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"Listen To Me, A Powerful Earthquake is Coming At You's" Bi
Mon Mar 27, 2017 08:36

"Listen To Me, A Powerful Earthquake is Coming At You's"

Bitch heard that message loud and clear last night. Are we understanding that our extraterrestrial family is doing all they can from their sphere of influence to save us?

Must Labor not end ignoring the help from our elders and prevent some stupid mistakes by Bitch from destroying us all?

Do we see with an earthquake how they can bring their foreign troops in disguised as aid workers? Might they say the troops were sent in to "help us, protect us?"

Are Americans understanding that Judah, because we have not challenged him on the issue of cash, has set us for a big hike?

Our power lines toppled leaving us with limited electricity. Might we see one of the big reasons why Judah has never wanted velocity power supplies where there would be electricity available from many sources no matter what?

Tele receives:

"It's wicked. 8.00 AM

Morgan browed it. 11.14 AM

A sage. 11.46 AM

Forgers and perjurers, purge them out of here. 12.42 AM

You're erasing a great boss here Sonny. 6.AM

It's a pretty big scalp you took here. 12.50 AM

The old man failed.

We juveniled it.

Pure has failed us. 12.56 PM

Muscle freights. 1.06 PM

It's mad. 1.11 AM

This is a real fair one, they know it upsets him so he pulls them out on it. 1.12 PM

Sticks in April. 1.23 PM

The louse is falsing us out. 1.24 AM

The web stir. 1.26 AM

Cannibal off. 1.29 AM

Sold! 1.30 PM

RISE! 1.32 PM

Our failure, he's kind of failed us.

They racist roust. 1.36 PM

Your booze and jailee won. 1.37 PM

It's all stitchered. 2.05 AM

The goose fell dead tumbling leaves. 2.07 PM

That's what they're doing here? STRIKE THEM OUT! 2.16 PM

Your facial failed. 5.26 PM

Fish? 5.39 PM

The rapist failed us pretty well. 5.44 PM

Do you want them to mace me or do you want to help me? 5.50 PM

Patrick, your affairs have failed. 5.52 PM

You didn't grieve for setting us out for free. 5.53 PM

You'll come up and beg me for some heart attacks. 5.57 PM

He's serving us, he's serving us really. 6.01 PM

We never did give him much credit. 6.03 PM

We're rising up for you're finished. 6.07 PM

A mad house of insanity after God saved your life. 6.13 PM

A contract murderer state. 6.14 PM

They're perishing white. 6.15 PM

Stolen by creacheck. 6.16 PM

Limpus fell. 6.16 PM

Because of videos, you lost your deal, because of videos you lost your pass, you're being wasted. 6.17 PM

For sporter to die you he just images you. 6.17 PM

Core tek fell. 6.46 PM

Your ultimate goal is to STRIKE THEM OUT! 6.48 PM

You pitched your borants. 6.47 PM

To a guard, you must send him. 6.48 PM

There are no rules in scrimmage, it's a complete stage. 6.49 PM

You've given the world extra war, extra welts. 6.50 PM

They battle take us. 6.51 PM

Listen to me, a powerful earthquake is coming at you's. 6.52 PM

The scientist force is real. 6.53 PM

Stay corrupt and you'll die.


Get them out of here, they sold us out. 8.01 PM

We know we've been rifled, god damn it. 9.17 PM

It's a false that's burning us up. 12.09 AM

ORGANIZE this field. 12.10 AM

He tossed them out and you've done nothing. 12.13 AM

He's failed the state. 12.15 AM

These guys are really dangerous here. 12.18 AM

Hopeless she was failed out. 12.23 AM

Genius occupied this field. 12.24 AM

Please enterprise us. 12.25 AM

Jew fully liable abrasive. 12.32 AM

Too fiendish to employ. 12.34 AM

Too failed to save your life forms, a total breeze.

Toss their peril. 1.20 AM

They smacked us. 1.46 AM

Their theory toyed us. 1.47 AM

Your whole life has failed to save your own self, basically a stupid has failed your life forms.

He's folding us out. 1.50 AM

Your peaceful died ya.

A peaceful life you false here. 1.57 AM

They sold us dead, death. 1.58 AM

You're welcome. 2.03 AM

Organizing failed fifty times. 2.08 AM

Threw cash. 2.17 AM

Patrick's punishing real diesel. 2.40 AM

Tumbled." 3.15 AM

"My complex is still fooling you. My force is making you physical great. Until you get me out I'll keep my wallitude. The gentlemen keep coming, we just got a barn assignment to put them in.

I have a full latch life and its proven quite stupid, they're pulling my force out of here now. New Hampshire was one of my powerful rights, I rice from Albuquerque.

