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"Nice Guy Failed To Guide Us To Life Rightly. They Pushed Ou
Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:59

"Nice Guy Failed To Guide Us To Life Rightly. They Pushed Out Our Life Forces."

Those are from a couple of overnight Tele receives.

"Nice guy failed to guide us to life rightly. They pushed out our life forces."

Here's some more Tele receives:

"Oh my god they're extincting us. 4.00 PM

Pretty first rate. 6.29 PM

The guy's an incredible telepath. 6.38 PM

Jews have the most incredible risk going. 7.03 PM

You retain your rights here, we appreciate it. 7.04 PM

Genocide is going to get you and die out your establishment. 10.30 PM

He just savaged us. 10.41 PM

Genius killed us. 11.52 PM

The furious guy weaped you all. 11.54 PM

You all were made by Jews. 11.55 PM

You're going to die soon, Jew wrote this whole place all off. 12.51 AM

In his neighborhood, he suffers them.

Patrick, Judee passed you rifled, he fails what we are, you failed us. 1.10 AM

E--- wrecked us, beamed us lethal. 1.11 AM

Nice and homeless. 1.14 AM

They're scoring luxury heresy.

Professor not booze wit, he'll get it done. 1.16 AM

You failed life now. 1.17 AM

Nice guy failed to guide us to life rightly. 1.18 AM

They pushed out our life forces.

Admonitional. 1.19 AM

It's embarrass effort. 1.26 AM

They sold us out cash.

The state charge screw ya. 1.27 AM

If you show any sign of weakness they do you in. 1.31 AM

They assault you, migrants. 1.32 AM

To big sport we're losing. 1.38 AM

You missed your fastage homage and die. 2.24 AM

Great bums. 2.25 AM

Estimate your life forces exhausted. 2.26 AM

Pitch you boys kite head.

Focus your sight on them. 3.09 AM

Hosburgh fooling us. 3.11 AM

You embarrass yourselves by dying." 3.13 AM

This from Facebook:
When is Labor going to STRIKE weap Judah out and free our world from Judah sport war abuse? Will those that pray not keep praying that we all make it through this to peace?

This shooting wars throughout our world on the American Labor dollar and the burning of nuclear waste to poison our fields and air. Are we focused on the fact this is all big sport to weap Judah and his Replicons?

The bleakness of a world at eternal war. The mild man of the north born into a world that he is raised up to wage Jewish sport. To live his life and die to pass on to his children a world where their generation of children are to serve in war for Jewish sport.

And on and on war until eternity or until weap Judah can perish the white man and his children out.

Blatherskite. defined as foolish talk, nonsense.

Blather Word Origin
C15: from Old Norse blathra, from blathr nonsense.

Skite [skeyt]
Spell Syllables
noun, Slang.
a person; fellow:
He's a good skate.
a contemptible person.
an inferior, decrepit horse; nag.

Vicious blatherskite? Dangerous blatherskite? Genocidal blatherskite?

The decrepit inferior horse that is ably dying out the United States of America and wiping the mild people out. Say what we may about him, has Judah not demonstrated a winning hand now for thousands of years?

He wanted to take us out in the middle of the night in the hundreds of millions with his great balls of fire and lost them to the angels that our good God sent in to spare us from nuclear blast war.

6 years now of assaulting us with deadly radioactive waste from his dirty bomb at Hitachi-GE that he refuses to stop shooting us with, and yet he shoots on.

What type of mental could it be that is able to keep the victims of genocide funding their own die?

All the while Judah ghosting and going into his well prepared undergrounds in the mountains.

The most luxurious of his mountain hotels, Mt Popocatepetl outside of Mexico city. Have we noticed the constant movement of UFOs near that volcano there?

Another sighting over Popocatépetl Volcano, Mexico 19-Mar-2017
March 21, 2017, LUFOS

From reverse speech Bitch has learned that Popocatépetl is where the top nuclear war fighting elite are going to shelter themselves from the nuclear devastation that they have unleashed against Americans and the people of the world.

Might American Labor understand that the day that you STRIKE THEM OUT and take away the free money they're using to perp their multiples of sport genocide against us, they will immediately flee to the safety of their underground mountain hotels?

When the people of America understand that we have been enormously fooled and massively destroyed, might that be the last day of blatherskite rule?

The Druid-Slavic peoples, the mild people of the north lands. Made out by Judah to appear mean and vicious people that only want to go overseas and assault our brothers and sisters out.

