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"We Got A Staged 4 Hours Coming In With Some German Boys. We
Sun Apr 2, 2017 09:28

"We Got A Staged 4 Hours Coming In With Some German Boys. We're Going to Suffer the White Boy Completely Wet Using White Boy."

Bitch heard numerous negative comments about yesterday's post concerning a paragraph in it.

"You lost some considerage." Elder said.

Might we try to understand that Judah wants our world to see white people as the terrorists and destroyers of our world?

And what is the reality other than we are right less people who have no say in much of anything because we allow Judah to hold onto our purse for us?

"Greatly stupid." Elder said shortly after posting yesterday.

The destruction internal of our infrastructure has begun. The dropping of the highway bridge in Georgia. Everything going just as Judah planned it. A 4-hour shot coming in. Is there not some way that American people will wake to our passing?

Will white not STOP THE WAR and end having all of the atrocity in our world put onto the face of the white person?

Bitch has failed to speak successfully. Deeply imperfect, personal inadequacies. Yet should that hold others from preventing catastrophe from taking us away?

Thousands of bridges set to be dropped inside of America now that Judah has put himself out of God's village on earth. Might we understand that Judah always has a going away package for the inhabitants wherever they toss Judah away?

Once we lose our road and bridge system are we understanding that we then are out of our economy for a very long time?

Bitch has been picking up the "4 hour attack" now for some time in Judee reverse speech. The attack is to leave our nation permanently broken and then they are heading into their underground shelters to sit out our die off.

Might we try to understand that once Judah shoots us commercial and our economy is totaled we will no longer have the force available to shut Hitachi-GE down?

Bitch has a fault he's working through slowly. "It set you back aways," elder said.

He is aware that we are going out now and it won't let him rest until Labor helps us STOP THE WAR! Will we not pray that Bitch fault doesn't hamper Labor from acting smartly?

Over 5 years of warnings to STOP THE WAR and now the last month is here. The final showdown where weap Judah attacks us internally with his international fist leaving us totally busted out.

"We're ever ceased. 3.08 AM

We de-exist. 3.22 AM

They're dying us all off commercial." 3.53 PM

Breathing brimstone out our mouths already apparently unaware of it yet. 2,000 years warnings from our bibles of what to expect in the last days.

"Patrick, we made you simple. You fouled me right, hysterical. Patrick, we cored you out for sapping us out," Judee say.

Are the people not getting Judee's joke on us here? Can we not perceive that his government is one big hysterical joke on us all?

"Did you talk to Everett about it?"

"What does Everett think we should do here?"

"Ask Everett how this should go."

Bitch found "Everett" was pulling the strings in the last administration and was giving the orders of how to run the government from the weap house.

Bitch just pulled in reverse speech from one of the officials that are working on this 4-hour attack to break us in total, "Everett" is calling the shots. "Al" is working with Everett to get it done.

So who is this "Everett" person anyways?

And what might Everett's last name be? Rather than Everett as a first name, might Everett be the last name?

After reading reverse speech Bitch did get a second name with "Everett" yesterday. "Sidney."

"Sidney Everett." Could this be the name of the person who is directing this last attack upon the faltering, falling United States of America?

So who is Sidney Everett?

Found about 55 people with that first and last name and that's just in America.

Might Sidney be in England directing the wipe out of the United States? Canada? New Zealand? Australia? Israel? Might Sidney already be in the underground cabling Judah's last commercial weap opp, America?

Will Labor not help us to find which Sidney is the one that is pulling the strings and has been giving the orders to bust out the United States?

Will Labor not take our purse away from Sidney before he completes this combined military forces attack on us? Will the meek not try to save our lives?

Tele receives:

"Patrick has forced this sale nukage all refused. 9.11 PM

Assault. 11.16 AM

Flesh hell. 11.47 AM

Dangerous they're leaving us. 11.50 AM

You've already been destroyed, these son of a bitches destroyed us. 11.57 AM

You passed away discouraged. 12.05 PM

We die so wicked. 12.14 PM

They're burning you with pots, they die you with whatever.

These old son of a bitches are going to destroy us.

Checks they use to flush us. 12.40 PM

The temps keep going up until the whole machine self-destructs.

Flub it time. 12.59 PM

For manning their stuff goes. 1.12 PM

Lawsuits. 2.11 PM

It's HUGE they're doing us here. 2.22 PM

I establish you, their force is off. 3.01 PM

Patrick helps us out of fister. 3.58 PM

Passable. 5.37 PM

Too tough. 6.22 PM

Greatly stupid. 6.54 PM

Not too graceful, we got to leave you. 6.57 PM

Stupid failed to save us. 6.58 PM

Oh, he drifted. 6.59 PM

They're doing poperty. 7.01 PM

You cease to be a sign of ment. 7.04 PM

Patrick tossed them out and the children are being destroyed and he's upset. 7.08 PM

White people fell to be pushed. 7.09 PM

I think you have a rising here. 7.11 PM

Why didn't you pray there Patrick? 7.13 PM

Wiped you off with sacrifice. 7.14 PM

How incestual rave us. 7.18 PM

They've erased us off of here 100%. 7.22 PM

You seem to be unaware that you are destroyed people. 7.24 PM

Foolish guy tumbled. 7.24 PM

Big zero touched us. 7.25 PM

They perish us. 7.33 PM

Their psyche is already done and you're leaving them to perish us.

