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UFOs Imitate Aircraft Dr. Bruce Cornet has graciously allowe
Wed Apr 19, 2017 07:08

UFOs Imitate Aircraft
Dr. Bruce Cornet has graciously allowed me to publish some of his scientific findings about UFOs.

He has two doctorate degrees in scientific fields.

On 24 September 1992 between 6:10 pm and 7:20 pm Dr. Cornet was driving home from work at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Palisades, NY to Middletown, NY.

Sunset was quickly approaching as Dr. Bruce Cornet drove north towards his exit on the New York Throughway.

It did not set before he saw something that completely challenged his senses. Off to his right between the highway and Bear Mountain, which parallels the highway, he saw a large jetliner approaching in the distance. The only problem was its altitude. It was flying below the top of Bear Mountain, which has a maximum elevation of only 300 feet above the valley floor.
As it approached him it flashed its landing lights several times – on, off, on, off, on, off. By now the jetliner was less than a half mile away, and it clearly had his attention.

Then the aircraft began to bank to its right. It slowly crossed the highway just in front of him in plain view. It was not much higher than 200 feet above the highway as it crossed less than 500 feet in front of him.

It just reached the other side of the highway as he passed it. It had the distinct shape of a Boeing 707, but was painted solid black. There were no markings on it whatsoever. Even the windows seemed to be blackened out. It did make a sound like a jetliner as it passed near him.

Coronet writes, “I saw a Boeing 707 without external engines, all black, no windows, even over the flight deck, and no FAA required markings, that does not make sense as a manmade craft. I have time exposures of a cigar-shaped fuselage unfolding wings and tail stabilizers, and only then turning on a fake jet-like sound.”
Let’s hear from the skeptics. What could explain a large 707 jetliner flying well below minimum altitude of 1,000 feet (FAA regulation outside airport control) and the pilot flashing his landing lights? Was the pilot in trouble? Was he trying to alert drivers on the highway as he attempted to make an emergency landing on the highway?

FAA regulation 91.515 Flight altitude rules: (a) Notwithstanding 91.119 and except as provided in paragraph (b) of this section, no person may operate an airplane under VFR at less than — (1) One thousand feet above the surface, or 1,000 feet from any mountain, hill, or other obstruction to flight, for day operations; and (2) The altitudes prescribed in 91.177 for night operations. (b) This section does not apply — (1) During takeoff or landing; (2) When a different altitude is authorized by a waiver to this section under subpart J of this part; or (3) When a flight is conducted under a special VFR weather minimum of 91.157 with an appropriate clearance from ATC.

FAA regulation 91.177 Minimum altitude for IFR operations. (a) Operation of aircraft at minimum altitudes. Except when necessary for takeoff and landing, no person may operate an aircraft under IFR below – (1) The applicable minimum altitudes prescribed in Parts 95 and 97 of this chapter; or (2) If no applicable minimum altitude is prescribed in those parts — (i) In the case of operations over an area designated a mountainous area in part 95, an altitude of 2,000 feet above the highest obstacle within a horizontal distance of 4 nautical miles from the course to be flown; or (ii) In any other case, an altitude of 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle within a horizontal distance of 4 nautical miles from the course to be flown (AIM/FAR 1994 airman’s information manual / federal aviation regulations).

These were some of the thoughts running through Cornet’s mind as he prepared to take his exit at the Harriman toll exchange. What disturbed him the most was his observation that there were no engine pods on the wings or body of the aircraft.

He dismissed that observation as probably mistaken (it made no sense whatsoever, given that he heard the distinct sound of jet engines).

He continued on his journey, now traveling west on Rte 17M. But no further than a couple miles from the toll booths he saw the same aircraft again.

This second time it crossed the highway from left to right about 1/2 mile ahead of him. It was again very low to the ground, and travelling at a slow speed: It took about five seconds to cross the highway. He became very concerned, because there was now the distinct possibility that the pilot was in serious trouble and preparing to make a crash landing.

Even though the area seemed under-developed, Cornet knew that just beyond the trees along the highway there were large residential communities. And several hills jutted up on both sides of the highway, making any low altitude flight there very hazardous.

