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"To put You Permanently Out Was My Chief Technology"
Fri Mar 17, 2017 10:57

"To put You Permanently Out Was My Chief Technology"

That is a reverse speech of weap Judah revealing to us his truth. Are we perceiving nuclear is his chief technology to put us out permanently?

After testing his first nuclear invention of atomic bombs out on our family at Hiroshima in 1945 and getting proof of concept, Judah carried forward and made his next invention, his thermonuclear hydrogen bombs that are many times more powerful than atomic bombs to use on use which he tried to.

All the while Judah knew that Mercury had the technical ability to grab his great balls of fire out of the sky so Judah went for his backup shot, nuclear waste with a deadliness to die the entire human race and most life forms off of the surface of planet earth off.

Not as quickly as a nuclear blast, but as certain to die planet earth out of life given a relatively short time frame.

A few generations and all except the simplest of life will be dead on the surface of planet earth due to contamination of our air, field, and water with radioactive waste.

If this is so then why are the news channels not telling us about this?

Why are there no congressional hearings about this ongoing apocalypse that is dying our species out of life form?

That our good God Almighty had His angels pull all of the nuclear missile shots off of us and we have failed to save ourselves from being perished out of life form.

Will we not listen to the angels our good God sent to help save us and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"Druid on Parliament ever makes war. Rolled my days complete."

Those reverse speeches were from a Syrian refugee fleeing the fighting with her baby.

Will Druid not let Parliament off right and STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"Fix it. 4.18 PM

Harass rule is over. 4.25 PM

Their serving failed for Reich. 4.28 PM

They're animals with cages. 4.44 PM

Get rid of the British rite. 4.52 PM

They murdered us sciencely. 6.09 PM

We always had scruples here.6.12 PM

It's permanent abusive here. 7.32 PM

What a marriage, sword death. 7.32 PM

Flouronic acid. 7.33 PM

Their pathos psyche us. 7.34 PM

They're screwing the hours. 7.35 PM

The pyramid died for true luxury. 7.37 PM

Your honory coaching has failed. 7.41 PM

My god, I have fairly ghosted myself. 7.45 PM

Bring some new technology in professor.

It would be nice to have them out. 7.58 PM

Jew is the psycho force. 8.45 PM

Thank you for spiriting us.

The focus of his boom is to finish us. 11.16 PM

A beautiful heart gave us quite a deal. 11.22 PM

Taking you off all vegative, all entitlements off of this place. 12.30 AM

You all failed to reducers. 12.32 AM

They estimate poison really touched you.

We're canceled parsnips. 12.33 AM

Jeremy pulled us off. 12.34 AM

Hose your life with a racial.

GIs forced a sale wicked. 12.35 AM

Continentals ceased fire of the racket. 12.36 AM

Jeremy folds us.

Homicide bore us off attritious. 12.45 AM

You lost your life incredibly stupidly. 12.49 AM

Taxi is off for this place.

The assignment is filthy. 12.50 AM

Filthy mosh is sanitizing. 12.51 AM

Munchers err (air) us right. 12.52 AM

STRIKE racials for striking resources. 12.54 AM

They incite us sightless boys. 12.55 AM

A pointing's over.12.57 AM

It's bad offend. 1.01 AM

Set for sad. 1.08 AM

You lost your real side. 2.34 AM

You sold out yourself. 2.39 AM

You lost your family for stuffing. 2.50 AM

The professor has made this quite visible. 3.00 AM

This is happening because you all bad deal. 3.03 AM


Submarine air. 3.51 AM

Mick's closing them out here. 4.26 AM

Patrick, please try to save us." 4.32 AM

Will we not keep praying to our good God above to give us the courage, faith, the intelligence and strength to STRIKE THEM OUT & STOP THE WAR?

That we have copies of the checks that were paid to the Chicago elevator mechanics that helped wire the demolition charges into the World Trade Center for Judah spectacular event of Sept 11, 2001, might we not accept that the basis of putting our beautiful nation into war was false?

As the Chicago elevator mechanics wired the demolition charges in might we not conclude that Muslims did not drop the world Trade Center?

If we understand this then are we not duty bound as children of God to STOP THE WAR and end harming our family in this world for Jewish sports?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," our extraterrestrial family said.

"Their pathos psyche us." 7.34 PM

Will we not put our faith in our good God to help us overcome their pathos that psyches us from helping save ourselves from the fate Judah has chosen to give us?

Millions of Replicon sleepers installed throughout America. Foreign military serving long term assignments inside America awaiting the day to take us down all the way.

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end funding this last great Caper that weap Judah is doing on us?

Will ordinary everyday workers not get together, STRIKE THEM OUT and put our life-saving Bill of rights in?

