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"I'm Completely Done. Taught You Fears. I Right Finish You O
Wed Apr 19, 2017 09:51

"I'm Completely Done. Taught You Fears. I Right Finish You Out."

Those are reverse speech statements of weap Judah. Any doubt that Judah is completely done?

For attacking us with his combination of nuclear genocide, blast, and waste, much likelihood he will be issuing our money in the future? Seems highly unlikely, doesn't it?

Can we only pray that Labor will step in here, take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and close them out right?

With unlimited free American Labor money in his hands still setting off terror bombs plus making wars worldwide. Will American Labor not take the good advice of our elders that Father sent in and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"My war is truly out now that you see my breeze ways. I error H-----," Judee say.

Might we consider that Judah in reality errors himself rather than Father?

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death," God Almighty our Father in heaven said as to the ultimate disposition of weap Judah cipher brand.

Will we not keep praying for American Labor to close them out right by taking the concession to issue our money away from the errorous ones?

"Taught you fears. We scourge you Martian, because we're rare. I fall you sin bad for my owl.

Eventually, I will lose you because I shot you fetal. I'm already final for my wicked, your rights were all death. I'm just a Jew that pulls you out with potty. Bitch saw our barrels and told you rightly and put our fist in.

They're taking me off for deceit. I sold you paralysis. I always antenna my tricks, now I quit. I want to take out your whole future, my weaps have failed. Bitchie don't want us to molest you true so he chase us foreign.

You're minnow X within a week now, then it's new dungeons. I just pitch you fail because you've stumbled to my conspear. I sport you out liturgy. My false mouth is foul. I'll spy and set you with my Auschwitz people and courts.

Jew is content to scourge you right and will continue until you throw us out, that's Jew ethics. I register you with my criminal rights. I'm slummin' you right. I seed information, I'm already out.

We just degrade and go. Eventually, our mission fails, your whole world is set. As long as we can cable our false we're spermin'. I small you with teeny details every day. We do impale. When we do contract we provide a space in jail," Judee say.

Judah still mousing us. Are we aware that is because we are still funding all of the bribes needed to allow mousing to happen?

Are we understanding that of all the breeds out here the one that Judah wants to hurt most of all is the Anglo?

Are we understanding that if not for unlimited free money that American Labor gifts to weap Judah these continuous attacks upon us cannot happen?

If we understand this will we not act and take the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah and put it into the hands of a Committee of the Whole from Labor?

"We feel we can just hold you keepish. Me foolest you with my super pooch. My right spirits for tossing. The Druid I'm going to humble nightmare. It was a great accomplish, we had no problem boring you out.

We show you so much problems you win. For my fear route my pyramid's completely dead. My room from London pulled out all white people. Bitch pulled us out because we pitted him pipsqueak.

Bitch got my head out with all truth. In more ways than one I'm a wise son Jew, My boom tech mouse got me out of here because you saw my caper. I'm a certified hit with a cannibal fraud.

With my Judah-ment I hold your sight. With your right, I make them a fleecable fail. With my physics work, I hosed you. The nice guy we trashed with our spin to hold you in. We bore you with a fable. Jew obviously has to get you before you see him.

I want to use you to fall you right. Because I fouled your baby and I cash rabbits you'll fire me out. We just come in to beat you, I'm going to set ya. I'm a prince with pets for fraud, I core you easy.

I score you off your income so I can zoom. Bitch is slowing my attacks with fists. I sport you and fight with grips. Patrick, he don't believe in fist so he dropped us out.

Unless we molest you win. The English worked for Murtha, the English Mormon set no value on you. They've put all my right aside official. With muscle, we war you spiritually.

I ever Morgan fight. Morgan's race all conspears. We use your blemish to irritate. We mizzer well. The minnow we raise overseas. We've been able to use English wit to push you to fail. The best death is a suicide.

We apologize for marching you out, we just want your deed. I believe Americus will be furious when they see my racket fall. Our foul summons always leaves you in hopeless ways. The angel falls down my rice roots.

All of our judges are yester-jets. An injury we solemnly adore. Iowa weaped us swell and took us out of our cage. We're having some problems with our police roll room, they've thrown us away.

We just base you war. With my waste, you're starting to see some of me now. Dumb purplee. A dog lets us terrorist to give us some sympathy. You're just a slave for a Jew hit. We banned all of your rights.

I Sui-psyche them, it's part of our put you in molest. Bitch got my business, my war rights put you right in. Bubble gum will strand. Iowa's shown our weapatory truth.

The Airforce can't police you so I'm out for my cannibal state. We rigged Martha. I'm surely going to throw away some failed heads before I end my day. We had a foul day until Sangamon pushed us.

For the end of my weap days I'm going to disappear tumorus. My stupid Westeheimers cage and dope got me thrown. Waste guards died you. Who's you up genes-see.

Jew is always corrupt. My whites are shears. Druid is our alge-face. As you know Patty my whole wasting's out. Your right turning softly rid us of gruesome, closed out Houston.

I bankrupt and refugee with war. My pet is going to let Judah fold you in. We bust you to make you Jew electricity. Our business rights have ended because our objective was to scold dead," Judee say.