Cornet continued to question his eyes regarding the apparent speed of the aircraft. It seemed to be going much too slow to stay in the air. The map below shows four locations of his truck when the AOP crossed in front of him over the highway.
About a mile or two further west on Rte 17M Cornet saw the aircraft again about 1/2 mile ahead of him. This third time it crossed the highway from right to left at a similar slow speed and low altitude.

He gave a sigh of relief that it had not crashed into the residential community, but where was it going and why? It was now becoming more apparent to him that whatever this thing was, it was putting on a show just for him.

No one in front of him or behind him on the highway had been there for all three shows. But it couldn’t be targeting him, he thought. Who would ever believe him if he told such a wild story without evidence? Anybody knows that a Boeing 707 can’t fly without engines, and it would drop out of the air like a rock much below a stall speed of about 150 knots.

Cornet drove another mile shaking his head and wondering if anyone else who saw this aircraft was asking the same questions. Then ahead of him there it was for the fourth time crossing the highway, but this time from left to right. He had a hard time staring at it, because the Sun was just beginning to touch the horizon directly behind the aircraft.

The highway at this point was oriented exactly east-west. This would be the last time he saw the aircraft in daylight, but not the last time that evening. The best was yet to com.

Apparently, it goes both ways. ET and humans both make copycat vehicles.

MUFON Had 487 Sighting Reports in March of 2017
United States 328, Canada 33, United Kingdom 24, Australia 13, Brazil 6, Iran 6, India 5, Mexico 5 The National UFO Reporting Center had 319 sighting reports.

California Object
Antioch — On March 29, 2017 around 19:05 I saw an object looking like a regular airline passenger jet from San Elijo CT. in Antioch, California at 12 o’clock west and it was hovering in the sky.

After awhile it flew towards the south for some distance and suddenly made a sharp turn and flew north at unbelievable speed.

It flew to the horizon in just 4 to 5 seconds with a sound similar to a drone toy, but it was too far away to hear a drone sound.
Thanks to William Puckett, Director Http://

Florida Lights
Miami Beach — I was on 17th Street and Alton Road on South Beach with my friend in my car on February 12, 2017. At that time I saw this object pass by with low speed and low altitude and made me think it’s a police drone. It was too big for regular drone and it had allot of lights with rotating camera on the front.

We followed this object for 30 minutes while it was climbing with low speed to the point where we couldn’t see it anymore. I could not find any drone like this so can you give me any idea what I saw that day. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Massachusetts Sphere
Leominster –While sky fishing and taking a cluster of photos less than a second apart of the same spot of the sky I captured a silver sphere on April 9, 2017. I had seen light anomalies in this particular part of the sky in the past and decided to take a burst of 35 photos to see if I could capture anything.

Upon examining the photos, one showed a small silver sphere hovering over a wooded area. It was tough to gauge the distance and the size of the object. There were no birds or bugs close to my iPhone camera. Thanks to MUFON CMS

New York Triangle
Astoria — I’ve been watching these things for many months now. During March I’ve captured blinking orbs spread out in the sky and some weird Smokey-looking stuff. I see these types of things on a regular basis and have plenty of footage to prove it.

I live close to a power plant and my theory is they must stay close to it as some sort of power source because they’re always lurking around.

Also, they hide around a couple buildings undergoing construction and try to pass themselves off as building lights; I have footage of this as well. There’s a ton of weird stuff flying around in this section, it’s like Star Wars out there. Picture states property of North American Anarchist Militia. Thanks to MUFON CMS

South Carolina Light
North Myrtle Beach — We were staying here for vacation for the week. I saw lights both nights on April 8 and 9, 2017 that we have been here so far. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Virginia Cylinders
Kim Johnson her son and three other friends were driving near the Monroe Institute Saturday night April 1, 2017.and saw a flotilla of 9 UFOs above the tree line. Two were visible and 7 were somewhat cloaked in the clouds.

They were cigar shaped and quite long. The witnesses to pictures with their cell phones but pictures didn’t show the UFOs like they saw them. Nine cylinder craft or fat cigars were seen flying over the Blue Ridge Mountains in a partial formation. The craft were much larger than commercial aircraft. I will send pictures when others appear. Love and Light, Dan Johnson.

