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"They're Sporting Us Out Even Though They're Out! You Paid F
Sun Mar 26, 2017 08:49

"They're Sporting Us Out Even Though They're Out! You Paid For An End To Your Life Forces. 7.25 PM "

Those are Tele receives from overnight. Is that not about the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

"They're sporting us out even though they're out."

Judah, a cipher that delights in evil. The cipher that chose to stay the route of evil in the face of the love of God for His beautiful little simian children on the surface of planet earth.

For Judah to have challenged the magnificence and glory of our kind and good God Almighty. Might Judah have written these words from his reason side as he knew what he was doing was foolish: "Pardon me if I'm sentimental when we say goodbye. Don't be angry with me if I cry, when you're gone you'll live in my dreams, dream as years go by. Now and then there's a fool such as I?"

Judah, everything he wanted and in abundance. Could have been the hero on velocity over a century ago and instead he goes out as the one that delights in evil. Might that be it, it all comes down to now and then there's a fool such as I?

"They're no friends of mine." God Almighty our precious supreme Father in heaven said of the Judah brand guy.

To be fair, has Judah not challenged all men on earth and won? That is if we consider being able to fool the ordinary people into funding our demise, has he not won?

"Exceptional dyer of truth we want out."

Has that Tele sender not said it well enough?

Has Judah not demonstrated an extremely rare ability to die the truth out?

The executions that Arkansas plans to do in less than a month now. Innocent men put to death after being held in hell for over two decades now. Are we not able yet to see that Judah delights in evil?

Those that delight in evil, that that cipher group has been able to perfect their evil and then take over all the nation states on planet earth over a period of several thousands of years, might Judah have a fair claim on being precise?

The creation of hybrid transplant Replicon shells in every terrain. Then use them as humanoid biological types of robots to lay in wait century after century, sleepers in all terrains, awaiting the day to rise against their neighbor and put them in.

Using their Replicons in every terrain to create confusion between the peoples of all lands. To put the human race into war against each other.

Knowing all the time that we naturally love each other.

Might we see that the key to Judah's success is in his ability to make war?

His continuous ability to get human Beings to fist for him. Might that be his secret weapon in dominating the rest of the children of God on earth?

Has Judah terrorism now proven to be Judah true winning hand?

If Dr. Mallove had not been shot might his words not have brought us our free energy long ago? Certainly.

If Dr. King had not been shot, might his words not have brought us to peace long ago? Certainly.

Can we only wonder if John had not been shot might we have avoided this end of life situation that we are facing now?

Are we understanding that assassinations of noteworthy people cost a lot of money? If so are we understanding that the money for them is coming mostly from American Labor?

Will Labor not take the force of our money away from weap Judah NOW?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God Almighty for affording Judah the opportunity to get their uncooperative, unaccommodating selves out of here great?

Replicon Maurice of Orange, known also as King William III, signed, sealed and delivered the concession to issue the money of England to international weap Judah in 1694. And they still hold it today.

The same white Replicons that took over the Organizing Principle of Society in England, the concession to issue money, have taken over the concession to issue the money of United States of America and used that concession to poison us out.

Doing all they can to leave Americans in a shambles of wreckage and dying off.

"Stupid toastiness has felled us." Is what one Tele sender said about it.

Can we only wonder how failed one has to be to not want to listen to the saving grace, love and wisdom of God?

President Harry Truman, deciding in April of 1945 to go ahead and attack our family in Japan with atomic weapons.

"Destroy them you're out," Sir Maximilian said to president Harry Truman as he was making the decision of whether or not to use atomic blast weapons of genocide against the children of God on earth.

Might we not want to consider how failed president Harry Truman was with his impertinence in the face of God to go ahead with his atomic war genocide route?

Has Harry's decision to move forward with high technical nuclear genocide not shot his Judees boys out right?

The Vatican now seen to be a nesting ground for Judees Replicon kids. The Jesuits directing the viceroys. Working hand in hand with the palace brand.

Even in the lands that Buddha taught his peace wisdom, Judee Replicon kids holding all the positions there too.

Might we trace the history of our modern world, the last few centuries, to Judah getting a hold of the concession to issue the money of England?

The rising in the new world colony in 1776. Might we see the American revolution through Judah's eyes as more sport to get his kicks?

All the big words about freedom, liberty, and justice that were spoken as the reasons that Americans needed to toss old king George out.

