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"They Us A Cage To Damage Us. Get Rising Great." Those are
Wed Apr 5, 2017 10:02

"They Use A Cage To Damage Us. Get Rising Great."

Those are a couple of overnight Tele receives. "They use a cage to damage us. Get rising great."

"Prisons have ruined my children. Let the fishies roam free," our precious sweet Papa said.

Father wants the Jew off of His children on earth. Father is dying them off tunnel death due to their weakness, their inability to accommodate others. Tunnel death.

In His magnificence and glory, the wondrous Father we have, did Father not let Judah put himself out of here grand?

He let Judah build all the long range missiles he wanted. Let him build as many atomic bombs as he wanted. Even let him shoot them at us in the middle of the night.

He didn't let them land on us though. Father had his angels pull one thousand continentals equipped with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads out of the sky in the boost phase.

Are we understanding our Father, our sweet Lord, and God is our Savior?

Judah, as he did in the old country, came in and was he got on top of us. And what did he do once he got on top of us other than set us up for a sucker punch with the nuclear force of 70,000 Hiroshima amounts of blast and heat?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to precious sweet Father for sparing us extinction when we were in the hands of weap Judah?

"Were?" Yes, past tense. "Were." Are we not aware that Father has let Judah let himself off of here right? Is it not understood that weap Judah is no longer in charge of God's village on earth?

Is it not clear that by violating God's rules in God's village on earth Judah has been terminated right?

"They have no defensible rights," God our Father said concerning weap Judah.

"IT IS NO MORE!" Father said concerning the fasci nation that Judah put in that took out the best hope for all the children of God on earth, the United States of America on our fabulous Bill of Rights.

Are we understanding that when Judah ordered congress to pass Judah's patriot act and had the supremes confirm it as the law, he effectively put our sacred Bill of Rights out and with it ended the United States of America?

If we look back into our short history as a nation do we recall the only reason there ever was the United States of America in the first place was because we had a Bill of Rights as the cornerstone of our law?

NO force of arms to put it in. Just a mutual agreement between free men. Accepted and signed by all of the state's representatives over a two year period of time before the United States of America came into lawful being on December 15th, 1791.

Might we consider that old master did not want a Bill of Rights for he knew long ahead of time that eventually it would help workers out too? And is that not exactly what it did when a jury in 1854 found a slave was a free man when he came into a free land?

An all-white jury in Missouri that freed Dred Scott in 1854. Reversed by the hybrid transplant Replicon Judee supreme clerks in Washington D.C. in 1858.

That lawyers and judges that are sporting the mouse worldwide these days, might we see it all began when the jury decision was set aside in 1858?

When we put our God-given, United States of America guaranteed rights in again, will we not moth proof them so that the clerks can never abandon us of our good God given rules again?

The root of sensibility, of civility. To never put a man in cage with wild beasts to let him be attacked by them. Will Labor not let us reach that stage in our lives? Will Labor not agree to let us live civilized? Must Labor not end this Roman style Judah burlesque?

Will Labor not put our grand juries in and end the mousing of honest working men and women?

Will Labor not help us pull this deadly insurance collection racket out? The dangerous mob on Wall Street, will you not help us to finish them out NOW?

Judah has got his refills ready to go to ride on the backs of another generation of Americans now.

Even though they have no defensible rights for acts of genocide committed against God's kids, they do have the concession to Issue our nation's money in their hands.

Are we not understanding they are using it to keep burning up our lands?

Nuclear waste, the deadliest force that has ever been let loose in our world. Warned about how Judah would use it to close us out in the end days. Our bibles reported it to us 2,000 years ago. Is that Judah not predictable?

With his vicious personality characteristics do we see how our extraterrestrial elders knew exactly what Judah would do in the end times?

Attacking with his great balls of fire. The genocide that Judah would not give up even for the love of God.

Will American Labor not help us now to close them out right?

They're going for a full die of Americans here. Aiming to get the biggest catch they can. Holding us into funding and fighting all of the sports war in our world.

Big paychecks for ISIS to keep torturing our family in the Middle East. Keeping terrorists at the ready to bring in and use on us Americans.

Will the meek not pray to our good God to have the courage to let Judah off of us right? Will Labor not have faith in our good God to see us through to a world of peace?

