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"I Died To See You Miss. If you're not concerned enough to g
Sat Apr 15, 2017 07:49

"I Died To See You Miss. If you're not concerned enough to get organized you split."

Might we recognize that is weap Judee speaking from his subconscious to us? By attacking us with a thousand ballistic missiles with over three thousand thermonuclear warheads to destroy America and all that live here, did he truly not die himself?

And so he tells us he died to see us miss. Must we not be concerned enough to get organized so that we don't have to split from this beautiful world we live in?

With over 5 years of knowledge that we survived a couple of nuclear blast wars and have done nothing about it. Is that not quite a miss?

So Judah died to see us miss. Though has Judah not told us often that "Druid has ever failed to save himself: Druid is not dutiful?" Yes, he has told us that.

Judee claims it is his mental that is holding us. Once he loses the concession to issue our money and no longer has free cash to hire a fist might his mental not be quite as strong as it is? Certainly.

But the fact remains, he still is the only party that can issue our cash for free. And so what does he do with our cash?

Has he not kept our nation and world in upheaval for quite some time now?

All the bribes needed for when he shoots people down on our streets. Must that not be quite expensive? Sure. Do we see though he can pay all the big bribes needed because we let him issue our money for free and in secret?

So Judah died himself only to see us miss. And what a miss it is. Are we ready to die our life forms out of here over the next few years now by breathing hot radioactive cancer-causing particles?

Instead of trying to spear us one at a time instead he poisons the whole fishbowl. How is that for an extinction level event?

A general STRIKE and in 5 hours they're out of here with their Auschwitz brand and eternal war upon the children of God on earth. Will we not keep praying that Labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and close them out of here right?

With the concession to issue our money might we consider how they were able to contaminate our water nationwide with the deadly chemical fluoride?

Fluoride, known to slow the wits. Rather than putting it in our water to help our teeth might it actually have been to take our mental down if ever so slightly to give them the edge in their contest with us?

The widespread contamination of our food products with a range of mental debilitating chemicals. Have we not had a good demonstration of how deadly are the finance wars when weap Judah is the only party to hold the concession to issue our money?

Genocide gone wild in the high-tech age. If our good God almighty had forsaken us and let Judah get his nuclear blast shots in are we aware we would not be alive now?

The first nuclear attack upon us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011, with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads with the energy equivalent to 70,0000 Hiroshima atom bomb blasts fired at us.

All pulled out of the night sky by the angels God Almighty sent in. Sir Casper, our Martian neighbor, and good friend had his team pull every single nuclear missile out of the sky in its boost phase at 80,000 feet in the sky. Not one got past God's diligent watchers.

Only three years later to the day, again Judah and his alliance partners tried to destroy the lower forty-eight on the night of June 11, 2014, when he had two British submarines launch 32 ballistic missiles with 960 one hundred kiloton warheads at us from right off of the east coast of our United States of America.

Two Martian mother ships burst every nuclear warhead off high in the sky. Don't believe it? Here's a video to see it:

Is This a Mothership over Florida Town?
Published: 5:24 AM 6/12/2014
Originally uploaded by CollierCountyFlorida on June 11, 2014

Two Giant Objects were spotted on radar over a small town in the southwest region of Florida on June 11, 2014, between the hours of 8-10 PM
Video 7.47 at

How many might guess that we are looking at 960 one hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads that are being burst off by the two Martian mother ships over Florida during the two hour period?

32 missiles from two British submarines sitting off of the east coast unloading their cargo of blast genocide.

Are we not yet perceiving what the centers of power of planet earth think of us yet?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good God above for sending His angels in to spare us extinction in a well planned nuclear blast war?

While searching videos on YouTube found this 30-second video with this gigantic extraterrestrial craft hovering over New Mexico:

GIGANTIC UFO Mothership in New Mexico, December 18th, 2012

Nearly a half a million views and not even one comment? Bitch left a comment there just now.

Take a look and see what you think. Bitch looked at it and it looks too good to be a created image. It appears to be a real extraterrestrial craft hovering in the New Mexico sky. Check the rotation and the reflection of light from the sun and see what you think.

Might we consider the craft floating in the sky is our elder's ship that is MARKING the nuclear warfighting groups that are in New Mexico building the nuclear blast technology to wipe us out?

"An original plunge you failed to save your guys from. War loss, you botched a period."

Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today. Is there some way to overcome Bitch botch and convince Labor to try and save us from a great war loss here?

What does Judee tells us other than "white children don't have receipts so we have them beat you up." Will Labor not get hold of the receipts and make some tuition available so white children cannot be lured to beat other kids up?

"An enormous carry now burned your mental clear from here now."

Thank you, Sir Morris for that message today.

Will Labor not get hold of the receipts and put our mental in once again? Will Labor not put our mental in that says "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed?

Will Labor not accept that we have a right of enjoying and defending our lives, our liberty and possessions?

Will Labor not accept that we have a right to safety and to pursue happiness?

Has our good God not gifted us with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Yes, Father has gifted us with those rights and also the right to an existence stipend with something in it for everyone. "Consider it a God given right," precious sweet Father said concerning the right to an existence stipend.

And what do we have at this moment other than Judah sporting homelessness so that he can make us easier to sport to death?

Does Labor not see the wrong that we have while Judah has the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue our money, in his hands?

That Judah has used the power of our purse to die off a third of the human race worldwide and the majority of Americans over the next few years, will we not defend our safety and happiness by taking Judah algebra sport out of the equation?

Will Labor not help the well-intentioned Bitch out of his flub? Will Labor not help Bitch out of his gum up of this transition out of war and into peace?

Will Labor not choose to not compound Bitch's fault, his stupid, his carelessness, mindlessness, and instead STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Can Labor not identify with another simple working man and let his stupid mistakes go and try to hear the love of God for us and help us in what could be the last years of our existence alive? If so will Labor not take the paper away from these useless, though sly and cunning, assault and battery guys?

"I treach you. Velocity is screwing us. I'm almost done. With Ein Zwei I stressed you. I'm into perping you with a child. The way I get an animal to talk I shot you. We always have a Jew on the police force so we have a chief to cap.

Brutal sex animal psyches you, it's part of out menagerie. We bore venison, I'm fully optable to die man. The nice Bitch told you about our rights so I'm up. The shoots are all for my fairy trip. We just spite you with a hard time and shoot you off.

Officials have all failed opply, we're all done. I'm just giving you a wolf Michigan face to sports apps. In 5 minutes I took off your country and bored you right. I use animals for surveillance to die you corrupt.

Kerchief seizes you. You prove you're an unaware head with shrimpy on you. Jew oxygen has never refused a bourse, I'm putting you out. My mission is to cap you for a bonus here because I can't see straight.

I tried to booze rate you but I stumbled with my big technology head. My vision analysis is to roll you with a right check. Taking out your economy I'm having fun. I do special well with indigents.

We had atom bombs to weak your house, for three years you've known and still don't pull us out so I'm I'm into washing you because you've collapsed.

They're all pretty helpless with my sweet. I shot you with basalt. The diskettes here and you stay great. We assigned America to shoot, we don't want the country to rise, we want a colony. The WASP I just want to fool with sex right out.

Bitch report my virtual evil right but my racket won, algebra capped all of you even with my suicide right. The professor told you about our tourism, it's almost a whole pitch out. Papa knows my Jew way and keeps me from dying them.

Patrick calls us all nuts and lost the dream, all in all, I'll embarrass you right. My business rights are obvious. I stall you all Jewish forever with Loomis. I shot you pet for my invest.

We fight people over sexual wars, we're intimate, that's why we fight you. For my rights I need public dough otherwise I can't challenge you weap," Judee say.

In that last reverse speech might we hear the truth that if we understand it and then act on it it will liberate us from our world of eternal war?

When weap Judah does not have free public dough do we see his entire war sins cartel will fold away and we then can interact with each other as ordinary peaceful human Beings?

Are we seeing why we need Labor to give us a general STRIKE? Do we see it will end free public funding of Judah rights to perpetrate any more sins against us he feels like perpetrating?

"I blew Iowa away with my divisive. You're just taught this way in these words to believe in weap. When H----- pulled our missiles we were deceased for war right. We weap to better freedom for our way.

I have a death's head musk. I put police on you because you rape us awesome. Whites are fabulous pitchers so I pitch them off completely," Judee say.

Might we note that Judah is claiming it is white that do the rapes and that is why he harms us so much?

"Whites are fabulous pitchers."

Might we note it is a white that helped Judah pitch himself off right?

From reading Judees reverse speech here is what it appears like as to where he has his Replicons hidden.

