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"Until You Take a Piece of Paper Away From Them This is Goin
Tue Apr 4, 2017 09:42

"Until You Take a Piece of Paper Away From Them This is Going to Remain Foolish"

That's an overnight Tele receive. "Until you take a piece of paper away from them this is going to remain foolish."

And that piece of paper we need to take away from them? The thing we call money. Cash. The tickets to eat. The tickets that let us access the aggregate resource base made available by Labor.

Tele receives:

"Forever they just want to rape. 11.42 AM

He's warred out. 12.16 PM

Thank you. 12.31 PM

Industrial sport out. 12.57 PM

We'll divulge to you it's HUGE. 2.27 PM

Error out. 2.40 PM

They will not see. 2.42 PM

Rolling sports Pittsburgh. 2.53 PM

Sewer won. 3.00 PM

Real sweet. 3.27 PM

It's a gnaw away. 3.33 PM

Shake them out purity. 3.43 PM

Take them out. 3.43 PM

They did us gizmo. 3.45 PM

They're going for believing in mushrooms.

Communist idiots shot their force. 3.48 PM

You had enough, I warned you. 3.56 PM

Murder off. 4.00 PM

Soviet power is coming in to take us out.

Ghost power. 4.15 PM

Oh my god viceroys are killing hostages. 4.44 PM

This guy is out to stop Jamaica force complete. 6.52 PM

He's out for sporting.

It was stolen off your selfishness.

You failed mother. 7.12 PM

A great dog got rid of us. 7.21 PM

You sold me again. 7.27 PM

Bubble gum is thrown, it's rolled. 7.40 PM

False life is foolish. 7.41 PM

Can we wait until I retire? 7.45 PM

Genus ape folding you up. 7.46 PM

Take the sticks off. 7.56 PM

Mommy, they're taking us off.

Stock. 7.57 PM

Sporting ever. 8.40 PM


My hands are tied.

You failed to save us Patrick. 10.41 PM

He's dying the whole nursery.

You're challenged. 11.04 PM

Patrick RISE US! 12.51 AM

Set great to core you out. 12.54 AM

Rat force is busting us. 12.55 AM

We want to start your forge. 12.59 AM

Perishing incredibly stupidly.

The tight rolls are coming in to take you away. 1.01 AM

Trigger failed. 1.04 AM

A few hours and death head. 1.09 AM

Your riced to perish New Orleans. 1.10 AM

Their apps are going to see you Iceland. 1.11 AM

Buttiness, paratics delightfully tossed you out. 1.12 AM

Rugh tumor, bad app, die whole. 1.14 AM

It's just a filthy habit. 2.46 AM

Until you take a piece of paper away from them this is going to remain foolish. 2.59 AM

You innocent guys, you're dead. 3.00 AM

Burgher died your field.

You lost your way corrupt. 3.01 AM

Inadequates. 3.17 AM

White dies prison. 3.27 AM

Privilege is all wastive. 3.28 AM

They whomped you real great. 3.30 AM

Officially corrupt. 3.36 AM

Oleo put stupid warts in. 3.37 AM

Police fall false. 3.39 AM

Police officials fantastically refused. 3.47 AM

Jew over. 4.10 AM
"In the future everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes." Andy Warhol (1928-1987)

"In the future everyone will be famous for fifteen minutes." I'm bored with that line. I never use it anymore. My new line is, "In fifteen minutes everybody will be famous."

Is Judah not something in that he has been world famous now for thousands of years?

The many people that search for God. The many people that reject that there is a God so why bother searching? And what about the many people that know there is a God and try to keep the rest of us from learning about Him and His truth?

Andy Warhol: "I think everybody should like everybody."

Is that not pretty close to revealing the secret why God is kept secret from us by that group that knows for certain that God does exist?

"Love one another." God's our Father's command to us. Might that command be why Judah, who knows and has known for thousands of years that God exists, has kept it a well-guarded secret from many of us?

"For symbols I totally impeach you. I'm losing my power but I'm surviving. With a child I make a big weap, that's why I use the churches. My brinkmanship won't right you.

I just catch you sale. Jew strangles decent, that's why they want us off of here. We perish wit, Muslim I'm gonna use great. My death wish of you with Roosevelt. Genocide challenges capital, it's our death way, the white man we want through, he challenges us. For a goose net I weap," Judee say.

The "Deathwish" that Judah has for us all. His attempt to exercise it with Pittsburgh Westinghouse Roosevelt New Hampshire and a thousand nuclear missiles with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads shot at us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011.