We pulled them off great, I'm out of a place. Our Allisor sight shows we're a real abusive force. I'm an obvious fist neighbor, with the princess I've fallen out," Judee say.

The next are reverse speech from a video news report of a Judee woman getting $2900 dollar prosthetic paws for her dog.

"As long as I can keep boursing a face fall down, you be gone. We just want cops to throw you out for Jew lies. We want a big boy who wants pet."

The next are the reverse speech from a video news report of missing young girls in Washington D.C.

"These girls gone are my shadow spooks doing. We've been shaving."

And this from a video news report of the 15 people that were shot in a Cincinnati nightclub:

"There were two down we wanted vaporized."

The next reverse speech is from a story of a purported Muslim policeman that was fired who is suing for discrimination:

"The nice guy throws my fries away because he knows I'm a buzzard."

The next reverse speech is from a video of a survivor of the Hiroshima atom bomb attack:

"It's all a criminal set to wipe you off Mormon."

"You white people did fail right to my falsing. We waste you tuna fish complete. We fouled you deceased and beared you off, it's a cold stop. Judee forceps punch.

You push back on Jew disgrace and Jew won't be here. With our sexiest pooch we just roll you off. We booze your head so we get by with our diffus. I had 4 or 5 piles that were good to wreck you's

We just set you out into cemeteries without electricity with a check. Playtex threw you down from Washington. I'm a Jew out now for fool. We just fool you with debts and mutts. My mama psyched me to war you, Jews reported graceless. It's always my fight to wish bub whiskey, " Judee say.

The next are the reverse speech of a young woman that died of cancer leaving several young children at home. Reverse speech is coming from the subconscious and she may have never said these things in regular speech but her unconscious mind reveals this:

"Unless you die Jew off of here you lost. They died me off of here for a fortune. The hospital will opp you right. I sure will miss you forever."

The young mother of four died of stomach cancer. Troubled for years with stomach pains and didn't get properly diagnosed until it was too late.

Might old basalt have been slipped to her in meals? Eating bentonite clay early on. Might it have saved her life?

Bitch was slipped his old basalt meal and elders clued him to eat some bentonite clay and it brought most of the old basalt asbestos up.

The one big chunk of asbestos stuck in his esophagus for years was killing him, the kind doctor that Father sent operated on Bitch to get it out.

Here's a link for those who would like to read about it:

Might Labor want to consider that to do such things as poison meals in restaurants requires authorization from the highest levels of government?

Will Labor not do yourselves a favor and STRIKE THEM OUT? Will you not do us all a favor and STOP THE WAR?

Our family in Germany that tried to stop the war. Adolph's fists killed them all. Must all Americans not act to STOP THE WAR by ending funding it?

The eternal war of Jew focused on the mild man of the north. The communist Nazi Jew liars that are dying us off. Will American Labor not cut our cash off to them?

The well fed, superbly dressed Americans. About to get our turn too. The guys that are funding it all. Will we not try to save ourselves?

The entire competition model that Judah has forced upon our world. Might we consider that people only compete in fear?

Will Labor not give us a humane model of life, one that is not based on fear? Will Labor not give us the model of who we really are, the kids that cherish the unique value of cooperation between all of God's kids everywhere?

On a clear day should the disgrace that Judah forces upon us not be enough to naturally compel us to let them off right?

If we add the menace of ending our existence in total that they have forced in upon us now, must we not act with the love of God in our hearts and minds and close them up right?

6.13 AM
To be continued......

Bitch put the section above up at Simple site early to help make everyone aware of the powerful earthquake that Judah is going to assault us with next.

After a quake, housing smashed down. Water supply systems damaged. Power transmission lines tumbled down. Roads and bridges out.

"Tumbled. 3.15 AM

Thank you. 3.50 AM

They martyr. 5.22 AM

We're losing a corrupt tight day. 5.50 AM

It's embezzled life. 5.55 AM

It's sold. 6.13 AM

Help us fail juicy and put Sherman away.

His mother wants a rising. 6.37 AM

Sheeny is closed. 7.03 AM

They suckered us all. 7.09 AM

Pretty soon you'll homeless corrupt." 7.17 AM

"We die your healthy to make you eligible for deceit. Jew analysis was we could stew you fair. Bitch is reporting Jew philosophy of how we take your rights to put you in. Truth always spites us," Judee say.

37. Because the state is rotten, the politician feedeth thereon; because society is rotten, the lawyer and court have riches and sumptuous feasts; because the flesh of my people is rotten, the physician findeth a harvest of comfort.

That is from a book written in 1882 by spiritualist John Newbrough who wrote it while in a trance. It was dictated to him by high-level powers. Ohaspe is the name of the book.

Here are a couple more paragraphs from Ohaspe:

34. In vain have I searched for a plan of redemption; a plan that would make the earth a paradise, and the life of man a glory unto Thee, and a joy unto himself. But alas, the two extremes, riches and poverty, have made the prospect of a millennium a thing of mockery.

