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Father Spoke to Bitch Last Night. Father Still Wants Us to S
Tue Apr 18, 2017 07:20

Father Spoke to Bitch Last Night. Father Still Wants Us to Save Ourselves.

After Father spoke to Bitch he typed Father's message out and posted it at APFN and Facebook. The title of the post with Father's words in them is "You Failed My Son's Virtue." Here's a link to read the entire post at Simple site.

In His message that Bitch posted Father mentioned Cleveland to Bitch. Here is the sentence:

"I'm great sourcing you, intellect is big. Please don't be dumb, they have packages from Cleveland as they go inside. More war will steal you."

"Please don't be dumb, they have packages from Cleveland as they go inside. "

Early today Bitch went up to Latest UFO Sightings as he does every day and found this:
Check out this clip from a webcam of Cleveland in Ohio. This was captured on 11th April 2017 at 9 pm.

Might we recognize that extraterrestrial craft hovering in the skies over Cleveland as a "MARKING" from our elders of the catastrophe Cleveland is set to release on us as they go inside?

Are we understanding that for attacking us all out with nuclear missiles Cleveland has lost its rights?

The home base of the Rockefeller dynasty. Might we recall they arose in America during the civil war in 1861-1865?

Velocity free energy power supplies that have been held out for over a century now. Installing in its place nuclear dirty bombs called Jewish electricity plants that are now washing our environment and with it our species out.

The pyramid Replicon form. Are we not appreciating that their time has run out?

The time for war has come and gone in our world leaving only its relics behind. The clergy and royals that have sported with them. Now out of time.

And yet with unlimited free American Labor Bourse in their hands, still hoping to get that one last big shot in.

"I'm great sourcing you, intellect is big." God Almighty of heaven and earth informs His simian children on earth.

Elders from outer space have intelligence much bigger than Judah. Though might we understand that some Judah runs close to extraterrestrial levels of intelligence?

Some Judah, elders inform Bitch, have neuron counts in the 550 billion range.

And what is the average person's neuron count? 100 billion is average person's neuron count.

Extraterrestrial elders begin at 600 billion neuron count. The highest level of our house, our 15 million year Galacticans elders have 1800 billion neurons in their heads.

Over 3 times as many neurons in their heads as the smartest Judah have in their heads.

Though might we consider that with Judah having some of his cult with so many more thinking cells that they can frighten ordinary folk pretty well?

Many people that have been in the presence of extraterrestrials have commented about how intense their eyes are. This is fact as Bitch knows first hand from being in the presence of some of our lovely family from outer space.

Looking at their eyes you immediately are aware that you are in the presence of a superior Being. This can be unsettling if you are not aware that they are absolutely peaceful.

Just looking at their eyes, with their clearly superior intelligence, if they had any hostile intent they would prevail quickly.

With such high intelligence coupled with their advanced technology, they could take us away without our having any forewarning of what was coming at us.

Might we understand that the extraterrestrials in our part of the galaxy are all peaceful?

The Galacticans who started the Galactic Federation of Light 9 million years ago have been in peace ever since then.

"Peaceful cohesion" with the thousands of varieties of species that inhabit our universe.

They all work together serving each other's interest well. All tied together by the bonds of love.

The original edition of the Galacticans from 9 million years ago were mammalians just as we are. They were a naturally evolved 223 high intelligence species.

They have passed out of existence now. We still carry the original 223 high intelligence psychiatric package with us.

The second edition of the 223 Galacticans are partially passed out of existence. The third edition of the 223 Galacticans is who is on the bridge of the Federation now. They are a 15 million year canid species. They are who genetically engineered us 200,000 years ago.

They are kind, sweet peaceful Beings. They want us to come on up and join the rest of the kids on their block.

Sir Jason, our technical representative from the Federation is a Galactican Himself. Here's a message from Him today:

"Your mother's voice is obviously pushed out justly. Cannibal tease, have mercy on their bathroom."

"Thank you" Sir Jason for that message today.

Sir Morris is a Qwill being. They are amphibians. Sir Morris is in our solar system with His community of love to welcome us all into the universe in peace.

As we have now reached the stage on earth that we are technically able to leave our planet for the journey into outer space, might we understand the transition gifted to us from the Federation is designed to transition us to act always and only in peace?

Might we only try to imagine the wondrous way in which the angels God sent have left the fist guys let themselves off?

A wondrous celebration we will have when we begin living in a world of peace. Will Labor not bring it in before we have lost it all?