When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires will come to you

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do
Fate is kind
She brings to those to love
The sweet fulfillment of
Their secret longing
Like a bolt out of the blue
Fate steps in and sees you through
When you wish upon a star
Your dreams come true

Might we not consider ourselves blessed to still be alive at this moment in time?

Judee's dreams, his desire, to fist us all out of life with his great balls of fire.

The sweet fulfillment of Their secret longing, like a bolt out of the blue tried to turn us all into cinders and ashes. Will Labor not get smart and let them off of us?

If your heart is in your dream
No request is too extreme

Will we not say a prayer of thanks that by Judah not having a heart he could not make his dream of blasting us out with nuclear bombs come true?

If Judee would have only had a heart might his dreams have come true of smacking us right?

And yet without a heart, he is now smacking us again, this time with conventional weapons and nuclear brimstone waste.

Our elders may not stop a conventional military attack, only a nuclear blast genocide attack as Judah did.

Here's what Judah is thinking from their reverse speech with a big smile on their faces:

"Dumb and stupid to face a down day knowing what Jew done. Druid I'm directing to do more casualties fair, I'm keeping him in fear. My Bitch Hollywood allowed me to pull you failed for free."

Have we given any thought to how down of a day it will be if we fund them to attack us with thousands of missiles to take out our infrastructure?

As Judah has millions of well boursed up Replicons in America just waiting to go into action against us internal, might we not expect 30,000 bombings to happen once he gets us on the down day with his warbirds?

"Jew just make you suffer for a price, I took out contact, you're stumbled fatal even with the disk. I just wash you right away, that's our force," Judee say.

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives. I've warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR. I want you to be comfortable. I would have given you anything. My kids, treat them super nice. You've had enough, I warned you. I gave you the peace, must you fail? Why didn't you try it?"

4 Thursdays in the month of April. Will it be this first Thursday that Judah puts his big final push against Americans on?

Or might Judee's final insult to mild man be set for next Thursday?

Or the Thursday following? Or the last Thursday of April?

"Druid I'm directing to do more casualties fair, I'm keeping him in fear."

"Come on bind your Wall Street. 5.15 AM

Apparitistic. 5.32 AM

We're decimals. 5.57 AM

The most incredible joy is pushed off.

The communist fist fell." 6.51 AM
Even though the communist fist fell, American Labor is still enabling it to fist and so it does.

No Buddha, Quetzalcoatl or abundance. Though we do have Jesus and God our Father to help us. How have we missed the signals for so long?

"Contact will right us! 6.56 AM

Your wasters are taking off all families." 6.57 AM

Planet of the Apes on earth visited by extraterrestrials 200,000 years ago who genetically engineered us with their own 223 high intelligence genetics.

153,000 years pass and the first of the genetically engineered hybrids in the nursery hatch and fly off into outer space. Venus is now their home. Venus, the Goddess of love.

Might we only wonder was it their love that afforded our brothers and sisters that live in Venus now, the opportunity to develop quickly to bring them into the extraterrestrial world?

Our family that live in the moons of Jupiter. The understanding is they became extraterrestrial 187,000 years after we were genetically engineered into our high intelligence life form 200,000 years ago.

Next Atlantis left earth becoming extraterrestrial and flew off into outer space 190,000 years after our hybridization. Now living inside of Mercury. Doing all they can to help us survive this last nuclear war of weap Judah on us guys.

Judah, tuned in on reality, aware that our family in the universe lives in peace. Is it not something to ponder, that he has been aware of this for thousands of years?

And yet he goes on making war. Planned to war us all to death. Might we not try to perceive that if not for the love of God for us all we already would have been died off and gone?

His homeless sport that he does because it helps him to die rabbits off he tells us. As God our Father loves us all equally might Father not see us all as His loving children instead of rabbits as Judah does?

Planet of the apes, a nursery of the Galactic Federation of Light. Like a bacillus gone bad Judah tried to rape all of us. Eating us like insects, vegetables that he scorns.

A "rare" life form our elders inform us is this errant guy Judah that only wants to fist us.

Bitchie, put through some extreme events in his life, kept in only by the love of God to serve a purpose, to inform His children on earth that God our Father loves us all.

Bitch faulty did an insult that mis-set God's kids 5 years ago. Some stupid mistakes also thrown in since then. For the love of God and life will Labor not forgive them, STRIKE THEM OUT and try to prevent loss of life form?