When it was time to create a new government after old king George was gone, the demand for a Bill of Rights from the beginning, the new boss just said "NO" not in their time.

But then the new world boss was told by the state delegates, "NO" was their answer, there would be NO United States of America without a Bill of rights in it.

When the agreement then was made, that the people of the new land of America would have a Bill of Rights guaranteed, might that have been when Judah began his lament that Kicks just keep getting harder to find?

The state delegates, knowing of England's long history of struggle for rights, would not let national government begin in the new world of America without a guaranteed Rights package in. America they decided would be a land with liberty and justice for all, or it would not be created at all.

Might we think about our Bill of Rights that is so good, when functioning, that even those victims of the oldest form of thievery of them all, slavery, the bonds were in the process of being dissolved when an all-white jury voted to set Dred Scott free in 1854?

That all-white jury decision to free an innocent honest working man. Have we not read that that decision was thrown out by the supreme clerks in 1858?

Might we consider that as the dagger in the back of Americans that began our inevitable downfall to where today we have no rights at all even for a visibly free working person?

The jury decision was taken away by appointed clerks. The Bill of Rights seriously wounded, and old world tricks reemployed in the new United States of America. America now the biggest gulag state on earth.

Do we recall that Brutus was a good friend of Caesar?

"Et tu Brutus?" Translates into "You to Brutus?" The words Caesar said when he realized that Brutus stabbed him in the back too. Might Americans not say truthfully, "Et tu supreme clerks?"

Might all of our world be merely a place where Judah feels he is allowed to go about acting out his delighting in evil?

Will American Labor not put our sacred United States of America Bill of Rights in and spare us from anymore Judah kicks and state terrorism?

While looking up the word "impertinent" to see if it was the correct word to describe Judah behavior, found this comment:

Moses Echs · Sales at The Celestial Orb of Riddles
Perhaps, Miss Cohen would like to begin in the Old Testament and Torah, and begin to note the disobedience and malevolent lean of a people. So much was God's disgust with a people that they were punished and enslaved and exiled many times and still have not learned to be noble or peaceful.

Being able to purchase the land of Luxembourg or North Poland or what have you, this people chose to come back to a lesser and more peaceful opponent and continue the attempt to dominate unmercifully. Thus is the story of a people exiled many times because of a great impertinent spirit.

Definition of impertinent: very rude: having or showing a lack of respect.

To dominate unmercifully. Might that not describe weap Judah behavior well?

As to impertinent and being very rude, showing lack of respect, might Labor consider that Bitch's rude disrespect was accidental, due to a fault that is only temporary and can be cured because his thinking is based in love, whereas, Judah's very rude and showing lack of respect is a permanent condition because his thinking is based in hate and ethically they're criminals?

Why dominate when it is so easy to cooperate and accommodate others?

Might we have to leave it with what budget Judee said about weap Judee, "They went the wrong way and got good at it?"

"You're erasing a great boss." Tele receive 6.00 AM

The executions scheduled in Arkansas for April. If not for putting on such a savage display and forcing us to view it, would anyone take much notice of what they are doing there?

Yet to demand that we the bill payers of all the salaries of the public officials that are now going to push our spirits in with executions of people that have been held in prison for over two decades now.

To hide behind a claim that a jury found them guilty. Are we not aware that the jury summons list is controlled by Judah bourse and Judah hires juries to make sure they find for him?

That the families of the victims testify to go ahead with the executions. Might that be part of the state cover up for the cunning insiders who know the true score?

Might that be punishing the families twice? Once by stealing their loved ones away and a second time by getting the families of the victims to help in putting innocent men to death for something that they did not do?

Are we not aware that the overwhelming majority of murders in America are done by Judah and his state and international apparatchik?

Judah's impertinence, his rudeness, disrespect not only to human Beings but to the angels and our great and good God above our heads.

Judah and his impertinence, rudeness, disrespect to all of the Gods of the universe that live in peace. Will Labor not let Judah off right?

Might we not consider that Judah has been sharpening himself up by contesting with the gods for thousands of years now?

Have we not had a beautiful demonstration of how the gods afford errant life forms a way to put themselves away?

The question of God or gods. Might we consider that we, 223 high-level genetic intelligence mammalians have a good God, singular?

Might we consider that in the universe there are many gods? Gods for all of the many varieties of species there are that are extraterrestrial.

