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"Contact Is Freedom From Fistdom. They Use A Bank To Make Th
Sun Mar 19, 2017 09:03

"Contact Is Freedom From Fistdom. They Use A Bank To Make Their Way."

"I tossed you out awesomal," Judee say.

The majority of Americans set now to die out over the next few years from Judah brimstone waste nuclear war that he is still waging against us from Hitachi-GE.

The Judah Replicon hybrid transplant group in North Korea still firing missiles. Might that be to give Washington something to chaw about?

Falseness still reigns in Washington and the other capitols of the world. Will Labor not please help us to let them off of here?

"The white had a mental I could take out so I did," Judee say.

Up into the northlands with his big top, the tourist traveled to fool the simple honest mild man of the north into being the fist that has so harmed our world.

Now that God Almighty let Judah show mild man what he thinks of us, attacking us with thousands of nuclear bombs to die us all off and poison out our environment so the survivors would not be able to survive, he is done.

And yet, mild man continues funding and fighting the war and dying himself and his family off. What type of a mental has the Judah desert cult demonstrated that it is still holding mild man even after what Judah has done to us?

Judah reveals that his analysis is that mild man is frightened of Judah master boss and that is why mild man has not made a move to let them off. Will mild man not think and then act and take the purse of American Labor away from the genocidal Jew?

Watch Viral Video Of Diamond UFO Hovering Over Sea March 18, 2017
Might we notice the spacecraft that is to the right of the diamond shaped cloud? Are we perceiving that cloud is being held in the control of our extraterrestrial family?

Here we have the spacecraft moving close into the cloud:

Now the cloud begins its ascent up:

And continues up out of sight

Here is what Bitch posted at LUFO reports.
Patrick Sullivan
MARCH 19, 2017 AT 8:40 AM

Might that diamond have been shaped from the exhaust of a burning nuclear warhead?

Are we not yet getting some idea of the many times our extraterrestrial guardians that Father sent in have spared us from suffering nuclear warhead blasts over our cities?

And why a diamond shape?

Might that be to help us find the house of Morgan that is behind all of the nuclear war on planet earth?

If we think a little about it, is the house of Morgan not behind all of the war on earth both nuclear and conventional? Certainly, it is.

The nuclear brimstone attack that Americans are suffering from Hitachi-GE. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and shut it down?

They've already tried their hardest to blast us out with their great balls of fire. Are ordinary people not yet getting it?

Bitch has an image to chuck their rule. Will Labor not get an image to chuck their rule? If so must Labor not get hold of the force, the concession to issue our money?

Will working people not become responsible for our passing out of life form and end funding it?

They think with a bow everything's fine. Their terrorist sport has wiped them out. Will American Labor not accept that homeless must feel freedom too?

Their nickel sport of putting homeless in. Might we understand why many of the homeless do not want to go to shelters with that sort of business model in?

Petty cash opp phonies that have been shooting our Western theories of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Will Labor not let them off right?

With great algebra, they threw us away with their terrorist boutique. "Falsing cattle" is what they shout.

Will Americans not denazify our land? Must American Labor not end funding the Nazi, communist creating sportsters of weap Judah brand?

They assault us Muslim. Will Labor not let them off right? Must American Labor not end funding their eternal war before they die all of us out?

"My Auschwitz truth has gotten rolled away," Judee say.

Will American Labor not free our world of them?

Who are them? Are they not the guys that chose to hate instead of love?

The guys that turned their noses up at our good God above. Does Labor not see that they are a dead consciousness now? If so must Labor not let them off right?

To let them off right will we not take the good advice of the angels that Papa sent in to guide us to peace and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"Thank you, I appreciate it. 3.04 PM

They're striking out the whole human race. 4.23 PM

They're breaking us all. 4.53 PM

A trio, 3 days it's a load. 5.53 PM

Your white privilege is out. 5.55 PM

We lost great smite. 6.02 PM

They died us out. 6.04 PM

Molest you awfully in spite of the fact they shot nuclear missiles at us. 10.29 PM

Intelligent forces scored you of this field. 11.20 PM

He is always holding Druid with some abuse. 11.40 PM

Pat, you're rightfully selling it. 11.48 PM

You error yourselves. 11.49 PM

Change yourselves from abuse. 1.00 AM

Stupid days fall us. 1.05 AM

They're prancing here. 1.07 AM

They're taking your life out in stages. 1.10 AM

Your rights are fierced. 1.12 AM

Scientist saved us from abuse.

