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"We Sandwiched it and You Failed to Save Yourselves and We e
Wed Apr 12, 2017 09:36

"We Sandwiched it and You Failed to Save Yourselves and We even assigned a Scientist to Talk to You. "

Heard that at 1.15 AM this day, Wednesday, April 12, 2017.

Set now for a mass die off at the hands of weap Judah on free American Labor bourse. In reverse speech Judah reveals that his scientists are telling him that he has sealed in 46% of Americans to die off in the next few years from the nuclear waste he already has in our environment.

With about 320 million Americans would 46% not be nearly 150 million Americans to die out over the new few years now from Brimstone waste?

Now faced with Judah starting multiple wars against America from countries he controls through the issue of money. Are we perceiving that we are headed into a new cycle of sport war?

Here's some Tele receives:

"Save your persons from decease. 3.27 PM

They're framesters. 3.46 PM

They're scoring legitimately. 3.51 PM

Let's do it and save ourselves. 4.16 PM

Thank you. 5.13 PM

Tumor. 6.38 PM

They're busting us out. 6.43 PM

These are some true writings here. 6.46 PM

They've fallen here. 6.47 PM

Get them out of fiercing. 6.48 PM

It wasn't what I was looking for. 6.50 PM

Fundamentals are firing your safety goofish. 8.01 PM

Real abrasive inform us. 8.08 PM

The breeze has gotten us real that you de-exist yourself. 9.47 PM

You failed your space horridly. 9.48 PM

You're now seeing your bumps. 9.49 PM

You fail roosterly. 9.50 PM

It's a current attack. 9.51 PM

It's a mental rub. 9.56 PM

Patty, an unusual freed us. 9.57 PM

They saved us awfully failed. 9.58 PM

Your mind so dies to their weapin. 9.59 PM

You are police state criminaled. 10.06 PM

You RISE us, don't just leave us like this.

Cash preserves the way we live here. 10.09 PM

You ignored me abusive. 10.07 PM

A crash is deserving, you're corrupt. 10.11 PM

You failed elicity. 10.11 PM

They leave us scorched field. 10.12 PM

Harold would have saved us.

Jews have identified your facials, Jews have identified your fate, waste. 10.15 PM

Error death was a freedom forecast. 10.16 PM

You're exhausted degenerate, get them out. 10.21 PM

Outrage our sanity, outrageous sin. 10.22 PM

Hatchet they make us yield. 10.23 PM

They deny freedom sexually.

They fetch you obviously.

Patrick has told us what we ought to do, waltz them out of here. 10.24 PM

New York city has put us in the bleachers.

Cipher dies, they burn out the truth failest, STRIKE THEM OUT! 10.32 PM

Tourist rate daft.

Ein Zwei offends us out. 10.38 PM

Chill a brief. 10.39 PM

They'll toss you out of here rightly man. 10.41 PM

Mental outrage separates you from the Lord. 10.43 PM

They're going to do some die hits here self-made, STRIKE THEM OUT! 10.44 PM

It's a die erase wicked. 10.45 PM

British holster hassled us. 10.47 PM

You're choosing real dyish for sport. 10.49 PM

They burn us as a truth to us.

The devil has been refused. 10.51 PM

They're faschn' outside juries. 10.52 PM

You're rifling yourself easy right. 10.53 PM

With a right deal, they tossed you out preacher clearly. 10.54 PM

Preachers do offend with official bribery.

I shielded you right missile. 10.55 PM

Their garbage sale has tossed us nuclear. 10.56 PM

They're wising us up rightly. 10.57 PM

They bust your balls in their pizza right.

They just falsed you out of your life, they falsed you completely.

Selling you bad dog. 10.58 PM

For beginners rights STRIKE THEM OUT!

Opioids they use to die you fist. 11.01 PM

Jew title dies field.

You die costly the mental way. 11.03 PM

You're obviously dying, try to save yourselves. 11.04 PM

You walk around challenged deadly.

