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"The Jew Is Destroying Us Remarkably False, The White Race I
Fri Mar 24, 2017 09:57

"The Jew Is Destroying Us Remarkably False, The White Race Is Out To Death."

Those are a couple of Tele receives from overnight.

Set now to die off a third of the human race, us, and we are still allowing Judah to issue our money.

Super boy, who survived over a hundred attempts by Judah to push him away, not able to convince the same people that he is from to try and save themselves from extinction.

Judah took over management of the northlands in less than two centuries from when he first arrived there in force in the 6th century AD.

Created his Replicon look alike hybrid transplant shells and fooled most all of us.

Judah focuses on taking out our most useful to leave us blind and deaf, unable to see or hear what he is doing from inside of us.

Kind extraterrestrials stepped in between us and Judah's great balls of fire preventing our one-night immolation in an all out nuclear blast war that Judah tried to give Americans.

Bitch, coming from Englewood, where Judah owned and operated many rooms, spent decades trying to learn why there is so much war in our world. Tried to do what he could to stop it.

Seeing, understanding only too well that war in a high-tech word will lead to our extinction. Only learning at 49 years of age in 1997, the truth, the decision was made long ago to die the white race off.

So Bitch sought out extraterrestrials to help us survive the nuclear war that weap Judah planned to destroy us all with.

Bitch did not know he was Bitch at the time, though Judah knew that Bitch was to arrive and throw Judah out. Father told Judah long before that he was getting rid of him and told Judah how he would do it.

"I died them truthful," God our Father said.

Father had His angels inform Judah all along the way how the end times of Judah would go.

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," Father said.

Poisoned in such a way as to die us off by destroying our genetics leaving some of us infertile and others to give birth to children suffering the effects of radiation disease.

The end result Judah has been seeking, to extinguish the white race in total.

"The unique value of cooperation" Judah reveals in reverse speech is one of the things that makes him real jealous about the Slavic-Druid peoples of the north.

The laws that Slavic-Druid developed, trial by jury, grand jury to first decide if there is anything there at all, and no cruel or inhumane treatment to anyone all.

All made the law of the land in 1791 when God blessed us with our United States of America Bill of Rights

Judah threw American law into the garbage can claiming he needed our rights out so that he and his alliance partners, the royals, Vatican, and old world autocratic forces could do good things for us.

Judah response to do good things for us, have we not noticed how he has built Auschwitz, Bergen-Belsen and boursed them into our land of the free?

Over 95% of those now held in his new world Auschwitz in America is there for crimes that are merely statutory. No complainant other than the state. No victim with a bump on the head to complain, only the 5% legislature that wrote such laws.

Smoking, snorting, drinking, injecting, eating a pill without a prescription. Things that Judah says should put a man or a woman in a cage for many years.

"The prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free." God Almighty, our precious sweet Father said.

Judah, not to be outdone, highly organized to do frame-ups. Fills his investors Jewtopia Auschwitz in the land that was known to be free at one time, America.

Bitchie, has empathy with the minnow and mouse, for that is what he is. A nice boy that will not harm you, though he is working through a fault of stupid. It came with the terrain of Englewood, "too long at the front" is how one Tele sender put it.

"He remained true to me," Father said of His Bitch. Bitch sees and knows for certain that we are all one race in fact.

He will not accept the blatherskite Judah making up false words and painting pictures to convince the cruelly manipulated poor to fist our brothers and sisters.

He has spent much of his time in the libraries looking for the words that might help us.

Judee with his citizenship sport. Might we not see Judah truth as merely more Judah false that he uses to help him kidnap and transport those he likes to mess and have fun with?

America, a real power in our world, held for over a century now shooting Judah sports war and genocide.

Judah missing us with his great balls of fire, due only to the love of God for us all, now destroying our resources as he leaves us for good.

And yet, at yet at this late date, Judah still has white funding all of his sport including his particle weap. Are we perceiving it is his particle sports weap that is set to die the white race off now? It will get others also but Judah is aiming it at mild man most.

Has Judah not cunningly gotten us involved in sin? How else could it be explained that American Labor is funding all of the war and genocide sins in our world?

"Your lives won't be spared, we came to warn you," The angels said.

6.14 AM

Bitch has read from facial reverse speech that the decision was made yesterday to go ahead now with the die off the Druid peoples in America. One said that in April they will get the shrimp out.