Our family from the land of good people have the largest number of hybrid transplant Replicon shells within. They pretend they are Muslims as for how they fool us as to who they really are.

His second largest group of hybrid transplant Replicon shells are in the Middle East states. They are running all of the states in the Middle East, pretending to be Muslims.

Might we note the states in the Middle East that are big on doing executions? Might that not tell us that it is Judah that is running those states?

His third largest number of hybrid transplant Replicon shell creations are in the Far East. They are heading all of the governments in those regions. Do we recall it was when Judah put America to serve British war aims that we supported England's invasion of the Far East early in the last century and through the second world war and Korea and Vietnam?

Might we note those nations are all now operated by weap Judah shell hybrid transplant Replicons?

The fourth largest group of Replicon shells are to be found in Germany Judee tells us. Might we note that it is Germany that Judah has been using to do many of his shoots?

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?" God Almighty our precious sweet Father in heaven asked us.

What's your position here Labor, will you continue to fail us or give us the peace and sign these weap ciphers out of here for good?

Bitch tries to keep his irritate out of his writing. Just heard someone that was irritated by something Bitch put in yesterday's post. Whatever it was will Labor not bypass it and get us to peace?

Will their hostile day be closed in freedom time? We'll see. Are we grasping it is Labor that will make the decision for you and me?

Are we not yet perceiving what a horrific die that Judah has now got in on us here? Judah's reverse speech indicates that it is kidney problems that will take us big time. We are breathing radioactive waste every day now and it passes through our body and into our bloodstream where it is filtered by our kidneys.

The congressperson that said, "Roast kidney disease," a few years ago in reverse speech. Are we understanding congress is fully aware that we are being died off right?

Tele receives:

"Totally genocide. 4.10 PM

Molest idiots are reversing us. 5.21 PM

Give them the scratch. 5.34 PM

That's your weak, you're not graceful. 5.36 PM

The bears have been thrown. 5.38 PM

Jewish murdered us for the yellow site. 5.41 PM

Their racket's run. 5.47 PM

They're finishing us out with nuclear waste. 5.49 PM

You rolled yourselves grossly with hydrogen. 5.52 PM

We want the stalkers out. 5.52 PM

Get latitude. 5.54 PM

They're criminals that put us out. 5.55 PM

It's never sad for them to hassle us. 6.21 PM

A house of wreckage tossed you in. 6.28 PM

These are cunning people, their tyr shot got them threw. 6.30 PM

You will be destroyed and nothing will help you.

The circuit will change us real fair. 6.50 PM

They're little dumb forces that shanty can't use. 6.54 PM

A paranoid hustling fear. 7.00 PM

You're softly going. 7.01 PM

They're right forcing us all tumor. 7.02 PM


They made us failed life forms. 7.20 PM

The son of a bitches are obviously sapper sports you all. 7.33 PM

These guys are busting us portable right. 7.40 PM

Shut room. 7.41 PM

We're going into Russian. 7.44 PM

This genius is closing us up for real. 8.03 PM

The error is sad. 8.04 PM

Setting us up to fail. 9.02 PM

They might cast your journalists out after seeing you write this stuff. 9.03 PM

You're really a horn here. 9.08 PM

A life of poverty fails you well. 9.09 PM

Sculpt your disgraceful. 11.25 PM

The criminal race siphoned us. 2.05 AM

They shoot us out with force. 2.06 AM

Morbidity failed your life forces done right.

If you foresee it port it out. 2.15 PM

They waste your property hellacious. 2.27 AM

A brow pitches. 2.24 AM

It's scad. 2.25 AM

Miss youritty. 2.25 AM

You get them. 2.26 PM

Genius cats us Grinch. 2.28 AM

Take them down. 2.47 AM

They're dying us irra-grateful. 2.49 AM

Petroleum house resource us out. 2.50 AM

Savage your air. 2.51 AM

We've failed to save ourselves, we've failed August. 2.52 AM

A mattress has failed us. 2.53 AM

Stupid degenerates they made us here. 2.54 AM

You won, let's RISE THE FIELD! 2.55 AM

We're permanently out for fighter fish. 2.57 AM

Our congress failed us. 2.58 PM

They've held us sh*tty, their holding of us is finished. 3.00 AM

You're up. 3.03 AM

The exhaustee over failed. 3.06 AM

They cheat us Muslim.

You're much failed, you're voiding on me. 4.59 AM



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