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"The White Guy Just Doesn't Have Any Leadership" That is fr
Mon Apr 3, 2017 10:45

"The White Guy Just Doesn't Have Any Leadership"

That is from an overnight Tele receive. "The white guy just doesn't have any leadership."

Might it be that anyone that speaks the truth is already in jail or dead? Might that be what has happened to our leadership? Maybe a bomb on a transit train that takes our useful out?

4.44 PM

11 people killed in St. Petersburg in Russia by a satchel on a transit train. Here's some reverse speech found in a video report of it:

We ever force your errortude with our bourse show, we have grease do the falls. This white guy sees us as too racist, makes us go for our dumb. We've lost our total force. Germans did the scientific action, 5% was paid up for cheese."

Is Labor understanding that it is free American Labor bourse that does these sorts of satchel bombings?

The scientific action that Germany provides. Are we not aware they do library ventilation ricin opps in Iowa also?

Reported to you years ago Labor. If only you would have given us our grand juries might Germany's industry be in a different field of endeavor now instead of wiring satchel charges in public transit systems in Russia?

Bitch just pulled some more international weap Judah reverse speech. Here it is:

"Your warning, we fooled. We take out your whole country and once again David stepped in and saved us," Judee say.

Are we remembering it was Mabel's boy David Grayson that rolled video on Bitch back in 1984 that has now saved Judah from being pulled out by American Labor?

"Once again David stepped in and saved us," Judee say.

Might Judah see Americans as Goliath to be slain?

Mercury Elder said this to Bitch at 2.27 PM:

"We'll divulge to you it's HUGE!"

Rather than a few thousand bridges and other facilities, might we have more than that taken out in this 4-hour joint military attack of British, German, Russian, Dutch, Canadian and French military forces?

Is American Labor not aware that the US military has already attacked us with nuclear missiles? The US Airforce attack with nuclear-tipped cruise missiles that they launched on us in August of 2007.

Are we understanding Labor they are an already proven force for Judah genocide?

Shortly after hearing from Mercury elder while Bitch was praying to Father this afternoon Father said these words to Bitch:

"You've had enough, I warned you." 3.56 PM

The sense of what elder said to Bitch seems to indicate that we may be set to have 5,000 or more infrastructure elements taken out.

All our cell phone towers taken out. Our power lines taken out. Will we not pray that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT before this attack is let loose upon us?

Next is the rest of today's post that was written earlier in the day. Thank you.

How many even know the truth? Those that speak about God and how do they know these things about God?

Are most of them not based upon faith? Or the things they read in the bible?

Before Bitch knew that Father does truly exist he considered Faith a way to fool us when there was no one around to fool us.

As the churches and preachers have largely supported every war that came along, Bitch considered the entire god thing to be part of their ruse to keep us cheering for what is obviously wrong.

Though there are exceptions. There have been many church people that just would not go along with war.

And what happened to them? How about father Groppi
James Groppi

In 1968 Groppi was awarded the Pacem in Terris Peace and Freedom Award by the Davenport Catholic Interracial Council. It was named after a 1963 encyclical by Pope John XXIII that called upon people of good will to secure peace among all nations. Pacem in terris is Latin for "Peace on earth".

The church continually tried to throttle him for his civil rights activism. He left the church and in late 1979, Groppi became a bus driver for the Milwaukee County Transit System—-a job he had held in the 1950s to help put himself through seminary—-and remained in that capacity until he died of brain cancer at 54 years of age in 1985. In 1983 he was elected president of the bus drivers' local union, ATU 998

Only 54 years of age when he left. Brain cancer. Might we only wonder how that came about?

Cancer as a method of political assassination. Might we think of weap Judah now in his last assault upon the children of god on earth as he is assassinating us with cancer in the billions as he goes away from us for good?

The 4 hour staged event that Judah has planned to leave America broken economically. The smashing of our infrastructure before he is finally done with us and we with him.

Bitch found in one of the perpetrators facial reverse speech said that it was scheduled to happen on a "Thursday."

April 6, 13, 20th and the 27th. The four Thursdays in April. Which one can we only wonder will be the Thursday attack that will break our infrastructure and with it our economy?

Once our economy is fully shattered might we be without any way to get the nuclear artillery that Judah is shelling us with from Hitachi-GE, shut down?

"Roses are red, my love.
Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet, my love.
But not as sweet as you."

