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Trials Of The Traitors Has Begun
Fri Apr 14, 2017 07:26


The Trials of those who have committed Treason against the United States have begun.

Candice Marie Claiborne, a State Department Director Directly Under The Big H, was indicted for Treason.

Apparently she sold Diplomatic Secrets to the Chinese and took lavish pay-offs from these people. Something she said her boss did all the time as she is singing like a Canary and spilling the Beans about the entire State Department.

She kept records of every one to cover her rear.

She is expected to spend the rest of her life behind bars.

In a fairly related story - Famed Psychic Sean David Morton and his wife Melissa - who worked with the local FBI to attempt to start a - shall we say - world ending conflict - was arrested 1 February 2016 last year and finally sentenced to 650 years in prison for Tax Evasion two days ago.

The IRS is claiming he filed a Bogus Tax Return and collected a refund of $480,323. When the IRS wanted the money back he and Melissa refused to return it and had apparently hidden it from the IRS.

Apparently it has taken 10 years to take these folks down - along with their FBI Co-Conspirators from Foster City, California.

To an old friend who led me into a trap set by the FBI in Tacoma and forced me to be homeless for 6 months and strip me of all I owned at the time - in an attempt to start this major world conflict in late 2007:


Apparently these Trials of these Traitors have only just begun.
Now to switch topics and discuss what is happening to You Tubers and Google Advertisements:

First - the Wall Street Journal and New York Times Newspapers - both failing miserably - launched a campaign to pull all ads that supported You Tube News Sites.

Google is a publicly owned stock and when it comes out they purposely cut off their own advertisement revenue their stock holders will be furious - mad enough to kill - and that is not meant as a joke.

Further - You Tube is currently negotiating a You Tube TV program - and with no advertisement revenue - no TV ads.

Now what happens to a guy with 500,000 viewers who is suppressed and not gets paid for only 10,000 hits. He will more than likely cancel You Tube Ads and find his own advertisers, right?

This exactly what is now happening.

Whether You Tube (Owned by Google) can recover from it’s stupidity of pulling advertisements, pulling videos because they tell too much of the truth or dare to use a banned word and suppressing those who tell the truth remains to be seen.

My guess is when the Google Investors determine what the Google Directors have done heads will roll --- not kidding.

Money Talks - BS Walks

You make a Stupid Politically Correct Move and cut an investor’s income by 50% - all to support few Satanic NAZI Pigs - you see what happens to your family.

Can we say - they will be replaced very, very quickly???

In other news:

1) First: We have stated the sun is getting larger - which means hotter summers, colder winters and the Earth’s Magnetic Protection begins to fall away.

In Florida there are currently over 100 Wild Fires Burning an the Pacific Northwest receives - according to my rain gauge - 30 inches of rain in the last 30 days.

2) Second: Russia turned a United Airlines flight 857 from San Francisco to Shanghai because it was carrying a New Virus (H7N9 Airborne) that was not registered in any Data Base.

Apparently Russian Satellite “Object 2014-28E” detected the odd spectral signature of a New Virus headed for China.

With the recent outbreak of the H7N9 virus in poultry contained in US Made Mareks Vaccinations let us say that the United States is under some pretty severe scrutiny???

As you can see - clearly predicts the death of 6.5 Billion People over the next 7 years.

Please pray their plans fail and those planning this are themselves caught in their own trap.

3) Finally: There was a recent meeting between President Trump and President Xi Jinping of China and here are the three main points of Discussion during the meeting:

…..a) China intends to shut North Korea Down and either take North Korea and re-unite it with China or move to reunite both Koreas as soon as humanly possible. The US will assist in this process.

…..b) The Death of the Dollar was planned 14 July 1944 when the Breton Woods Agreement was signed. It was supposed to happen several years ago but was blocked for some odd reason.

He gave President Trump the timeline for the Death of the dollar but here is when Poop is exposited to hit the fan: 11 October we shall see here in America huge Layoffs and hyperinflation in food costs.

The US Media will call it the Great Recession of 2018 and a ‘Dollar Correction” and a Stock Market “Correction.”

In fact - as the dollar plummets in value the US Stock Market - run 60% by Artificial Intelligence - may be allowed to go up and up into realms of non-reality.

What good is an IRA worth $100,000 when the dollar goes down in value by 90%???

IE: Ukraine, Russia, etc….

…..c)) The potential of the coming plagues expected to kill those with Green and Blue eyes…a new and improved Chinese version of the H7N9, etc. It is called Tit For Tat.

Remember - the VA sells all active duty Medical Records around the word for Grant Money. This means designing a virus to kill American people is very easy to develop and it is not likely any US Agency will stop this treason any time soon.

The Exploding Semi Trucks containing Chilled Fruit was just a warning to President Trump by some very powerful elitists.

Apparently President Trump’s mind leaks.

Kim Jong-un’ Handlers

I know your staff reads this and I know that you are aware that I speak the truth

China has been preparing to crush your tiny nation for decades and when it is crushed the world will rejoice.

I urge you to immediately reunite North Korea and South Korea or face the “Horde Of Yellow Devils” as you call them - they swarm into your tiny Hermit Nation.

It is also urged that you open your northern boarder to China immediately.

If you do this the Xi Jinping’s Handlers will respect you for your timely and intelligent decision and you will be proclaimed by your people as the Wisest and Bravest leader the Koreas have ever had.


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To be quite frank - It appears that in 6 months the US Dollar will be in such turmoil that we will see such inflation in food that you may be grateful you have the food.


Please pray that YOUR family is well taken care of and that those perpetrating these nasty things to come are stopped in their tracks immediately.

A special prayer for a Lying Thieving Con Man named Sean David Morton - please pray that he repents just as soon as possible.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

A Special Message To Jared Kushner: Your master Lucifer is a loozer and will no longer support you. This is a good time to repent or tell GOD face to face why you sabotaged your father in law.



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