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"They've Pushed The Button and You've Done Nothing" The 195
Sat Apr 1, 2017 09:53

"They've Pushed The Button and You've Done Nothing"

The 1952 UFO sightings over the Capitol in Washington D.C.

What might we think of that as a "MARKING?" The number of UFOs in the picture. Nine on one side and one and one on the other side making eleven. 911 MARKED for us in 1952?

Are we understanding that using newly invented atomic blast weapons president Harry Truman went ahead with the plans to exterminate the human race in 1945?

Might we try to perceive that Judah had already planned ahead for 9-11, 2001 by 1952 when our kind elders from outer space came to alert us to what weap Judah had decided to do to us when he got the chance?

Does the preponderance of the credible evidence presented not find weap Judah guilty of attempting to destroy the children of God on earth?

The first attempt in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with a thousand intercontinental ballistic missiles with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads attached. The blast and heat force of 70,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs.

Those thousand nuclear missiles pulled out of the sky while in the launch phase at 80,000 feet in the sky.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father in heaven for having His angels spare us from suffering the effects of 70,000 Hiroshima atomic bombings in one night in America?

The second attempt to nuclear blast Americans out of existence was on the evening of June 11, 2014, when 2 British submarines launched 32 missiles from 50 miles off of the East coast of America with 960 thermonuclear warheads attached.

A total blast force of 6,400 Hiroshima atomic bombings.

Will we not say prayers of thanks to God Almighty for stepping in and having His angels spare us from that?

And now we are in the third nuclear war attack from weap Judah against America and Europe. His brimstone particle attack from Hitachi-GE.

Not as swift as a 4-hour nuclear blast die, yet is there any doubt that given time, Jewish electricity waste can be as deadly as a nuclear blast attack?

Now with over 5 years warnings, including the knowledge that weap Judah has already tried nuclear blast to get us out, and now his nuclear waste to finish us off, is there, not some way that Americans will take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah for not only what he tried to do to us with nuclear blast, but for what he is doing to us right now with nuclear waste?

Judah scientists are telling him that he already has 400 million mild people of the north swept out of life with his Jewish electricity waste. Are we not understanding just how deadly nuclear waste is?

Are we not perceiving that Judah brought it in specifically to die us out right?

Tiny invisible nanoparticles of hot radioactive ash inhaled. Lung cancer to follow. Never aware that it was inhaled. Who can say if it was Hitachi-GE or not?

Our species being put to a carefully thought out high technical genocide. Has Judah succeeded in falsely smearing Bitch so badly that he cannot even ring an alarm bell for God's kids?

Do Americans not yet understand that we have lost our life forms here to weap Judah brand?

Father having His angels step in and give us a second chance at life, a life in peace. How is it that Americans have rejected that?

Is it all due to the fail of Father's shill here? Is that the reason we are dying here?

The United States of America, a former British colony that chose new rules. Rejected the old world generic autocratic rules by putting in a guaranteed Bill of Rights.

America, only a couple of hundred years in existence, used by Judah to fist countries that are thousands of years old. The land of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the cruelly manipulated poor children now sighted by Judah to war our world eternal.

The mild man doing all the fisting in the new world just as Judah had us doing in the old country. Must we not put our rights in and end this fail to Judah mental? Must we not end the 1,300 years of Judah management of the old world in our new world of America.

Judah white Replicon shells attacked us all with their great balls of fire.

A little state like Switzerland, lodging Judah boys that wage terror in America and throughout our world.

Congress in Washington D.C. has it not long been known to be Israeli occupied territory? Will Labor not take the concession to issue our nation's money away from weap Judah and end their occupation of us?

Paris shooting us down on the streets.

Berlin launched the great balls of fire at us.

London sent the two nuclear subs to burn us all down.

The clerks, have they not proven to be fair mousers?
"I'm an old fist with image rights, I'm going to play in the nursery until I burn it down. I believe your rights are halted," US Airforce General Samford speaking about the UFO fly over of 1952.

That the US Air force has repeatedly attacked us with nuclear missiles is there not some way that Labor will retire them now?

The flying saucers that outran air force jets in 1952. Are we not getting some sense of just how long our kind elders that Father sent in have been trying to save our lives?

They have been trying to save us mortals. Is there not some way that we will help them by trying to save ourselves?

"God gave us life." 4.39 AM

Will Labor not end the death sport of the errant life form on us?