Where in reality, mild people returned to the original condition Judah and his Roman fist made of us long ago, "Slaves."

Has the slave not fought wars historically? Yes he has. Free men do not willingly fight wars, slaves do the dirty work job.

Judah, getting hold of the organizing principle of mild mans states, forces in a war draft to get the boys to fight his sport wars.

Judah shapes an economy that rewards those that supply the sinews of war. Punishes those that speak of peace.

"He had to go in because he did some pacifists for petroleum." Was what a star said in reverse speech about a recently reported deceased star that had to go because he had gotten found out about his service to petroleum.

Set up inside the state assassination bureaus that have specific fields of assassination they perform for weap Judah. Peace activists at the top, right next to them are the assassinations of Labor activists of any sort.

Might Labor not see war for what it is most concerned about, subordinating Labor to masters claws?

Judah, traveling to every terrain in the world using his zipper to wage war. Visiting Rotels to recreate his errant self everywhere in our world.

Not to mock it for has his zipper work not taken over planet earth by putting us into continuous world war? Yes it has.

And if not for intervention by high level intelligences from the universe would Judah and his alliance partners not already have burn blasted us out of here? Yes they would.

With the best educated brains in their pocket books along with unlimited Labor to serve them did they not build the infernal machines to extirpate us in total? Yes they did?

Did they not use their nuclear blast war machine to try and close us out of life form? Yes they did. Is there any thinking person that doubts it?

The land of murder that Judah put in that replaced the original America, the land of the free. Might we consider Judah great success of getting humans to harm one another?

With his white, black, yellow, brown and red Replicons, are we understanding now how he has been able to stage his attacks to separate us?

Might historians some day label Judah's time with us as the "Zipperdee wars?"

Elders from outer space have even commented about Judah that he is a "rare" type of life form.

Our extraterrestrial family with millions of years of living in peace, with knowledge of tens of millions of years that they gained when they discovered the records of the past civilization of Prenasour.

Elders technology is 30,000 years ahead of where we are now.

Knowing full well that our extraterrestrial family are living in peace, and have lived in peace for millions of years, and yet Judah chose of his own free will to violate the rules of the Federation and commit genocide against the children of God on earth.

Bitch has been gifted and graced by the presence of several of our extraterrestrial family. Mercury and Venus, who are the same as us. They were crafted with us 200,000 years ago and lived on earth with us until they developed free energy and used it to become extraterrestrials.

The brothers from Mercury and one sister from Venus that Bitch has been in the presence of appeared to be about 35 years of age.

And yet they were over 200 years of age. Mercury, Jupiter and Venus have our body forms, they are us.

They have their homes inside Venus, Mercury and Jupiter and have a life span in the range of 800 to 1200 years.

Joan of Arc, who is mentioned here with the most profound respect to her honor and dignity, is over 600 years of age and still may have 600 years of life ahead of her yet.

Her "soul" is a particularly loving one and so she may live to the high side of our possible age range. Joan has sent Tele-pictures to Bitch of her world.

Sophie Piper (1757-1816) is also alive. Sophia is mentioned with the most profound respect to her honor and dignity.

Rather than passing away in 1816, Sophie was invited to join with Mercury and live with them. And that is where Sophie makes her home today.

While Bitch is learning and doesn't always get his facts straight, though he tries hard to, Sophie, along with Joan of arc may be living inside our earth with our advanced extraterrestrial family.

Might we wonder why Sophie was invited to join with our peaceful Mercury based elders and gifted with life extension technology?

If we look at the desperate circumstances that we find ourselves in today, might we note the forces within Sweden that have been critical in bringing about war and with it the high technical destruction of America and our world?

Might we recall the 1917 Zimmerman telegram that was the final straw that pushed America into war with Germany, was taken from a Swedish communications cable?

And what about in more recent times? Do we recall that along with Ireland's former attorney general, former American defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld sat on the board of directors of Sweden's industrial technology corporation ABB and resigned shortly before the September 11th, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center in New York?

Do we recall the never seen again after the end of World War II, Raoul Wallenberg?

And James Earl Ray, the convicted assassin of Dr. Martin Luther King informing us that Dr. King's assassination was directed by a fellow named "Raoul" from Montreal, Canada?

Sweden's ABB that Donald Rumsfeld sat on the board of directors of, a large stockholder in the company were the Wallenbergs.

Sophie's peace group were defeated in Sweden in 1809 when King Gustav IV was deposed. The king's father, Gustav III had been removed by gun shot assassination in a opera house in1792.