Jews awfully failed us really nice.

Ravished brutal they fell. 11.12 PM

They washed us healthy.

Embarrass put in a total die. 11.15 AM

Zipper rights have fielded us completely. 11.17 PM

Shut them out they've been nesting us bad.

Abuse theory puts you away chapel.

They're thrown out but you're still destroying yourselves. 11.18 PM

They embarrass to cause excitement. 11.19 PM

Psychic is a personal victim cipher. 11.23 PM

They abourse you.

Their mind stacks you up.

Contact put them in.

Purity sews you up, purity throws you out. 11.35 PM

They're basing us real chemicals.

Their real irritate is luxury accomplished us. 11.36 PM

STRIKE THEM OUT, they've poisoned us. 11.38 PM

They're dying us with weap leverage.

Let's dream of cash and resolve to save our genes.

Heavy thoughts are they finished us.

Your decimal died for these son of a bitches.

Pat, they really falsed him out. 11.42 PM

They gave us a brutal decepscious.

Lifers fell missile disease true.

You've been security blasted. 11.45 PM

Domestic they're racist offenders. 11.46 PM

Stupid fish will be pistoled right with no problem. 11.47 PM

With no trouble, they're real stumbling oxygen.

It's obvious it's war they make. 11.49 PM

The petulant goose fell. 11.50 PM

I can't believe they've frosted us. 11.51 PM

They're digging the ditch to bury us. 11.52 PM

The guy has been porting you out for all of his days. 11.53 PM

The Jew field real arson. 11.54 PM

Fail to action, it's a fault dangerous. 11.55 PM

Tyrannicus thieves soundly refused. 11.56 PM

They like to pitch the homeless.

Sorry, it's a criminals field. 11.57 PM

They'll wake us outrageously enemy.

Complete corrupts psyche, you official.

You're exhausted Muslim. 11.58 PM

Your necessary is scotched, obviously, you're in an abusive game.

They'll scrimmage you fall home runs. 11.59 PM

The police are dead, they can't fail no more. 11.59 PM

Cash money is holding us for our deaths.

The colonel is showing we failed in over time. 12.01 AM

National credit apps are their source.

Moscow wins us over, it's sold.

Pull their mistake off. 12.04 AM

Oppose miserable, close them up.

They die your gene for a theory day.

Your fields have been rolled for cash.

You fell, you are racials stumped selfish. 12.16 AM

You're dying out your sacred day. 12.17 AM

Heart attacks will shoot you rightfully. 12.18 AM

They wall for luxury easily.

What did I do here to space them? I gave them the missiles charges but the usher cleaned them available.

It's a die postal coming Monday, Jew statutory from London is coming in.

Super hears their luxury shot.

A ditch eviction is mandatory when you are failed. 12.19 AM

It's a fallen nation by theory. 12.20 AM

STRIKE to save your life. 12.23 AM

Get error gone because Jew wouldn't listen.

Genital threat you awful. 1.04 AM

Assault you nice battery crazy.

He keeps amazing dumb with images.1.07 AM

With control of income, he keeps poverty in. 1.09 AM

Master died for toast criminal.

Idiot breeders are going and end fishing.

Stupid they hurt to fail you in.

You're right for missiles code; you're out.

Super missiled lifers. 1.12 AM

Their widgets have brain effects virtually. 1.14 AM

We're missiled and they're buzzing over time.

Camel grease us puritics.

Life's failed light bulbs cat fist.

Your fail is useless because you failed to save your life forms.

A challenge is faulty.

Daimler here with their sightless cycling. 1.16 AM

Hosiery hosed you out lethal. 1.18 PM

They obviously fist miracle.