"Shear them off." A lady passing by said as Bitchie was outside eating a banana at 7.26 AM

"The mouse been scaled." 7.39 AM

The general STRIKE that will liberate the children of God on earth in 5 hours from the malignant force of weap Judah sickness and Satan death course. Will we not keep praying that Labor will do the will of our good God and take the concession to issue our money into the hands of a Labor Committee of the Whole and STOP THE WAR?

From reading many reverse speech they are smiling that they are still able to get Druid to assault for them.

They are reporting that their scientists have confirmed that they do have the hundreds of millions of Americans sealed into being poisoned out now.

While Bitch may be deeply imperfect, as elder described him, he is not a sinner. Not that he hasn't sinned, but he tries to avoid sin.

As he did not know that there actually is a God, he did not have any guideposts except what he could figure out from looking around and trying to make sense out of living in a country that is always at war.

He has understood that war is wrong and he knew it was a false in 1966 when he saw it first hand.

Did it not seem that after the war in Vietnam Americans would come to realize that war is a false and bring it to an end? An unending American war is still going on, can we only wonder why that has not happened, why we as of yet do not seem to know that war is a false?

Or could it be that we do know war is a false but for one reason or another we just don't want to get involved in any pro-peace activity?

That is what Judah is indicating. We are in fear and will not challenge him because of his menacing and threatening of us.

"He threw him out with his whole campus." 8.43 AM

Thousands of years of precise false. All finished out with a few hours of wild shooting at us. Has Judah not thrown himself and his whole campus out nice?

"Get him out!" 8.46 AM

And what is the dreadful fear that Judah is using to keep Druid shooting for him?

Is it any other than the fear of loss of income? And is that not a real big fear?

Once we lose our incomes and become homeless are we not real easy mice to eat then?

The $nickel that Morgan pays to those that help in putting a homeless person in. Even without an insurance package to collect on, is it not something that there still is Morgan to make the $nickels available?

Evil? Has America in Jewish management hands not got the feel of Satan, Lucifer, and the devil?

"Thou shalt not kill." Will Labor not reacquaint us all with the house rules of our good God and put them in?

"We do not punish, we follow God's way." 8.53 AM

"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves," Father said.

Bitchie still praying for a win in peace. Will others not join in and pray that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT before we have nothing left?

4 Thursdays in April. Will the big slam be tomorrow next week or the two weeks that follow?

The crooked violent false guy that is holding our purse privately. Spends free money on whatever he wants.

Can we only try to imagine how many bribes he had to pay to let that bomb go off in the St. Petersburg subway?

Are Americans ready for the same treatment coming up?

As Judah has remained unchanged for thousands of years now, much chance he will change now?

Seems unlikely, doesn't it?

Our surface world now to be poisoned out in such a way that only God will be able to get his righteous children out.

Industrial chemicals of all sorts set to be blasted into the air that we breathe. Can American Labor not be convinced somehow to stop paying for what is coming in now?

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," the angels said.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

Might we think of the thousands of times over many years now that Father has warned us to STOP THE WAR?

Will Americans need to experience the horror of war first hand before we will act to get the war out of our world?

If Labor funds our bridges coming down might we consider how things will be with snipers shooting us down?

Judah has been working snipers on our streets forever we know, once our system collapses any thought about all of his Replicons that will be shooting us with long range scopes?

Are we understanding Labor that war is done and the only ones still shooting it are poor white folks?

The Druid that is not dutiful that has ever failed to save himself. Will we not try to break our losing streak?

A big reason for all of our wealth. This incredible transport system from coast to coast. Now threatened to be stolen away from us in only 4-hours of good shooting.

Bitch, fearless to get the war out of here, knocked into the grave numerous times, resurrected by the angels that Father sent in so that he can to reveal to Father's children that God our loves all of His kids.

While Father is a kind and good Father might we understand that if we ignore Father's help then Judah will get us out of here?

Will American Labor not help the poor Americans that can only get some tuition by shooting their brothers and sisters for Judah sport? Will Labor not take the tickets out of Judah's hands?

Will Labor not end funding all of the hostile Jew sport in our world?

It's very serious here, a third of us are about to go extinct. Animal primitivism is being died off of our species to allow us to go into the universe in peace.

Things are happening to us that would not happen if Judah did not have our purse in his hands.

"Throw this hit. A wakness is sadness."

Thank you Sir Jason and sir Morris for thoes messages today.

Will Labor not help us to throw this hit?

Man and his wife found shot to death in their house. Reverse speech indicates it was mortgage opp.


Teen ager reportedly dead at a hotel near a swimming pool. Carbon monoxide they said. Reverse speech indicated he had to get out of town as he had been found out for an earlier opp.

Is Labor not fully aware that America on Jewish bourse is

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