Get rid of the poisonous fail. 7.35 PM

It's fairish, you're drowned. 7.36 PM

All your friends rescued you, you're hugely guilty.

The plumber's cipher veered past us. 7.40 PM

Your problem is incredible misfit is totally ridiculous. 7.42 PM

Pat your fault is Jewish habitual. 7.43 PM

Past life is screwing you lethal. 7.44 PM

Your shrink failed. 7.45 PM

Coming awesome internal. 7.46 PM

Dungeons and secrecy exhausted us out. 7.48 PM

You're falsing out your spirit and they're finished. 7.49 PM

Children rape our future. 7.50 PM

Jeremy hikes you emphasis. 7.58 PM

They're trying to kill us with nuclear ways. 8.02 PM

Nuke cons. 8.04 PM

Sad we're dying away, let's push them out. 8.05 PM

Mercury's closed the ricers field. 8.08 PM

Shoe maker. 8.11 PM

Cat made us fail stupid ways. 9.00 PM

He spite us with crunch world. 9.07 PM

Failed symbol life keys nation.

You're assaulted for jest egg. 9.05 PM

Conspiritics made you suffer. 10.30 PM

False fault. 10.32 PM

They almost warred us out of proceedjus here. 1.05 AM

Raid you often all threats. 1.07 AM

An errorous liar. 1.10 AM

Patrick, they officially died us.

They forced you out deceitfully. 1.59 AM

Patrick dies abusage, they simply hate us. 2.00 AM

You've been apped fist. 2.02 AM

We're completely off here, we failed to save ourselves, we're dead. 2.04 AM

Sold to get diesel failed. 2.06 AM

Correctly stupid police scoring. 2.07 AM

Degenerates die core here, pass them off. 2.09 AM

They took peace off and made us hosiery way. 2.11 PM

STRIKE THEM hoster. 2.12 AM

The white people sagged. 2.14 AM

STRIKE for animal scores us. 2.15 AM

We're seriously force out, forced dead. 2.17 AM

Forced you out abusage, ported you maliciously. 2.18 AM

Image race us. 2.19 AM

Bitchie you're wasting badly. 2.20 AM

Patrick died us off of here. 2.20 AM

You didn't right your courage.

Housewife naturally died. 2.25 AM

Lickage tumbled awfully here. 2.26 AM

Scoopage cancels late us. 2.27 AM

Race sport makes us homeless. 2.28 AM

Casually smashed you, smashed us air ported. 2.29 AM

Stupid caught they really mouse us. 2.30 AM

Irish has obviously failed to save us. 2.33 AM

They put us in the backroom permanently speared. 2.37 AM

Defeated huge, unwilling to take responsibility for the damage they have funded. 2.38 AM

All fused delightful. 2.39 AM

Goose problems have sadly rifled us. 2.42 AM

Goosement has died your ability. 2.44 AM

Druid failed to genitals too municipal. 2.45 AM

Whites are wrong lacking gumption and won't fix it. 2.46 AM

Torched the village. 2.53 AM

STRIKE this diesel. 2.54 AM

A collision that life has failed us.

It's finished life right. 3.00 AM

Judee toast us sinfully. 3.02 AM

They've destroyed us. 3.06 AM

We're ever cased. 3.08 AM

We de-exist. 3.22 AM

There are missiles that missiled us. 3.29 AM

You sure have libeled a beautiful child, you have failed to speak successfully, you have speak quite abusive, because of muscle you are deceased, courtney fails. 3.31 AM

Lousy vicious. 5.18 AM

You truth us. 5.29 AM

It's hideous." 5.46 AM

"Why didn't you pray there Patrick?" 7.13 PM

If only Patrick had prayed might he have not put that abusive comment in yesterday's post? Is memory part of stupid? For those that pray maybe you could add a prayer that Bitchie remembers to pray before he posts anymore not useful things again? Thank you for all of the Tele sends.

We're in April and the last takedown of what is left of the economy of the United States of America is set now to be physically shot off.

The four hours that Judah is set now to give us with his combined forces. Germans, Russians, British troops, Paris desk. Ottawa providing bases to do the attack from.

Right less Americans not able to bring anything to court for we have no rights at all.

Bitch watched a video about a couple of brothers that purportedly were electrocuted by downed power lines.

Here's some reverse speech found in the video:

"They did some cop pull-offs in West Anthony. This was date and fist here. Young stump failed. This was done for whole life. Forever my racial dates have fallen out. Found for rape so they had to go in. We had some homo molest that found us out."