UFOs that flew over Washington D.C. in 1952 with radar tracking every move. For those that have looked into it are we not aware that the air force tried to start a nuclear war with the Soviet Union that year?

Are we not getting some idea of just how long Judah has been trying to destroy us here?

President Harry Solomon Truman (1884-1972).
Harry Truman 3.05 AT

"So Harry is there something we can do to save the land we love?" The last line in the song by Chicago, "Harry Truman."

"So Harry is there something we can do to save the land we love?"

Are we understanding there is something we can do to save the land we love and that is to STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Will American Labor not STOP THE WAR and let God bless us all?
"Our many threats have failed for washing you. I'm a great impostor, I'm devilish. I spear for vice. I take you all into my possession and boom boom you for ail. I verse you cob. I'm gab with a lifer to scrimmage you.

We're just here to perish you with an avaricious fist. I buzzard you cash rates.

My stupid management weap you out. Gracious have a scent innocent, I just publish disease war. I just enable mouse rats, I death date you."

That was what Major General Samford (1905-1968) was saying in reverse speech when he was giving a press conference about the UFOs over Washington D.C. in July of 1952.
Major Donald Kehoe (1897-1988)

"War will pitch you out in paralysis. By all appearances, we're all fooled. They want the white out so they can screw richly. Obviously, I'm sorry that you failed.

You have a time bomb on you that will bomb this sphere. I'm basically on principles of truth. They're playing with Moscow to score us all useless. Those purple boys ever have death to bring in by a back door.

I don't believe in war or punishment. Jew pillory you for sport. A revolution will come when they can't give you hell.

Owl on algebra might federalize you. They always push you into exhaust. The Martians have gotten their weap bazook. I'm just a usable boy from the British."

Donald tried to reveal the truth to us in the early days of the UFO intervention. While speaking on live television they turned his microphone off.

Donald wrote several books about the extraterrestrial intervention. This one can be read for free.

If we combine a reverse speech from Donald with one of John Sanford:

"The Martians have gotten their weap bazook."

With John's reverse speech:

"Our many threats have failed for washing you."

Are we getting some idea of just how long weap Judah has been trying to start an atomic war with our family in Russia to wipe us all out?

Are we not understanding that Russia as America is in the control of weap Judah because he is the only one that controls the tickets to eat, the concession to issue money?

Militarism, Judah's racket to sell uniforms. Will American Labor not get smart and let them off right?

Are the American people not understanding that we would have been destroyed in the 1950s by Judah atom force if not for our good God stepping in and having his angels prevent our nuclear blast extermination?

Might we not perceive that the assault and battery boys have gotten themselves universed out of here with their thermonuclear toys?

Are we not yet getting some idea of the magnitude of the deception that Judah has put on us all?

London, Ottawa, Paris, Berlin, Rome, Washington and Moscow set to take America out in April. In the name of the love of God Almighty for sane will American workers not end funding our destruction for 5 hours to get it closed?

The cult of the dangerous sports people that don't make it in the extraterrestrial world. Now being died off by the power that created us as we are. Our good God Almighty in heaven above.

Has Judah not shown their hand enough that we will not act to protect ourselves from any more sport war harm from them?

That we are still funding the death of our nation, the loss of our health, our lives, our children dying out with us now over the next few years from brimstone weap disease. Must we not end accepting a status as right less people when we are the ones paying their salaries? Must we not reverse the situation and put our rights in?

Tele receives:

It's just their rice speed. 11.29 AM

Fun made ya. 11.58 AM

Fetch done. 12.11 PM

It's a great toss, they burn you alive. 12.20 PM

It's all settled. 12.34 PM

Close them savior. 12.43 PM

It's an embarrassing ill. 1.05 PM

They took our sight away. 1.07 PM

You got their wallitude out. 11.13 PM

The pops alliance failed. 1.16 PM

Embezzle logic makes zero average.

It's a total genocide die. 1.21 PM

Basically, your inhabit is off, an error spite your day. 1.24 PM

Doom a boy. 1.30 PM

They sport you to accomplish you right. 1.34 PM

Let's roll Switzerland in. 1.37 PM

Get focused. 1.38 PM

Scribbage. 1.47 PM

Sold. 1.49 PM

They're shooting powerful. 1.50 PM

It's slim. 2.10 PM

God's sphere away. 3.30 PM

You give him a promissory note and he claims the right to whomp ya.

Haul him out.

To rice a human they put a price on your head.

