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Every Prudent Man Acts With Knowledge, But A Fool Displays F
Sun Apr 9, 2017 09:24

Every Prudent Man Acts With Knowledge, But A Fool Displays Folly.

That was in yesterday's post. Proverbs 13:16 Every prudent man acts with knowledge, But a fool displays folly.

Lack of good sense, understanding, or foresight: an act of folly
An act or instance of foolishness: costly undertaking having an absurd or ruinous outcome.

Middle English folie, from Old French, from fol, foolish, from Late Latin follis, windbag, fool; see fool.

The state or quality of being foolish; stupidity; rashness. A foolish action, mistake, idea, etc
Evil; wickedness
lewdness; wantonness
From Old French folie madness, from fou mad; see fool.
As Judah puts a nation into war with the specific intent to harm the nation that he took control of, might we understand that his folly has a purpose?

That Judah has held America into war for over a century now, ever since he privatized the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money, and is now terminating our beautiful nation in a nuclear war that he has and is still waging against us, might that not qualify as fitting the definition of folly?

Once it sinks into Americans that we and our children have been washed out of life form, might that not produce some reaction in our fun loving Americans?

As to the folly of war, is there any greater foolishness than harming the children of God on earth?

Judah, the cunning tricky guy that fools peoples into going along with his wars in a myriad of ways. That he is now being died off by our good God due to his lack of ability to accommodate others.

Those that have funded all of Judah's wars now being perished out by Judah in a way that they may not be aware of until it is much too late to save them and their kin. How much folly is that?

That Judah has fled and gone into the safety of his mountain shelters. That he built and equipped his underground shelters for permanent life underground. If only we knew the truth earlier might we not have acted to shut Judah's war down?

Some years ago the area in Berlin where the old Jewish ghetto used to be, while being cleared to begin building new construction the ground collapsed under the weight of the bulldozers clearing the area and discovered was a network of tunnels going through the ghetto built over time from centuries before.

Now that Judah has spent well over a century of tunneling throughout the United States of America and the world in anticipation of his series of nuclear wars blasting and poisoning out the surface of planet earth and killing the rest of us, might we think of Judah as the mole people?

By attacking the children of God in God's village with weapons of extinction might we write their epitaph now, "Death of an outlaw?"

The renegades in God's village, weap Judah and his band. Seeking to put America into a total wreck. Will Labor not awake to their insane behavior and give us a hand to let them off right?

"You're total defeat," Judee say.

That we continue funding the nuclear war upon ourselves. Must we not connect with common sense, end the folly and act to STOP THE WAR?

Years ago elder said to Bitch, "They've bred out common sense."

That Judah has had such a tight grip on the lands of the mild man of the north for over a thousand years. Might that explain why we have failed to genocide with over 5 years warnings now?

The 40,000-mile long spaceship that has anchored by our sun. Might that be easily large enough to accommodate a couple of billion of God's children as the surface of planet earth is washed out for thousands of years?

"Left stranded on a burned out planet to die." The words from the Star Trek movie, "The Wrath of Khan."

Does it not appear that is what Americans are set now to face? Living our last days now, "stranded on a burned out planet to die."

Before the force of the atom was discovered free energy was in use by several people. Nathan Stubblefield produced free energy to light bulbs, run motors and heat his home in the 1890s.

"After the third tribulation, a new source of energy will be discovered that taps the Earth Magnetic field."

-Hopi Prophecy

The first tribulation June 11, 2011, when Judah attacked us with 1,000 intercontinental ballistic missiles tipped with 3,200 thermonuclear bombs.

Are we recognizing the second tribulation was June 11, 2014, when Judah again tried to reach us that time with 32 British submarine-launched ballistic missiles equipped with 960 one hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads to burn America down and kill as many of us as possible?

If we possess the ability to perceive those as the first two tribulations spoken of in Hopi prophecy might we not recognize the nuclear waste brimstone war that Judah is waging against us as the third tribulation?

Now that we have the theory understood that explains the two sides of electricity and how putting electricity into a coil and accelerating the electricity to produce a relativistic time shift on the light side of electricity, the electrical, and leave the heavy side of electricity, the magnetic in the coil to interact with the standing waves of planet earth, are we seeing that Hopi prophecy is exactly correct?

"After the third tribulation, a new source of energy will be discovered that taps the Earth Magnetic field."

-Hopi Prophecy

For our purposes of understanding, Electricity theoretically is comprised of 3601 electron mass units.

3600 units of magnetic mass and 1 unit of electrical mass.