Body slamming kids is a lousy deal.

Your piracy here won. 1.13 AM

We find you lucid. 1.16 AM

Contact is freedom from fistdom. 1.18 AM

Get out through grand jury. 1.19 AM

Kean age is fun. 1.20 AM

Sawyer was fallen easily for perjury. 1.22 AM

Bad fortune fell completely.1.25 AM

Serialized ghosts. 1.26 AM

The cats have poisoned natural life, they've poisoned us. 1.33 AM

Love freedom. 1.36 AM

Life as animals, you don't know what you got until it's gone. 1.37 AM

Banged us swit. 1.38 AM

Embarrass faults us. 1.46 AM

They're pasting us wasted. 1.50 AM

They use a bank to make their way. 1.57 AM

Cattle falsed are out. 2.41 AM

Oh, the son of a bitches destroyed us." 3.58 AM

The Lord your God is a merciful God, he will neither abandon you nor destroy you. Deuteronomy 4:31

Are we aware that Father loves us all equally?

The false that the supreme clerks put on us in 1859 with their decision that noncitizens don't have rights. By letting them get past us with that false do we see how they eventually found reasons why nobody has rights?

Understanding that planet earth is God's village and Father loves us all equally, might it be easy now to understand that all of God's children have rights and in equal quality?

Will Labor not open your eyes and let these assaulter's of the children of God off of us right?

As they push the final perishing of the people of the United States of America is there not enough gumption to be found in working people to close them out right?

The deuce, the most violent, irrational, insane lunatics that only want to destroy. Died off the best deal that has ever been gifted to any human Beings, the United States of America on our precious, sacred Bill of rights.

Hardly a union leader, politician, business or community leader has stood against it.

All the while simultaneously poisoning our environment so that it is now poisoned to the level to die hundreds of millions of us out over the next few years.

While Bitch maybe estrange spirit, did he not provide the facts of what is going on in our world? Did he not provide the intellect to counter Judah obvious false?

To make up for lack of spirit will Labor not come in and make up for that? Will Labor not spirit us with the love of God for us and STOP THE WAR?

As we have watched Judah use Washington for his injustice around the world and internal also, might some have passed it off and fallen on Judah mantra, "survival of the fittest?"

Now that Judah is closing Americans out right, might we have to revisit Judah sight to see what is missing there?

Might we not want to try the first cordless phone to ask Father to help us live right? Will we not pray to Father to save our lives?

That was found in a post on Facebook. Thank you for that.

"The minnow's failed his rightness. 5.58 AM

You lost your sight right racial. 6.03 AM

You failed to sucker ways. 6.08 AM

The Jew is dying us massively. 6.14 AM

Walleyes shoot." 6.17 AM

Bitch and his stupid bubble gum ways insulting the Druid. Now facing a massive die off of the American people.

Papa facing weeping bitterly for the loss of his children who never knew of his love for them.

Papa, all forgiving, all merciful, if only we will repent and end funding and fighting the war against our brothers and sisters in this world.

Judah fault Druid so he had a nice invention to port us out. Did Mercury not fail Judah right though? Never laid a hand on them and yet is Judah not finished now for all time?

Their big concussion has been refused. The universe will have nothing to do with them. What might it take to convince Labor to not have any more to do with their sports war delight?

Their purpose is out good, Jew weapatory is through. Their house has been put out for burning all of the love of God here. A goose full liar that has fallen out for abuse. Is there not some way that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and close them up right?

Unfaithful, untruthful and untreatable. Their psyche rule is out. Will Labor not try it? The STRIKE Labor, did Father not ask, "Why didn't you try it?" Yes, Father did ask Labor," why didn't you try it."

Judee analysis indicates that Labor is in fear of weap Judah. Will Labor not put your faith in our good God above, toss fear aside and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Judah, he just wants to use the states as a plow horse. He uses the Mormon to quiet the fish. With fear of debt, he closes us right. Will Labor not put our rights in again?

The many centuries of abuse that our predecessors patiently endured. When they finally got the chance to right things for themselves and their posterity, us, they demanded and received a Bill of Rights as the deal and made it our law in 1791.

Will Americans now have to reinvent the wheel before we realize it was already known about long ago?

The wheel that Judah tied Druid to, whipped and beat to death for spectacle sport. Might we not try to remember our history and put our Bill of Rights in, please?