Druid Slavic people are set to go now lousy way. 1.20 AM

You watched them fail us backwards and not even touched them with their mandatory dust. 1.21 AM

Stupid let you in on their crazy toast die ruse. 1.25 AM

Soon Bolsh will be in. 1.27 AM

Deceit oppin failed. 1.31 AM

They're stirring up Brussels way. 1.32 AM

They're hauled. 1.33 AM

They did all they could to ruin us. 1.36 AM

You failed to save yourselves, my gosh a mighty you failed to save your lives because we're too corrupt. 1.39 AM

The fight us Romneyish. 1.40 AM

Full insure. 1.41 AM

A right would save us fish. 1.43 AM

Jew orphan rights are inscrutable.

Super tossed their hidden sex out. 1.45 AM

It's an able wash. 1.47 AM

Your whole crepe will fall if you're frightened. 1.48 AM

From Washington, they're physically taking our life away. 1.49 AM

Fidelity has failed your psych-us tight fist. 1.50 AM

Write your congressman and they'll hurry you on a list to moose you out. 1.54 AM

You guys are leaving sad. 1.55 AM

Heroin's their jailbird rate.

The company is pure rat.

Wash your failure, wash your bad. 1.58 AM

You lost your tax roll right. 1.59 AM

Their rich authorized our deaths.

They tossed you failed jail sheeny.

They take out all morality in their state. 2.00 AM

A critical fail dying harsh wit. 2.01 AM

Basketball game stole a mind, stole a mental. 2.02 AM

They insult you grass fires.

They war permanently right by Germany. 2.03 AM

Intimate made us fail disk.

They pitch life as a fact. 2.04 AM

Rice bruise you in. 2.05 AM

You're rightfully entitled to save yourself. 2.06 AM

They're promoting cowlessly.

It's numerals diphtheria that makes life fall down. 2.08 AM

Idiot race goes waste. 2.09 AM

Our destiny is failed. 2.10 AM

The legs supported you. 2.12 AM

STRIKE THEM OUT, it's purely mental. 2.13 AM

We sandwiched it and you failed to save your life. We even assigned a scientist to talk to you. 2.15 AM

The police roll endless ABC.

You're burning your sites out for their habit. 2.17 AM

If you're dying the best way is rising up.

Bankrupt fear exposure. 2.19 AM

Once they get you inside you're died armed sadistically. 2.20 AM

They took us out of here purposely helpless. 2.23 AM

Helplessly trusted them. 2.24 AM

They're shooting you terrorist bump. 2.25 AM

Drag them out soon, please get them out they'll hemorrhage you HUGE. 2.41 AM

Oh, they're going to destroy us all foul? 2.45 AM

Kennedy was scoring true. 2.52 AM

You cared me. 3.05 AM

We're all on a prison and Jews love it. 3.22 AM

Patrick save us from dying here, Jew exhausted us ignorant.

I can feel the torture around you. 4.05 AM

They're sporting eunuchs rightful. 4.17 AM

It's foolish. 4.18 AM

You failed to save you life from this vicious abusive cipher. 4.37 AM

Bug out, freedom he warred well. 4.52 AM

It's cash to die white. 4.54 AM

You lost your state dough boy. 5.15 AM

State was lost dolt.

You lost your life all fear. 5.17 AM

Patrick they falsed you to die them. 5.19 AM

Less oxygen dies. 5.34 AM

Municipals bagged us and pulled our life forces a lot. 5.55 AM

Pat, the purpose of Jew mission here is to irritate here. 6.20 AM

Father get me out of irra-plex." 7.13 AM

"Patrick, my story passed away. I tossed you fairy gospel. I fall you down. My pyramid made Islam life. I fold you police completely managed. I challenged your safe and forced you out. Hey you, STRIKE our failish is out. We'll finish the die of a true gambler. We toss your righteous right under," Judee say.

While looking through some human, civil and Labor rights section at Wiki came across what prison authorities can do to workers in their prison houses if they should dare to go on strike:

"Often, specific regulations on strike actions exist for employees in prisons. The Code of Federal Regulations declares "encouraging others to refuse to work, or to participate in a work stoppage" by prisoners to be a "High Severity Level Prohibited Act" and authorizes solitary confinement for periods of up to a year for each violation.

