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I-85 Investigator Gunned Down
Tue Apr 4, 2017 05:50


Trihn Huynh - an attorney that specializes in Construction and works for UPS - was gunned down yesterday by a paid assassin and it was caught on camera.

This means that the Assassin’s Eye Prints have been captured and the Atlanta Police have already identified him - but are not working to arrest him.

Shame on you Atlanta Police - you need a new chief who will arrest these thugs.

It also means that the shooter will be paid, and then killed. Dead men tell no tales.

So what happened you may ask????

After the State Of Georgia Department of Transportation released information clearly stating it stored Non-Combustibles under the bridge. People began to wake up.

In fact - if you look at the photos - there were no stored materials under the bridge - and it seems like everyone is lying about this.

So Trinh filed a “Force Majeure” in US District Court to have all information about the FBI/CIA take down of the I-85 bridge collapse released.

The Force Majeure would hold all parties involved harmless. She then stepped out of the Federal Court House and was shot 3 times by an FBI Pig and died on the street.

Amazingly no American was armed and shot back at this FBI Paid Assassin.

So - the FBI appointed Andrew
McCabe as chief investigator of the entire I-85 Bridge Collapse - - you know - the one who’s wife took $600,000 in donations for her campaign form Hillary Clinton that was not disclosed on their taxes???

Due to the Evil Nature of these FBI/CIA “Deep State” Satanic NAZI Pigs you can expect more explosions, more buildings to be blown, more 911s, more Oklahoma City Bombings these organizations are shut down or fundamentally changed.

The destruction of the Intelligence Base under Atlanta - like they did to the one under Denver and Mineral - would be a good start.

Other Deep State Lies you may wish to know bout include, but are not limited to:

1) The Iraq Dinar (Vietnamese Dong, Rwandan Bonds) will be revalued tomorrow - spread throughout the Churches to drain people of their savings in hope of gaining millions. The Dinar you buy is printed in the USA and is counterfeit.

2) Planet Nibiru will destroy Planet Earth is spread to cause fear - which the Demons feed on. The gravitational force of the Binary Star that Nibiru is part of has been changed so that it will not effect Planet Earth any more.

3) We will have a Pole Shift. This was real until about 6 months ago when the Magnetic Pole shifted back to where it was in 1669. Our hand held compasses now have the same declination as they did when I was a kid.

4) The Earth is flat. This rumor is being spread by those who have twisted the words in the Bible to try and hide the Secret US Space Program.

5) Can you think of more lies the CIA is spreading - like Cancer is Genetic???
In other news:

1) Former Hawaii Elections Clerk Tim Adams Was Told Obama’s Birth Certificate Doesn’t Exist - yet he certified the elections in Hawaii.


Here is the Signed and Notarized Affidafit where Tim Adams clearly stated that he swears under oath the was told that the Obama Birth Certificate from Hawaii was fake and there is no record Barrack Obama JR of being born in either the Queens Medical Canter or the Kapi’Olani Medical Center in Honolulu.

What they are hiding is two things:

1) The Organic Constitution of 1871 - finally signed by President Grant.

2) United States Code, 2, Sec 286 - the United States is a Corporation.

This means all states, counties and cities are Corporations and were made corporations illegally - which is why we had a Civil War - to stop this madness.

This makes the court systems private corporations, as are all schools, private corporations and as an American Citizen you are not bound by their “English Maritime Laws” if you realize your name is really written in all little letters.

IE: james smith

Not James Smith or JAMES SMITH - both Corporations subject to English Law.

That being said - since you are using Federal Reserve Notes as “Money” - you must pay your taxes.

And now that it was released by Lord Lyons that when they dug up the castle in Edmonds England to rebuild it - it was discovered that James Erskine (Knights Templar) killed King James and then gave England and North America to The Pope illegally - the entire US Corporate Governing System is now illegal and President Trump must now fix this as a Knight’s Templar.

What this means to you and me is that the 1789 Constitution is now in full effect and Gold and Silver are defined as Money and this type of currency must be re-initiated.

The implications of what was just stated have Huge Worldwide Implications and clearly implies that the Entire Federal Reserve System is illegal - thus effecting treaties as far back as 1913.

Perhaps the Russians and Chinese have always known - which is why this March towards Joint USSR/Chinese Gold Backed Currency began in October 1959.

This Gold Backed Currency is now in full effect as of Yesterday Morning.

So while the CIA and FBI (Deep State) are blowing up our infrastructure here in America the rest of the world is moving very rapidly to bypass the Bank of International Settlements and create a New and Legal Money across the globe.

President Trump: If you create a New US Money System backed by $10 a barrel Oil - you will solve the US Currency Problem Immediately.


Use LED Lights outside.

Using them indoors apparently caused you to overeat and increases your chance of cancer, diabetes, etc.

Outdoors - they are OK

We have 14 out door lights - and we light our entire ½ acre using only 50 watts of power. This means our yearly savings are about $400 a year over regular Incandescent Lights; or about $150 a year over Fluorescent Lights.

Further - if I forget to turn them off - no biggie.

So now I can afford to store food and try this Anti Aging Formula.

I may be getting older but I am fighting every wrinkle every step of the way.


Please pray that President Trump is safe and that his Security listens very carefully to every viable threat against him and that they are all neutralized.

Please also pray that YOUR family is safe in what is coming and that GOD guides the hands of President Trump to stabilize our economy.

Deep State - Do not even bother to meet with me or call me to tell me not to save President Trump’s and Putin’s Lives or stop a Nuclear War any more. This is what I do here.

There are forces here you cannot even comprehend and by holding me here in Tacoma you are only risking your own lives. So GOD has said it - so it shall be.

Do not kill my president’s and do not start a Nuclear War.

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