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"We Are Incredible Offenders. We're Going to Give You Some M
Fri Apr 7, 2017 08:39

"We Are Incredible Offenders. We're Going to Give You Some More Bumps"

Did Judah not try to give us our Thursday in April bump with his attempt to set his hydrogen boom boom off in downtown Chicago Thursday the 6th of April?
Did we note how our extraterrestrial big brothers and sisters took note of what Judah was up to and let us know about it by breaking a window and bringing light to the location?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for having His angels act to help us out of this war of genocide that Judah refuses to stop as long as we give him all the free money he wants to perp us?

"Jew is a master, penetrates you vicious, rice you dead. We've proved you guys are fail-able. We cored the instincts of the Valkyries," Judee say.

The Valkyries are the mythological handmaidens of the gods of the north. Guiding the worthy slain in battle to Valhalla.

Judah still bent on leaving an inferno in his wake. Has Judah not proven that we are fail-able guys? Has he not cored the instincts of the Valkyries and taken our ability to survive his thrust away from us by impairing our mental with his vile false?

As we fund eternal sports war and genocide and have left ourselves be sealed into a mass brimstone waste die off have we not failed to Judah on free bourse?

What else could we conclude?

Yesterday's post has picked up some negatives. Apparently, some of what Judee said or in one of the Tele receives triggered some displeasure.

Have we noted that Judee uses sex to assault us with? He's looking for whatever he can find out about us he uses to mock and harm us with. Bitch regrets that he doesn't spot all of the things that irritate before he posts them, for if he did he would not put them in.

Might we keep in mind that Judee says that Bitch is a perfect example of how they degenerate a person?

Might we note that Bitch determined long ago the tool to degenerate a person is violence and so he has sought to take the root tool of degenerating persons, the money to hire the state violence that harms so many of us, away from weap Judah?

Did Judah not also tell us that it will be two weeks after liberation before our mental will be working properly without the faults that Judah molest-abuse forced into them?

So Bitch will continue to do his best, but might Labor not consider that Bitch is working with an impaired thinker from the violence that Judah has put into our society and world? The harm that is being done to our family by American Labor bourse in Judah's private hands. Will American Labor not end funding the war harm in our world and let our minds recover and our hearts heal?

Will Labor not take the key tool away that Judah uses to put his vileness into our nation and world, the concession to issue our money?

"I'm a sexual botch you machine. I put my fault genital onto you. There's no questions when I've got you by spear point. Our sight threw out your portion. We just failed you nice gentlemen with our Marine sport.

We're going to keep you down complete. We just foul you with tech. I just do ein zwei with a wire. I'm so evil I'm going to leave you bankrupt," Judee say.

Will Labor not step in and get the financials away from weap Judah so we have something to work with for our future?

The authority to issue our money. Might we not want to think about how much it cost to install the hydrogen package in downtown Chicago Thursday?

Whatever are the costs are we not aware that it cost Israel nothing as it is American Labor that is making all of Israel's bomber checks good?

As to the attempt to set their hydrogen off in Chicago are we not aware this is not the first time that Judah has tried to set off a thermonuclear bomb off in Chicago?

Do we recall reading of when the wind blew roofing stones and broke windows in Willis Towers?

Did some of us not perceive that was elders "MARKING" Willis Towers as set for an atomic blast?

Chicago posted: 6/22/2010 12:01 AM
Wind-whipped pebbles broke downtown windows

Previous to that people were complaining that they were getting electric shocks on their feet walking near Willis Towers. Did a search and couldn't find that article at this moment.

Might we understand now that was Mercury "MARKING" the building so that we would take a look at what was going on there?

Or how about the "CTA Ghost train" that went the wrong way through 5 safety shutdowns to gently crash into another CTA El that was stopped in the station?

The safety shutdowns require two hands operation to override them and there was no one on the train. How could such a thing happen?

CTA releases video of 2013 ‘ghost train’ collision

Might we not say a prayer of thanks to Father for having His angels put their hands to those safety switches to "MARK" that CTA El train as being equipped with a thermonuclear bomb?

Are we understanding that Judah has his hybrid transplant Replicons embedded in every area of our existence?

Might we only try to guess how many palms would have to have been greased to keep quiet about such a thing as a hydrogen bomb installed in a CTA El car?

Or the CTA Howard El station that has had numerous UFO sightings and visitations after the $55 million dollar renovation. Might we guess that during the renovation was when the hydrogen bomb was planted?