Only 160 million of weap Judah and his boys and girls on earth and yet are we aware they control every government on earth?

With their Replicons they camouflage themselves making the natives think they are them, but they're not.

Might we not spot who they are by the number of executions they do?

Here from yesterday's post is weap Judah speaking in reverse speech:

"I score you up syndicate for rich. Our booming is not an unusual life, fear gives us safety. We're going to fire you with a Muslim room real soon. Our courts hold your mental right for insure."

Did we note, "fear gives us safety?"

Might we understand why they put war and terrorism in?

As we understand they have attacked us all out with nuclear missiles to destroy us in total, might fear not be all that is holding them in?

Will we give them credit for making the correct observation that beating, caging, transporting and killing people always works to give them what they want?

Might we also have to give them credit for making the observation that when they do it right it keeps others from acting to fix things up?

Has it not been their policy to frighten people all of the time where ever they go?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our good Lord for letting it end?

Gunfire in the subway. The people stampeded. Might we not recognize Judee and his terror machine?

False Alarm About Shooting Causes Panic, Injuries On Subway Train
June 21, 2016

Are we perceiving that the range of terrorist mind control ops is all coming from the pocketbook of American Labor that is still in the private hands of international nuclear war-fighting weap Judah?

Our elders from an advanced civilization that has lived in peace for 9 million years now. Versus the stool culture that assaults us with a dog.

Will Labor not let the wee fist cipher go?

In the message from Father last night He revealed what is to follow this administration here.

"They're circling you fish. The desert doesn't fail. A new head will fall off this street. Deceit was ever refused."

"A new head will fall off this street."

Might we think of the next corporal that Judah is going to bring in next?

Judah and his madcap adventure with corporal Adolph. Will American Labor not take the cash away from them and prevent them from bringing him in again?

Are we understanding that the Star People are our family and are welcoming us into the universe of peace?
“Intelligent beings from other star systems have been and are visiting our planet Earth. They are variously referred to as Visitors, Others, Star People, Et’s, etc…They are visiting Earth now; this is not a matter of conjecture or wistful thinking.” – Theodor C. Loder III, Phd, Professor Emeritus of Earth Sciences, University of New Hampshire.

Dr. Ted Loder of Disclosure Project discussion pt 1 of 3

Our world bound now into sports war conducted for the entertainment, profit, and sport of weap Judah. All funded by American Labor.

God almighty has given us our chance to live. Is there not some way that Americans will take the gift of life that Father has given us, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Over the thousands of years that weap Judah has infiltrated every society on the face of the earth and now it is time for them to go away from us as we are God's children and they are no friends of our good God above.

Judah being died out by God Almighty due to his weakness, his inability to accommodate others.

While Judah has no defensible rights and is for all practical purposes a dead cipher, he is still destroying the children of God on earth.

The only question now, will he get the full one-third of the human race died off in his last series of wars?

The 40,000 mile long spacecraft that has moved near to our sun. Might that be the craft that will take the righteous off of the surface of planet earth as Judah dies the third of the human race off over a few years with war and radioactive dust?

The difficult position that we are in now. Funding all of the war and genocide in our world for Judah sports time. Will American Labor not try it?

The STRIKE Labor, Father asked, "Why didn't you try it?"

"They've poisoned my village I want them off," Father said.

We're waiting for your answer Labor. Will you not give us a "YES," and STRIKE THEM OUT until you have the concession to issue our money out of the hands of weap Judah and company?

Tele receives:

"Forced air. 11.00 am

They just vicious hit. 2.00 pm

Painful, upsetting. 2.07 pm

They sold us out completely. 2.14 pm

Die them out. 2.22 pm

You true did it. 2.27 pm

He did it. 2.28 pm

The alligator exhausted us. 2.35 pm

Fort rolls vicious. 2.38 pm

This jerk is stealing us away. 2.45 pm

It's planetary destruction with a Bolshevik view. 2.50 pm

Oh, the atmosphere is going out to make us die? 2.55 pm

The professor is the real McCoy, he's explaining how you're being destroyed here. 3.08 pm

Be sure to STRIKE THEM OUT! 3.17 pm

Kind of vicious. 3.33 pm

It's fascist. 6.12 pm

We're all real hurt. 6.40 pm

Pull off this refuse. 6.45 pm

Cheers. 7.05 pm

It's foolish. 7.35 pm

Deal. 7.42 pm

Oh, is that what it is?

