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"You Blew Your Time Easy, I Believe Right Will Finish Fallin
Mon Apr 10, 2017 19:14

"You Blew Your Time Easy, I Believe Right Will Finish Falling The West. Jew Hammer Operation is Taking You Out Now. It's a Nice Fall, Your Life is Falling Out."

Do we recognize weap Judah now merely by hearing his intent? Might it be our unwillingness to act to end funding Judah's sports war and its attendant genocide that convinces Judee that "Right" will finish falling us out?

Though we can't feel it because it is toasting every cell of our body 24/7, have we not been made aware of Judah hammer that is falling us out?
link at

Background radiation counts that normally are in the range of 5-20 counts per minute, now in the thousands all across America.
The STRIKE Labor, will we not get Judah war out of our world?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

More aerial activity from our extraterrestrial family near Nellis Airforce base just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada.

No guns to force you to drive that bus, fly that airplane, deliver those packages, cook those eggs, stock those shelves, tighten those bolts or answer that phone.

Only the threats from the mental of weap Judah holding us to keep funding his sport. Yet has it not proven strong enough to now hold us in for a complete die of the mild man of the north?

Has Judah mental not kept American Labor making every check for the atrocity, war, and genocide good?

The jealous guy that has a bad case of anatomy envy.

The guy that toppled the world's first superpower, the United States of America. Threw the people's rights out and put us into an extermination program that is now set to take a third of the human race away.

Space ships sent in to remove the righteous as the rapture is about to begin.

American Labor standing by out of the process, funding all of the war in our world for the entertainment, profit, thrills and excitement that only death can bring to weap Judah.

"To get you right I just have to mate you, I'm brine wits. I'm Jaja nation with a Klondike assault. If you're a foolish man it's forgery I make. It's right I bare ass you. We pasted you weird. Hitler worked with me until he was dead to paste you. I was real visceral about having fun. I failed with too much fiction," Judee say.

"STRIKE THEM OUT." Are we recalling from over 5 years ago when Mercury gave Bitch the truth of what Judah tried to do to us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, that Bitch took the information of the nuclear missiles attack to destroy us in total that Bitch immediately blew the horn on weap Judah?

Are Druid Slavic peoples understanding when wiped nuclear we won't be coming back again?

3 generations of snorting radioactive waste and the heritage of 12 million years as simians on planet earth, wiped out.

"WE ADVISE YOU WELL, STRIKE THEM OUT!" Mercury said to us over 5 years ago.

That Father had His angels spare our lives from Judah try to die us all right off that night with a thousand nuclear missiles loaded with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads to give America and Americans 70,000 Hiroshima events over a 3-hour time span.

Where is the gratitude for Father saving us from that nuclear blast die?

Bitch just watched the early international news and learned from the reverse speech that both America and Russia are now agreed to go ahead with the attack upon us to put us into our final die. Here is some reverse speech from both American and Russian officials:

"My exclusive efforts are ever white Judee. With my rights, we're just folding them from Moscow with a musket for the white guys. Your best behavior is to seed. Die is necessary. My spirit is to disease you.

With my missiles I beat you big time, now I'm going in with my big imperial force. I sewer you with my dog sight, proved you're failed. With optics, I screwed you."

Bitch is posting this now, 6.42 AM Monday, 10th of April, to let Americans know both sides, America and Russia, both Judah controlled right less states, are set now to attack us and wreck us as much as is possible as they leave for China way.

As a note, the sightings of UFOs over Nellis Airforce base that have been happening recently, in the most recent the videographer Steven Barone counted 11 saucers.

Might we try to guess what the number 11 might indicate?

Here's a link to the most recent Nellis Airforce base UFO sighting

Instead of a Thursday attack as Judah attempted with his hydrogen satchel planted in a Chicago office building downtown last week, might we be looking at a Tuesday the 11th combined American and Soviet forces attack directed by weap Judah on free American Labor bourse?


To be continued............ 6.48 AM


8.26 AM

Just returned from a little food shopping. The wonder of it all. Good food stacked up in neat easy to find places. Plentiful, nutritious. Great sanitary, resealable packaging. Fresh items brought in from thousands of miles away. Bananas, .59 cents a pound.

Will Labor not help us so that we don't lose what we have? When Judee misses his lunch in 4 hours are we understanding that Labor then will step in in hour 5 and take the concession to issue our money away from the errant that failed?

"Your truth waste us, our whole field....Fritz," the Tele sender said driving past in a new luxury SUV who saw Bitch at 8.16 AM.

