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"You Almost Got Them Closed, Roll Violence Off"
Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:45

"You Almost Got Them Closed, Roll Violence Off"

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "You almost got them closed, roll violence off."

Will American Labor not close them and end our extermination phase?

They're dying us off with the deadliest toxin ever know to the human race, Jewish electricity waste.

Known for nearly a century to be cancer causing and mutating to our genes. No known method to dispose of it safely. An industrial technology of shear genocide.

Poisoning our food, our air, our water. Set now to die the majority of Americans out of life form.

The sport weap Judah. Known to have attacked us with thousands of nuclear weapons in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. What could explain why we continue to fund our own die?

Judah, known for his ability to destroy human Beings in the tens and hundreds of millions. Now destroying the host that he invaded and infected with his war disease, the former United States of America.

Over 18 million weap Judah have already fled the surface of planet earth to accomplish the die off of the mild fish in America and Europe.

American Labor still funding all of the war and genocide that Judah demands from us.

Can we not pray that God will have mercy on a fail such as this and help us to get ourselves to peace somehow?

God Almighty has warned us thousands of times for over 5 years to STOP THE WAR. How do we explain that we are dying our own life forms off here in perpetual war?

God's shill Bitch, a simple workingman. Judah libel, perjury and all sorts of lies and falsity holding mild man back from preserving his own life form.

Judah scientists telling him that he has smoked the majority of Americans to now die off with an assortment of radiation-induced diseases. Nanoparticle sized Brimstones coming out of our mouths.

Why will you not help us Labor? Is it not clear you will be helping yourselves?

Another gloomy day of perishing the human race off. All funded by American Labor. Will the we not see how we are being mutilated and act to save ourselves?

Judah tells us that killing us requires all the effort of killing 2-year-olds. Absolutely defenseless people in a high technical society dying ourselves off in permanent Judah sports war. Will Labor not try to protect yourselves from what Judah is planning to do to us here?

Judah fools us into thinking there is a contest between nations when in truth all nations are headed and directed by his hybrid transplant shell Replicons with a few hired hands thrown in to help fool the mass of the people.

Ever the troublemakers until the end. Will American Labor not help us let them off right?

Bitch has been concerned about our extraterrestrial elders that have pulled Judah thrill seeking excitement by taking his boom booms away from him. Stole every single one out of them out of the sky after Judah attacked us with them. What if elders should leave us, what then?

The thought of that happening causes Bitch to wake up from a troubled sleep at night.

From yesterday's post:

Sir Casper spoke these words to Bitch:

"You can rest assured no one is taking you to cancel late you."

Bitch thanked Sir Casper for the reassuring message. It does take a load off of the mind.

Bitch slept better just last night after hearing those reassuring words from Sir Casper.

Fist for hire operations world wide. Directed through the legal systems of our world. Mousing us for insurance collections.

Does it not seem that working people should be concerned about this? Are working people not the biggest mouse that Judah eats all the time? Certainly.

Lawyers that would serve us, fisted out by Judah rights. Has Bitch Mercury report not let weap Judah, the palace, and Vatican off right? Yes it has. They've lost it all except for what American Labor is still giving to them, free money.

American military that attacked us with nuclear missiles, after failing to break through the screen that our Martian friends put up, now committing sins against our family in Mosul, Iraq.

Congress full of sports men and sports women, funding it all with American Labor dollars. Will American Labor not authorize yourselves to take the purse away from them now?

Our Russian family trying to get weap Judah off of them, but Judah is held in by American Labor dollars and the white fist they buy with them.

Isn't that the principle of the martial sport of Judo, use the opponents own strength against them?

Is it not aptly named Jew dough?

Might the spirit of Confucius be trying to give us a hand?

Must American workers not reject being as right less as Russian peasants before being freed in 1860?

Must Americans not reject being returned to the status of Dred Scott who was told by the supreme clerks he had no rights in an American court in 1858?

The 2 centuries it took to destroy the best hope for the human race on earth, the United States of America on our God-given, state delegate demanded, sacred Bill of Rights.

But they did it. Their cipher brand now as dead as a doornail, and yet, they are Dutiful to their assignment, they continue to put us all in.

Must we not accept that weap Judah is finished in God's village on earth?

Has Judah not cast himself out of Gods village on earth for their wrong? Yes they have.