UFO Sighting in Chicago, Illinois on October 14, 2011

Will Labor not hire us our grand juries so that we can air this out and put it into the public record?

"British assignment is to give you a virtual hemorrhage," Judee say.

Will Labor not take the bourse away from Judah so that it cannot be used to give us in a virtual hemorrhage?

"Your senses have overridden true Jew. Force idiots are forcing fortune to leave, just war will take your liberties away and port you."

Thank you, Sir Morris and Sir Jason for those messages today.

"It's fair I set you minus," Judee say.

Will Labor not end the override of our senses and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Though might we not have to take Judees point of view into consideration, and ask ourselves if it is fair for him to set us minus because we are setting so many of our family minus by funding and fighting all of Judees sports wars and genocide in our world?

Sir Morris is in our solar system to welcome us into the universe with His Qwill community of love.

Here is a report of a new community of love of Ethereans that have recently arrived and anchored near our sun.

Cigar-shaped UFO recorded near the Sun 30-Mar-2017

A comparison with earth.

As our earth is nearly 8,000 miles in diameter, does the object near the sun not appear to be at least 5 times that length? A constructed space world that travels through outer space that is 40,000 miles long.

Are we getting some idea of the advanced extraterrestrial civilizations that populate our universe?

In the book Ohaspe, it reports that there are tens of billions of Ethereans in our universe.

Oahspe: A New Bible is a book published in 1882, purporting to contain "new revelations" from "...the Embassadors of the angel hosts of heaven prepared and revealed unto man in the name of Jehovih

It was produced by an American dentist, John Ballou Newbrough (1828–1891), who reported it to have been written by automatic writing, making it one of a number of 19th-century spiritualist works attributed to that practice. Oahspe defines adherents of the disciplines expounded in Oahspe as "Faithists". (wiki

OAHSPE BOOK OF JEHOVIH III:8 says "Three great estates have I bestowed on man: the corporeal,
the atmosphean and the etherean."

These 3 states of Mankind refer to people who are totally free which are the Ethereans, and the people who are not free which are the corporeans and the atmosphereans (bound to a corporeal planet and its atmosphere).

Corporeans are people who are not free and have a physical body.

Atmosphereans are people who are not free and do not have a physical body.

Ethereans travel the galaxy and the universe in space-ships. OAHSPE talks about UFOs, Flying Saucers, and Etherean space-ships called Otevans, Adavaysits, etc...The author of OAHSPE is credited as the first to use the word 'Star-ship'.
The UFO above has it's own photosphere like a sun or star thus the term 'Star-ship'.

Tens of billions of advanced extraterrestrial civilizations traveling throughout our universe. And how does that fact compare with the world weap Judah has going on planet earth where he sports us to death for entertainment, fun, and profit?

The high intelligence 223 psychiatric genetics that was gifted to us when we were hybridized 200,000 years ago. Genetically engineered from our original 48 chromosomes into a 46 chromosomes life form sealing our 223 high intelligence genetics to be passed only to others of our species.

To bring ourselves in the universe might we not want to consider that we are a creation of one high-level Etherean society of the tens of billions of Etherean societies that travel our universe?

The Galactic Federation of Light of the Milky-way Galaxy. Might we try to perceive that is our home world base?

All human Beings on earth are from one creation 200,000 years ago. Created in the image of our good God Almighty. Our God is our Father. Father has His angels, our elder brothers, watching over us. Are we not perceiving they are the only thing that stood between us and Judah getting his nuclear blast genocide completed on us?

Our elders from the Galactic Federation of Light. Kind gentle Beings that left the world of war 9 million years ago. Extraterrestrial sports at that time until they discovered the past civilization of Prenasour.

Prenasour, an advanced extraterrestrial society that had passed out of existence 12 million years before and was maintained by robots they had built.

The original 223 high intelligence Galacticans studied Prenasour for 700 years and decided on a strategy, a strategy of peace. And that peace has now been maintained for 9 million years.

That the centers of power of planet earth have had knowledge of these extraterrestrial worlds at peace, and have chosen to plunge planet earth into permanent war. How is one to make sense of it all?

Judah, rejecting all wisdom and instead building enough nuclear force to destroy planet earth and all of us thousands of times over.

Is there not some way to bring American Labor in to help us?

Tele receives:

"Take them out for warring stupid. 11.50 AM

Idiots are past. 12.16 PM

They ditched our spirit. 12.17 PM

These son of a bitches burned us up. 12.30 PM

Bitch, stay here. 12.35 PM

An escape for you failed.

Lead it.