Apply for unemployment insurance and they demand you take a drug test. What has that got to do with the benefits you are entitled to after working for years and your company no longer needed you?

Might it not be better to have a jury of your peers make a decision rather than a clerk of a corporation if you need to do such a thing to get benefits that you feel you are entitled too?

Might we see that with no rights they can toss our entitlements out?

Your car gets smashed and your insurance company demands a drug test from you and refuses to pay the claim without it.

Who do you want to make the decision of whether your insurance company needs to pay you for loss of your vehicle, a clerk of a corporation or a jury that hears what happened here?

The property that you have acquired over the years from your days of working for all that you own. Who do you want to decide if you own it? A clerk of a corporation or a jury of your peers?

As they have attacked us with nuclear missiles to die us all off, do we not have enough evidence against them to toss them all out?

"If it wasn't for Harold I'd of shot your face," Judee say.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," our good and Almighty God said to us all.

An easy thing to do, STRIKE THEM OUT to take the authority to issue our money away from international weap Judah but it has not happened yet. Will we not pray that American Labor will come alive and save us yet?

"Druid on Parliament ever makes war. Rolled my days complete."

Will Druid not end the misrule of the kosher Parliament that only makes war?

Will Labor not put our America the beautiful rules in here and end Parliament's sway with our checkbook?

"Your cow we mooch. We scored you future less. I'm a great percent out for martial death. We've got mutual rights here and we're really exhausted here. We're having the police hold you for tumors.

We do a can of hate with a check. We're tossing you rightful ages. Your professor rights us with basic thoughts. We always screw nice boys out with the mattress side.

You virtually fault us out in a total way here. You have managed to get me out with Bitch analysis. It's a Soviet molest that's coming in here that's going to let me let some baggage off here. We seize you opp with a brewery.

We television Fallujah right theory. I've accomplished setting you into ruin. I'm making an assumption I'm going to go out on force. We always mock you for oxygen. Since shrimp purposed me I've got to leave.

I'm ghosting drab. I've got all Morgan's passwords. I'm a brunality to all of you free. Druid paid for our quotient, I'm inimical. Maxwell failed to pull the new electricity.

We'll patch you with the Arabian force to port you in. Forever death fell my sight. Forever I roll you with debts right. It's our mouse dream, how we set you bad.

Ultimately Druid will right it here. I shoot off myself nice. To cash you I always played the alphabet. Christopher was sent to take our disgrace out and now we're folding.

I just Japped you to make war. Our error was a great fools way. I hosh you badual. I just always pulled you right with pp so I didn't have to give you a share. Ashland helped my perilous siege," Judee say.

Our family in Japan invaded as we have been by weap Judah brand. The admiral that led the attack on Pearl Harbor bringing America into the second Judah world war. Might we not now recognize him as not Japanese rather he was a Judah Replicon hybrid transplant that appeared to be Japanese but was really Judah?

Might we understand that Judah is still playing the same game as his Replicons in Korea are launching missiles as a way to control the dialog and prevent us from seeing what is coming in our air at us?

Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end funding all of the sports war in our world that weap Judah is doing? Is not perfectly clear that they are going no farther with us?

A trucker drove past Bitch northbound on I-35 and sent this Tele send:

"Gods fail with a busted face." 7.28 AM

Might we consider that when it comes to busting faces nobody does it better than Judah and his cult of kids?

Is it not certain that Father's love is stronger than Judee's ability to bust a face and cause the Gods to fail?

Our Father who art in heaven hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil Amen.

Can we only pray that God's will be done on earth as it is in heaven?

"Finish it!" 8.00 AM

"I did want to lead," Judee said.

The thought of the kindness of our precious sweet Father in heaven above who loves us.

Will we not invite the love of Father to come into our world and lead us on our path to the stars? Will Father's little simian children not join Father so that we can all become angels in training?

"This is all a big joke?"

A Tele send from a teenager in Dow Iowa while typing at the rest area.

Would it be unwise to answer, "yes, this is all a big joke?"

The death and suffering that the old timers who fought world war wars for weap Judah sport. How could it all be a joke?

The wars that Americans are still funding and fighting worldwide. Could this pain and suffering of our family on earth all be a joke?

"Who can lead His flock?" Another Tele receive while typing in Dow. 8.09 AM

Is there not one Labor leader that will step in now and help us out of the world of war that Judah has sealed us into now?

"I squawed you," Judee say.

Is there not a brave to be found?

"The Irishman is righting us." 8.11 AM

Are there not enough of us that do not accept the wars of the palace, Parliament, Judah and his hangers-on that will come together now and act for peace in our world?