Is that your little girl?
She looks a lot like you
Someday some boy will write
In her book, too:

"Roses are red, my love.
Violets are blue.
Sugar is sweet, my love.
But not as sweet as you.

55 years ago in 1962 Roses are Red first played on our radios. The innocent times with a school graduation song. If we would have known then that Judah had already tried to attack us with atomic bombs would we have remained so innocent?

Our cousins home from the war in Korea. Our uncles home from the second world war. Our grandfathers that had inhaled gas in the first world war. Vietnam just in front of us all.

Constant wars that America has fought. Is it not something to think about, they were all false?

"If I can convince you to weap a man I can take you over forever. H----- sees how I got you to weap so he screws me out," Judee say.

For respect to the love of Father only Father's initial is written there.

For the love of God and man will American Labor not give us a hand to end the weap of Judah that he is using our purse, children and our land of the free, America, to do it with?

Will we not end being convinced to weap a man for Judah brand?

Will Americans not act and end the weap of God's children so that Judah can no longer continue with his takeover of us here?

"Daddy you lost all of our life force." 7.03 AM

America the beautiful turned into America the brutiful in the war command economy of weap Judah on free American Labor bourse.

"Once we got the jury out your rules were gone," Judee say.

Might we think the first real challenge to our American rules was in 1858 when the supreme clerks tossed out the 1854 jury decision that set Dred Scott free?

The rules put in by our ancestors in England 1215. Trial by jury as the law of the land. Made the law of the land in the new United States of America in 1791. Tossed out by Judah Replicons only 67 years later.

Another century and a half and now today American rule totally dead.

Bitch and his stupid mistakes allowing Judah to hold himself in for more sin. Might we want to think of Judee's estimate of when our minds will be well?

Do we recall that from the day of liberation his estimate is that it will take two weeks to get over his mental assault upon us here?

Will Labor not help all of us that are enduring the assault against God's children on earth and STRIKE THEM OUT and let the healing begin?

Will Labor not let us have our two weeks without Judah booming to let our minds rest from the daily sacrifice that Judah has going on now?

Will Labor not factor in Bitch's stupid mistakes as coming from a mind that just needs two weeks of peace in his life?

"My dog sides letting me keep coring here. I'm a horneum. With our instruments a cheap fall is coming in, I push you. Since I met you I did homisets because I'm great. All our troubles are white summons," Judee say.

As the fox that eats the mouse, first, he bites his head. Disabling the mouse so that he has no thought left.

Might we see how Judah has taken our head away first by fooling us into not following the rules of God by getting us to violate God's rules of His village, "Thou shalt not kill?"

Are we seeing that it is war to take our moral, ethical, spiritual down as what Judah uses to accomplish us?

Are we understanding why Judah puts the war in? If so will Labor not end funding our sin? More than a moral, ethical or spiritual loss, are we understanding that we are set now to go out of our physical life forms in a 4-hour shot?

"Jew's in favor of offen checks," Judee say.

Gifted with free will as we are, Judah was not compelled to follow house rules that our good God gave us. Of his own free will, Judah chose to violate the rules of God's village on earth.

Judah chose to do genocide even after he knew that it was illegal to do in the Federation. Offered all the assistance that he would need to transition himself out of his animal primitivism and into the higher level life form needed to go extraterrestrial, and Judah rejected all overtures from God and the Federation.

"I'm basically a Jew that ever fails you, that's why they're making me go in," Judee say.

"Pat your fault is Jewish habitual." 7.43 PM

Could that be what is holding us back from bringing Labor in to help us? Could the one eight sand vibe be stuck on stupid somewhere that it is causing the fail that has blocked Labor from coming in to help us here?

That the nuclear war fighting machinery is in operation to die us out in the billions now. And it has been in operation for over 6 years now. That we have done nothing. Must we not change that and act now?

The pestilence of war. Are we understanding it is a creation from the cipher of weap Judah to score?

"I want some pp," Judee say.

That is precisely what Bitch just pulled out of a Judee guy's head from his reverse speech.

Dice, pp, heroin and booze. If we throw in jails and war do we not have the whole kit and caboodle of Judah politics and rule?

Thank you, God, for letting them off.

Judah molest and abuse of the mind. Could that explain how he has managed to hold on to his force still?

The few times that Labor won. The triangle shirtwaist company fire. They locked the doors and burned the lady workers alive. Cut the bolts part way through on the fire escape falling the lady workers 5 stories to their deaths on the ground.

