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"Will We Not Be Happy in a Realistic House?" As we are bei
Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:06

"Will We Not Be Happy in a Realistic House?"

As we are being blinded with extremely high background radiation to give us cataracts, lung cancer, and pleurisy, has my mother not given everyone enough information about sports guy on a free bourse package to bring Labor to STOP THE WAR?

So some had their shyness shocked by Judee optical animal hold. Allowing for that can we not get over the breezness here?

Judee always discouraging us with a right fall down. The one time in Judees life he failed right and Bitch caught him red handed. Now he is quite dead with his Jersey palace side. Will Labor not give Bitch's mother her due and STRIKE THEM OUT right?

Will Labor not end the war and give us our realistic house for all of God's kids on earth?

So Bitchie not a perfect boy. Shot by Judee the day he was born. Might that help explain why he ever did nothing in school? Couldn't do math or diagram a sentence. Never understood certain basic things.

Even at the time, he wondered, why are things so hard to figure out?

Looking back now, might some of it have had to do with the cheese and noodles for dinner?

Those sweet small pies by the checkout? The pizzas that tasted so good?

Does that Judee not know how to work our mental right?

Judee and his satirizing us every day. Mocking us in the videos he plays. Keeping us holding our breath for the day the giraffe at the zoo becomes a real mother.

Did Judah not discourage us the day he struck John?

Then Malcolm, Martin, and Bobby struck down. Senator Frank Church how he caught cancer after reporting to us stories about the "Family Jewels."

Might the range of punishments that Judee has available to him be the reason why Labor has not let him off of here yet?

Judeeness dictatorship and the mental abuse that saves them. Might shooting Oswald have prevented a rising against them when they shot John?

"Druid is a thief, I killed him with my war. The white boys acknowledge us fail. Our conspear residential put you in true. Our popular corporation for abuse has proven false," Judee say.

A pet offend with opticals from 35 years ago Judee relying on to burn the entire Western world down. Will he or will he not succeed in dying the entire mass of the mild people off why he simultaneously conducts world wars for free using the pocket book of the honest working men and women of American Labor?

The 5 hours of the general STRIKE to convince Judah to hand the checkbook of American Labor over to a Committee of the Whole made up of the people of Labor.

Might we consider that day will be Lucifer's last day of molesting and abusing God's children on earth and the rule of God will come in at last?

Will American Labor not give us God's day of peace and STOP THE WAR? Will American Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT until you have the concession to issue our money in your hands?

The continuing catastrophes that our family on earth is enduring. Are we aware it is all due to who it is that has the concession to issue our money in their hands?

Tele receives:

"Cheer. 1.03 PM

It's over for false truth and shooting. 2.36 PM

The martials fell. 2.46 PM

Scary missile went fantastic. 2.48 PM

You're always deceased from the wicked head. 3.01 PM

They got your safety out, tough die.

Cats die us. 3.12 PM

Scored us off twice, shot us bad. 3.20 PM

They experiment on how to decease us. 3.21 PM

Patrick, hold your best fellas in. 3.25 PM

They deface us white wash. 3.33 PM

Scored us all lethal, Patrick's been trying to save us all this time. 3.35 PM

They missile us because we can't think well. 3.36 PM

They died us missiles. 3.38 PM

He knows who these people are we just sit around and do nothing. 3.39 PM

Get a mental, save your ciphers. 3.40 PM

We've been screwed out physically. 3.41 PM

They just absolute waste us. 4.43 PM

They shot you fiercely. 4.45 PM

It's all false. 4.46 PM

You're technically on abuse. 4.48 PM

You really let them perish you. 4.50 PM

He's an incredible telepath.

Ink martyrs. 4.55 PM

They awesome died your field. 5.09 PM

They're dying the state. 5.53 PM

Patrick Sullivan is an awfully nice boy. 5.55 PM

They're perishing us like ants, that's why stupid is trying to save us. 6.15 PM

He embezzled resources. 6.16 PM

Unix Mary did missile. 6.26 PM

Too amazing God acknowledges you. 6.28 PM

Contact kicked their ass. 12.37 AM

Despotism rice you badly. 12.40 AM

He's leaving you virtual erred. 12.43 AM

Oh my god Patrick they assault us with nuclear weapons. 12.47 AM

Super failed to stop the erase of us.

We're dying off molested.

The Jews are passed for hopelessly contact. 1.41 PM

Easter paid for our sin.

Get them off, get them out. 1.42 AM

Dying us Judas here petroleum.

Your states are goose principles entirely. 1.44 AM

Cinder by fall. 1.45 AM

The size of our income goes through you with a great sword. 1.46 AM

The final weap of Judah is to die us scam free.