With our rights in might, we understand that it will stop scrimmage and we can't be fallen in weird ways?

Judah saddles up and gives us a tight ruse. For missiling us their weapatory is out. He scares us to make our rights go away. Will Labor not upend Judah ruse and put our sacred rights in once again?

He makes our rights go in so he can privilege force for his primitive truth. Then he ghosts to evade us. Then he brings his refills in. He coach's us and our children false maximum.

With goose rights, he stomps us in. Dibwit who wants us to be minnows forever, that's why he shoots our sons in. He takes our page out enemy.

Is Labor perceiving that a rising will not hold him?

Once you take notice Labor do you see the immediate benefits will be your rights will be restored and the war will be canceled?

And what is Judah truth other than a chef for mousing? He hikes us to suffer us. His vegetable sized truthful he uses to keep fun away.

That he has targeted our gen to die us off. Might his gas saver be part of his ruse to keep us from going on STRIKE?

Have we not lived first hand in seeing that when he gets hold of a zoo he is dangerous? Any doubt he will give an abortion right?

The scientist wants him out of this field, regrettably, when he showed Druid a door he also insulted him. Might Judah bubble gum make the difference as to who will win completely? Is it not seen that Judah basically has got us all Reich?

Has Jewish war not failed completely for the dungeon? Must we not end 911 infirm?

The angels that Papa sent in. Do we not see they're taking Judah out of the universe for pushing us in?

To Judas our rights are inimical. He kidnaps us and makes us think it was a race guy that did it. He just wants to port you.

With an ordinary factory guy, he doesn't want him to live long enough to enjoy some life. Steals him out of his pension and or his life.

Judah, still holding velocity power sources from coming in. Judah charging ratepayers to cover subsidies for his dangerous, dirty nuclear plants.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Groups sue to end ratepayer subsidies of aged nuclear power plants
ACON – Hudson River Sloop Clearwater and a number of co-petitioners filed in Supreme Court a challenge to the recently enacted mandatory 12-year nuclear subsidy that is expected to cost New York ratepayers between $7 billion and $10 billion.

While we have our resources permanently contaminated from Judah artillery that he is shooting us with from thousands of miles away.

For American Labor to let our Bill of Rights pass away from us without even trying once to put them in. For those who have read some history do we recall what happened when Justinian took away rights from workers in the 5th century AD?

Once workers no longer had their rights a period in history began that is known to us today as the dark ages. It was also known a the "migration period."

Might we think of how Judah always likes to hike us?

The migration period was known for its lack of intellectual progress and its barbarity. It ran from the 5th century for a thousand years until the 15th century.

Might we wonder if ending rights for the people had something to do with turning the West backward then?

Emperor Justinian who ended workers rights, might that have been Judah in his Replicon Roman hybrid transplant shell?

The Roman Republic that began when workers went on STRIKE for their rights in the 5th century BC. And a thousand years later with workers returned to the right less condition they were in a thousand years before.

The first Labor STRIKE 2500 years ago that started the Roman Republic with a demand by workers to have our rights. Will American Labor not go on STRIKE to put our sacred rights in again?

The inventiveness of working people. Should workers not have our rights to our inventions? The things ordinary workers come up with. In the creation of good things for us all should the worker inventor not be able to claim a right to it?

Not only do rights prevent a clerk from putting a person into a dungeon, rights also have other functions. The property you own. Should you not be able to have a jury decide if you or the corporation owns it?

If you should be looking at involuntary commitment to a mental institution or not. Who do you want to decide if you should be locked away, a doctor, social worker, attorney, judge or a jury?

Do we see for Judah to do his thief he must have the people to be without rights?

As to an involuntary commitment have we not heard of those that returned home only to find their bank accounts drained and their cars, clothes, jewelry and other property sold?

Who do you want to make the decision if someone wants to put you into a mental health center involuntarily, a corporate clerk sitting on the bench or a jury of your peers to make the call?

Might Labor not want to think of the dreadful times our ancestors went through when they had no rights at all?

Will Labor not get smart and put the American people's rights in again? Will Labor not reject Talmud rules that give us all the rights of animals?


As Judah is now dying us out in stages, might we note like the frog in the pan of water that is slowly being heated, he does it in such as way as to not alarm us to the fact that the water is headed for boiling?

Bitchie boy no perfect boy. Needs all the help that he can get especially with spirit. Trying hard to bring Labor on so there is some ch

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