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"It's Real Simple, Your field Is Virtually Poisoned Here."
Sat Mar 18, 2017 07:27

"It's Real Simple, Your field Is Virtually Poisoned Here."

That is a Tele receive from overnight. "It's real simple, your field is virtually poisoned here."

Is it understood that because we have failed to STOP THE WAR that Judah scored our field here?

Reverse speech indicates that the new inventions they plan to try out on us in April include aerial spraying of toxic materials.

As Judah has been spraying us with chemicals for decades now, might some ask, "So what's new?"

These are Judah's new aerial spray inventions. Designed to be more toxic than his previous war chemicals he has been spraying us with.

Might we consider that we just quietly go along with it and he gets us used to be sprayed with chemicals that we don't detect anything from and when we are thinking there is no harm he slips his real deadly stuff in on us?

Military planes will be dusting us in April. Might we consider that military commanders that will be directing the operations have already proved their worth to Judah by attacking us with nuclear missiles?

Do we recall that the nuclear missiles Judah attacked us with were pulled out of the sky by our Martian good neighbors to save our life forms from being perished in Judah genocide die?

Are we understanding Judah is giving us a tumor relationship much?

Is there some agreement that the way to close a tyranny relationship up is with the use of grand juries to set us on the right course again?

America, a land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness guaranteed by our Bill of rights and Judah has wiped it out and replaced it with a totally corrupted racket that only makes war.

Did it all by taking hold of the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money.

The centuries unending world war and genocide that Parliament has waged against the children of God on earth. Might it have something to do with the fact that Judah has issued England's money privately since 1694?

Might we consider how Judah has focused on the most important aspect of government, who it is that issues the money, bored in and took it away from Americans? Did Judee not say it was like "taking candy from a baby?" Yes, he did.

"Shame always worked for Jew opps, it's part of our mental wisdom," Judee say.

Might we see how Judah has held the mass of ordinary workers long after we should have already acted to close their war out? Might it be Judah use of shame that has held us to fund poisoning ourselves right?

Their use of shame for their mental opps as part of their mental wisdom, what might we think of the other side of their mental wisdom that led them to build thousands of nuclear weapons and then make an attempt to sucker punch us with them in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Might their mental wisdom leave something to be desired?

If we trace it all to the early days at the tigress and Euphrates when God Almighty commanded us to "love one another,"might it have been Judah's rejection of God's love for His children on earth that has now led us to this impasse where the majority of Americans will not be around in only a few years due to the brimstone nuclear waste genocide that Judah is waging against us here?

Isaiah 22:3 All your rulers have fled together, And have been captured without the bow; All of you who were found were taken captive together, Though they had fled far away. 4 Therefore I say, "Turn your eyes away from me, Let me weep bitterly, Do not try to comfort me concerning the destruction of the daughter of my people." 5 For the Lord GOD of hosts has a day of panic, subjugation and confusion In the valley of vision, A breaking down of walls And a crying to the mountain.

Have America's Jewish rulers in fact not fled together into their shelters in the mountains? Have America's Jewish rulers not been caught without the use of the bow?

Might we only try to imagine the glory, magnificence, and wonder of our good God that sent that prophesy to us 2,000 years ago?

"Turn your eyes away from me, Let me weep bitterly, Do not try to comfort me concerning the destruction of the daughter of my people."

Our revered mothers now facing giving birth to sick, deformed, genetically harmed and mutated children.

The destruction of the daughter of my people. Are we not understanding that daughter has been poisoned right before she becomes a mother?

Americans now cooperating with and accommodating ourselves to a peonage relationship in a Jewish tyranny. Whatever master Judah or his clerks decide is the way it is.

Our fabulous Bill of rights that gives us a right to have a jury to decide the facts, we no longer have for ourselves or our kids.

As we have great abundance, in ordinary times might that be enough to get some people to give up their rights? Apparently, for has Judah not scored it that way?

Now that we know abundance can mollify us for the sinister plan to die us out of life form with the use of chemicals that we may not notice until we are far into the death process, might it not be good to have our rights in so that we can question just what it is that master Judah is doing to here to us?

"The Jew plex, you won't believe the power it has over Druid here," An informed observer said.

"Shame always worked for Jew opp, it's part of our mental wisdom, " Judee say.

"Dog simp us." Do we recall that Tele receive from the other day?

Our wealth that we derive from the abundance of natural resources we have available to us, being poisoned out systematically with a Jewish electricity dirty bomb that is threatening to take out the majority of our population in only a few years. How is that for toxic power?

