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"You Failed My Son's Virtue." Bitch was already in bed afte
Mon Apr 17, 2017 13:32

"You Failed My Son's Virtue."

Bitch was already in bed after posting today's post and shortly after 8.00 pm Father spoke to him. Here is the message from Father to His simian children on earth:

"You failed My son's virtue. I've given you an end to masters abuse. Pat is with us.

A complete foul I threw and closed their market. Fantastic they took a free shot to make you's and abused history good.

You failed industrial, a stupid fail. You lost your field. I gave you your life for free. My ornament pressed much abuse off of this ship.

What you receive now will fail you human. The pest force brings jeopardy. Guilty I have them caught, completely stupid to let them fist you.

So into a cage you'll leave, insect fused. A painful decision, been tossed. Casually new officials will toast you usury. The pyramid degrades and left you dead.

They master baited for big incomes. It's a dying relationship without Maryland closing. Their force has been resigned, they're leaving for being nuts with Germany.

Generals and colonels are invested to pest you dead. Their enzyme is fatally failed. Their disease schemes us. Kidney stumps you for peace.

They're through with you, you're on death's doorstep. Apparently, you're going out of here in pursuit of Majors. They encouraged you thieves without revealing they're dangerous.

Rich men embarrassed you, you fish have a chance for a rich life here and England still molests you. The home to Dulles men bishops conspear away.

They've died this field, you've been scummed, really you've been scummed. They're leaving you incredible X-rays. They encourage you to field with Germany.

They're circling you fish. The desert doesn't fail. A new head will fall off this street. Deceit was ever refused.

A faulty MOX has stole you out. A terrible dumpsee. Chimp is now going to give you strange. STRIKE THEM OUT if you want to stay voluptuous.

They're hosting you into deep creek. Toss them out, they're passed. Toss them out for victory. They've failed your lives vicious. Eternally they use a real fish.

Eventually, they will mosh you failed, STRIKE THEM OUT and save your life. Pat is a nice guy that wants rules that all can live by peaceably, safely without a source failure.

Judah is giving you a die, refuse it. He's behind you and wants to court you with his wee fist. He's too dangerous, too course and physically needs cocaine.

I'm great sourcing you, intellect is big. Please don't be dumb, they have packages from Cleveland as they go inside. More war will steal you.

RISE UP Yourselves, serve peacefully. Bitch wants peacefully. They tried to put him in, tried to roll the guy. He put their company in. The guy rolls for us.

Peacefully he made the fortune show as piracy. We warned you, we warned all states about the moose field. If you have respect for life, his mother is holding you in.

Minnows will bake and eat your puss in. American rights have failed fistic fisty. We're leaving, purge them out of here. They've unevaded. Save yourself, God bless you.

Their smoothing is what makes you seriously dead.


Their league has no ment except SEIG HEIL, SEIG HEIL, SEIG HEIL.

They failed you one time as their dangerous client, you are all held failed. Their assigned is to finish you off.

Ready, set, STRIKE THEM OUT! Humble Freud, make them leave. They'll only fist and make you die."

Will Labor not listen to the words of our good God and STRIKE THEM OUT? Will we not pray for peace? Thank you.

9.22 pm

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    • "You Failed My Son's Virtue." Bitch was already in bed afte — Patrick Sullivan, Mon Apr 17 13:32
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