Might that be an indication that if American Labor continues funding world war and genocide that when Judah turns loose his international war machine full force inside of America that shrimp will rapture the righteous and step out of the intervention?

Father wants His children that do not know of Him to learn of Him and His love for us all.

Do we understand, elders do not fight with Judah as they do not fight at all?

If we will not end funding the attack upon us are we understanding that we will have to take on our own what is coming at us?

Elders earth world is 25 miles from the surface of our planet, deep inside is where they live. They have enough room available to take the entire population that is on the surface of planet earth and provide for all of us.

The understanding is that 40% of us are righteous. Those may be the only ones that will escape this final genocide that weap Judah has put upon us.

We know Judah will cave in 5 hours of a general STRIKE, what will it take for Labor to give our 5 hours to us?

The reverse speech indicates that it will be Russian forces directed by England's fist that will do the big take down of America. Paris desk is central to it.

"We're all available for Switzerland berserk."

Ottawa will be involved in fisting us also. Might we say it is the usual suspects that are going to do the final fist to the United States of America?

They have lost their rights to summon and arrest so they only have one option, destroy us as they are going out.

Simultaneously they are bankrupting us through war as they go away from us for good. They will never return to hold any positions in official life ever again.

And yet, at this moment, they hold every state on earth through the power of American Labor funding their nearly biological white fist and the paper they use to pay for it.

Might we consider that white people will either stop funding the destruction of our world or now we will be perished out by weap Judah?

"Jew screwed you through our mental arrangements. I'm going to make you all die, that's my useful in my core state. My arrests have fallen because now I'm too cheap for you.

We're going to rude you with Russia, you're scored, you be late. Without my summons we can't waste you right, so we got to get you off awesome and finish you before summer.

Yesterday we screwed you, we set you out for a big sweep. Judas is through with you. We suffer you into exhaust totally. We fell with police from Washington.

We have a problem with Jewish, our weap fell complete. I just take you out animal with S------. Awesome right particles will l get you all out right and protect thieves.

The sheriff made our true life in weap. I just have a criminal waveform because that's my vision. In April I'm going to push all shrimp out and I possess. Your evidence ever suspect you so we fall you out.

Bitch philosophy got us to ghost away for espongous. Our risk is off completely. We're just finishing your atmosphere. I scored. I just arrange you criminal thief and I got a force that shot you. Our deficits just let us play fatal," Judee say.

Might we see in that last Judee reverse speech how it is through financial that they have been able to play us fatal?

Will Labor not take the good advice of the angels that Father sent in to spare us from being destroyed in Judah nuclear wars and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Tele receives:

"You've got a beautiful place well forming. 4.01 PM

Terrible punish here you are suffering.

This soul's going to right us. 6.20 PM

Accomplish team. 6.23 PM

Perverts failed. 6.24 PM

You failed Jamaicous. 6.27 PM

Take them away, they're not right. 6.28 PM


Goodbye to you Principal. 7.22 PM

They fault you weird.

They've faulted us with nuclear waste. 7.23 PM

No matter how lost you are you could try to save us. 7.24 PM

You are us. 7.25 PM

Error rub. 7.32 PM

A little blue-white lie he scammed you. 7.37 PM

Oh my god, throw them out.

Put them out with an awesome STRIKE! 7.39 PM

Grand jury will screw their opps. 7.42 PM

They've already left? 10.30 PM

Get it clear, our race was ordered finished. 10.35 PM

Patrick is unbracing them 10.39 PM

You let your lifers fist you out of here.

America was sold through fear rightly. 2.52 AM

An interest rate do attack. 2.53 AM

They're passing our state. 3.00 AM

Druid's dead in complete scrimmage, destroyed. 3.05 AM

Solar fried. 3.07 AM

The Jew is destroying us remarkably false. 3.10 AM

I see it. 3.14 AM

The white race is out to death.

Money shoots through shell." 5.21 AM

For thousands of years the dominant force upon the human race, weap Judah and his hybrid transplant Replicon shells. Judah who defied the love of God for His children now stepped off of the human race forever.

Royals, Vatican, the old forces of the estates. The new forces of the corporation. Threw themselves out in one night of reckless shooting.

Father in heaven has given as His will that Labor steps in and takes over the issue of money.

Judah, nearly 6 years after he fell himself out, Labor still has done nothing to help us at all. Will we not pray that will change in these last days and Labor will hear the love of our good God and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Druid facing Slavic on the plains of battle taking orders from weap Judah paper hangers. Both mild men of the north, neither having any rights at all.

