"STRIKE THEM OUT or Right Guy's Done." That is from an over
Fri Apr 14, 2017 09:24

"STRIKE THEM OUT or Right Guy's Done."

That is from an overnight Tele receive. "STRIKE THEM OUT or right guy's done."

Our world locked into eternal sports war. The greatest harm done to Labor, has it not been the war that has harmed the interests of Labor most of all?

Is it not something that it is Labor itself that funds the war? Will Labor not RISE and STOP THE WAR?

Tele receives:

"Throw Jew out. 12.04 PM

STRIKE because the air's abrasive. 12.07 PM

Because of the loan office, you all die. 2.28 PM

It's easy prayer. 2.46 PM

It's a great sin of choice. 2.50 PM

You're welcome ahead. 2.52 PM

Brutal fall you all jury less. 2.59 PM

Pat, we need elocity. 3.04 PM

We can't leave this genocide op go on. 3.06 PM

Selfish well. 3.09 PM

Cancer will cite you all fisted. 3.12 PM

The dog wrenched. 3.32 PM

STRIKE THEM OUT, end their appin us, end their hassling us.

Finish it, they only buy disease. 3.35 PM

Shanty scored them dead, their genius is off, they play too dirty. 3.36 PM

It was a great sin, now they're passed. 3.42 PM

Their blaze is out for maddening. 3.44 PM

The scientist got their core out. 3.46 PM

They rape us all foreign and leave.

Your mouse is about completely set. 3.52 PM

Split you sexual is about folding here. 6.42 PM

Cashed, just like we are a mouse. 6.46 PM

They gave you a police state almost completely dead.

They're out on a slide rule. 10.49 PM

Their problem is purposely useless. 12.02 AM

Jews failed you off of here. 1.03 AM

You're set for a big fail here. 1.04 AM

An obvious dog-a-ment cleared you's.

They sold the Bitch with criminal lies. 1.06 AM

The cats died us out. 1.08 AM

The pubes are all confused. 1.19 AM

Jew attach themselves to make you dead.

Devil push us out disease. 1.22 AM

Your ables flimmed you to how you're about to lose your life. 1.23 AM

Rights will get you off of error stuck. 1.27 AM

Criminals Jew want to be sacking you. 1.30 AM

Your heritage is all coming offinals. 1.31 AM

They put in fear enormous abusive.

Your police forces out you failed. 1.33 AM

Paramus haunts your sex field. 1.34 AM

They seriously fist you quite perceived. 1.35 AM

Ambulance died you like asparagus.

STRIKE will get their coring out. 1.37 AM

Series dunge rearranged us. 1.38 AM

Falsed out castrated. 1.39 AM

They're ranching you out 4 seasons. 1.40 AM

Your victory falls battery.

Victims pay full. 1.41 AM

Take New Hampshire breed for their fouls. 1.43 AM

Inherit stomach. 1.44 AM

It's real petroleum custody. 1.45 AM

Their refusal degenerates white man. 1.46 AM

They're bursting you hostile. 1.47 AM

Your income ceased well. 1.49 AM

Conscious miracle is a rude force. 1.52 AM

Brassiere right forces hold us back, hostily parse us. 1.55 AM

Pain from Russia makes a slow die.

Nuclear must fall off your head.

Terrible Germany exclusive cites us. 2.00 AM

If you fail to save your life it fails you rightfully. 2.01 AM

The weak are purged. 2.02 AM

You failed to save your life with terror boy symbols. 2.07 AM

You're sinkered rightful. 2.09 AM

They starch us failed. 2.10 AM

It's passed here, you're passing away. 2.11 AM

Recognize you've failed to save your lives.

You failed to save your own family even though Mercury pulled you out. 2.13 AM

STRIKE THEM OUT or right guy's done. 2.14 AM

They're trying to save us. 2.15 AM

Patrick is trying to save us from falling here.

The white man carried out his own survivness fear. 2.18 AM

Muslims failed your rising. 2.20 AM

Close fiction. 2.29 AM

They're at us sadly. 2.38 AM

Terrible life forces raped us. 2.39 AM

Fishing ham accomplished you. 3.07 AM

The generous is awfully out. 3.48 AM

Sin flint. 4.04 AM

You've been approved. 4.13 AM

Finish, their rule is fighting." 4.26 AM

"Our management failed horruft and put us in. With our power of police we always mush you dead. My gospel set you an economy you can't access. We just weap dead the druid's head, that's our mark in life.

With my dissension, I set you low. Judah just caught you failed. Symbols all to myself just shot you much. You see my favorite is to rub you dead. Our nuclear shot that failed you perceive our furnace.

Jew obviously a fraud, obviously no good. Jew push your rights with a unifoldee so soon you're gone here. We fetch them with Dallas and toss them a war way. I failed my Muslim voyage by pushing my mushroom first," Judee say.

If Judee has tried out his Muslim voyage before he attacked us with his nuclear missiles might he have gotten a little further with his false?