This guy establishes hip and that's what he does. 7.52 pm

His three degrees have been refused for shooting. 7.53 pm

This guy knows what he is talking about. 7.54 pm

Dropped bad. 7.57 pm

We all know very well a security falls a fail. 8.05 pm

They're roughing on cash. 8.07 pm

The earth's been destroyed and Iowa tossed them out. 8.08 pm

Over failed by pooch wise guy.

Casper's failed. 8.11 pm

You failed my son's virtue. 8.14 pm

Palace fiction died. 9.42 pm

You failed the machine, air die is now sealed. 9.54 pm

The incredible failure, shooting died this field.

Patrick, oh my god they're chasing us.

Hair brain Jewish do murder here.

Enemy combat. 1.34 am

You're dying sweet heroes. 2.55 am

You forgot you got to breathe air.

They're falling out peace nicely. 2.57 am

Bear wash, close it out. 2.58 am

They've failed us right out. 3.03 am

Texas death. 3.12 am

You're welcome with us. 4.31 am

You're a genius, STRIKE THEM OUT! 5.52 am

Close them up, they're putting the whole degenerate on. 5.55 am

Muggage you failed. 6.04 am

They've fallen us challenger. 6.43 am

Baby ruse. 8.12" am

"Bitch showed you my abusive so I'm weaped dead, pounded, put out by a hermit. I use you and double state you right. For protein, I sue people, weap and tomb. I was a zoo man raiderous.

I'm bankrupt. I'm a full-time weap that died. My face advice has been completely canceled. I held you all in my foul relationship with tricks. For bonsai, I was all twist. We just foul the useful and innocent.

I'm so happy gin oppin. My rights are through for brutal. I'm a Jew leaving assignment. We just write for our despot way. Ramallah. With Loomis and my police off it's the end of my performance.

Right you fail. Grease boy threw my app for intransigence. I'm a British ruin with tax. You passed away the best way, sick to fall down forevermore," Judee say.

Bitch is never intentionally rude though he has been accidentally stupid a couple of times. Sure hope Labor won't hold his fault against him as we look into being sick to fall down evermore.

Drove truck for years, worked the docks over many years. Many years of doing the boiler room too. Sold cars and houses for a time. Serviced office machines for years. All honest simple working man ways of earning income. Will Labor not overlook Bitch's warts, ignore Judah's lies and help us out of this terrible spot we are in here?

"Genital is our real passion, that's how we hold you with our weap. We had fun with Druid, a fabulous hold. Jew accost you with a British wart to change your mind. For my games, I have to pitch you daggerous.

Stitchin gave you tollage to fail. I rubbed you off of the face of the earth. I rice brutal. I just score your mortality. I'm just selfish to do my revenge. Stupid folds us up.

I'm mousive with whiskey. We're off for stupid, completely nuts to make you fear. I always had a shiv to take my chances. We're being taken out by a very nice man.

Our white time was to close which prove I'm nuts. We just used police to do altitude. The Irish is getting the Jew out for a lifetime of suffering. We push relation ops with chemicals.

I'm dangerous with my police summons. I'm so genius that I've finally thrown myself away baby. I port you geese, that's a sign of my crime. I lottery race fine.

A dubious relationship screwed me off, I'm weaped, I'm pickled well. I just fall you receipt and shoot you state. After the Russians I'm leaving," Judee say. "

"Pure loser." 9.19 am

Will Labor not let them off before the Russians?

Will Labor not get hold of the concession to issue our money so that we can have a relationship of peaceful cohesion with our family in Russia?

Our free energy that Judah has blocked from us so that he could shoot us all out. Will Labor not STOP THE WAR and let us bring it in now?

Might we try to understand that if we fail to stop harming our family on earth then we will sicken and die out with Judah?

That Americans are funding all of the war and genocide in our world while Judah is secretly committing brimstone waste genocide against us too.

Will Labor not listen to the love of our good God's thousands of warnings and STOP THE WAR?

"You're involved in sin your lives won't be spared. WE came to warn you," the angels said.

"I won't save your lives because 2+2=4," God our Father said.

If we fail to figure out the problem in our world concerns who it is that issues our money, or if we do figure it out but choose not to act to remedy it by taking the concession to issue our money out of their hands, do we see either way we will not be saved?


"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives," God Almighty our sweet Lord and precious Father in heaven said to us.

Velocity power supplies are ready to go into production now.

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    • Father Spoke to Bitch Last Night. Father Still Wants Us to S — Patrick Sullivan, Tue Apr 18 07:20
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