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"It's Fair, We Warned and an Incredible Psychic Informed You
Tue Apr 11, 2017 09:35

"It's Fair, We Warned and an Incredible Psychic Informed You's".

Might we recognize weap Judah by his speech? "It's fair, we warned and an incredible psychic informed you's," Judee say.

Bitchie, educated by extraterrestrials to read reverse facial speech pulling out weap Judah's hidden and deepest thoughts for all to see. Has Bitchie not explored the secret life of weap Judah and his zipper work?

Has Bitch not found what was known as the "crypto-Jew" and properly brought to public awareness the hybrid transplant Replicon shell that molests and abuses in all terrains he is allowed to?

Judah breeding up about 160 million Replicon hybrid transplants worldwide. Did he not take over planet earth once he took over the concession to issue the money of American Labor? Certainly.

Animated with the spirit of vengeance, revenge. Bred into the environment to get on top of the ordinary people and put us in.

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for sending His angels in to pull Judah's big shots off of us? Do we understand that if not for the love of God our Father we would not be here at this moment?

"It's enough, I've warned you," Father said.

Warned thousands of times for over 5 years to STOP THE WAR. Now Americans perishing out with our children and grandchildren.

"What happened here," Father said when Bitch had his blooper attack and insulted everyone 5 years ago?

"Why didn't you try it?" Father asked American Labor about the STRIKE.

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" God almighty of heaven and earth asked Americans.

The propaganda that Judah has so effectively used throughout his time inside of us. His telling us how bad the other people are that he gets us into a fight with.

Judah now in his last days inside of any of the children of God on planet earth. His pacific behavior until he gets on top of us.

Has our good God not let Judah show us his right stuff enough that we cannot get a helping hand from Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and rid us of this errant disease spreader? Will American Labor not end funding the vicious guy that only makes war?

Has Judah not told us that without the high performance of his white fist he is truly a timorous guy?

Have we not been warned for quite some time of what weap Judah is all about?

Did Lindberg not pay a big price for speaking up about Judah and his huckstering on other people's blood?

How big of a price might we think Lucky Lindy paid when his little baby was plucked out of his crib only to be found later with his head bashed in?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to God Almighty for having His angels let the ancient animal primitivism cipher of weap Judah leave himself off of here?

A Tele sender said yesterday, "eventually he'll expire." Any doubt that that is correct?

Is it not certain no community of love that has knowledge of Judah cipher will ever let him operate his fist racket again?

Is there not an agreement that Judah is finished for good after he got caught red-handed attacking us with one thousand nuclear missiles in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Then again attacking us with 32 ballistic missiles equipped with 960 one hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads on June 11, 2014.

When these facts are correctly perceived by working men and women is it not likely that Judah will never make a come back again?

If we understand Judah is out of time will American Labor not come in and end funding the crimes?

Must American Labor not end funding the hatred, the violence in our world that weap Judah is doing using his nearly biological white fist?

The cruelly manipulated poor. Will Labor not put God's gift of the existence stipend in so that they can have something to eat without having to serve as Judah's fist?

Will American Labor not give us something better than murder for hire as Wall Street's current business model?

Will Labor not protect our financial life by taking the financial out of Judah's private hands? The concession to issue our money. Will American Labor not get smart and try and help us to stay alive by putting the sovereign American Labor dollar in?

"We advise you well, STRIKE THEM OUT!" The angels said to us over 5 years ago.

"You're involved in sin, your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you." The angel's said.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God Almighty of heaven and earth said to Americans.

How many consider it possible what Judah is telling us in reverse speech that the fourth year of his particle weap he will die the last of the white race out of life form?

Judah attacked us with enough nuclear blast force in 2011 to destroy America and most of us living here. Might we consider then that 2012 was the year he and his fist should have been packed up and out of here?

Bitch erred in April of 2012, six months after revealing what Judah had done in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011. Elders said that Bitch, "mis-set you's."

Did Father not explain how Bitch had committed his error? I'm sorry I didn't attitude you right.

The four years we had to save ourselves has passed since 2012 and we are now sealed into a deadly prolonged die off due to breathing in nuclear brimstone waste.

The next four years will complete the die off of the white race.

Are we understanding that Judah is forcing his next war to bring Russia in with his British, German and French mercenaries to give us a full knock down so that he can turn his sleeper Replicons loose on us?

Do we not get the deal here is to bust us out so that our economy will not recover?

How about we let Judah share some more of his secret thinking from his reverse facial speech? Here's some:

"I screw you with the right vitamin. We bourse having sex with you all for fun. Hoboken gave us our roots for vegetables. Jeffery dies you for insurance.