The Meta-gorical transfiguration of the human race from an earthbound primitive life form into an extraterrestrial star traveler.

Might a couple of aspects of becoming an extraterrestrial life form involve that first the life form has to rise to the level to be able to tell when it is being attacked and then the second being able to defend itself from the attack, to make it as an extraterrestrial life form that can then travel on into the universe?

Might we note the sly cunning technical way that Judah is waging war against us by putting one of his Jewish electricity dirty bombs into meltdown and pretending it is an accident?

Do the ordinary people not yet have an understanding of the consequences of breathing in and eating radioactive waste products?

"You estrange spirit." Tele receive from a truck driver yesterday.

Might that tie in with the Tele receive that said, "Intellectual did not save us?"

Might Bitch's spirit have been shot well enough that it has not fully recovered and as a consequence tends to estrange others spirit?

A question, even though the spirit is not what it should be, should the intellectual facts not be enough to bring the people in to save yourselves? At this point in time might the answer be "NO?" Can we not pray that we can turn that to a YES?

Elder shared a little information with Bitch early today.

The Bi-avians, the group of extraterrestrials that Quetzalcoatl is from, have been in our solar system for 70,000 years.

The feathered serpent is how our family in South America describe the kind Being that came in about 1,000 BC to gift us with things that would help us grow in peace.

The understanding is they have a constructed home base that is sitting in the rings of Saturn.

Brainiac, "B" was installed inside earth 70,000 years ago, and it was the Bi-avians that installed "B" then.

"Pray for the inspiration." 6.39 AM

Numerous extraterrestrial groups living inside our earth, also inside of many planets of our solar system. Space built homes living in the rings of Saturn. Many extraterrestrials all living in peaceful cohesion with one another.

While thinking about how all of them are living in peace and the surface of planet earth now facing the last defeat of weap Judah.

It was while saying a prayer for a solution that Bitch heard, "Pray for the inspiration."

Do not be wise in your own eyes and lean not unto your own understanding but trust God in everything.

Definition of inspiration
A divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation

The action or power of moving the intellect or emotions

The act of influencing or suggesting opinions

The act of drawing in; specifically : the drawing of air into the lungs

"Papa wants mama warring ended. Papa pace mental. The poor farmers going to be put out of the show. It is undersped, right me here. All of my blues are going to be folded if you will halt this torturous man. 4 star white will exhaust you out. Somebody help please, they degenerate pulse. The rich they molest badly. Papa, I pray my fear goes."

Some reverse speech from videos of a Druid youngster.

Druid, Slavic's, all right less people both in Europe and America. All right less people assigned degenerating fist military deals because weap Judah is the only one holding the concession to issue our money.

Labor, that has the knowledge, skills, and ability to produce everything we need in abundance and quality, might we not consider that Labor has the knowledge, skills, and ability to issue our money also? Certainly.

Tele receive.

"You're always known as white suckers." 7.44 AM

The societies of the mild man of the north. Has Judah not molested us badly?

Judah jumping across the pond into America to destroy our rights here over a couple of centuries to get it done.

Might we just not have had enough experience with Judah to understand what their modus operandi is?

The jealousy that Judah has because mild man has learned the "Unique value of cooperation."

The one big thing that Judah lacks, the ability to cooperate, accommodate, to share with others.

Judah with his purity, his separation from other men. Jealousy, anatomy envy, his sport of his fellow man.

If only Judah would have obeyed God's command to "love another" might he not have put himself out of here so bad?

While we can talk on endlessly about Judah's fault and its many variations, might it not be more useful to talk about our failure to protect ourselves from what Judah is bringing in on us now?

Our Papa up above, bringing us into a society that is millions of years beyond our troubled world. A civilization living among the stars that has been in peace for 9 million years.

Father, raising His children in His village on planet earth, does not want us perished out. Judah knows this well and chooses to ignore God's will.

Judah flaunts the rules of the Federation, committing genocide when he knows it is illegal.

"Ethically, they're criminals. They have no defensible rights. They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others, I'm dying them off, tunnel death. I died them truthfully." Father said of weap Judah.

"Your income a Jew freaks to make you suffer. They'll suffer you sable to exhaust. Your stupid Druid animals rights are going to get you fisted."

Some reverse speech from a Druid entertainer that reportedly shot herself in the head and died at 48 years of age in 1998, Wendy O Williams.

The Judah fist that is set for arriving BIG in America in April. Is there not some way to convince Labor to stop funding it?

