principle of government, the concession to issue money, away from them?

The question of who it is that issues our money. Labor leader William Sylvis apprised us of it before he was stolen away at 41 years of age in 1869.

Might we make the connection that by letting the issue of money escape the hands of democratic control, as when congress gifted it to weap Judah in 1913, it led to our being attacked with nuclear missiles to extinct us?

Certainly. If we understand this and if we understand that the only reason we exist is because our good God in heaven had His angels pull Judah great balls of fire off of us, will we not now listen to the love of God and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Judah and his secret police files. He has his agents file a number of perjuries in the files. A store may claim you shoplifted. Another may claim you gave them counterfeit money. And they may have a range of people that you may have had some simple transaction with you that claim you sold them stolen property.

All goes into the secret police file.

By the shear number of false statements filed, as we are not using American law, the number of them constitute in Judah law that you now are presumed guilty.

Might we see why the grand Jury was made part of American law in 1791?

In ancient times the more people that testified against you added up until a certain number was reached and it was presumed you were guilty, and so carried away.

American law ended that Judah trick. Each complaint has to first go to a grand jury to determine if it is a truthful complaint. That is an American civil rights protection and rather than charges based on how many people have filed a secret complaint, the grand jury seeks to find out if any of the complaints are truthful.

"Perjury gets you set," Judee say.

Do we see how unknown to the target Judah sets people up using the police agencies of government by sending in those who commit perjury by making false statements to get a person arrested?

The gift of our United States Bill of rights that protects our right to be free. Will Labor not preserve them for ourselves and our posterity?

The difference between being born free or born into a variety of less than free conditions. Will Labor not demand the rights of free men and women?


Is it not better to have the right to confront any accuser in open court rather that an arrest of you being based upon a secret police report?

Labor is paying for it all one way or the other, rights or right le

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