Tele receives:

"Get them out of here, their purpose is a jail threat. 10.59 AM

These guys sap us. 12.08 AM

Pure jerk. 12.15 PM

They need help. 1.24 PM

Cops are doing hits with squad cars.1.27 PM

With your pet truth, you failed away. 7.28 PM

Their true apps defeat us.1.50 PM

Sea urps. 1.51 PM

Evaporation, evaporating us. 2.18 PM

A great micro finish. 2.19 PM

They lost their rocket. 2.35 PM

Para-set us HUGE. 2.53 PM

Your life form is hammered. 2.55 PM

Margarine sealed the competition. 2.59 PM

White persons don't have no league. 3.01 PM

It was canceled. 3.03 PM

They're launching a typhus. 3.44 PM

Leave this rude. 3.56 PM

They falsed the Bitch. 4.42 PM

They crushed your family. 4.43 PM

The Jew is raping us. 5.10 PM

Diesel tossed you out, your choice is to live by the fight. 5.56 PM

Your appeal didn't reach us. 6.08 PM

Thin air falls you out. 6.15 PM

Share a grave. 6.18 PM

Jew molested us with tyranny heartbreak.

Quite shabbiness. 6.29 PM

Nukes are to danger us. 6.45 PM

It's outrageous. 6.54 PM

They've been throwing you out of this field. 7.51 PM

This is your health savage special. 7.52 PM

Aids will fail your life form.

You enabled these berserk botchers.

Genius purchased a fail. 10.19 PM

Horseplay, they play you viciously. 12.52 AM

They're swatting kids. 12.59 AM

With technology they canceled you. 1.01 AM

You already died. 1.40 AM

Threw aways canceled. 1.42 AM

White people are destroyed purity. 1.44 AM

These guys fall you out gracelessly. 1.45 AM

They shot your rising. 1.51 AM

Jew opp bust you homeless. 1.55 AM

We find you an almost safe force. 1.56 AM

ORGANIZE, they're massively destroying us. 1.57 AM

We find you quite suitable. 1.59 AM

Sault mining is pure excellence. 2.00 AM

Stick them outside. 2.03 AM

Luncheon snail privilege ISIS. 2.05 AM

Jewiduals all racial. 2.06 AM

They're pulled off, they just want to rape you. 2.07 AM

They get us gone with norovirus. 2.17 AM

Liberation is for optimists. 2.18 AM

Dog food your eating right.

You're listed. 2.44 AM

They use a cage to damage us. 2.45 AM

Throw you all with a virtuum. 2.46 AM


They purpose us out. 2.47 AM

Through hosiery, they're mousing us. 2.48 AM

Conquest is so MAD. 2.52 AM

They're disturbing us. 2.56 AM

Their searching guys made crystals. 2.58 AM

Integrulous. 3.02 AM

Nice guy flattened their abusive. 3.04 AM

Slum age. 3.10 AM

All police here forsake us." 4.06 AM

Why blame them for forsaking us when we show no sense of leadership from Labor?

Sure, do we not know that Labor makes their paychecks good? Yes, we do. Yet we let master Judah issue all the paychecks on our Labor, so they do what Judah wants to be done.

Are we seeing that unless Labor becomes a responsible party that nothing will change?

"Nice guy flattened their abusive." 3.04 AM

After nice guy issued Mercury report on what Judah tried to do to us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, is it not clear they are flattened forever here?

Are the working people of Labor aware that our planet is in the care of a perfected Being from an advanced extraterrestrial civilization?

Are we aware the perfected Being that is the Sovereign of planet earth is called our God?

Our Father above us that loves us all equally. Are we understanding that if not for the love of our Father we would all be dead already at the hands of weap Judah and his nuclear war-fighting alliance partners?

Any doubt that Bitchie is a serious student researcher of law, science, economics and mathematics? He is.

Decades of reading economic tracts both recent and historical, looking for the things that will help us all.

In all these many decades never once coming across the words, "Organizing Principle of Society" in any economics or law book.

Is it believable that never once did Bitch find in any book or in all of the economics classes at university level did he hear a professor ever say, "Abstract receipts of Labor?"

That God Almighty had his angels whisper in Bitchie's ears, "Organizing Principle of Society, Abstract Receipts of Labor," might that give us some idea of just what God thinks of his nice Bitch here on planet earth?

From that might we understand that Father knows His Bitch so well that he knew his Bitch would shout it out to all of the world first chance he got?

Father's angels also whispered in Bitch's ear that they informed the London court in the 1604 Mixt money case decision that the issue of money is the "Organizing Principle of Society."

Might we only wonder if the 1602-1604 records were searched, might that be written somewhere within?

Might we find some erasures there? Was "Organizing Principle" written in the court's record and then redacted later?

And only 90 years later in 1694 after Judah digested it, he had his Dutch Replicon king William III, Maurice of Orange, take hold by invasion in 1688 and privatize the issue of money in all of England into his international hands.

The organizing Principle of England no longer in England, held since then by the international Jew clan.