Tele receives:

"He's got a real dominant persona and he puts it towards the ordinary people. 2.36 PM

Failed lunatics. 2.50 PM

He set them all out fooshed.

Judah assault you right.

Insure boys fake it. 3.10 PM

They made me core ya. 3.20 PM (Druid passing by that took orders from weap Judah?)

It's flood. 3.23 PM

Sinful police holding you is stuck.

Law makes warred right.

It's a fatal caution. 3.37 PM

They buried us disgracefully. 3.47 PM

It's full cash to wreck you here. 3.45 PM

A fung eye. 3.52 PM

When they start to fall here they'll leave all the fish with hate. 4.05 PM

You crapped officials. 4.13 PM

You got power to neutral.

They're really hauling Jewen. 4.28 PM

Last core shot and then phony to die.

Ice away.

Cats slipped 4.43

British on faulty Jews bear minnows shot.

American guys have you heard we're through for predit-it?

They have been vastly enabled by your seeming useless. 5.51 PM

Punish is over, 6.13 PM

Energy breaks contact.

Fist fell. 6.51 PM

This whole nation's fierced. 7.59 PM

Patrick, they seize you up failish. 11.55 PM

You terminate your life deceased. 1.27 PM

Dumb toast de-exist. 1.29 PM

Jews administer lethal, killing us they lead us rapture. 2.27 PM

The penis is already destroying us, get their rule off of our house. 3.09 PM

We die Germany. 3.12 PM

Muscle quite fist us. 3.13 PM

Right forces die falling with us.3.16 PM

Jutal corrupt, it's easy to see. 3.18 AM

They're dying us rightfully octopus. 3.19 AM

Quite Germany fist. 3.20 AM

For assaulting the species out get them out of here. 3.29 AM

A peaceful Patrick has got their passion out. 3.30 AM

We extincted ourselves. 3.37 AM

We're all attached diedly. 3.45 AM

It's real simple, you field is virtually poisoned here. 3.48 AM

They threaten our souls. 4.39 AM

The rich they molest badly. 7.47 AM

They fell our wits rising.

The palace keeps winging us. 8.38 AM

The lock up is exhausted." 10.16 AM

The advanced civilization that kept us alive throughout all of Judah's nuclear wars against us, our home world, Galactica.

Galactica, the home world of our precious sweet Father. 38 light years from planet earth.

Judah going into his well-prepared undergrounds to live out his days and die out in tunnel death.

Judah decision is more assaulty abuse. Can Labor not be convinced to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them?

"We throw them with the wage. Through a bank I make you subsist, it always lets me make war. Since the Tigress, we've wiped you off. Our viceroys ambulance rolled them off great.

I can't hold you after you're debriefed. I'm out my hard police summons so we're in. A grand jury will hear our rice days. I'm just a fiendish cook that clips here. I'm canceled for my fool days with you.

I always sign you up all flighty. With E---, we're having some problems for throwing out people. Our genus whole series was to roll them personal. With Playtex, we did some fantastic performance.

White scum I use for my averages. The Martian's letting you see my harsh apps now. If you don't organize, I win. I'm a germ that apps you social. For embarrassment, I'm always faulty.

I'm gonna have to step out my big top for Jewin ya. Germany hates you commercial, thieving big fiend. A Mormon manages my score. With an Annapolis puss, I push war cheaply.

Our kike always wins in theft. I always cash wit. The psychic informed you of our die wit, informed you of our pest. My Nimitz package scored you right and fouled your wit.

It's weird the function we perform for abuse. I'll completely obstruct until you STRIKE ME OUT. Our municipals over sighted our Purim. My police opps abandonment ruptured. I'm falling with police out here.

Your entitlements I'm taking off with my rice ways. You supply my MOX I use to take you out. We bray you white power and just use you to fist. I do some lands for right fir.

We use dog wits to die you right away. Exposure folds you right. In April we're gonna make you die good. I garbaged you. Too bad we die, we're too vicious so they got rid of us.

Genitals package always dies wit. We just fist you unpredictable too square. I had to shoot a policeman to get a hold of some guys. The grand jury was washed out so I just challenge you with sh*t.


I'm just shooting complete here a fry. Shooting vegetables is a sport, I'll do it right until I leave you. It's filthy what I'm gonna do, I rolled out your state. I get you to look this way so I can set your air up, we're gonna die some performances.

A Mormonesque jail is me completely. We're basically bullies who tossed you through war sour. I t

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