Bitch, acting about the same as a Bitch with pups seeks to silence the wolves blasphemy and heresy once and for all.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end all of their violence in our world?

A Foolish brand that had as its highest desire to assault, degrade and debase the other children of God on Earth.

Their hosiery they put in worldwide creating look alike shells to fool us well. Getting us to war each other so they can put in more of their shells.

Putting whiskey, jail and a war zoo in they tried to mock the peace and plenty plan that our good God has for all of his kids.

Now that they have been caught red-handed executing their plan, 70,000 Hiroshima bomb blasts over the lower 48 of the United States of America, will working men and women not call an end to their sport? Will American Labor not end funding their wars?

A people that do not accept the logic of what goes around comes around, now have chased themselves off of the surface of planet earth. One step ahead of God's law, "thou shalt not kill."

With their hypnotic ruse power they continue to weave their lethal spell. Congratulating each other on how well the dog did. Held us in long enough to burn us and all of our kids out.

Will Labor not let them off right?

Should we not have listened to the thousands of warnings to us from our good God? Should we not have already ended being the fist for Judah? Must we not listen to Father and try the STRIKE for heavens sake?

If Sir Casper and his diligent team had failed in the capture of Judah's 3,200 thermonuclear warheads, might we not have already collapsed? Is there not the sense to try and save yourselves yet?

Bitchie makes no claim of near perfection, on the contrary he is working on trying to become less imperfect everyday.

Can we only wonder why Bitchie saw these guys plans 52 years ago? How was it he knew his name was on the nuclear bombs he was sleeping with when he was still a teenager?

What might explain why we've missed the atom deal here? Must we not act quickly to help ourselves now?

Could it be Bitchie's one eight sand vibe speaking to him from his subconscious side that has been warning him of what the mission of Judah kids is?

Might his unassigned alleles have retained the memory of what it is that Judah does to a number of other Jew kids?

Bitch watched a video about a Jewish writer that died at the young age of 51 from cancer. This is what one speaker in the video said in reverse facial speech:

"If you do an autopsy you'll see our way."

Is Labor grasping that weap Judah operates on the principle of "Individual Biological Opportunity?"

Elders shared that with Bitch to help explain why Judah hires the Hitlers in our world every day.

"He wouldn't let a sentimental notion interfere with making a dollar," as is his way and explains why he hires Hitler type guys.

Might Bitchie one eight sand vibe from a couple of thousands of years of recording seeing Judah's treacherous behavior have somehow reported to Bitch subconscious to beware of what weap Judah might do?

While they sport the Druid with a particular fervor, they will also sport other Jews for many reasons. Leaving the cult to go with the rest of the human race is one.

Might they bring in antisemitism to help keep those that want to slip away from them from telling the rest of us what they are doing to us here?

"Our ruse prevails in spite of our sh*tty," Judee say.

The burning of Jewish books in Germany during Hitlers time. Might we see Judah wanting to keep from our eyes what the German Jew Karl Liebknecht said?

"War is not aimed external, rather it is aimed to subordinate ones own domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class."

The great fortunes that were used to build the genocidal American war machine. Began with the war between the states in 1861.

Might we not consider that Abraham showed us a truly useful way to issue money? Did he not show us how well the issue of money works for creating and building wealth when he introduced his greenback dollar bill in 1861?

Backed by the full faith and credit of the United States of America. Proved to be a certain winner in both war and peace.

So economically useful to everyone that Judah had congress put it out of business with the crime of 73.

Congress put the greenback dollar on the gold standard once again effectively taking the issue of money away from the US Treasury and giving it back to the bankers. A 5-year depression followed.

That's where it stood until Judah was able to totally privatize the issue of American money into his hands in 1913, backed by a tax on American Labor.

The greatest racket the world has ever been witness to. It would have led to our demise in a nuclear war but for the love of God for his kids.

The gentle kind touch of our precious sweet Father. Unknown to many because it is so subtle.

High-level intellectuals, many certain that atheism is the right way. Claim there is no evidence of God up above. Bitch used to be one of them.

Bitch didn't learn of Father above until he was in his seventh decade of life. It was when Father spoke to him. "THEY'VE DEMONSTRATED A WEAKNESS, AN INABILITY TO ACCOMMODATE OTHERS, I'M DYING THEM OFF, TUNNEL DEATH," Father said.