He's at the state in the United States where he's going to push you out easily.

Oh my god close your error ruse. 4.38 PM

Bust West gooserman. 5.51 PM

Bad turn here, all insultive. 5.53 PM

See it right collision coming in. 5.55 PM

It's clear. 6.39 PM

They write you away and spear you dead.

You ain't afraid. 7.25 PM

Oh my god we're being exterminated. 7.36 PM

Jewish got rich by messing your articles. 7.37 PM

A STRIKE soon will happen. 7.38 PM

It's sad. 7.43 PM

He's pulling you nice shoot. 11.43 PM

We're maximum fisted. 11.44 PM

Patrick has recycled us and now we've died ourselves off. 12.02 PM

Patrick goose hunter. 12.03 AM

Venus fly trap. 1.05 AM

Hiked people threat. 1.15 AM

Eventually, you'll close because of fail to Jew warning. 2.03 AM

I'll bring your mental into this century. 2.07 AM

Jew war is unique to punishing you guys. 2.25 AM

The circuit's held out by cash furnace. 2.27 AM

Pat, they're taking physique off with receipts. 2.29 AM

They've fallen us. 2.31 AM

The right force has obviously versatiled them away. 2.39

God helps you get rid of fisters and you just yielded over threats. 2.40 AM

Failed your life forces permanent blue. 2.42 AM

Nazis journey fell. 2.43 AM

Police shot you out for sale. 2.45 AM

West Germany exhausted our lives here. 2.50 AM

You rifle yourself off energy. 2.52 AM

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing. 2.57 AM

STRIKE full design. 2.59 AM

You lost your rights seriously. 3.24 AM

Put them out mutual. 4.10 AM

Pat, they've really chilled it.

God gave us life. 4.39 AM

You'll find that you'll settle with these fiends by losing your life, perished dead. 6.15 AM

He's permanently failed for his great jest. 6.30 AM

They got dud world in. 7.19 AM

They flushed us out of here. 7.36 AM

You let the police menace you." 8.06 AM

"I truly abolished you fair. I leave you contra-wise. It's fair I mush your life great. You're faired, we forget you.

We passed, turkey rolled my lie. I falsed him out real good. We fouled you tumorous with our energy," Judee say.

Psalm 21:13 Be exalted, O Lord, in your strength!
We will sing and praise your power.

"I establish you, their force is off." God Almighty said to Bitch at 3.01 PM

Is Labor recognizing the truth of that message to us from our good God? Are we not perfectly aware that Judah's force is off for repeatedly attacking us with nuclear missiles to exterminate us all?

Will Labor not help establish us right by doing your part, STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our nations money away from them and put it into the hands of a committee of the whole from Labor?

"Oh my god Patrick they're stewing us out." 9.27 AM

"I use uniforms on staff to scrimmage for the rich. We use a sheriff and do all of our boom sadistic fair. We just snuff you with a dog. I'm assured by our Russian force that in 6 months you'll be dead.

I'm for state abuse, I've got a gold threat. Our rabble state just shoots to do a shut down offense. Bitch wants us all out for every day, I'm all off of my threat. Your for right attitude fell.

I just set you fiend with my ruse invention. His mama reported I'm the maximum wolf to put you in. I had fun with debt and now the proof has blown me off of yesterday.

Your drilling team always set you straight. I break your resource. You've been choice for racing. I made a state. We always had a cheap relationship weaping you for sport, now I'm leaving you some calluses and I'm going to die," Judee say.

Will Labor not help us out of this suicide of Samson?

Do we recall that the Hebrew Samson was captured and blinded by the Philistines and when chained to their temple he pulled it down on them committing suicide in the process?

They've already committed suicide. Will Labor not let them off before they pull our house down on us too?

The mass shootings going on in our nation. Will American Labor not stop funding them all? Are we understanding that all the bleeding Judah is boursing is to cut us down?

Will Labor not end Judah's strategy of always opp racial? Centuries passing and Judah just giving us a purpose of hell. White people here to be god damned as white persons. Will Labor not detach us from the racist hell maker weap Judah?

Must American Labor not focus on this one thing that will determine if we live or die and that is acting to STOP THE WAR?

The interstate highway bridge collapse in Atlanta Georgia. Are we understanding that was a Judee weap? The fire burning underneath of it to disguise the explosives that were planted to bring it down.


Might we understand that was designed to be collapsed from before it was built?

To tear our infrastructure up as they are going aw

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