Here's some more Tele receives:

First, this Tele receive from shortly after posting yesterday:

"That's real deaf." 6.05 PM

That may have been Sir Jason commenting on the message he sent to Bitch yesterday and Bitch may not have heard it correct. So today Bitch telepathically communicated with Sir Jason and Sir Morris early, about 4 AM when his vitamins are refreshed.

Here's their messages for today:

"Dallas will sport you well. Candidates have been framed. You hiked your field foolish. A big die is set right."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those messages today.

Now more Tele receives:

"Speed it up. 6.19 PM

They're finished with ruse bar. 6.22 PM

Is this what it is, they're killing us in the hundreds of millions? 6.23 PM

You die for their slyness. 6.28 PM

Full of life and he forced you dead. 6.35 PM

They just finish you scudge. 6.36 PM

Talked you out of your fortune. 7.43 PM

Parasites inherited our field. 7.45 PM

Ungrateful to a fearless guy that tried to help us. 7.46 PM

The pest guy wiped us out. 7.47 PM

You're kind of a sore head. 7.48 PM

Failed me rightfullin'. 7.53 PM

When they close your state they're some vicious boys.

They're playing with us.

Sad kidney. 7.54 PM

Oh come on, get them. 7.57 PM

It's forceful they're making us. 7.59 PM

They sport out our useful.

Pat is trying to get us out of our old style days.

You obviously were ousted. 8.01 PM

She was opposed to communist defense. 10.32 PM

He's deviled our life. 10.51 PM

They did it all for cash. 12.10 AM

Brother Pat is working for your right force. 12.12 AM

They find useful lives and take them away.

It's a stupid life that rides Mercedes to dust. 1.52 AM

Get them out, signal in Peace-berg. 1.55 AM

They're screwing your life style, you have no rights fantastic. 1.56 AM

Complete fail you did Jew fuse because you haven't forged independent. 2.13 PM


Pyramid rights with Maryland deal to frame us. 2.16 AM

It's obvious we're being poisoned out in a genocide. 2.22 AM

It's foolish. 2.22 AM

You lost your heritage through jail here. 2.23 AM

Almost failed entirely for bridge sport. 2.24 AM

Corporate clerks take our lives away from us completely die. 2.25 AM

Scalping vacancies. 2.26 AM

Stupid sales are free. 2.40 AM

You failed to free hiking. 2.55 AM

We're dying here, we're dying perishably. 2.56 AM

Stupid way bumped us off. 3.13 AM

Jews mirror America right.

Your deficit inspires a real attack. 5.21 AM

You're mousing out yourself. 5.27 AM

They got us by shaming us all fraud. 5.33 AM

Modern catastrophe. 5.36 AM

Bone operty. 5.37 AM

It's punishing. 5.58 AM

It's homicide, we're obviously skershables. 5.51 AM

Sniper function is visible stage force. 6.49 AM

You guys have been creased now. 7.01 AM

It grates. 7.14 AM

Lynchburg warred. 7.23 AM

You're on. 7.45 AM

Thief is faulting us now. 7.47 AM

It's failed savage. 7.48 AM

The cops have walked. 7.49 AM

He'll expire eventually. 7.50 AM

Tournament singed. 7.55 AM

Certainly fabulous. 7.57 AM

Saddle up. 8.22 AM

Brilliant boom cipher correct." 9.33 AM

"My principle of life is to make you fail, that's why I have so many tomatoes. Jew likes tingle sexual, that's some fun. I sewer you with my dog sight, proved you're failed. With optics, I screwed you.

I'm gonna shoot you on my pepper side, I smurf Judee. I did an excellent hustle. You have been balled for real. I spied you, I spied your village.

Insure the interest rate. You cite me frosted. We don't want them to perceive you virtually. They're shooting my criminal side with wisdom now," Judee say.

"Failed on great faultish. 10.08 AM

Capture is frosting great misery. 10.09 AM

Toss them out for security." 10.12 AM

Those they suck their nutrients from to make war, American Labor. Are we understanding they are taking us out now?

The best deal ever gifted to any people, anywhere and anytime, our sacred United States of America Bill of rights. Will Labor not bring our real heritage in again?

Our heritage of a jury in 1854 freeing a bound laborer from the Labor racketeering of master. Will Labor not bring our true heritage in again?

The ancient covenant of "good faith and fair dealing," thrown out by the clerks on the bench in matters pertaining to management and Labor.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and put good faith and fair dealing in among us once again?

They breed their spore to abuse and molest the other life forms on earth. Will Labor not let them off so that we can join our elders in peace in the universe now?

