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Trumps New Exec Order: Hire American's First
Tue Apr 18, 2017 06:07


While all of us seem to be turning away from President Trump and screaming he has been compromised he just signed an executive order that will force High Tech Companies to hire Americanís First.

What President Trump is doing today is overhauling the H1-B Visa Program used by companies like Microsoft and Google to bring in Non-Americanís to work in their companies instead of Americanís

Of course - this means these companies will have to start sponsoring Americans to be trained in America for these jobs.

Lets explain this in Human Terms:

Years ago I went to Chief Forestry Professor at University of Washington, with my formula to Cure Tree Diseases. I got fully funded to attend the University but he refused to admit me into the School Of Forestry because I was a White Male and an American and he therefore could not get a Federal Grants and line his pockets with money.

The Chief Forestry Professor was an Honest Man and we all appreciate that.

He turned down creating a Huge Dynasty and making this Forestry School the most famous Forestry College in the world so he could pocket around $100,000 and the School of Forestry could receive around $60,000.

So I went to the University of Washingtonís Forestry College Dean - and - he agreed with the Chief Forestry Professor.

I then went to the Dean of the University of Washington - where I learned that all Universities and Colleges are all Private Corporations. The Dean of the University agreed with Chief Forestry Professor.

The University of Washington is a Private Corporation and the School of Forestry is another Private Corporation run by the University of Washington.

Follow The Money:

Their Internal Corporate Decisions are thereís to make and it is all about money. If you cannot get a grant for an American Veteran with the Cure For All Tree Diseases with 15 years of research behind him then you are not to admit him.

So what happens if the most capable Americanís are not being trained by American Colleges and Universities because the Feds will not give Colleges and Universities Grants if they train them???

Other Executive Orders President Trump has signed prevents these High Tech Companies from developing Software Overseas and then sending it to the USA for distribution.

What this means is that companies like Microsoft and Google will have to open their own colleges and Universities to train Americanís to work in the High Tech Fields and grants to the Universities will have to dry up.

This will make the Colleges and Universities across the nation irrelevant and grants to them will go away very quickly.

This mean Massive Layoffs at all Colleges Universities Nation Wide, Too bad, so sad, touche.í

Discrimination In Any Form Always Leads To Destruction - Even Discrimination Against White Males.

So do not give up on President Trump yet.

In other news:

1) The Main Stream Lying Press is still using the GSA, Serco and Entrust to try and spread Fake Stories to start a massive conflict to - shall we say - destroy Planet Earth.

If you go to their companies you will meet their CEOs. Pray that their staffs either repent or are immediately stopped form creating and filming any more False Flags.

President Trump - Replace the head of the GSA and cut off their funding.

You cut off the head of the snake and the rest of the snake dies.

2) President Erdogan is now the King of Turkey, essentially.

3) Indian Farmers are still using Coke and Pepsi as pesticides.

If they sprayed their crops with Garlic Juices all pests would leave instantly - but we went form that to the formula given in the video ĎTHE CURE FOR TREE DISEASES because it works so much better and it works very well on wheat, corn, cotton, grapes, potatoes, and every thing else we spray it on.

4) Finally - Mother Russia has just sent 5,000 troops to Siberia to stop the killing of Reindeer as over 900,000 were killed to send the Tongues and Antler to sell in China.

China is literally trying to kill their Nomadic Tribes because they are not loyal to China and they cannot be controlled. They follow the Reindeer and eat Reindeer.


Pray for no conficts as home losses are not covered by your home insurance policy.

Tonight we are going to post the ďAge Reversal FormulaĒ we are using.

Hopefully we can interview the owner of Get The Tea this week and he can tell you the latest updates on what we are doing.

We may be getting older but we are fighting it every wrinkle that comes along the way.

Anti Aging Tea is allot cheaper that Oil Of Delay.

For You Intel Geeks:

Thanks for stopping the Paid Protesters in Black Lives Matters by arresting those receiving funding across the nation to create these riots.

Also - Thank You President Trump for realizing that is NATO needed to stop itís own NATO terrorists from starting a World Conflict yesterday.

This is why President Trump stated NATO is not so Irrelevant after all and that he now supports this treaty.

It was not a Turn Around by President Trump - it was a realization that with New Leadership NATO Can stop terrorists world wide.

Pray that President Trump shuts down Serco and Entrust Corporations Immediately and stomps on the budget of the GSA.

Please also pray that all who interfere with those trying to preserve Planet Earth are flushed down the Toilet immediately head first.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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