My cow I always push well. Our tyrious we do on Saxon. I step you right with a white truth. I'm a juvenile to daft, I crumb you war. I set you four years smock you bad.

We had no respect for power with Jew true assault. I always fall man with boots to sup, by summer we'll have you off. Our race is off the state today because we can't convince you, you're putting our sport away.

Because of Bitch, I'm forever leaving. The professor feels my full delightee. Jew died your children. I just make you a victim in our zoo, that's my chore. A score I just make.

Jew has a tight suffering way to louse you. Jews all fail so we're out now. I did my maximum rude for my right trick so I got to port. I hold grease for my market. Gracious I was rolled thumbing.

It's the end of my zoo pepper life. Patrick saw us. My mouser failed stupious. I bore you Mormon to set you faulter way. This Mick assaulted maximum Judas and took our play way.

We just score you to hold you back, that's why we like cancer. With our sweet Thomas we're happy here. Ignorance of you is what put me in swell. Some big ways my mother molest.

I just sport you great foul. I score you dumb off complete. Stupid your fate. I'm completely weaped out, you're over scored. Foolish people dangerously leave you to die.

I set you hydrogen right for our true foolmanship. A heroin hit made me famous and proved I'm not usable. I've been completely stopped because of my department.

Our great campus was stupid to base you dumb. Your friend ----- ever support the military but now sees the point of Jew boy. Big Jew opps is so vicious I'm out. We just attach you through inebria to make you fall.

With our weapatory we wrenched you right out. I'm an incest to take you over truly. I advised you all century for a punishment hold. Druid's smacking me, scoring me out because I'm not useful here. I push you raider.

I bad dog you off your days. I'm glad I met you for my awesomeness. We had a mental opportunity to make you go so we decided to make you die and it blew our whole theory away.

My mother taught me to set you Alston right, my ship is backwards these days, you washed us. All junior achievement's dutiful. I do you with rice chemicals for my gen way. I predict a rising for your arrival.

The breeze of Jews is over with for blues. We just use your right choice for investatives. The boom of my life is to port you Moslem. Our genusberg just wants to assault you because that's my theory.

Obviously, I'd of thrown you if it wasn't for Mars, I just deal a switch.

We have a genital foul to shove you off great. I take you off of your jobs but for Mercury, I fell. Fierce I set you bubbles. The Arapaho I use to do divisive. I monkeyed you so I'm dead true.

When you perceive your environment you'll probably send me fantastico. I'm going to leave you an Eskimo with my Judas. I core you with averages, I just shit up your life. The mice, we just rough them fair. We filched with a seat belt.

Our genius is to make you stupid in life. With Brinks, we fought them off easily. We gave you some bisexual well. Stereo and a cage left me to do a rough rude. I jokium you well. We attach you fully hostile. I sue them for an income amplifier. I bought a factory fight.

Basically, for my Alamo, I'm a Federal. I haul you out creep in the parking lot because that's my life. I shoot you with my whole life and from Bitch, I'm a failure. Since the Martian come in it's a new set.

Our weap is our stratagem of death, it's abusive, that's clear. I push you to degenerize and make you sad. Communists make Lutheran pedals to push you bad. When Jewish vision passed you I burned you rightly.

Our joy is white dead. I'm a boom racer. I just race your gene. We just push you out with more Orange-men. With our right insure we have the police on you.

You are paying for our shot, this is where I really failed it. The stupid man should be out of survey ruse. Judah is out for heretic. I'm basically off. We go now in peace," Judee say.

Will Labor not help us, stop the third tribulation so that we can bring the Hopi prophecy of earth's magnetic power in? Will Labor not help us to prevent Judah from giving us his planned cold chill life?

Will Labor not bring our free heat and electricity in for all of God's kids on earth? Our family that lives in the coldest regions. Inexpensive, durable, solid state transistorized circuit boards to tap into earth's motion and turn loose the magnetic force for heat and electricity.

For our family that lives in the tropical regions. Air conditioning powered for free.

Will Labor not try to perceive the damage that is being done to us and our environment by over 6 years of Judah shooting nuclear war on us from Hitachi-GE?

"Our joy is white dead."

Will Druid Slavic peoples not awaken to what Judah thinks about us and take our checkbook away from him before we are totally done out of life form?

" I haul you out creep in the parking lot because that's my life."

"They've poisoned me," Stanley Meyers said as he ran from the restaurant only to die in the parking lot.

Driving around with his water-powered dune buggy. HHO to power his machine totally. Will Labor connect the dots to see the picture of how velocity free energy technology can help us a lot?