Here's some more Tele receives:


They embarrass freedom. 5.18 AM

Master parted. 5.21 AM

We pushed a blessing away. 5.24 AM

Gypanee has closed this field on us. 5.40 AM

A god damned joke is Judee life, throw them out. 5.46 AM

We rate you full gospel. 6.06 AM

Sure a nice Father. 6.40 AM

A very important lead indigence. 6.46 AM

You got a break. 6.52 AM

Jew rape us for fool sight. 6.54 AM

Jew error in. 6.55 AM

Jews furial your state. 6.56 AM

That was a very nice catch. 6.58 AM

Buzzardy. 6.59 AM

Gentleman's theory determines fortune.

Their theory is scud. 7.05 AM

Throw forces of war man. 7.20 AM

Gods fail with a busted face. 7.28 AM

A lunch star hero. 7.33 AM

They're giving us a clown die here. 7.47 AM

SALE! 7.50 AM

That a boy!" 8.24 AM

"You failed Pat to suffer us. We snipe your efforts perilously. I'm a trick raider sort of fellow. I'm glad you're stressed," Judee say.

Pat is not interested in suffering Judah, merely taking the concession to issue our money off of them so that they no longer can suffer us.

Bitch just arrived at Guardian Angel roadside chapel in Clear Lake, Iowa and went in to pray at 9.30 AM.
The good book was opened to Isaiah 22:3 All your leaders have fled together; they have been captured without using the bow. All you who were caught were taken prisoner together, having fled while the enemy was still far away.

4 Therefore I said, “Turn away from me; let me weep bitterly. Do not try to console me over the destruction of my people.”

Isaiah 22:17 “Beware, the Lord is about to take firm hold of you and hurl you away, you mighty man.

18 He will roll you up tightly like a ball and throw you into a large country. There you will die and there the chariots you were so proud of will become a disgrace to your master’s house.

19 I will depose you from your office, and you will be ousted from your position.

So sayest the Lord our good God Almighty. Must Father have to weep bitterly over the destruction of His children because we failed to STOP THE WAR?

Is there not some way to convince Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"Get rid of the British rite. 4.52 PM

Sheriffs moisten your field greatly. 5.01 PM

Their wall theory dies. 5.04 PM

They roll siduals right.

You've been over failed by tyranny. 8.34 AM

Stay nice as I coach you. 8.35 AM

You moshed them all. 8.41 AM

Spirit you estrange. 8.47 AM

Intellectual failed to save us. 8.49 AM

It's portage huh? 8.51 AM

We're not dizzy. 8.55 AM

Bad ass void. 9.06 AM

Roll tight. 9.02 AM

It's won criminal. 9.05 AM

Ghostinal. 9.08 AM

Get them to give up ricing. 9.13 AM

Judah boy hit you. 9.16 AM

Miced out. 9.17 AM

The fierce must leave, the fierce must die. 9.18 AM

They're mashing us. 9.32 AM

Musial sculpts you. 9.35 AM

Germany died you. 9.48 AM

Just get the cat off. 9.55 AM

Thank you. 9.56 AM

Set your animal free. 9.57 AM

You're going gracer. 9.58 AM

They are leaving us physically grieving.

N-----'s rolled great. 10.14 AM

Their ricing tossed us.

It's dungeon life for all of us.

Shore it up. 10.38 AM

Please deter. 10.46 AM

We're still in the initial stages of sorting the dog out." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~

The last Tele receive was from a postal delivery fellow. Might this be a good time to repeat a previous Tele receive, "Dog simp us?"

Here's some more of weap Judah's thinking:

"I attach you from Maryland. My next state I'm leaving for war. My great purity is going to die, it's the end of the camels. It's Judas way to set you perjury, Refused, I die.

I fault you with a tattoo basically. The white guy made me die. I just attach your wage to sump you out. A wall state is leaving me dry. I Jew sold you like a zoo day person.

Our cheap lies always hold you to pitch off. We cite you for income fools every day. Usury is finally out. I'm a tipster for Milwaukee, I abolish you great. I insult you with happy talk I make.

While I've got a hold of your state I want to bore you out with a Russian protest. I cite you the mort theory to bruise. Statutory is my theory, set you, Welch.

We got some forcedes that are going to show you some harm. We have dumped you trekkio with a foul mood. The loss of my temps will end my saulty. My general life's over because they pushed my soul for my maneuver," Judee say.

Will we not keep praying that American Labor will see the host of blessings that we and the rest of our family in God's village on earth will have once you act to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

God bless you. God bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy


2.18 PM

Tele receives:

Judah weaped you failish. 12.16 PM

Muslim was always a turn key. 1.01 PM

He wants a reaper. 1.10 PM

He gets the mouse in court. 1.14 AM

It's a go dead. 1.17 PM

It's all faulted. 1.20 PM

Sore out. 1.23 PM

You spoiled your real face, you spoiled a

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