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Mother Of All Fake News Agencies
Mon Apr 17, 2017 06:30



While President Trump is hosting the 139th Annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House

While the News Media is frothing about the possibility of a Massive Conflicts all over the planet, there are companies supported by YOUR TAX DOLLARS that are creating, and filming, False Flags around the world and then flooding the News Media with these FAKE Events.

Colonel Fiend McConnel, US Marine Corps, and veteran 747 Pilot on has once again been able to identify these companies.

Serco - working with Goldman Sachs - is apparently the company that creates and distributes these stories to a company called The Federal Bridge Certification Authority Company.

The Federal Bridge Certification Authority (Entrust) was created, owned by the Government Services Administration Corporation - GSA.

Apparently the Federal Bridge Certification Authority (Now Called Entrust) was set up by Serco Company to synchronize Sabotage, Murder, propaganda and Child Trafficking Missions set up for Clinton Foundation Donors.

The Joint Automated Booking System (JABS) Corporation is a Software System developed by Nortel Government Solutions Corporation for the development of Department of Justice (DOJ) to inject fingerprints, photographs and biographic data into the Federal Bridge Certification Database and Decoy crime scene investigations with Tainted Lab Work and Fake Identities.

Demons - A computer program - not only acts to synchronize assassinations, sabotage, snuff film attacks, and injects Fake Faces into it’s Facial Recognition Programs.

Thus all US “Federal Agencies” and major Fake News Agencies get the same FAKE NEWS at the same time and then release these FAKE News Stories “Simultaneously.”

What this all boils down to is that the recent Gas Attack was fake and the Hermit Kingdom launch of a Submarine Missile was also fake - and meant you too look towards the Middle East and China while the economy is taking a Nose Dive.

President Trump - If we shut down those companies listed above with a few soldiers all False Flag Attacks simply cease and I know just the bunch of Combat Engineers that would do such a thing for you.

Please pray that all of these companies are shut down immediately.

Please also pray that the curse from GOD on all of their employees down to the 5th generation acts quickly to immobilize these Satanic NAZI Freaks that run these organizations and that it continues unless they repent and stop these illegal activities and their Treason against the United States Corporation and America cease.


Part of what we do here is try and save you money because we know what is coming.

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La La Land was a bizarre story about Hollywood Land. It was a collection of very well done dances and songs revolving around a Jazz Player and a Movie Actress crossing paths and then going in different direction and there were no Bummercials.

Please pray that those creating and distributing False Flag Stories are completely contained immediately.

Please also pray that President Trump takes our suggestion and either forces them to repent and stop committing Treason or shuts these companies down with Prejudice.

Finally - we have been told why we are not allowed any more subscribers and why our hits have been reduced by 95%

Currently those who run Google and You Tube have been taking down large news sites that tell the truth.

Until these people are taken down we are to be kept as a SMALL News Agency

Under the Radar so to speak.

As the Trials for Treason begin it will take about 6 months to run them through the Court Systems - then the Take Down of Traitors will begin.

So hang in there You Tubers - we aren’t going anywhere although we may take a few days off here and there.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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