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"Contact Has Tried To Save Us, Contact Has Tried To Prevent
Thu Mar 30, 2017 10:11

"Contact Has Tried To Save Us, Contact Has Tried To Prevent Our Destruction."

Is there not some way to convince Labor to get this to end? Some way to convince Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah?

Some way to listen to the thousands of warnings from our good God Almighty to STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"They're burning us here. 3.44 PM

Patrick, I'm slipping foul. 4.15 PM

It's eternity for whites. 5.45 PM

Get them out. 6.40PM

Cheatists. 6.51 PM

Fisty farmers. 6.53 PM

Getting exciting, Jews are being flushed. 6.56 PM

Our being closed up yesterday and insulting us quite cheers them. 7.35 PM

Why have you not been reporting this to your diocese? 7.37 PM

It kinda feels like we're fused. 7.38 PM

Don't push the feud. 7.46 PM

It's thrown. 7.47 PM

Your usual Jew failed. 7.49 PM

They fold us out and failed us. 8.50 PM

Erred you waste to fold. 8.51 PM

I lost you all, my joy's gone. 8.52 PM

You're embezzling yourself out. 8.54 PM

Authorize yourself. 8.58 PM

You're a threat nation curtains out yourself.

The air raid fails you cash. 9.00 PM

I lost you rightfully. 9.01 PM

Appetite tossed you out. 9.02 PM

Storage Muk them out. 9.04 PM

You're dogging out yourselves. 9.05 PM

You are fierced enough to die your purpose. 9.06 PM

You seriously pushed yourselves obviously nicely. 9.08 PM

They still ride this field and jeer us. 9.10 PM

They will abuse residential. 10.34 PM

They pushed the button and you failed to save yourselves. 10.40 PM

The most incredious genus. 10.42 PM

Seize gas in contest. 10.43 PM

Contact should save us. 10.44 PM

Our fears fell us. 10.45 PM

An investment raped us. 10.47 PM

The morgues are ready to receive us.

$100 billion dollars they took in 6 months from the peoples accounts here. 12.10 AM

They're fiercing you off nicely. 1.15 AM

Save your life forms, they've thrown you out.

Micro-states abusive. 1.16 AM

They fouled us big time. 1.17 AM

Patrick cycle us peaceful. 1.20 PM

They're cycling cleverly. 1.21 AM

You let embarrassing fool you under forever. 1.24 AM

You've been thrown obviously. 1.26 AM

Error exhaust you out with Moscow rules. 2.23 AM

Patrick, they're gripping us. 2.26 AM

We're real rightfully tossed out. 2.31 AM

Defiantly he's disgusting you's. 2.34 AM

They're closing you's, a percent of you are folded. 2.36 AM

Pull that function out. 2.37 AM

Jew minus function is brutal, just STRIKE THEM OUT! 2.41 AM

They've raped our psyche. 2.43 AM

They do very missile. 2.44 AM

You've thrown your life forces away here. 2.47 AM

Arrogance rules guilty. 2.48 AM

They're savaging you's obviously. 2.49 AM

Plastic from the arches. 2.50 AM

Big destructionary is coming in. 2.51 AM

They wall your conscious. 2.53 AM

Help thee, they're cannibaling us. 2.55 AM

ORGANIZE to STRIKE THEM OUT, our field is extra failed. 2.56 AM

We're ghosting failed. 2.57 AM

He wastes your body while insulting us. 2.58 AM

We're dying fistic. 2.59 AM

Contact has tried to save us. 3.01 AM

Contact has tried to prevent our destruction.

They chicken everything, take them off. 3.04 AM

Municipal porting. 3.08 AM

Fatal deal perishes us rich." 3.40 AM

Judah scientists are telling him that he has gotten his big catch of 200 million Americans died off with his dirty bomb shot from Hitachi-GE.

And God our Father is telling us:

"I lost you all, my joy's gone." 8.52 PM

Bitch heard this also while sleeping last night:

"Why have you not been reporting this to your diocese?" 7.37 PM

He had been putting his posts up on Facebook occasionally. When he heard that message from elders, he will put all his posts up on Facebook.

As cancer in our food and beverages has been Judah's biggest way to kill us off, what might we expect he is doing with his Jewish electricity that is now set to die the majority of Americans out of life form over the next few years?

Bitch first heard about plastic in our food in about 1994 when someone informed him that is one of the tricks that is being played on us.

Certain food and beverage items have vinyl, and urethane in them. In their liquid form, it is mixed in some things and sprayed onto other things.

Plastic has no taste and is almost undetectable. If you eat or drink a large amount of plastic you may get a plastic "bump" that can alert you that it is in the item you ate or drank.

Have we not heard of aplastic anemia? Might it be food and drink contamination of food and drink that was bringing patients in?