Bitch then made the connection with the house of God our Father as an advanced extraterrestrial civilization.

Might we consider that our extraterrestrial elder's civilization is so advanced that when we hear about it it passes by our ordinary levels of perception?

Bitch, not unlike other ordinary readers, did not perceive an extraterrestrial civilization interacting with our world when he looked at it in the 1970s.

It was not until he was 44 years of age in 1992, that it finally broke through that there was a high-level extraterrestrial power that was listening in on our phone lines.

Then in 1997, it broke through the density of thought that the plan all along was to smoke us with nuclear blast weapons.

Not until about 2008 did Bitch become aware that Judah and the other centers of power of planet earth, Royals, and Vatican, had made communication with the Galactic Federation of Light in 1350 AD.

And some have questioned if Roswell really happened in 1947, how could they keep it secret from us for so long?

Might we only try to imagine how they have kept meeting with Sir Maximilian in 1350 a secret from us for over 6 centuries now?

"We passed you in wisdom and just make you kill mandatory," Judee say.

"Get rid of them." Tele receive. 7.26 AM

"Just make you kill mandatory," Judee say.

Will mild man not see to it that no man's child is ever again degraded and debased to the level that they will harm our fellow man for Judah mandatory kill?

Are we understanding how Judah is defacing us every day by us letting him use our dollar and children to shoot our family away?

The fear of loss of income if we should ever oppose Judah way. And is it not a big one? Yes, it is, do we not have millions of our family out on the streets due to Judah having the private authority to withhold tickets to eat?

Are we understanding why our precious sweet Father has taken the concession to issue money away from Judah and gifted it to Labor?

Is American Labor not willing to help us as we are being systematically, scientifically snuffed out of life?

Labor leader William Sylvis tried to help the mass of the working class and where did it get him but snuffed out of life at 41 years of age with what was described by a doctor as "Burning bowels."

John, Martin, Malcolm, Eugene. All tried to help us in their way, in their time. All stolen away by weap Judah.

Might we even think of Stan Meyers who tried to help us in the energy field and ran from a restaurant yelling "they poisoned me," only to fall dead in the parking lot?
Who would ever believe that you could actually run a gasoline engine on water? Sounds just too unbelievable, doesn't it?
Yet we know that Stan Meyers was able to make it happen. He showed us by driving his dune buggy around for the cameras.

Numerous videos on the Internet now of gasoline engines being driven by HHO, water electrified so that it burns.

Wires to some of the HHO bottles remaining remarkably cool even though high amperages are passing through. The sign of cold electricity. The electricity that Tesla discovered in 1899. A sign of free energy. Unlimited free energy for all of God's kids available to us from the motion of our planet and the stars above in our universe.

And Stan was able to accomplish to drive up the road in his water powered free energy machine before he left us in 1998.

Here's a video 1.46 of it:

Stan gone almost two decades as we are being poisoned out now, set to die off in the billions from Jewish electricity waste. Our children raised to do a mandatory kill, all for the sport of weap Judah till.

"Foolish to do nothing," our extraterrestrial elders have said to us for many years now. They're our family, the angels God Almighty our precious sweet Father sent in to save us from the genocidal harm of weap Judah and company.

Are there not others that are seriously troubled by the fact of Father doing so much for us, keeping us in against all of the odds that Judah would opp us out using the unlimited free money from American Labor, and we have not been able to help Father's other kids that are being exterminated out of life form in regular war much less ourselves that are dying out now in nuclear waste war?

Might American people not want to think about how rightfully it could be considered as we are facing being exterminated out of life form now?

American Labor funding all of the sin and genocide in our world, must we not act to STOP THE WAR?

And the guy that we are giving our pocketbook to to commit the sin in our world, is now doing it to us. Slowly, methodically, silently and in a way that we may not know of it until the day our children and we are sick and dying. The day that it is too late to act because we have lost our health by then.

Set to die off with tumors from cancer that Judah is forcing in. No longer a life of ease in America, a struggle now just to breathe.

"Foolish to do nothing."

Do we also recall that elders have shared their theory here as to what their position is?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," the angels said.

Tele receives:

"Oh god, Almighty am I a ghost?

The dying man is failed. 5.47 PM

You image right great theory. 5.53 PM


It fits. 6.04 PM

Put them out. 6.04 PM


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