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"Our Whole Family Burned You Out. Pat Failed Us Unusually Me
Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:05

"Our Whole Family Burned You Out. Pat Failed Us Unusually Merciful," Judee say.

The fire bug of our species, weap Judah and his great balls of fire. Can we only say prayers of thanks to our good God Almighty for staying the burning hand of weap Judah and sparing us from having to endure Hiroshima in America 70,000 times over?

How clear is the message when UFOs show up to be photographed with one of Judee's new inventions of his great balls of fire?

Might we see in that atomic blast elders "MARKING" the event?

Judah, the sports war guy that's stuck on genocide. Figure it out?

Can we only try to gauge the lie that Judah has spread in our world that we need weapons to use on our fellow man?

Is there not some intuitive sense that we truly love each other no matter what land we come from? Certainly. From our intuitive sense that we love each other might we not see in war the biggest lie of them all?

"Let them off, they've failed us." 11.12 AM

And what a fail it is. Are we aware that God Almighty has His angels save us from the nuclear blast of weap Judah?

Pretends to be our friend awaiting only the right time to put us in. Will Americans not RISE and let them off right? Will Americans not set the trend in our world, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THEIR WAR where we can live in peace and love one another?

Will the meek not step up and do God's work and inherit this Jewish sport war-torn world?

Have they not put on quite a burlesque show, century after century lamenting in public, "why me god, what have I ever done to deserve such a fate?" While all the while seeking only the harm of others as their right, their way?

Their ancient strategy of breeding 'crypto Jews' into all the terrains of planet earth. Elders use the term, "Replicons," for the hybrid transplant shells that Judah has used to successfully take over planet earth.

The Secret Life of weap Judah breeding warriors in to all terrains that spend their time falsing their fellow man. Century after century, thousands of years of their strategy to conquer and then destroy the other children of God on earth.

Awaiting only the days when they would finally have the technology to wipe out all of the human race.

That technology, the technology to wipe out the human race on the surface of planet earth, finally arriving in their hands in 1945.

Whereupon they immediately tested it out on our family in Japan. Hiroshima-Nagasaki followed.

Then using the purse of American Labor weap Judah set out and built up a nuclear arsenal that has the blast potential to kill trillions of human Beings and is still building nuclear weapons as this is being written.

How can this be with what we know of the destructiveness of war? Might it not be easily explained by who it is that has the authority to issue our money in their hands and uses it to fool as to what the truth is?

This little thing about who gets to run the government printing presses for cash. Is that where it all devolves itself to?

As we celebrate easter week will we think about God Almighty sending His only begotten son Jesus to die on the cross so that we might live in peace and love with our fellow man?

Judah who demanded that Jesus be put to death for his preaching to us to love one another. Have we not had enough time to see clearly the right path for us is not death but life?

Judah with his long history of huckstering on other people's blood. Will Americans not be the ones to finally let them off right?

They tell us they're pacific people until they get on top of us. Have we not seen how they rape us then?

The 5th columnists that Cicero in ancient times warned us about. The one group that was more dangerous than troops at the gate. For troops wear their banners openly so that we know which side they are on.

With their 5th columnists, they disguise themselves within. Spreading rumors to disinform us. To take down our useful so that they can sport us to death.

Now having revealed themselves to the world for who they are and what they are all about by launching upon us in the middle of the night. Will we not pray that American Labor will be the force that will finally let them off right?

Using their Replicons to race us. To set our civil society apart. Assaulting us in cunning ways so that we do not see who is really behind it all.

Building their cages and lethally arming their force as their business model to maintain the disparity.

Using the unlimited free money for corrupting our entire government structure. Dying our useful so that we don't get onto their plan.

Their boy scouts they put in for jury duty to insure they get the right results all of the time. The coroner's grand juries they pulled out of service. If only we had them in might they not have tipped us long ago to Judah's hand?

If only Judah would have had a heart might he have made his way to love us? If he had only loved us might he not have wanted to die us off?

Is love only a sweet old fashioned notion or something more important than that?

Might we read what Martin had to say about what love's got to do with it?

"Love is the greatest force in all the world. And this is why Jesus was great. He realized it in his life, and he took this force and split history into A.D. and B.C. so that all history has to sing about him and talk about him because he made love the center of his life.