Get them out nicely. 2.09 PM

Your work is true. 2.42 PM

Throw them all away. 2.56 PM

Ignorance failed. 3.23 PM

Pat, they've scored us all failed. 3.27 PM

Let's take them off of here. 3.29 PM

Thank you for serious. 3.31 PM

Doherty, this Sullivan MARKS these people out so that you can see them. 3.38 PM

He reads a video like a book. 3.48 PM

Throw them out for core checking a friend. 3.55 PM

It's sad you're set mortury. 3.35 PM

Misery always comes to failness. 4.01 PM

Exhausting out your physical. 4.07 PM

Their siege won with mental. 4.12 PM

The sick head will now smash you up. 4.14 PM

They liberated us and we still carriage out. 4.16 PM

Your Reich fisted. 4.28 PM

You die in falseness.

Their jails here failed us.

Morgan right died.4.44 PM

The structure will overcome your mortgage BLT. 4.47 PM

They fasch us. 5.07 PM

You just pitched them out. 5.42 PM

Sig em right. 5.47 PM

They screw us official. 5.53 PM

Merchants refused for beautiful slapping. 5.57 PM

The idiots virtually refuse to die. 6.10 PM

He's washing us out bad op. 10.41 PM

It's failed it, they've put you in for fun Jewish. 10.42 PM

It's scored, scored you lethal. 10.44 PM

Because of a bakery, you're tossed. 10.45 PM

My state has been savaged. 10.48 PM

Money scored you right less, homeless state. 10.49 PM

We're wipe out. 11.51 PM

I'm charging you wholesale eyesore. 11.58 PM

Weap fails us. 11.59 PM

You failed to this thief. 12.58 AM

They're on boursal. 1.00 AM

Pat, oil stays around, that's how they complete die us. 1.05 AM

They horrible with a forged fist. 1.09 AM

Pure wrench holds you outside. 1.11 AM

Your strategy will shake this guys purity.

You failed to save your own life form. 1.16 AM

From a fistus theory of genocide, it's now out. 1.17 AM

Close you up vicious. 1.18 AM

Mormon dairy failed. 1.20 AM

Your jails toast you, pull was to set them out. 2.01 AM

Erectable ways. 2.02 AM

Their dues are all suspended yet with Germany we hire war for their urgent. 2.11 AM

Get failures out of here.

Jew set thee genocide rice sewerage. 2.50 AM

Their custom is to op us. 2.53 AM

Real toasty has fouled you. 2.54 AM

They're disturbing us. 3.41 AM

Iowa explains it all for free. 4.16 AM

It's a new theory that's upon us. 6.59 AM

Cricket scores out their indulgence. 7.00 AM

Traitor." 8.07 AM

Might we consider that Judah is not a traitor for he never was with us? He comes in and breeds up his Replicons over centuries waiting for the chance to get on us and then he takes us out in total when he can.

His thousand missile shot in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads to take our cities and towns out in one 3 hour swat.

Will we not say prayers of thanks to Father for having His angels step in and spare us from extinction?

Will Labor not join in saving our world that is sealed into the permanent war until we are exhausted and STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them?

"You're bored in cycles, the summer we finish you. Our generation criminals gas you. Judah let me sqoush you. Browed you right. I animal you, you lost your rich. It's fair, I set you minus. Crumpled white fellas. You're going to the grave as mutton, that is your complete end," Judee say.

Judee shot Bitch again yesterday with his space-based weapon. Two times. This is the second time he has shot me back to back with his orbiting instruments.

First satellite shot from 2.44 PM that ran until 3.14 PM

Then another orbiting satellite shot Bitch from 4.10 PM until 4.39 when it finally passed out of range.

When Labor takes our money away from them are we aware these attacks will end then?

Bitch's head is aching and thought to mention it to you Labor as you are the party ultimately responsible for Bitch getting shot like this.

All the bombing and shooting in our world. Is American Labor aware that it is American Labor that is responsible for funding Judees problem? Do we recall his problem he calls his sport?

We passed the first Thursday in April with a failed attempt to set a hydrogen bomb off in downtown Chicago. Only 3 more Thursdays in April for Judah to give us his best shot.

Will Labor not act, STRIKE THEM OUT and end any more of Judah's attempts to terrorize us here?

"The professor needs to be alleged to be properly weapist. I just call my attorney if we want to cage you and we get a juvenile. You're real cautious or we'd of felled you."


Advanced extraterrestrial civilizations living in peace for many millions of years. Must American Labor not rise its consciousness, its moral, its ethics,

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