Electricity when accelerated into percents of the speed of light a relativistic time slowing is created first in the 1 unit of mass, the electrical side of electricity

This pulls the electrical 'pin' out of the naturally rotatory magnetic side of electricity opening its 3600 units of magnetic mass to the action of the standing waves of planet earth.

The magnetic side of electricity being 3600 times more massive remains in its original time zone in the first 4 dimensions. The electrical side of electricity, once it has slowed its time flow, exits the first 4 dimensions and goes into the 5th dimension.

Standing waves, also termed Zero point fields, static field, planetary inertial fields are in fact the most massive of all fields known. The "Aether" is how Aristotle referred to what fills outer space.

All fields, whether termed planetary standing waves, zero point fields, planetary inertial fields, static field are all interconnected with the aether of our universe.

While classical Newtonian physics does not allow for more energy coming out of a system than goes in, might we consider that in the time of Newton only 3 dimensions were in the scientific literature at that time?

Isaac Newton died in 1727, a century before August Mobius mathematically defined the 4th dimension in 1827.

And then it was nearly a century after august Mobius in 1921 that Theodore Kaluza mathematically defined the 5th dimension.

A few years after that, in about 1926-28, Oscar Klein, using Kaluza's mathematics, discovered where free energy is coming from.

The "plane of the dimension." Between the 4th and 5th dimensions. Shown to Alfred Einstein and made public in 1938. Einstein did not know if it was correct at that time or not until 15 years later in 1953 when he understood it and stated it was "correct."

Mathematician Jon Von Neumann was seeking the theoretical basis of free energy but passed away at the relatively young age of 53 in 1957. A book, "Continuous Geometry" was put together of Jon Neumann's lectures. It went into multi-dimensional aspects of geometry.

Isaac Newton, who passed away in 1727 was still living at the time when it was still thought by some that earth was not in motion.

It was not until 1729, 2 years after Newton passed when James Bradley presented his paper on the aberration of light was there conclusive evidence of earth motion.

The third tribulation. Warned of in our bibles, the fire, smoke and brimstone that was coming out of their mouths the bible tells us.

Revelation 9:18 A third of mankind was killed by the three plagues of fire, smoke, and brimstone that proceeded from their mouths.

The Galactic Federation of Light in operation for 9 million years in peace. With the records available to them of the long past civilization of Prenasour that died itself out after 78 million years of peaceful existence.

And Mr "that's my right, that's my way," with a fist for our kisser certain that he could die us all off before the long arm of the universal law caught up with him.

Are we praying that the third tribulation can be brought to a halt before it reaches the full one-third of us that are alive now?

We've got the full working theory of how to tap Earth's magnetic field for unlimited clean free energy, and have had it for over a decade now. If this is so, then why are we not seeing this technology now?

Might we note the Hopi prophecy says this energy will come in after the third tribulation?

So "when" might we ask will the third tribulation end?

If the first two tribulations were the nuclear wars that Judah scheduled to die us out of life form, might his nuclear artillery that is unloading at us from Hitachi-GE not be the third tribulation?

And so when is that nuclear artillery going to be shut down to stop the nuclear war and end the third tribulation?

Might it not end within months after the day that the American people no longer pay to have it carried on?

If we STRIKE THEM OUT today, might we not consider that it is still going to take a few months to get enough boron into that nuclear artillery, that is disguised as a Jewish electricity plant before it will stop shooting hot radioactive invisible particles at us?

"You're seeing partial ways of making yourself miserable. Struggle and eventually, you should be able to straighten it out."

Thank you, Sir Morris for that message today.

"Field fault sight is all potential dangerously foolish ways. They're trying to fish you municipal to blight us."

Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them?

Tele receives:

"You're involved with rice here and Jew's overthrown a super power. 11.21 AM

Sure have failed dangerously. 11.32 AM

The relationship failed a bunch of times.12.05 PM

You're a professor that rates. 12.38 PM

Pat, destroy the mastiff. 1.21 PM

The Jews fataled us. 1.44 PM

We pulled out your weapinals and you let them brutal you. 1.59 PM

He's sporting you quite clearly, you're great ported. 1.57 PM

You lost your spirit to these guys real cool. 1.58 PM

They're perishing mental out of here.