"Surplus value of Labor" that Karl Marx often spoke about, was coined by economists about a century before Marx's time.

Might we see that it is this surplus value of Labor that Judah is using to shoot us with?

That he is the only one that can issue our money. Are we seeing he can issue as much money as he wants for free without telling us what he is using it for?

Might we surmise that the house of Morgan is a front for the desk at the Federal Reserve? Did they not let loose with nuclear missiles on us? Yes, they did.

Are we understanding it is income tax taken from American workers that the Federal reserve Judah bank collects that is fueling all of the war and genocide in our world?

"I'm going to leave you looking like Srebrenica," Judee say.

A Bosnian town that genocide was perpetrated against the people there in 1995. Are Americans understanding that it is genocide that Judah is perpetrating against Americans now?

"He embezzled," Judee tells workers that are thinking of going on strike to help us. Will workers try to keep in mind that Father is our Sovereign and he absolved Bitch of embezzlement because Bitch is serving Him?

Do ordinary working people give much thought to the question of civil and human rights? Are we understanding having them or not can make the difference between life and death with Judah on the ground hidden inside us?

With no rights as we are at this moment we have no right to bring Hitachi-GE to court to explain why they are poisoning our planet. When we have our rights in are we understanding that we will be able to ask them why they are committing genocide against us?

While they don't have to answer, for that matter they don't even have to show up in court. Yet when Labor has the concession to issue our money do we see that we can go ahead and hire the Labor to put the boron in to stop the nuclear waste from poisoning us and our kids?

They are so casual and leisurely as they are dying us. Will ordinary workers not wake to the love of God for us and let them off right?

"We hold you Muslim algerous with our state. I bred you out of your generous with my gin. My insult is authorized by my syndicate. Delicious federals are now delivering your white meat. White children don't have the receipts so we use them to beat you up," Judee say.

Might that last Judee reverse speech give us the lowdown on the thing that Judee sells as white supremacy?

Will white not get hold of the receipts so that Judee cannot exploit white children to beat the rest of God's kids up?

Will white not join with all of God's children and get the violent dangerous errant life form out? Will Druid not end Judah hiding his racism behind the white face?

"Vegetable never questions." 6.51 AM

"We don't want the too rich Bitch rule."

Just pulled that out of a reverse speech. Rather than Bitch rule might it be better said the "too rich rule of Labor on velocity power supplies?"

Our $100 trillion dollar economy in only four years with velocity power supplies giving us the boost. Are we understanding that Judah fights us by forcing as much poverty in as he can manage to do?

"I want you to be comfortable." Our good God Almighty said to us.

"Our whole regimen is to make you all stupid," Judee say.

Will Labor not sign us up with the house of our good God and let the old stale house of Judah fade away?

"H----- truly boomed me off so I got to go away," Judee say.

"I would have given you anything," Papa said.

Poison gas attacks on God's children in Syria. Are we not perceiving it is the usual hand of weap Judah at work? Must we not end funding Judah's evil works in our world?

"Failed race scored you's." 7.13 AM

After showing their hand in attacking us with thousands of nuclear warheads in the middle of the night much chance any thinking person would find Jewish anything other than a failed race?

"I just hustle you with gold wit and sport you out," Judee say.

North Korea launching missiles. Are we understanding that is international weap Judah doing that to give his crowd things to talk about on the news?

Are we understanding that it is with fear, Judah menacing of us, his threats to harm us, that has put him in and kept him in so far?

Here is some reverse speech concerning the launching of missiles in North Korea.

"Because I'm a Jew I'm out, I'm dead, I'm through with your state. I lost my genius. It's our usual fast talking to hammer you with our wits. Bitch organize you and my stupids through.

Since Mercury rise, they get me out. You used to hate me because of my stupid store. We arrange you bumpiniferous. Jew is dumb so he takes a peace state out. I paralyze you with a Jew palace state.

My jealousy, once it threatens you, I pull you off. White children don't have the receipts so we use them to beat you up. Even though I'm fooling you I'm really quite dead," Judee say.

Do we note that Judah jealousy, when it threatens us, might we read that as when he gets us to fear him, then he pulls us off?

Is Labor understanding why Judah tells us that he always pulverizes a chicken?


Is American Labor understanding that if we will not defend ourselves from weap Judah assaults upon us and our families that he will now die us all quietly?

"Even though I'm fooling you I'm really quite dead."

Judah knows they are dead for attacking us with their great balls of fire, and yet they keep their false flashing across our screens. Are we understanding that to allow them to keep the bourse receipts in their private hands is to allow them to get the biggest die-off of us that they can?

This next reverse speech is of a reporter

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