Druid, not dutiful, Judah tells us that Druid has ever failed to save himself. Now facing the final insult of Judah, poisoned field, air, and water to make his race die.

Will mild people not try it this time? Will Labor not do the STRIKE that the angels Father sent in have advised us to do?

Will mild man not try to save himself this time?

What has been the measure of Judah rule in the lands of the mild man of the north other than to die as many of us as he could with his torts?

Bitch, the simple working man he is, never generating one real complaint against himself in his life. Since 1965 he has done what he could to get the nuclear menace out of our world.

How did Judah liar turn Bitch into sounding like such a terrible guy? Might it have something to do with his Jew plex that fools so many?

Yet rather than looking at what Judah specialty is, trickery, might we only wonder how it is that Druid has not tried once to save his own life yet?

Bitchie concerned about the craziness, lunacy, idiocy and total insanity of nuclear war, revealed to the world in October of 2011 that Judah tried to take us all away with his oven.

As our good God is prepared and has told us not to try and console Him as he weeps bitterly for the third of the human race that Judah has now pushed out of life form.

"Why didn't you try it?" God Almighty asked American Labor about the STRIKE to STOP THE WAR.

Why has American Labor remained on the other side of the street when we need you here? Only a little thing like fear?

They've made the decision, the order has been given, in April Judah and his alliance partners are going to set America far in the past.

Mild man of the north, both East and West are now set to be put out of life form HUGE.

Involved in the sin of war, our lives won't be spared. Is there not some way to convince mild man to STOP THE WAR?

Thousands of warnings from our good God above for over many years now to STOP THE WAR. Will we not pray that mild man gets smart, figures it all out and has the faith in God to help us out?

Bitchie, the simple working guy has had several employers try to mouse him out. The security guards guns that didn't work when they tried to shoot him at the workplace. Will Labor not help us to pull Principal-Prudential out right?

The janitors that Judah has so enjoyed sporting out. Can we only wonder how many of our homeless are the children of them?

Judah, hot and heavy on Bitch still playing his game that Bitch is a shoplifter and passer of bad $20s.

Bitch went in to a store to pick up a few things last night, the 70 ish looking weap Judah clerk looked at Bitch and turned around and pressed a button next to the telephone on the wall.

Bitch left and shortly after heard this exchange in the telesphere of a conversation on the telephone:

"Your hunch is out. 6.43 PM

Your accuser is perished off. 6.55 PM

You are us." 7.25 PM

Judah store security call to local police about Bitch purported counterfeit money and shoplifting not taken as Judah hunch is out.

Then the telepathic message loud and clear, "Your accuser is perished off."

Judah, found out to be absolutely false all the time, now his false reports of counterfeit money passer no longer accepted as true. Are we perceiving that Judah has perished himself off and out of time?

Then a half hour later:

"You are us."

Will Labor not accept that is what Bitch is, "us?"

Not a perfect boy, just the ordinary average everyday simple working man. And yet did Father not say "He remained true to Me? Yes, Papa did say that.

By consistently opposing the forces of Jew sports death, has Bitchie not remained true to Father's plan that we all live in peace?

Has Bitchie not shown Judah's bloody, dirty filthy hands?

An extraterrestrial intervention has spared us from nuclear blast war. Will we not try to respond to the love of God and try to save our own lives?

Will American Labor not accept that every man is our brother and every woman our sister and end funding the harm to them that Judah enjoys getting the cruelly manipulated poor to do for his sport?

While we may never have had a truly just society, is there any reason we should use that as an excuse to end trying for one?

Might it have been Judah devil-Lucifer molest abuse forces for these thousands of years that have prevented us from bringing a truly just society in?

Now that our good God above has let Judah let themselves off right should we not take the gift of God's love and bring a just society in?

The continual shrinking of our economy by sports war and poisoning out our resources to leave us with a shattered society.

Will Labor not step in and STRIKE THEM OUT and take Judah out of management here?

"You can believe they're dying force here. Shag them out, they're done."

Thank you Sir Jason and Sir Morris.

"Stupid taking your state, breaking your rights great." Tele receive. 11.11 AM

The best state there ever was, America born with the gift of God's rights to us made the law of the land in 1791.

Even the original sin of Labor racketeering, Labor thieving, put out with a jury decision in 1854.


Reversed by the supreme clerks in concert, returned to the

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