Let's get them out. 2.04 PM

You sleep on it you'll fold. 2.11 PM

Originally under faired. 2.18 PM

Sir, you see their fistics, get them off. 2.19 PM

You'll want a civil right. 2.22 PM

Moscow's ready to pistol right. 2.25 PM

They awkwardly perished us. 2.28 PM

Bitch don't harm anyone. 2.39 PM

They scored us sinfully. 2.41 PM

Jews disadvantage us. 2.51 PM

Pay him truthful. 3.06 PM

Scientist scores you real. 3.17 PM

A brassiere scored true pointage. 3.18 PM

They've outscored us outrageously. 3.20 PM

Patrick, we've enriched them fatally. 3.23 PM

Set them out. 3.43 PM

Ungrateful. 4.01 PM

You won --------. 5.35 PM

Crazy men. 5.40 PM

It's a major assault and it's cost you your life, a big mistake. 5.42 PM

They're mousing nice, Bitch wants them out. 10.51 PM

They're closing you up so sport. 10.52 PM

Spread your wings, you're fielded by hostile forces. 11.51 AM

Bump you awful swell tyranny injustice full cheers. 12.44 AM

Embarrass equals perishtive. 12.45 AM

You leave them boys tie you. 12.43 AM

We're all dumb satisfied. 2.10 AM

What I said is luxury day failed. 2.18 AM

It's obvious they use war evidently.

ORGANIZE, you're seriously pushed out. 2.20 AM

Real portion finished now. 2.22 AM

STRIKE THEM RIGHT, rats fail. 2.23 AM

We died failed. 2.28 PM

Genocide efficiency, you had to know you are paying for this war. 2.30 AM

Patrick is telling us the truth here. 2.34 AM

Audrey's shell is frozen off. 2.35 AM

ORGANIZE, politics is mal day. 2.37 AM

Irishman evased the target. 2.42 AM

You died. 2.36 AM

Freedom from statutory is real freedom. 2.54 AM

Awesome thieves plunder us failed. 2.58 AM

It's passion. 3.01 AM

You're faulting their face well. 4.52 AM

Patrick, the Jew has closed up life technically. 5.08 AM

Your damages will now come to you seriously, STRIKE THEM OUT! 5.25 AM

Patrick, help fish. 5.42 AM

They shafted us. 5.47 AM

Juridical, get rid of them. 5.51 AM

Pain is not an unusual thing for savages. 6.39 AM

It's a miracle killing us. 8.16 AM

It's finished. 9.03 AM

Focus the fail. 9.05 AM

Professor tumbled their shed." 9.22 AM
"Patrick, the Jew has closed up life technically." 5.08 AM

From that Tele send might we understand why Judah acted and shot Dr. Eugene Mallove dead in 2004 when he went public with his letter to the world giving us the good news that free energy is here and now?

If only we were focused on the really important things when Eugene issued his letter, like trying to preserve our lives in a world full of nuclear weapons, might we have identified Jewish electricity as cover for the brimstone waste artillery they are now shelling us out of life form with?

Mild man of the West faced off against the mild man of the East with weapons capable of planetary destruction. Both nations directed by weap Judah, who has the concession to issue the money of both states, in his private possession.

The Organizing Principle of Society held by the invader parasite that is committed to genocide. The warlike bandits that have destroyed the basis of the United States of America by denying the American Bill of Rights.

The heretics in God's village that have finally let themselves off of here right.

"Because we are less fit our pp struggled to STRIKE you financial," Judee say.

Now giving us a poverty snuff. Poisoning out our resource base to shut our income sources down.

"Get them out, they suffer us bad foul." 11.40 AM

"With my palace sport, I bust you," Judee say.

If Judah got a hold of people to extract wealth from them and live and let live, might we consider he would not have gotten himself into the trouble that he has gotten himself into with Americans, and the rest of the people on earth?

While most of us may have a desire to enrich ourselves rightfully by giving value to others, might we consider that there are some that will seek to enrich themselves by harming other people?

That we have a cipher in Judah that rather than enrich to survive or merely dominate, it is used as a cover to set the people up for a total die, a genocide, an extinction of the people that they have parasitized.

Might such a cipher be so far away from common belief or understanding as to why it is not perceived what Judah has done here yet by many people?

"Who cares for us?" 12.11 PM

Has Father not shown us the greatest of care by sending His angels in to let Judah let himself off of us?

France Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen 1789

Article III The principle of any sovereignty resides essentially in the Nation. No body, no individual can exert authority which does not emanate expressly from it.

Might we try to think about the Sovereignty of our sweet Lord and Savior that has stated His will that Labor is to hold the concession to issue our money in its hands?

As we are in the third tribulation, brimstone waste to carry a couple of hundred million Americans out of existence, will we not act to stop the tribulation before it completely takes us away?


Once we stop the third tribulation and it is ended and over, might we consider the Hopi prophecy of magnetic energy from the earth will then come in to enrich all of us?

If we let Judah complete his Druid versus Slavic assault on us with no magnetic ener

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