Jail you great, graceless. 2.10 AM

Cat operated pencils. 2.1 AM

Senate has died us. 2.13 AM

You die allisor complete. 2.15 AM

Germany caught you atomees. 2.16 AM

Your basic sin is falsing yourselves fistables.

Jew fish rifled this house.

It's canceled, they're letting us core die. 2.17 AM

They perish you out of your day wicked ass. 2.18 AM

God saved us but we died anyways. 2.19 AM

Thrown right, Bitch rates us easy capture. 2.20 AM

They put an end to our selfish and Patrick saved our white man from purity washing us out criminal to perish. 2.21 AM

Fantastic hurt failed our whole force. 2.22 AM

Assault us perjerous.

It's estimated to die your selfishly great fooled. 2.23 AM


Old electricity falsed you out. 2.26 AM

We've been assaulted quite dead. 2.27 AM

It's finished their currency goes inside.

Their mental defaced us.

Washington failed, we leave here suffering out. 2.28 AM

Fantastic hold you crystally. 2.29 AM

Financially conquered sale.

Fist raider held us failed past eternity. 2.30 AM

ORGANIZE yourself.

It's cannibal Baltimore accomplishing hopeless life through Pittsburgh failing us.

Ratical consciousness died us.

Official income will now be Russian.

You inherit filthage due. 2.32 AM

Average die for breeds total rice here. 2.33 AM

You're abandoned fairly pushed us. 2.34 AM

We lost you faceless here, faithless. 2.35 AM

Packer caught you mousin and stoned us. 2.36 AM

Uncle Sam is a great copper.

Uncle Sam is accessing a great die from a video taken by a mouser 35 years ago.

Hunger sad us. 2.38 AM

God saved us easily and we died ourselves awfully useless. 2.40 AM

You package race score completely. 2.41 AM

London sacked the world. 2.42 AM

One of the worst dies evilly corrupt. 2.52 AM

The Nice boy is cautioning us sightly. 3.00 AM

A less brutal helps end criminal sport.

We've been edicated. 3.19 AM

I've been greased your honor, symbols fall. 3.31 AM

You're past goofy, thank you very much for the STRIKE here. 5.50 AM

Shanty's tossed these ricers. 6.01 AM

Jeopardy they've brought us. 6.42 AM

Fisty ciphers march us backward. 6.44 AM

Bitch smarts try to help us get free from these guys and get some fair income. 6.49 AM

They threaten us cash.

A ruse-tistic. 8.31 AM

You've been adjusted for filth the right way. 9.04 AM

We died full gear set us all." 9.40 AM
Bitch truly likes the idea of getting some fair income for everyone and also getting free from these guys that only fist.

Might we see the fist is connected to income? Might we understand their external fist is how they have been able to keep ordinary guys and gals from getting fair income?

Does it all bring to mind the question often asked about Labor issues, "Which side are you on?"

Might we consider that our good God considers the question of fair income so important that he has given all of His children the right to receive an existence stipend?

Might we consider all the areas of warfare that Judah engages us with it is his financial that he does us the most harm with overall?

When Judah brought his created economic depression in in 1929. Have some of us not heard our more senior members of the family tell us just how hard it was to get income during those years of forced Jewish privation in America?

Did Judah not use privation then to set us up for his big investment scheme, the Jewish second world war?

"Our transport state is out. For every day my importance dies. H----- closed me and my bourgeois die. You failed to my suffency. A nice boy has told you about your fatality. I couldn't discourage the school, we just have an atom for a nice shovel.

Pretty soon my zoo fist will disappear. Our weap cipherous charities swept you off your feet. A Palestine rude I establish for thee. I'm a consumer of life's income foul. I'm completely out my fist. It's sad, the Russians won't serve me," Judee say.

That last reverse speech from a significant level Judah. "It's sad, the Russian's won't serve me."

Each day Judah is giving a different read on the circumstances of him getting this war going that will put the final nail into Americas land of the free.

If only Labor will give us a hand are we understanding it will take the jeopardy that Judah has put upon us off of us immediately?

"Because of papa's op, I'm through. I'm fighting peace rag. Someday my menagerie will be gone for my app. We pledge to do fist. Because I'm Jewish we have a camel that hates you.

All minnows I'm gonna out shame right. We got a great air right poison weap. You guys passively suffer rice that automatically authorizes our guild to pillage you. With a tomb, we'll have a fix. I tried to take you back to the stone age but my truth has all fallen.

To Jew you're just a deck offend, I boom a boy. I'm going to do some more of my Bin Laden. I score your kidney great. You're set to die kidney, my dentist is through. I screw you for the duchess one way," Judee say.