Can we only wonder what day Judah is going to have his combined military forces attack our power grid to set us back a ways?

"We had a mental opportunity to make you go so we decided to make you die and it blew our whole theory away."

For once in our lives will Druid Slavic peoples not demonstrate the mental strength to close Judah out right? Do we not see by Mercury report their theory is blown?

"Inebria." That's what Judah claims as for how he has been so able to put us all in. Can we not fix it Labor? Can we not show some force to save our own lives?

"We had no respect for power with Jew true assault. Gracious I was rolled thumbing."

Thumbing his nose at his fellow human Beings on earth, and getting away with it forever. Are we not truly lucky to have our precious sweet Father who loves us send His angels into spare us Judah right, Judah way?

Did Father not give Judah a truly gracious die?

"I'm dying them off, tunnel death. I died them truthful," Father said

They had no respect for anyone including the higher level powers that gifted us with their high intelligence 223 psychiatric genetics.

If Labor will only absorb all of this must Labor not then do us some benefit and let these dangerous errant life forms off of here right?

"Our tyrious we do on Saxon. I step you right with a white truth."

Will we not end white Judah hybrid transplant Replicon shell misrule?

Will Labor not now close out Judah tyranny in the Western world and bring in the second Republic of the United States of America, based on our original claim to have God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

Will American Labor not do us all good and put in once again our sacred Bill of Rights?

"I set you four years smock you bad."

Judah closed out the first full year in 2012 for attacking us with nuclear blast weapons in 2011.

We had 4 years after to save ourselves and did not do that. We kept war and genocide in. Accepted living right less in a Jewish tyranny state. Never missed paying for one bomb that Judah had his white fist drop. Now set for our turn next.

"You guys passively suffer rice that authorizes our guild to pillage you," Judee say.

Are we understanding that only a miracle can save our lives now? Is there not some understanding that we have put enough cash into Judah's hands to die us all right on out of life form?

40,000-mile long spacecraft recently anchored near our sun. Might Father have sent it in to bring the righteous out now? Might the rapture begin right after Judah attacks America with his multi-nation force?

Was 2,000 years just not enough time to explain what the rapture and brimstone were all about?

Might workers not want to ask each other what Father asked Labor about the STRIKE, "Why didn't you try it?"

Tele receives:


It's a hurricane that failed. 3.38 PM

Patrick is trying to stop their sport.

Patrick, we praise you up. 5.07 PM

It's an answer. 5.27 PM

Gifted. 5.32 PM

Put them away. 5.57 PM

They're terminally corrupted. 6.05 PM

The thumpers stole our field, God Almighty saved us, our comfortable lives are going away. 6.08 PM

They screwed us fist. 6.11 PM

They dusted us real wicked. 6.21 PM

Stumbled you and your great god.6.22 PM

You use real harsh words, you don't really please me do you? I'm not amused.

A healthy parasite. 7.02 PM

Weaps are basing and bringing the rapture in. 10.05 PM

File your registive shot. 10.07 PM

Suckered awesomely.

They burst your electricity. 10.08 PM

Luxury is rightful to moose you.

Race war they won. 1010 PM

The police fall for hawking. 10.12 PM

Police failed this whole state.10.14 PM

The police fall to disk psyche.

Peace fell causing insidage. 10.16 PM

Peace fell causing our disease. 10.13 PM

This was fault boursive. 11.17 PM

Municipals exhausted us. 11.43 PM

It's incredible horrible how he cheats us. 11.46 PM

Incredible ricing, get idiots out. 11.48 PM

STRIKE is spiritage, end his ape genus. 11.50 PM

Patrick saves us, our family is rifling us out. 11.52 PM

Viceroys couldn't love you with packages. 11.55 PM

They so effectively fist us up.

They're wildly super fly coring us. 1.01 AM

Permanent abuse you keep with corrupt.1.05 AM

You let him palace side you. 1.09 AM

They fell beautiful marvelous Martian raid but you just keep cashing yourselves out.2.43 AM

Flirtation refused, this boy closed them up and you failed to save yourselves. 2.46 AM

Take them off. 2.45 AM

It's always dangerous to risk an all-out conflict, you should STRIKE THEM OUT! 2.47 AM

ORGANIZE, they form a state of fear. 2.51 AM

They're capping this Bitch loser. 2.56 AM

Oh, my god, they wiped this field awfully sharp. 3.23 AM

You lost your great forces. 3.41 AAM

Range hoppers. 5.30 AM


It's finished. 5.37 AM


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