"You don't appreciate the bank war so I have set it so that you can't live," Judee say.

Could that be what is holding us from acting to take the bank away from Judah, we don't appreciate the bank war?

That our good God has willed that Labor issue our money, should our thoughts not focus on our good God's love for his unaware children on earth? Should Father's will for Labor to issue our money not help us to appreciate that it is the bank war that is dying us out of life form now?

They dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb against ISIS in the Nangarhar Province in Afghanistan.
The GBU-43B known as the Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) or the Mother of All Bombs, is a 20,000-pound monster. It took $314 million to develop and has a unit cost of $16 million.

When American Labor ends funding ISIS might there also no longer be any need to fund the bombs that Judah drops on them?

"Jew ruse bourses in lethargy. We want one state continental, communist. We set your life truly chemical, that's our Medusa. We perished you right off in 4 years without faulting, my Indo-mart knows how to speak here," Judee say.

Made aware that we were attacked with nuclear missiles to exterminate us in October of 2011, and now 5 and a half years later no response to save ourselves yet.

Will we not pray that Labor will gain the knowledge of the extreme importance of the bank war that Judah is using to die us off and that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT to take the concession to issue our money away from them?

"If it wasn't for Christians you wouldn't see Judee pp head. We went mushroom bench ways and lost it all. I had a museum in Iowa I lost. It's outrageous how we core you fist, I'm victable.

I image you right for management, I hold your head in a sack and it lets me run my tyranny. I just war vis easily. I just like to do my filth rite because I'm a crazy sort of blade.

We put dumbage before your day to fail. Our tourniquet now is to leave you choking, our Judicus goes out of here now. I say embezzle and talk abusively. I have a bank to take out your air.

I racial with a military to leave you a big deed that's witless, that's how I score. I make a fortune from closing your street. Heroin schools you. I deceive you to make police altruists.

I bow municipals with my weap. We put all emergency in and use coppers to pull you out. With my native gruesome, you die thera-set. Jew proceed to penetrate with mark gorgeous, without your help I'm out," Judee say.

Are we seeing from that reverse speech that without our help Judah cannot penetrate? The German equivalent of our dollar, the mark, do we see that Judah uses several central banks from the mild man's lands to penetrate?

"We invented rear scoping. They're sick of me. You give up your life for pencils. When H----- pulled our missile we were deceased for war right, we were halted. Bitch rang our force tyranny," Judee say.

When Judah shot in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, are we seeing that only the love of precious sweet Father kept us in?

Don't know if that should be kept in the post. Judee did say it though.

Here's some more Tele receives:

"Your mental's a statistic. 4.29 AM

Your family's gone through opticals, through the genius of the guy that sold ya's out. 4.31 AM

Suffer fooshed you. 4.37 AM

Jesus pulls down horse right. 4.40 AM

They folded us diapers. 4.43 AM

Patty, they're scooping us. 4.44 AM

Complete ignorance prevented a RISE here. 4.48 AM

Junk, they harness you right chemical. 4.53 AM

They fear us inter-racially. 4.56 AM

Partially your sexual is sealed. 4.58 AM

They're throwing out your resources well. 4.59 AM

You're all punished, you let these guys take your ship, Manson. 5.01 AM

They bore your senses down right here. 5.03 AM

It's just a dash hold on the double. 5.06 AM

Hey, big guys, pressure is assaulting us. 5.15 AM

Straight failed you phony. 5.51 AM

Bubba's failish. 5.58 AM

They leap frog until you're in a ditch. 6.11 AM

Uncle Pat, you failed to save us. 6.36 AM

Crummy municipals deceived us. 7.09 AM

Kennel apps will zoom us. 7.12 AM

Jews came to America with a promise to accomplish us. 7.23 AM

Without the halo court, the assault us would have pulled us out. 7.26 AM

You're all power fisted. 7.28 AM

Management switch. 7.29 AM

We're all dead by spoof Johnson here. 7.39 AM

Smote him. 7.42 AM

They sieged us right with money. 7.57 AM

Screwing us frivolous now. 8.02 AM

Cow dead. 8.07 AM

It's the last week and chemicals win, Jew already fallen. 8.59 AM

I'm passed; a suitable surface die. 8.58 AM

You've been attacked in your vitals. 9.12 AM

Your helpless have failed. 9.14 AM

Chromium has failed us. 9.21 AM

The police department, throw them straight out. 9.26 AM

You've been conducted tumor. 9.28 AM

We've lost so many sphericals to nuclear atoms. 9.29 AM

Permious we've lost our lives. 9.33 AM

I'm sick of war. 9.38 AM

Micro singe. 9.44 AM

They've crippled our light bulbs. 9.45 AM

Bad judges, they're rotten to us. 9.46 AM

It's very mouse ops out here. 9.47 AM

The factory's out of here for poisoning us for real.