And what does the cross mean? It means that God's love shines before us through that cross in all of its dimensions. And so "when I survey the wondrous cross on which the Prince of Glory died, I count my richest gains but loss and pour contempt on all my pride.

Were the whole realm of nature mine that were a present far too small. Love so amazing, so divine, demands my life, my all, and my all."

This is our legacy. This is what we have. And may we go on with a love in our hearts that will change us and change the lives of those who surround us. And we will make this old world a new world. And Godís kingdom will be a reality.

The unconditional love that our good God has for all of his beautiful Simian children on earth. The unconditional love that Father has for us all that brings a grown man to weep.

"The greatness of God's love is that His love is big enough to love everybody and is small enough to love even me."

If we accept God's words to "love one another" then must we not put ourselves into action and STOP THE WAR?

"You let me bug you," Judee say.

If only we will let the Godly natural love in hearts act will we not displace the hatred of war and put it out of our world?

Might our best interests not be served by letting love activate our natural instincts to protect each other so that we may survive this nuclear war that the wizards of Wall Street are waging against us?

Wall Streets warships that are set to get the big game underway. The nuclear power plants in north Korea. Might they be hit any day?

Maybe a few more Hitachi-GE's to poison more of our water on earth? Our oxygen supply mechanisms, our oceans. Are we not figuring they want to poison the air we breathe?

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death. I died them truthful. They're no friends of mine," God Almighty in heaven said.

Will Labor not help us and let them off right and spare us from any more nuclear blight?

Will Labor not let Judah off from us right?

The deadly violence that Judah has shown to the children of God. Will American Labor not let them off of Gods village on earth to save our own lives?

The 2,000 years of warnings of the end days. The fire, smoke, and brimstone coming out of our mouths. Breathing it in every day. Inhaled from Hitachi-GE.

The last chance we have to save our lives before we are washed out with weap Judah war.

Will the meek not come alive and save us here?

"I GAVE YOU THE PEACE, MUST YOU FAIL? God our Father in heaven asked us.

Spared from nuclear blast extinction only by the love of our good God. Is there not some way that American Labor will help us now?

Might some wonder why does Bitch focus on calling upon American Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and not others? Might it be because it is American Labor that is funding most all of the destruction in our world?

That it is America that funded and fisted for Judah to put his worldwide tyrannies in. Are we seeing that it is American Labor that can call the tune if it wants to?

Does he who pays the piper not call the tune?

Is American Labor understanding that it is paying the piper and letting Judah call the war tune?

Will American Labor not overcome the false rumors that Judah put in everyone's ears about Bitch and organize to end funding the gruesome sports war?

Shooting mother in the womb and sterilizing the boys now too. Is there not an understanding that our life forms are going out of here in ruin?

The UFOs that floated to the ground that were described as "falling life a leaf." Might we not recognize elders meta-transiliatory communication was trying to inform us that Judah is falling us like leaves to mulch us right?

The "scoop marks" found on abductees. Might we not realize the message was that Judah is scooping us out of life form now?

Our journey into the universe here and now. Is it not clear that because of their weakness Judah is not going with us?

The guy that only wants to hurt God's kids and is proud of it. Will Labor not join with the angels and our good God above in closing weap Judah out of here right?

Might Labor want to keep in mind what Father said about weap Judah, "They're no friends of mine?"

700 BC Judah rude the angels, who he knows do not fight, off of the surface of planet earth that were here helping us grow up right.

Is it not even more astounding that our elders from outer space never once used force upon weap Judah in the thousands of years that weap Judah has been weaping for his rights?

"I disadvantaged you. You established closing my jails," Judee say.

The advantages that war brings to those that wage it. Might we consider those are advantages we just don't need?

Our technology now extraterrestrial level and facing dying ourselves off on the surface of the earth if we do not stop the war.

Will we not make peace and join with our elders in the Galactic Federation of Light?

Heaven, the home of our good God we now know is real, located 38 light years away in the direction of the North Star.

Father wants His children to live. He sent His angels in to prevent weap Judah from blasting us out of existence with his biggest invention, atomic bombs.

Buddha, Quetzalcoatl or abundance we the mild men of the north did not have. Are we not blessed that God sent His only begotten son Jesus in to save us?