Blood and bone cancers and many other types of cancer can follow from the hidden plastic in our foods and beverages.

Butyl's, one of the compounds found in tire making is also put into some of our food by Judah scientists. Almost undetectable.

Have we heard the refrain over the years to cut back on salt to reduce heart attacks?

Do some recall from about a year ago Bitch reported to you's that his heart stopped two times within about a week and it woke him from sleep?

Bitch thought it was tension that did it. He found out later it was salt after elder informed him of it.

He had bought a container of brand name salt at a store he never shopped at before, so it likely was not there waiting for him.

Some time after the two heart stoppings in sleep Bitch had a tomato and he began salting it and elder informed him that was what previously caused his heart to stop twice in one week.

Bitch had not suspected the salt. Heart stopped twice and he did not make the connection with it being due to contaminated salt.

Are we getting some idea of how Judah just cons us with octane? It's not unusual for them to melt us out. Must Labor not end their baby shot from still scoring us? Will Labor not help us to clean our shelves off?

"If you look to Pat you can see our die operation. We don't like you searching the truth. You right perped our ruse, my intolerancy cease. Once you see my true face you arraign me. I just use a veteran to fire you, when you see it all you'll pull me out. I just raid you and in months we beat you.

I've got more images to storage you. With precise wits we cheat you. Jew schrape appetite, I just go scoot you vitamin. If you have arrest power then you have Jew insurance rape plan.

Our memorize embezzle drill fall. If you do an autopsy you'll see our way. We always try to tie your wrists. I'm proof the alliance war is coming out because I'm cheap. You were the guys that boozed that died.

We believe in Custer rights while we poovich. A spaceport disappeared, we got some cheap Russians for you. I make a department offend. It's a shame you pushed me right Pat," Judee say.

Did Pat not blow the horn on them right? Did he not report the angels stole weap Judah's great balls of fire away from him after he brazenly attacked us with them? Yes, Pat did report this over 5 years ago to the people.

Did the angels not embezzle Judah out of his rights to die us with nuclear waste while we had no clue Judah was doing us in? Has Pat not reported how Judah is dying our fields, air and us off? Yes, he has reported this to the people.

Has Pat not reported that our good God loves us all and wants us to save ourselves? Yes, Pat has reported this to the people.

Might we not wonder why the people have not tried to save themselves?

Could it be as simple as what Judah says, "Druid has ever failed to save himself?"

The promised land of America the beautiful. Where we are supposed to be guaranteed life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Is that not how it was supposed to be? Was America not intended to be the land of the free with liberty and justice for all? Yes it was in 1789 when the delegates wouldn't sign unless it was guaranteed by law in writing. All parties agreed to it and it was signed into law thereby creating the United States of America in 1791.

The original Druid in 1789, remembering the walls, whips, chains and nooses of the old world. The taking of life, liberty, and property without a jury trial first, refused to unite the states without a proper Bill of Rights in.

Judah, making sure everyone has been properly boozed, now has the original founder's descendants set to be died off right less.

"What happened here?" Father asked when Bitch had his stupid attack.

Bitch often wondered to himself over the years "why we let these guys shoot so much here?"

"It was scrimmage that went over our heads." One Druid guy said concerning the loss of his child to a Judee staged car wreck.

Might that be the answer, it's scrimmage that went over our heads?

Plastic in a food or beverage item. Might that sort of scrimmage go over our heads?

Dropping a heavy lighting fixture on our heads at work or school and claiming it was a weak bolt that let loose? Might that not be recognized as scrimmage?

Finding a student in the dorm room dead claiming it was meningitis instead of? Might those types of scrimmage, go too far over our heads?

Car wrecks happen everyday. True accident or scrimmage Judee way?

The mental power of Judah versus the mild man. NO spaceport just more sport. Did we notice he claims it is some Russians Judah has got us set for? Will Labor not help us and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?

"Our relation is I get on top of you right," Judee say.

"Druid is not dutiful. Druid has ever failed to save hinself. We ever pulverize a chicken," Judee say.

With Judah's lack of a great conscience might we not expect some severe abuse coming in for failing to end funding his war genocide molest?

"I lost you all, my joy's gone." 8.52 PM

The joy in His last years that Father would have had watching us repair our war-torn world. Now Father has lost us to nuclear war. Labor not dutiful never did try it.

A continuing slow and permanent burnout of our fields, water, our air. The mass die out of the right less American kids that kept funding the kill of the war.

Was 3,500 years not enough time for us to get clear on the rules in the nursery, thou shalt not kill?

"End of life experiences. 5.17 AM

Oh, my god, they're doofing us here. 5.23 AM

Toss them out casually. 5.44 AM

Germany's falsed us out.