Our economy that Judah is doing all that he can to crash it good before he is fully gone. Will Labor not take the finance out of his hands? The concession to issue our money. Will Labor not do the will of our good God and take it into your own hands?

Our beautiful nation that Judah is planning to score out in war. Will Labor not have faith in the word of our good God above and act to try and save yourselves?

Druid and Slavic that have ever failed to Jew mental. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, get rid of their war and their mental?

"He'll expire eventually." 7.50 AM

After attacking us with his great balls of fire, any doubters to that truth?

As Judah is safely tucked into his mountain hotels might we consider that he is positioned now to not expire soon?

Might we consider that he may die off over generations before his weap cipher is exhausted out?

If it will only take a few more years to die a couple of billion of us surface dwellers off, might that not satisfy his last thrill?

Safely in his underground cabling checks to be written to whomever he wishes and for whatever the amount he says.

Will Labor not break this weap cipher off at its roots, STRIKE THEM OUT, take the concession to issue our money into Labors hands and let them write checks on their own bank accounts instead of American Labors for all of the war they make in our world?

Will white not detach our face from the atrocity monger weap Judah?

He creates a society with great impoverishment then seeks out those who will plant a bomb for him. Must American Labor not take away his power to put a crippled society in? Will Labor not take the checkbook away from Judah and end his vicious ruse economics?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT, STOP THE WAR and end the third tribulation now?

The first two tribulations with a nuclear blast, June 11, 2011, and June 11, 2014, and now the third tribulation with brimstone nuclear waste. Will the people of Labor not act?

"You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves." God Almighty in heaven said to American workers.

Back from the grave so many times to give Labor a clue to save your lives. Can we not get some takers for a peace sale?

Might we consider that it all comes down to do you love your fellow man or not?

By Bitchie blowing the horn on nuclear war fighting weap Judah have we not pretty well got it figured out that Judah does not love us at all?

Are we not real lucky that our precious sweet Father above us does love us and would not let weap Judah fail us complete?

Thank you, Father for saving your children on earth. We love you Father and want you to live with us to guide us to live right.

Will Labor not bring the love of our good God in to save us again?

"You build the boys up and they will STRIKE THIS MAN OUT." 11.40 AM

An honest working man said when he saw Bitch.

Might the boys consider that our Father above us loves us all equally? Might that thought not build the boys up enough to STRIKE THIS MAN OUT?

How about the fact of the Hopi prophecy, earth magnetic fields to power our world with free energy coming true? Might that wonderful thought not help to build the boys up to STRIKE THIS MAN OUT?

How about the thought of Labor having the authority to issue our money so that Labor can put an existence stipend with something in it for everybody as our good God wills?

The thought that if a robot shows up at your workplace you will still have continuous income from your existence stipend. Might that not help build the boys up?

All of these good things and more when the boys STRIKE THIS MAN OUT!

"Contact was a great help to you," Judee say.

"Great help?" Are we understanding that we would never have known that Judah attacked us with his great balls of fire in the middle of the night if not for contact?

Great help?" If not for contact are we not aware that Judah would have had his way complete with us and the surface of planet earth would be dead already from his nuclear missiles attack on us?

The guy that decided long ago to exterminate the human race in total. Judah tried it and lost his great balls of fire to our watchers that Father sent in, His angels.

"It's lethally shaped." Elder said to Bitch when he went to have a piece of toast. Bitch tossed the loaf. Thank you, Sir for alerting me.

"April they bust your vitals." 11.20 AM

We're are in April right now. The superpower that America was turned into a wreck for tens of millions of inhabitants. Set now to be pushed down in ways that will prevent us from recovering for a long time.

Here's some more of Judees innermost thoughts.

"Sale you on an orchid. Iowa sees my sports men's gen. I set you up with the tax man to war. We just like to stir fights. Bitch's mother doesn't want us because of our mischief way. I see your natural and blow out your wit.

My perjury offends you hostily and burns you in a chair. A STRIKE takes out our best messing wonderful. I just do genocide because I'm a despot. We just cage you for a port op. My wit series let me believe. With all false Bitch big made me leave.

I believe in Auschwitz, that's my company truth. Jew wits are going to port you right with a function. Jew set you to sacrifice you. My op function won't fail because business makes it.

We're set here to hurt you. Your future you failed for our port drive. We're going to put you in full opolies. Pittsburgh invest is truly here. My dog won't let you see I sold you.


Your right portions going to be 4 miles up. Jew has a true arrow fault to throw you away nicely. My field from London shot you. An attack makes you leave wisdom, perish you right out nice woman.

I proceed with Jewish ammunit

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