Just watched a 10.43 video of a man that had surgery and had his heart taken out and during that time he had a conversation with God.
The video has 9015 comments. Here's a link to it:

He asked God what the meaning of life was all about and God said to him, "oh, that's easy, it's all about love."

If you watch the video he tells about before he returned from his medically induced coma after his heart was repaired and as he was leaving God's presence Father put His arms around him and hugged him. At that moment he tells us of God's feelings of unconditional love for us.

Over two and a half million people have already looked at this video. Bitch listened to it first in regular speech and then read it in reverse facial speech.

His speech for the first 7 minutes was easily recognizable as weap Judah type speech pattern. He indicated in RS that he is an English shell. After the first 7 minutes Bitch was thinking that it was one of Judees false videos that he likes to toy us with.

Then at 7.43 in the video, he breaks down and begins to cry when he tells of the unconditional love that he felt from God when Father put His arms around him and hugged him.

The reverse facial speech then indicates that he does not agree with his previous mode of life.

Here's some of his reverse speech after he breaks down and cries:

"Take me up, corder end. I apped using forces to psyche down. My hasp had a rolling age. My function really was wrong. I'm merching mild states now. It was freaky. I'm completely exhausted out of my trip. My pay just seems hopeless today. German staff, I can't see them scrimmaging you now. I broke OK with ruse. My ribbons be off. I changed basically, my shame come off of me. My aim is now to fly right. Your happy is real. I'm putting it all away salting pepper. I'm horrified with purple and want the whole game off."

Father has a kind beautiful unconditional love for all of His children no matter the circumstance of our lives. Will Labor not bring us into the warm unconditional love of our precious sweet Father?

Our 200,000-year lineage as children of God with our high-level intelligence potentials. Will Labor not put love at the top of our thoughts and STOP THE WAR?

Bitch sorry he insulted you all for it really is not like him to criticize anyone. "Life's short, have fun, be nice. And remember do not use my money to make war." Bitch basic theory of life.

Do the ordinary everyday working people of Labor not see the urgency to STOP THE WAR?

Two judges now taken out of life in one week. Is Labor not perceiving that we are melting in more ways than one?


Police Believe New York Judge Found in Hudson River Committed Suicide

Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam in 2013. She was the first black woman to serve on New York State’s highest court. Credit Mike Groll/Associated Press

With our grand juries in are we understanding that we will be able to learn the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

Might a coroner's grand jury not want to first identify if that is who it is claimed?

The wilding that Judah does when he gets on top of us. Will American Labor not help us out of this mess?

"I weak your like passion," Judee say.

The rest of God's children we share this beautiful nation and planet with. With Judee doing his ruse assaults are we seeing how successful he has been at weakening our passion for spending more time with our neighbors and friends and making new friends that we haven't met yet?

The constant assault and battery of weap Judah to separate us. Will Labor not give us an end to his ruin?

Holding us now for his last assault, knocking the legs out from under our economy now. Will working men and women not give us our STRIKE?

"I sever you judge, we did a nice dunge. For perma-sex we expire, we just lost. We're awfully selfish with Jew life, we're frosted now," Judee say.

The millions of our fellow Americans living out on our streets as if we are not a nation just a roaming wild land. Will Labor not put God's existence stipend in and bring our family in from the cold?

So they shot John, Martin, Malcolm, Bobby, Frank, Eugene, Harold the good and hundreds of millions more. Once we take the concession to issue our money away from them is it not certain they'll no more shoot our best?

"The British awfully rightly base wits off of me," Judee say.

In that simple sentence might we understand why our elders suggest that all we need to do is to be re-sighted?

Might we further understand that is due to the fact that it is not our wits that are ordering all of the mayhem and wreckage in our world, it is weap Judah on free American Labor bourse?

Our precious sweet Father who wants to save us. Is there not a magic word to convince Labor to try and save us?

"I command you to love one another," Father said. "Love thy neighbor as thyself," Jesus said.

Might that be the word to save us, "Love?"

The man that had his heart repaired asked God what the meaning of life was all about and God said to him, "oh, that's easy, it's all about love."

Will American Labor not demonstrate love for the children of God on earth and end funding the satanic weap Judah war on God's kids?

Selfish Jew with his tight fist. Will Labor not get him off of God's kids?

They've lost their rule for sins against God and man. Will Labor not do the right thing and let them off here right?

Their massive dungeon molests that have come to light. Will Labor not help us before we are left in a difficult upset?

Must American Labor not end funding Jewish state terrorism?


"I would have given you anything," precious sweet Father said.

Are we understanding th

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