The imprisonment of Labor leaders that didn't want war.

The Alcatraz imprisonment torture deaths of the Hofer brothers in Judah's first world war. They died because they refused to harm their fellow man.

The Chicago union workers invited to a boat ride and a picnic on the other side of the lake. The boat turns upside down at the pier drowning all of the union workers that day.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good Lord, that Father loves us so much that He let Judah go away from us forevermore?

"We molest and I just scrimmage you off," Judee say.

"Greatly stupid," Father said about the thing that Bitch wrote the other day. Will Labor please step around all of Bitch's stupid mistakes and STRIKE THEM OUT before we are scored out right?

Are there not many of us extremely saddened to see this beautiful one time partly free nation destroyed so easily? With so much warning this time did it not seem that somehow Labor would become involved to prevent our demise?

Though Bitch has not given up yet. Father is still with us.

The little people that always die in war. Are we understanding that is all of us now?

"I'm failed. I have no future." A couple of factory workers said in reverse speech as they were building the war implements for Judah's second world war.

"I'm dying it," Adolph Hitler said to field Marshal Goering. From a video of the war years.
Major Donald Kehoe (1897-1988)

"War will pitch you out in paralysis. By all appearances, we're all fooled. They want the white out so they can screw richly. Obviously, I'm sorry that you failed.

You have a time bomb on you that will bomb this sphere. I'm basically on principles of truth. They're playing with Moscow to score us all useless. Those purple boys ever have death to bring in by a back door.

I don't believe in war or punishment. Jew pillory you for sport. A revolution will come when they can't give you hell.

Owl on algebra might federalize you. They always push you into exhaust. The Martians have gotten their weap bazook. I'm just a usable boy from the British."

"Obviously, I'm sorry that you failed."

Major Donald Kehoe said that in reverse speech. Donald tried to inform us of the reality of the visitation to us from our family from outer space. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and reverse this fail here?

Donald published in 1973 Aliens From Space: The Real Story Of Unidentified Flying Objects

That is one of the many books that he wrote on the extraterrestrial subject. He reveals in that book a passenger plane was hit with a missile that was shot from above the plane blasting it into little fragments.

Might we understand that before the missile hit that plane our extraterrestrial family had safely evacuated all of the passengers and the flight crew?

Certainly. Elders do not harm us. Might we wonder what type of a meta-transiliatory message could be found in blasting a commercial airplane to bits?

Might we wonder who was on the plane that was blasted to bits and invited to live among our family in the stars?

Thinking to an earlier time when king Henry V reportedly died in August of 1422 at the age of only 36.

We now know that Henry didn't die, he was beamed up to live a nice life with our elders from outer space. A meat doll was left in his place to be buried by the royals.

The reason they pulled Henry V was because "He was on a roll." Doing genocide in France.

Bitch, as reported previously, met one of Henry's descendants in a Chicago theater in about 1960. Bitch did not know who he was until recently when elders informed him of this.

The young appearing well-dressed man told us that it was the Jews that were behind all of the war in our world. Bitch didn't know the truth then, he was only a youngster. But he clearly members the event.

Bitch just asked elder if Henry V is still alive and elder responded, "Jewie tossed him pitch."

The understanding is that Henry lived for 12 years with our elders from outer space and chose to return to earth.

Elders accommodated him and after he was returned to earth Judee pushed him in.

The children that Henry V had with Venus stayed living with our family inside of our earth.

The young man that spoke with Bitch and some of his friends in 1960 appeared to be about 20 years of age. Elder said he was actually 300 years of age.

"Judee's about blown you fantastic," Judee say.

Might we see the struggle that Judah has had with keeping the presence of our extraterrestrial family from the general population?

If Henry V had lived might he have talked about the years he spent with our extraterrestrial family?

Would that not have blown the cover on the secrecy surrounding the presence of extraterrestrials that live in our world?

Might we understand why Judee would have decided to put Henry V in when Henry returned from his years living with our extraterrestrial family?

The understanding by all the people on the surface of planet earth that the societies associated with the Federation are in peaceful cohesion with our elders from outer space. Might that not take Judah's false out? Certainly.

"I had a snafu with my riceman so they threw me out," Judee say.


That Judah could live among us for so many centuries only waiting for the time when they could destroy us.

As they tell us they are pacific un

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