Might we consider how Judee leaves his shooter families in good shape? Can we only wonder how much the payout will be from the power company for the downed power lines that purportedly electrocuted the boys?

Are we getting some idea of how Judee trains his little children to opp druids at a really early age?

From childhood, until they go to the grave in old age they opp Druid away.

"Foolish to do nothing." Have elders not said that for over 5 years now? Yes, they have.

"You're involved in sin your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." The angels said.

"It's hideous." 5.46 AM

Might that be a Tele send about what Bitch put in yesterday's post? Will we not pray that Labor will act to STRIKE THEM OUT not based on Bitch fault but rather on seeing your own vital interests are at stake?

Here's some reverse speech that Bitch listened to that reveals what is coming at us this month:

"We've got a staged 4 hours coming in with some German boys. We're going to suffer the white boy completely wet using the white boy.

Judas cop has always been on white foolish. I've got federal firepower coming in. I grow best when I make you fail, completely fail.

His mother cast a righteous sphere above us and canceled our lies on us, I'm HUGED. I'm taking oxygen to make it unbearable. Anxious I lost, I scored you proof," Judee say.

The federal firepower that Judah is planning on turning loose on us. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and cancel their plans to late us?

"All your friends rescued you, you're hugely guilty."

All our friends and our family from the universe rescued us. Will Labor not try to overlook Bitch mis-speak and act to end funding shooting us?

"You sure have libeled a beautiful child, you have failed to speak successfully, you have speak quite abusive, because of muscle you are deceased, courtney fails." 3.31 AM

Because Judah took over the United States has our court not quite failed?

Bitch apologize for libeling a beautiful child. Bitch is looking for the button to push that will bring the whites to try and save us. Is it not real obvious that weap Judah is history along with his violent government farce?

"Because of muscle, you are deceased."

Are we not appreciating why Father wants Labor to hold the concession to issue our money? When Labor has our purse in it hands much chance it will be hiring muscle to fist anyone out? Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

Judee sporting us with municipals and now municipals are stuck here to die off with us in a hideous way. Breathing in nuclear waste. Brimstone coming out our mouths.

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives." Our good God Almighty said.

Yesterday's post the paragraph that so upset everybody.

Might some explanation be in order as to just what Bitch was trying to express there?

Are we seeing that we have let Judah so mis-sight us and Judee has the intent to have our family curse us when they think of us?

Have we not noticed how Judah puts the face of white on his sins against our family in this world.

The cruelly manipulated poor, the tenement kids Judee uses to score for him. Will Labor not do us all a favor and put a just economic system in?

"Disturbed." One Tele sender said.

Is being died off massively not pretty disturbing?

Can we not pray for a day that we all will look in the mirror and say, "I'm just not going to let my money be used by Judah to assault God's kids this day or any other day ever again?"

"HELP US PAT!" 6.47 AM

That is sure what Pat would like to do. The moments ticking down to where it will be too late once Judah has his wholesale commercial fist bust our roots.

The comforts, convenience, the wealth of goods we have. Is there some understanding that in 4 hours of Judah sport it may all be in the past?

He shot himself, put himself in his carriage with a wooden stake through his cipher brand. Is there not some way to interest American Labor in closing him out now?

Our greatest resource, is it not our people? Certainly.

And yet Judah finds our most useful and fists them out of life. Frames up and Imprisons our Labor, peace, environmental, civil rights and other justice spirited activists.

And now Judah is going for taking us all out massively.

"Parasite of the Western world is an awesome breed." 7.40 AM

How awesome? Has he not demonstrated that he is awesome enough to repeatedly shoot us with nuclear weapons while still able to keep us frozen?

"With tyranny, we scut you fair," Judee say.

Are we seeing that it is only with a tyranny that Judah can demonstrate his awesome breed's abilities right?

"They fail us through our personal lives." 7.14 AM

Rather than hear from Bitch might individual workers not try to telepathically communicate with Father to get the truth of what in happening to us in our world?

A prayer, is that not a telepathic communication pathway? Yes, it is. Will Labor not pray to our good God above for help in our most serious hour of need?

It not obvious that Judah has us set to be died off complete?

"Defeated sewerage. 5.51 AM

They've ever got a thumpus deal. 7.02 AM

By embarrass, you failed to right yourselves. 7.04 AM

God had mercy on us and they're tearing us apart. 7.10 AM

Jew coppers stoned us. 7.12 AM

They fail us through our personal lives. 7.14

You're an amazing person, you almost completely convert me. 7.20 AM

You lost it foolish. 7.25 AM

Parasite lost points. 7.30 AM

Parasite of the Western world is an awesome breed. 7.35 AM

You lost it foolish tyranny." 8.06 AM


The Tele sender said that "they fail us through our personal lives," might it be noted that elders informed Bitch that Judee seriously libeled him?

The things that Judah claims he has on Bitchie. Elders term

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