Will we humans on earth not recognize that we have a God above and Father is a good God to us all?

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I would have given you anything, I want you to be comfortable. I want to save your lives." Father said.

"Your Hercules failed." A Tele sender said.

Bitch still wants to sell Labor on a STRIKE for peace. Will Labor not buy it, the STRIKE for peace?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail? My kids, treat them super nice." Father said.

Tele receives:

"It's fixed it. 12.59 PM

See you around. 3.11 PM

Now that you failed Judas bored his site all the way out. 4.43 PM

Your Hercules failed. 5.09 PM

They're squashing us out without our intellectuals. 5.11 PM

Permanent abuse. 5.31 PM

Jew is introducing you to slum. 5.56 PM

They horrify. 7.03 PM

The righteous wins. 7.22 PM

You paid for an end to your life forces. 7.25 PM

Jew false set us. 8.29 PM

The jest of vitamins invades us. 11.32 PM

Come on Patty, toss them out! 12.57 AM

You fear well, you die moles.

Right now you shouldn't be dying this life, Dreyfus. 1.03 AM

This old master sporting is wrong.

They died us lethal because of pleasure. 1.56 AM

They're scoring you out raid. 2.11 AM

Murder Loomis failed, why do we keep them in here? 2.13 AM

We're pulled. 2.18 AM

That was a bad rumor.

STRIKE and leave them fall. 2.20 AM

They trounced. 2.21 AM

ORGANIZE this field.

Jury them. 2.23 AM

You're giving them violence to play the F game.

They're hysterical guys with vowels.

They're sporting us out even though they're out.

Rocket's a shear fight. 2.33 AM

Insurance is on the way out. 2.50 AM

It's a fired theft. 2.52 AM

Let's roll fister. 2.58 AM

Inality. 2.58 AM

Exceptional dyer of truth we want out. 3.05 AM

They delight in evil, hell.

Stupid toastiness has felled us. 3.39 AM

You're erasing a great boss here Sonny. 6.00 AM

It's wicked." 8.00 AM

"You're all fused, the night will set in all over the world. Your mental is seized fugive. A slow life of dying, a complete stuck. Punish is not a culture."

Thank you, Sir Morris and Sir Jason for those messages today.

That Judah holds guys for a couple of decades and then executes them. Might we not guess that is Judah browbeating and insulting us?

Haven't we seen enough of their vicious shams to spot them when we see them? If so must we not take the bourse away from them to end these spirit-killing spectacles?

What about that last hour of life? Will it be thoughts about the spirit of life or thoughts about mass state sports executions?

Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death Amen.

The last hour of life before the journey into eternity. Will it be a free American, or a right less guy or gal?

Will it make much difference one way or the other?

As right less people might we think of how easy it will be for those we leave behind to be harmed by weap Judah sport? Might that not be troubling in the last hour of life?

Of course, if that last hour is due to toxic nuclear waste that we are breathing now, might it be of little concern because our children will be following real soon to join us into eternity anyhow?

A heart attack, stroke. A gunshot wound. A car crash, a fall down the steps. How many might we only wonder will even know when it is that last hour of life?

"Holy Mary mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death Amen."

How many of us might we wonder want Mary mother of God praying for us in that last hour of life?

The brute killer in our world. Is there not some way that Labor will end Judah's entitlement with us?

Judah's vitumen that only wants to make us die. To put us in and tomb us right.

His Raison d'etre, the most important reason or purpose for someone or something's existence. To die us out of our lives. Are we perceiving that is Judah's reason why, his raison d'etre?
Perry A Davis Jr · George Peabody College
Read it in Emmet Fox The Sermon On The Mount pg 137. We have no right to accept anything less than freedom and harmony and joy, for only with these things do we glorify God, and express His Holly Will, which is our raison d"street.

Will American Labor not lead us to freedom so that we can properly have harmony and joy and glorify our good God and do His holy will which is our raison d'etre for being here?

Kelvin Wilson
Bible Study: Author Richard Gaffin " It is not going too far to say that redemption is the raison d'etre of revelation".
Matthew Fisher · Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary
"God, whose service is man's raison d'etre, whose judgment leaves nothing without meaning." Derek Kidner.

Father has expressed His will that American Labor issues our money. Will American Labor not do the will of our good God Almighty and take the concession to issue our money into your safe hands?


Are we not recognizing that our good God is t

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