Now only days away from being permanently sealed into the loss of life form.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," Father said.

While Father loves us unconditionally, yet if we act as if we don't understand or are too frightened of what is going on out here might we not also understand then that God won't save our lives?

While Father wants to save our lives, if we will not close the weaper guy Judah out do we see then we will have to die off to clear the deck for those that make peace instead of war?

The frightful litany of war and genocide on the doorstep of American Labor funding all of the war in our world that Judah so enjoys.

The mild people, who Solzhenitsyn reveals suffered the greatest genocide in all of history in the last century, now set to go out of life form total.

And the same cult that engineered the genocide in the Eastern lands, Wall Street, now set to take us out in America too.

Our failure to recognize the needs and concerns of our brothers that have suffered and are still suffering from American Labor funded Judah sports war. Has it not now come around to where we have failed to even recognize our own needs and concerns?

Judah tells us that "the Druid is not dutiful, the Druid has ever failed to save himself." Might that be due to Judah assaulting us for 1300 years now?

Judah now using rumor to hold Labor from acting to let him off of here. Will Judah's rumor trick hold?

Might Labor see that it is always intimate that Judah uses to try and stop us from going into the right way?

"Minutiae," is what our elders from outer space call what Judah is trying to use to hold Labor from acting on Bitch's words.

"They libeled you bad," elder said about all of the lies that Judah has spread about Bitch.

At this late time, Judah is still having his Replicons in the workplaces lie to Bitch buddies and say that Bitch said this and that about your wife. All lies.

In every store we go into, every place we work there are Judah Replicons that we may not know about. They have spent thousands of years honing their skills at fooling simple working men and women.

Will they be able to hold Labor for one more week to seal us out of life form final now?

The American scientist that spent his time building nuclear weapons to destroy our planet and the human race.

When asked about using his intelligence to build such things as weapons of mass destruction he explained he would rather build the things of peace, but like everyone else, at the end of the day he had bills to pay and there is no power like the power of the purse.

Might we not thank him though for pointing out the issue is not the weapons themselves, it is who has the purse in their hands to hire what will be built in the first place?

Weap Judah is not coming back in again, is it not clear that he has lost his permit to operate in God's village? His store will not open again. Will Labor not relieve us of funding Judah war sin?

"Get them off, they're paralyzing fatal."

Thank you, Sir Jason for that message today.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and get the authority to issue our money into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?

"They're famous for getting you out, proceed to get their bench war out. Muslims will soon be ruling this."

Thank you, Sir Morris for that message today. Will Labor not put our American Bill of Rights in instead of letting Judah put his Replicon Muslim rule in?

"We don't want nobody that nobody sent."

A famous line from Chicago politics. And what has it left us now?

"I urge you to get your cow off yellow." 3.03 PM

While corruption to fill one pockets with filthy lucre may be understandable if it has no harm to a person's physical, but what about the corruption that has foreign snipers working the streets mousing us out for employer insurance collection dollars?

Might we consider that Judah strategy when he gets private hold of the bourse is little by little to get as many people as possible to be on the take corruptly?

Once corrupted might we see that then the person is neutralized and cannot act in the right way on other things?

Are we seeing that the power of corruption is profound when the issuer of bourse is allowed to make use of unlimited amounts of free other peoples money to do it?

That they are allowed to issue money in secret, might that help explain how they get such a high score on us here?

Are we understanding why God wills that Labor issue the money for His children? Will Labor not do the will of God, STRIKE THEM OUT and end the war and genocide against His kids?

Tele receives:

"Let's end. 9.42 am

Free us from diesel. 9.51 am

Get pest threw. 10.12 am

STRIKE THEM OUT, they've weaped this field real bad. 110.9 am

Finish their sport. 11.57 am

They've over riced deadly. 12.12 pm

It's established. 12.13 pm

We cite you race horse. 12.20 pm

They're out of here for their son day. 12.24 pm

STRIKE to be victors. 12.53 pm

You let the Jews destroy us. 1.12 pm

Faults are in. 1.22 pm

The white man here is over failed. 1.31 pm

Patrick's trying to do us a miracle. 1.33 pm


Your honor's void. 1.36 pm

Purple boys are risk men,

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