35. For one man that is rich there are a thousand poor, and their interests are an interminable conflict with one another. Labor crieth out in pain; but capital smiteth him with a heartless blow.

Might we understand that God our Father has given us the solution to what makes Labor crieth out in pain, by Labor doing the will of God and taking the concession to issue our money out of the hands of weap Judah?

38. Now, O Jehovih, I come to Thee! Thou holdest the secret of peace and harmony and good will amongst mortals. Give me of Thy light, O Father! Show me the way of proceeding, that war and crime and poverty may come to an end. Open Thou the way of peace and love and virtue and truth, that Thy children may rejoice in their lives, and glorify Thee and Thy works forever.

39. Such is the voice of man, O Jehovih! In all the nations of the earth this voice riseth up to Thee! As Thou spakest to Zarathustra, and to Abraham and Moses, leading them forth out of darkness, O speak Thou, Jehovih!

Might we understand that the voices speaking that Zarathustra, Buddha, Abraham and Moses heard were all coming from the Galactic Federation of Light?

Are we making the connection with our good God that has His angels caring for us from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization located 38 light years away from planet earth?

"Truth always spites us," Judee say.

Will American Labor not act on the truth that Father loves us all and do His will and take the concession to issue Americas Labor dollar away from Judah and put it into the hands of a committee of the whole from Labor?

"The Dutch fell." 8.24 AM

While reading Ohaspe, found this:

11. And the Beast divided itself into four great heads, and possessed the earth about; and man fell down and worshipped them.

12. And the names of the heads of the Beast were BRAHMIN, BUDDHIST, CHRISTIAN and MOHAMMEDAN.

From reading reverse facial speech Bitch has discovered that all four of the heads of the beast, Brahmin, Buddhist, Christian And Mohammedan are all weap Judah Ciphers.

All of them are involved in Judah plot to wipe the human race out.

Might we consider how cunning Judah has been to move his hybrid, transplant Replicon shells up into leadership positions in these religions and then use them to direct our thinking?

That this was known by John Ballou Newbrough (18281891), who wrote Ohaspe over a century ago, are we seeing how our good God has had His angels here helping us all the time?

"East German police here." 8.34 AM

Does Labor not yet see the dire necessity to take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

Our movement now from the nursery on the surface of planet earth up into the Cosmos where we ourselves will travel the universe in peace. From Ohaspe:

2. Jehovih said: I created the earth, and fashioned it, and placed it in the firmament; and by My presence brought man forth a living being. A corporeal body gave I him that he might learn corporeal things; and death I made that he might rise in the firmament and inherit My etherean worlds.

Elder told Bitch the other day that when our species passes out of life form, the Federation will have explored 30% of our galaxy.

Our species has another 9 million years to go before we will be gone from life.

Right now the Federation has explored 20% of our galaxy. 9 million more years to explore 10% more of our galaxy. The total time our species will exist.

So much peaceful exploration ahead for us to do. Will Labor not end funding this violent insanity that they are doing to us here?

Are we understanding Labor that the human Beings that survive this last nuclear genocide of weap Judah will inherit the earth and also God our Father's etherean worlds?

Is there not yet some sense of just how false this Judah mess is?

Will Labor not free us from the stick path? Will Labor not end funding the continuing mass destruction of our world? Will Labor not end funding the disasters that Judah is set to now inflict on Americans?

"My mama psyche me to war you, Jews reported graceless."

That reverse speech was from a young Judee woman.

A calculated plot to get the human race out. Carried out over several thousands of years. Taking over all of the religions of our world and putting their hybrid transplant Replicon shells in to cleverly fool the rest of us. Holding all of the nations of our world with his Replicon look alikes.

Breeding look alike Replicons into every terrain and taking the people to war in every way.

Has Labor not gotten some idea of how seriously Judah has taken dying as many of us off as is possible as he leaves us for good now?

Judah's last grip on the human race. Are we understanding it is through Americas Labor created and filled pocketbook?

Will American workers in God's name not spare us from any more of wars destruction? If so then must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God is immortal. Our precious sweet Father is dying. Father sleeps 75% of the time now. Soon Father will leave us for the last journey, eternity.

3 million years ago the 223 Galacticans on the bridge of the Federation hybridized the Galacticans that are on the bridge today. Newly hybridized mammals selected to live among the stars. Gifted with our same 223 high-level intelligence genetic package.

Father's original community of love has 6 million more years before their species passes out of existence.


Will Labor not image pouring that whiskey down the drain and try to give us some help here?

Velocity free energy power sources Judah has kept out because of the great wealth they will avail us. Doing all that he can now to put a real big crisis into our land. Must L

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