Real sacred night work. 9.48 AM

Their psychologists threw us off here and we're little kids. 9.50 AM

They leafed us total with cash. 9.51 AM

Their package is rising Wisconsinly bad. 9.52 AM

They've resigned for fistinality. 9.53 AM

Spiritual hit is dying us. 9.54 AM

A theory raped our field. 9.55 AM

They keep twisting us ruthlessly and dastardly. 9.56 AM

Bitch acknowledge they've shot us already, simply stupid's figured it out why can't we please? 9.58 AM

Sheeny died to sig us out. 9.59 AM

Patrick, I love your adverse. 10.21 AM

Their inner state shoots. 10.27 AM

Their insane falls us. 10.51 AM

That's real gory for a percent. 11.28 AM

The professor's trying to beseech us. 12.03 PM

They're filthy on their horror side." 12.19 PM

"Jews appetize people through dumb kids sphere. I take your race off all the time. My Germany right ruse cash you and put you under. I believed missile was a true event to die all insure.

My total function is to put you away. It's an addiction we saved for fighting, spiting you. We're still forcing you here jail. I failed bad but I can still hold the mice my usual way. Our ruse finally stuffed us because Bitch pulled Brussels out," Judee say.

Do some recall a few years ago that Bitch read in the reverse speech of a news broadcaster from Germany that radar data had become available that showed NATO nuclear missiles headed towards Poland as the reason the Polish government had to ghost out?

Might we perceive that sort of information pulled Judah's Brussels out right?

Do we recall when the coffins were returned they were welded shut and no one in Poland ever looked to see who was inside of the coffins?

Will Labor not help us out of this situation where we have no rights at all?

Eight centuries ago it was made the law of the land in England that juries would hear what the deal was that was going on. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and end this infantile paralysis that Judah has put in? Will Labor not put our American Bill of rights in once again?

While researching some of Charles Manson's history looked at the prison that he is in now. Corcoran, California.

While reading of some of the prisoners held there happened to see that the fellow convicted of the Ennis Cosby murder is locked up there. There is a link at the bottom of this page for those that are interested.

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money into your hands and hire us some legitimate grand juries so that we the people will be allowed to hear the truth of how this land became such a troubled land?

"They threw us away. 1.23 PM

We're through with their threat here. 1.25 PM

They blew their missiles and war right away. 1.30 AM

Patrick, your boys have failed.1.35

Vidiots savage us all. 2.07 PM

They spite us foreign here, get them out in sequence." 2.11 PM

We need a STRIKE to STOP THE WAR. Will American Labor not have faith in our good God above to see us through to the safe shores of peace?

They have done all that they could to destroy the America dream by turning it into a nightmare of war.

"You have a limited range, operate within it. You're not to rule, electrify them, enrich them," Father said to Bitch many years ago.

Bitch sure would like to help electrify the world with the free energy that is available using velocity power circuits.

Would it not be nice to work together to bring our $100 trillion dollar economy in so that it is real easy then to see that there is something for everyone as Father wills?

We can get it done if only we have some help. Do we see the help we need to end the hell on earth is to stop funding Judah sport in our world?

A third of the human race whether we get to live our lives or die out inhaling nuclear waste. The fate of us will be decided within the week.

Somewhere in Bitch roots are some dangerous old men. Bitch wants them put into retirement. Will labor not give us a hand?

Will Labor not overlook Bitch's inept in the social area and think of the better days to come when Labor is sitting and issuing our cash without holding us with a gun?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off," God Almighty of heaven and earth said.

"You're involved in sin your lives won't be spared. We came to warn you," Father's angels said.

"HUGE rifles are coming in, chase them out."

Thank you, Sir Morris for that message today. Will Labor not spare us from any more moral, social, spiritual or economic decay and STRIKE THEM OUT? Will Labor not end funding Judah bringing his HUGE rifles in here?

"It's awfully dreadful, you're finding holes here, great for harshly."

Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today.

Has Bitch not scoped out many of the holes that weap Judah is sneaking away to hide in while he cables more dying of God's kids on the surface of planet earth?

Elephant Mountain — On March 4, 2017, and also a week ago the same camera, picked up another object. It was almost identical, but it hovered in location for several minutes. I went back to copy the picture, but the Webcam had already ready refreshed. It was an accident that I found it going through live weather cams around Flagstaff. I was checking out Elephant Mountain when a blip caught my attention. I went back and got the screenshot this time. Last week a huge triangle hovered for a little over two minutes. I just took out the screen surroundings, but the picture was not altered as you will see. Thanks to MUFON CMS
Santa Rita mountains near Tuscon, Arizona.
Might there be an entrance to hide inside of elephant head mountain so that Judah can continue his harshly on God's kids?

Are we seeing how our family from outer space has been MARKING the mountains with the holes that Judah is running to hide in?


Have we not read enough reverse speech from weap Judah to perceive they will stay long enough until it is understood by everyone that we have lost our lives to deadly nuclear radiation then they will flee into their well-prepared mountain hideaways to sit out our cancer die?

Beseech, the definitio

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