The California Code of Regulations states that "participation in a strike or work stoppage", "refusal to perform work or participate in a program as ordered or assigned", and "recurring failure to meet work or program expectations within the inmate's abilities when lesser disciplinary methods failed to correct the misconduct" by prisoners is "serious misconduct" under §3315 (Wiki)
Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end a year in solitary confinement for our brothers and sisters that choose to go on STRIKE in Judah gulag houses?

"Jew been tossed mighty well, you've got to get their scrimmage off. Their cipher is sealed, primitive dies."

Thank you, Sir Jason and Sir Morris, for those telepathic messages today.

The main thing we need to do to try and save ourselves, will Labor not help to get their scrimmage off?

"The West coast you probably already know about the attack."

That is a reverse speech found in a television speaker.

How many have heard that Judah attacked us with another nuclear missile that was burst off by Sir Casper?


Have we not seen enough nuclear warheads burst off by Sir Casper and His diligent team of Martians in the last few years to not recognize a nuclear warhead when it is burst off at a safe altitude?

For those that take a look at the video, it will be seen that there are a few bursts that come from it. Those are nuclear warheads exploding many miles above the earth.

The first burst is the chemical explosive burst to set the Atom bomb off that then triggers the thermonuclear Hydrogen bomb to go off.

If this is understood can we not get some help from Labor to end funding these guys shooting these nuclear missiles at us?

Can we not say a prayer of thanks to precious sweet Father for sending His angels in to spare us extinction from nuclear blast war? Will we not try to end helpless and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Father spoke to Bitch a few hours ago. Here is what Father said:

"I cannot be defeated hosily." 8.52 AM

While weap Judah hybrid Replicon transplant shells in North Korea can launch as many nuclear-tipped missiles as they want might we consider that not one of them will get past Sir Casper and His diligent team of Martians?

Might we understand that Father cannot be defeated by Judah hosiery that he has widely spread around our world?

Here's some more Tele receives from the last few hours:

"Take them out. 8.53 AM

We're closing up our life forces, we're scorching ourselves. 8.57 AM

We need a gentle pitch. 9.35 AM

Vics fix you for a heroin grab. 10.25 AM

Purge lethal. 10.26 AM

A total correction. 10.31 AM

Horse racked us. 10.37 AM

Help us Patrick. 10.39 AM

Summons, you can write (right) them out of here. 10.46 AM

Jew fail doom all." 12.09 AM
Who's Vics that is setting Bitchie up for a heroin grab?

Could it be the nickname of the former Vickers armaments company? They sold out and now have a different name. Might this scheduled heroin grab be coming from a British mansion that made their money selling Vickers machines guns in all the wars of the last century?

Will Labor not give us our STRIKE and end these guys frame ups?

Here's some more of what Judee is thinking:

"I forever want you on a pack of crime. Bitch told you about allisor and threw my stool out. I inherit you soul dead. My mama tried to get the potato but he spayed us.

Told you about Alston and how I threw the white guys right. With my homeless ops I pitch you right. Police-bergs all disease true. White guys, you can't mess around so you got to impress him with my wits.

The professor blew my rude op. We score you with county police cars. Bitch has told you all about Judas for sport and lies. You're a threat to my finances. Images let us fair you. Your rentals up because you guys failed all your days.

I set you, I'm foul. I use you for my rights. Our smoke mission is going to bring in some big fear. Our purity passed you for every day. We're weapy foul rusers. We discourage you with a big pepper.

I push my cruelty with guns. It's obvious I can't go on with you seeing my symbol, I'm gonna STRIKE you first. We're going to make you poor Monday. Auschwitz, we're going to shoot refugees here.


We sent the fleet to Japan, it's not coming back. Pretty s

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