Italy Cylinders
Rome — Watching the recorded German evening tv news on RTL (German TV channel) e saw U/FOs…
I have discovered two objects next to the St. Peter’s Cathedral and took pictures of the scene using my iPhone6.
Two cylinders appear to be flying above the Vatican.
Thanks to MUFON CMS

South Korea Object
Seoul — Last Wednesday, 12th April 2017, one of our professional photographers took several series of continuous shooting, while taking a promotional poster of our newly launched drama of KBS in central Seoul.

We are really surprised as well as thrilled that we captured a stunning moment that UFO was flying in front of our lens. It was clear sky on that day and 7 out of 9 photos seem normal and only 3 of them captured black spots. The photographer has never acknowledged that he captured UFO-like object while shooting.

We would love you to have a look at those photos. Thanks to MUFON CMS

Invisible UFOs filmed over Las Vegas, Nevada 24-Mar-2017
March 27, 2017 LUFOS Latest posts, N. America, UFO videos 0
Here’s one new footage of a bunch of unidentified flying objects that were filmed with night vision camera over Las Vegas this Friday.

Witness report: I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of March 24, 2017.

Wow! You never know what’s going to happen when you step outside and start skywatching. That is what makes this hobby so exciting! Tonight was a night that any UFO Hunter could ever hope for.

It began almost immediately. I actually have more video from a completely different event as well. I felt it was important to get this out as quickly as possible because not only did I film some incredible UFOs, but this time I know where they landed.

I also know that they truly are invisible because they ended their flight at Nellis AFB where I should have been able to see them approaching the base. I could not… I couldn’t see the flashing and blinking objects with the naked eye either. An amazing show is happening above us and nobody even sees it.

Lastly, there were no scheduled operations happening on the Nellis AFB website yet I have seen and heard more military helicopters flying over my part of town over and over again for more than a week now.

I also saw a helicopter on the southern end of the Blue Diamond Hills hovering and going back and forth for well over a half-hour. Ironically it was where the triangle UFO was that I filmed and had drawings of not too long ago.

It was also the same vicinity my friends and I were when we caught video of a UFO high in the Spring Mountains. I don’t know if anything is happening but it all seems pretty intense. Definitely not normal or ordinary.

Author (Steven Barone @ Youtube)


Patrick Sullivan
MARCH 27, 2017 AT 10:08 PM
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Can we only wonder what is going on at Nellis AFB? Might these invisible UFOs be a “MARKING” by our extraterrestrial family to clue us to the weap sport that is coming inside America this April?

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from the bankers and put it into the hands of Labor? Thank you.


VIDEO 19.19 AT

Details at:

Florida Air Show with UFO
Jacksonville — I took this video of an extremely large photo on the wall of a hotel. The photo shows jets over the beach on July 2, 2050.
I can tell you the location of the hotel/photo if helpful.
There’s a large object in the sky near the jets in the sky if it’s not an anomaly in the photo. Reported 67 Years Later. Thanks to MUFON CMS

UFO Sightings in the United States
Arizona Disc
Elephant Mountain — I was checking out Elephant Mountain when a blip caught my attention. A week ago the same camera, pictured another object on March 3, 2017. It was almost identical to this but it hovered in location for 2 to 3 minutes. I went back to copy the picture, but the Webcam had already refreshed hours into the next day. This picture was an accident in finding it. I was going through live weather cameras checking out areas around Flagstaff.
I wish I could have screen shot the one last week as it was huge triangle just hovering for a little over two minutes. Note: The object appears boomerang shaped in the original webcam photo. Enlargement reveals an oval shape. The object could be a bird. The photo resolution of the screen shot of the webcam was low (960 by 554 pixels) so enlargement may not reveal much detail. Correction this report is from William Puckett, Director Http://
California Object
Concord — During a trip back to my birth land of California on June 23, 2013, I took a few pictures while a passenger driving with my elder brother. I’ve kept these photos and have only shared them with a few close friends and families who are all astonished. So after much vacillating I now share it all with you. We were traveling eastbound on California High

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