They've fallen out and spitefully chop you up." 7.20 AM

"Ethically they're criminals. They have no defensible rights." God our Father said of Judah sports people.

"It is no more, put them out, they're criminals," God Almighty said. Is Labor not recognizing Judah's nuclear war fighting tyranny is dead?

And yet they hold in their private possession the most important thing concerning government, the Organizing Principle of Society, the authority to issue our money.

They hurt us to discourage us. Bitch got them off yet how can it be that Labor let them finish us off anyways?

"With bourse I've held Druid back to false you out, I always degenerate because that's what Jew opps. When the white cow sees me I'm through," Judee say.

Will we not pray that the white cow sees Judah in a proper light and acts to STRIKE THEM OUT?

"My management toasted for free, it's a zero. We shot you failed, you assemble and you toss the Jew out. I opp borassic Druid, made you die.

It was fun to boot you away, I just can't bear shrimp, my right shears are out. I set you old child, I just core-a-set you with bourse. I'm just a mortuary weap, that's what's on my mind.

Bitch rolled my fumble off and told you I sold out America. Collagen was all part of my roots, it was image made. I ride you in with a few symbols, fair performance for thee.

Our destiny obviously was to pest you, I lost my props. Chlorotane burst out pretense. My grease spell has been taken out raider. I assaulted you totally dumb.

My weapons scored my weapin. I strictly cored you in my sport time. I was famous jealous. Ass holds stupid to ash away," Judee say.

While watching a political protest in Russia on the international news found this interesting reverse facial speech from a protester trying to get Judah out of office there:

"The Martian gave us the biggest chance to close them up."

Will American Labor not close them up here in America so that they can be closed up in Russia also?

Is American Labor understanding that it is American Labor money that is holding the destruction of our nation and world in while Judah is finishing us out with lethal brimstone waste chemicals?

"We designed you to fail," Judee say.

The entire falsity of our educational system. We a nation of purportedly highly educated people and Judah shot us dumb. Might we not want to question our entire education system that did not prepare us for the nuclear wars that Judah has and is still shooting on us?

The arms dumps that exploded and burned in Ukraine and Russia the other day. Bitch wondered who did that. Immediately he considered it was Judah. Though he wondered for a moment if it could have been our elders helping to prevent the war from beginning between Russia and America by getting rid of the ammunition supplies.

Then he asked elders if they had anything to do with burning up the ammo dumps to slow the beginning of the war down and elder replied,"don't be asking about our theory, just STRIKE THEM OUT!"

It was obviously Judah that burned the ammunition dumps up. Elders will not do anything that will hazard us.

Will Labor not take the good advice of our extraterrestrial family and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"DOA sure has caught you. Purchase some ample salt and freeze that bomb up."

Thank you Sir Jason and Sir Morris for those messages today.

Will Labor not get hold of Labors purse and buy us some ample boron salts to put into that out of control nuclear bomb that Judah is shooting us with from Hitachi-GE?

"Whiskey is our best raider. Because of Bitch I've lost all hope here," Judee say.

Have no fear Labor, our beautiful Father is with us. Will Labor not be assured that we're in good hands?

Father's angels are here all the time. Will Labor not just STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a chance to STOP THE WAR?

"My kids, treat them super nice," Papa said.

The mild man's destruction by letting Judah hire the labor to poison him out using his own purse. How can this be?

Throw away thy rod,
Throw away thy wrath:
O my God,
Take the gentle path.

Then let wrath remove;
Love will do the deed:
For with love
Stony hearts will bleed.

Throw away thy rod;
Though man frailties hath,
Thou art God:
Throw away thy wrath.

Will American Labor not throw away the wrath of war? Will American Labor not let us take the gentle path?

Help thyselfe, and God will helpe thee.
George Herbert (15931633) was an English poet and orator.

The wolfe eats oft of the sheep that have been warn'd.

When war begins then hell openeth.

The offender never pardons.

Hee that makes himself a sheep shall be eat by the wolfe.

Have we not been warned by God Almighty to STOP THE WAR?

Yes, we have, thousands of times over many years. And yet, we continue to fund war and genocide in our world.

"When war begins then hell openeth."

The war is to begin internally to America in April. Will American Labor not try to prevent it? Must Labor not end funding it?

Must the ordinary people of Labor not step in here and take the Organizing Principle of our Society away from weap Judah and put it into the safe hands of a Committee Of The Whole from Labor?

God Almighty our creator, our Savior. Will Labor not let Judah off and let us join with our good God above and live in peace?

Our sweet Lord that is the Sovereign of planet earth wills that Labor issue our money.

Must Labor not do the will of our good God and take the concession to issue our money into your safe hands?

The ruination of our beautiful nation bound into eternal Jew sports war. Will Labor not STOP THE WAR?


If so will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

God bless us all. T

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