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Helpful Hints on Where to Start to Help!!!
Thu Mar 23, 2017 04:54

Here are points that can be somewhat easily corrected and can do so much good, you would be amazed.

Here are some points:

How many states are not even notifying the 'owner' of real estate property of the amount of real estate taxes let alone back taxes due date, late fees, etc.?

Arkansas seems to pride itself in not letting you know. Even when going into the Assessors/Collectors Office the answer when asked how much are the taxes?
Clerk: The answer was "I don't know the information is not here!"
Of course the next question was: "So where is the information?"

No Answer, this just matched why the Real Estate properties had to be registered again and again. The re and reregistering, to have the correct name on the property 'ownership' had to be done over and over even though the escrow company having already closed the change of ownership etc.. All of this are just façade of what is going on and yet can be corrected by you reading this post.

Now if that is not enough then let's keep going.

1. Yard Nazis are demanding that every blade of grass be less than 6" and all what 'they' call debris must be removed within a short time frame or highly questionable 'work' (on extremely small city lots) is ordered to be 'done' (was the work actually done?) costing hundreds of dollars of liens against the property and transferring these liens to the next person 'owning' without a clear way to find out exactly where the property financially stands. And Small Business' are being hampered so much by 'B&O' taxes they soon are out of business or even if they make it through the over charge of taxes things like so called 'utilities' repair are parked (usually for a ridiculously long time) so as to inhibit access to the small business etc.. Small Business Association should be ashamed of what has been done in the past. Do you realize what damage you are doing to our economy?

2. Property even though it should be exempt from taxes is being used against patriots to stop their work of regaining the basic founding principles this country was founded on.

3. Making sure that actual jobs are not available. So fixing Real Estate properties or fixing something has become more and more mandatory to have at least some income to work with. Selling the properties or rehabilitated items has appeared to be hampered coming and going due to Agents not doing their job or trying to tie up 'sale' to waste time and so on.

4. Renting Real Estate even to VASH/HUD the renters 'allowed' to do extreme damage to the rentals and are allowed to just take appliances, not to mention infestation you would not want to even see, let alone clean up. The response to the devastation of the property is 'oh, that's to bad, there is nothing we can do about it.' And this was said over and over. Which means the cost to renovate, and it make possible to rerent, comes out of what little rent or income that is coming in (which has been all too temporary).

5. Then the icing on the cake is the historical district. Which holds that the Historical District Committee has the TOTAL right to tell you what you can and can not do. This includes when and with what you can roof or paint or do whatever the 'committee' demands of you, to do, with 'your' property.

Even if you have by Constitutional right a full exemption from RE Taxes due to Virginia Charters (that are currently being used against you) should be turned around for the good of the public and remember the "DO NO HARM" is the ONE actual LAW!!!

NOW, how many States or Commonwealths are doing much the same M. O.'s to small business'??? If you work in the area of HUD look into what is really taking place. If you work in the Government offices that are responsible for not allowing small business' a chance to survive start thinking through what you are really doing. Small business' are going to be the answer to job creation. The large corporate retails are going down due their own greed in many cases. Which means an even bigger job loss scene than has happened so far. If you think that your utility job is causing the closing of small business' those of you in charge will be held responsible for damages sooner or later. Those of you putting Fluoride in the water, or holding back a state ID for a Patriot, or purposely treating someone the way you would not want to be treated,you will be held accountable if you think you can just keep proceeding as you have been doing. So the solution is start fresh and do your jobs RIGHT. You can at this time have the forgiveness you need IF you go and sin no more. The real solution to the puppet strings that have tied you to greed graft and corruption must be brought out and stopped so all of you can have the life God means for you to have.

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