Sophie and her brother, Axel Von Fersen, were supporters of the Gustavians. Axel was himself assassinated in 1810.
Sophie fled as she was targeted for death also.

Axel was Marshall of the Realm in Sweden at the time, considered to be the second highest office right behind the king. Swedish troops stood by as Axel was pulled from his carriage and beaten to death on the streets of Stockholm.

We can trace Sophie Piper's lineage all the way back to "Zig Zag" De la Gardie.

For those that have studied UFO sightings, have we not many times read reports of UFOs doing "Zig Zag" motions in the sky? Sure. Many reports of zig zag motions.

Might elders be suggesting that it could be useful to study Zig Zag De La Gardie to help understand what is going on in our world today?

Baron Pontus "Zig Zag" De la Gardie (1520–1585)

Sophie's family were among the wealthiest in Sweden. Her ancestor zig zag was a French mercenary and skilled at warfare proving to be of much use to the king.

Six generations later after Zig Zag De La Gardie, Sophie and her family fully desiring of peace rather than warfare.

Might we note that Father is transitioning the Judah Replicons that want to stay in Father's village over 6 birth cycles?

Might we consider that Pontus De La Gardie was a French Replicon? Might we note that given food abundance in the terrain over 6 generations how the predator Replicon was transitioned naturally into a cooperator accommodater seeking peace?

We know from the reverse speech that Judah directs the Anglo-Zionist terrorist network from Geneva, Switzerland.

Are we seeing how our kind elders that Father sent to help us be able to see Judah operations in our world has spent centuries in helping us to awake naturally to the strategy that Judah has put on us operating from below the perceptual level where we might be able to see them?

Might we not be able to see how Judah has hidden in the terrains of the mild man using his hybrid Replicon transplants for assassinating useful people so that he can put his fist brand in?

In the assassination of Gustav III, shot in the back in an opera house in 1792. Does that not have the feel of President Lincoln who was assassinated in an opera house in Washington D.C. 73 years later in 1865?

The troops standing down when Swedish Marshall of the Realm Axel Von Fersen was pulled from his carriage in 1810 and stomped to death.

Might we recall how former Baltimore police officer Paul Roberts directed the secret service agent to step off of JFKs car bumper as it turned onto Elm street only moments before JFK was shot?

By looking at political assassinations in Sweden during Sophie's time might we not get a historical picture of what has happened to America?

All the gizmos that were used to stage the take down of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Might Sweden's industrial weap shed have provided some of them? Might a grand jury not find that answer for us? Certainly.

Is mild man getting a picture of how these Judah zipper sport people operate?

Might we see through time how they do not vary their destructive behaviors against us, in fact, they only seek to employ deadlier technology to destroy us?

Might we note how it is the royal states in Europe that Judah has tasked to take out Americans freedoms?

The naphthalene filled exploding light bulb that burned the homeless guy to death while using a Star Bucks bathroom. The ricin burner in the library ventilator shaft. Might we think of the high technical products available from European suppliers like ABB?

Will American Labor not awake to just how important civil rights are to us?

Judah with his continual claims to do all that he can to try and make this nation safer for us. Now not allowed to bring laptop computers on planes. Might he have a deeper level motive than trying to help us?

Maybe make it easier for him to access our computers to make copies of our files? Might his new rules be setting us to make it easier to steal a most important tool that we need to earn our incomes?

But are the rules only for designated countries not America? Sure, but once he slips his issue in have we not noticed how he then extends it at his leisure?

Will American Labor not let Judah terrorism go away from us now?

Has our good God not showed us how? Yes, Father has, have His angels not advised us to STRIKE THEM OUT!?
“I have beheld war near at hand, and I know all its evils: for it is not conquest which can console a country for the blood of her children, spilt on a foreign land.

I have seen the mighty Emperor of the French, so often crowned with the laurel of victory, surrounded by his invincible armies, sigh after the olive-branches of peace.

Yes, Gentlemen, peace is the only glorious aim of a sage and enlightened government: it is not the extent of a state which constitutes its strength and independence; it is its laws, its commerce, its industry, and above all, its national spirit.”

Charles John, address to the State-General, 5 November 1810.

The national spirit. Will American Labor not spirit Americans with peace? Must American Labor not end paying for sports war?

Held out from our free energy for over a century now. Judah still assaulting us with his guns and cages package.


Our good God above welcoming us in

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