Tele receives:

"They know how to fool you, how to take advantage of you. 11.07 am

Get them out of here. 11.33 am

The scientist has tossed them and you've done nothing.

With your rights hawked out you're soon severed. 1.19 pm

Losing you all fight failed. 1.21 pm

General roll poverty. 1.23 pm

Where did you go? 1.24 pm

They're pauperizing Allison. 1.27 pm

Jew forever got caught. 4.48 pm

They falsed us out of existence unbelievably.

I failed corrupt oligarch. 5.10 pm

Jew stumbled the races. 5.12 pm

Try to steer them right. 5.20 pm

Foolish to lose your atmosphere to corrupt guys. 5.30 pm

They bore us from Switzerland. 5.34 pm

They're my children out. 5.48 pm

Conspiracy wakes initially. 5.49 pm

Talked about Santa Claus, they pushed the button and you've done nothing. 5.50 pm

Soviet foul nation for our future. 5.51 pm

Failed maximum radiation shot.

Earthquake coming in really. 5.53 pm

Jew had his bourse way. 5.54 pm

Loomis is out for eagle abject. 5.55 pm

They smashed it over die. 5.56 pm

We survived this Jewish field. 5.57 pm

100 million they're taking off Austrious. 5.58 pm

Mental health professionals, that's who they use to wage war on us. 6.02 pm

Frosty the snow fish. 6.03 pm

Their ship's refused for harsh desires. 6.06 pm

It's over, it's quite clear. 6.07 pm

Their brain, the Martian cleared it out. 6.08 pm

It's a goal. 6.12 pm

Velocity forced Jew out of boursage. 6.21 pm

Viceroys just don't believe in personal liberty. 2.27 pm

Jewish real life for sale.

Your debts they meece. 6.28 pm

We're speaking of our futures here. 6.37 pm

In a STRIKE you roll a right siege. 6.44 pm

Wonderful mousing they did. 6.45 pm

Professor's biology won't score you up, right? 6.48 pm

You conquered. 6.55 pm

They're assaulting hostile here. 7.08 pm

Wall them Pittsburgh. 7.13 pm

A nice way to rich. 7.16 pm

It's going to be simple pricing us. 7.19 pm

Unsafe at any speed. 7.22 pm

Loosen them out. 7.23 pm

Mutual awareness is a potential here for you. 7.24 pm

Wisconsin's inside. 7.25 pm

A cot has failed. 8.24 pm

Jew pedals you dead. 8.24 pm

Steer. 8.28 pm

Jew fail fall away. 8.20 pm

A fist will make this field for seizing. 11.45 pm

They're closing us up. 11.48 pm

You hired this. 11.49 pm

Jew medical forces have been working here.

Perp us right mentally. 11.50 pm

A great rape force is pushing against us.

Righteous will source you up your whole life. 11.53 pm

They racial boys for a shoot. 11.59 pm

Grub religiously.

You all make yourselves obviously. 1.20 am

Treasure chest bought selfish.

Now you're bringing sports in to die.

There they go. 2.16 am

This land is now occupied force right. 2.17 am

Idiots conspiracy stormed us, forced us.

We now receive errid.2.19 am

Collect yourselves, toss them out. 2.20 am

You failed Jew love. 2.21 am

Finish up heart attack.

Whiskey failed you bad.

Spring is how they fall your white man with cage lift. 2.35 am

They've thrown you with their force obviously.

Army failed us ditchly. 2.39 am

They fail to celebrate us. 2.40 am

Their time is terror basic.

You failed to save your own life. 3.12 am

They canned you right in whole fish, your thief fisted. 2.43 am

A right fold insures you. 2.45 am

We fold adjusted here. 2.46 am

For practice, you failed recycling. 2.47 am

Get RISING up yourselves.

They take your rights away to die you criminal. 2.48 am

Your shot failed fish freedom.

Their entire theory is a scope. 2.49 am

They sport you jail sufficiency. 2.50 am

The white man has failed to save himself financially. 2.51 am

They shame us to die us viciously. 2.52 am

Dangerously an obvious fail. 2.53 am

A general STRIKE and they come out dimmish. 2.55 am

They failed us out with their truth. 3.08 am

You failed rifles freeze. 3.12 am

Wiping us out for educating ourselves. 3.16 am

They'll mosh you badly with false here. 3.22 am

They're Reich cycling. 3.36 am

They've made us vulnerable to fist us. 5.19 am

I'm afraid to die. 5.44 am

You're hatched. 5.52 am

They make us less rule-able. 6.09 am

It's true." 8.03 am

"Fairly we out you raperous. Our Paris rate always gives us privilege. Shooting was forsaked, shooting you has failed us. I just boom boom you war and pull your wits with Lucy. Hostile ways create poverty, Jew coming out he can't weap," Judee say.

Thousands of years of ingratiating himself into all societies on earth with a long-term plan to destroy the very flesh that he arose from.

Hiding safely inside of his mountain hotels he continues to push us out of life form. A loss of our financials that we need to source ourselves. Bringing on a war with Russia to bust us internally.

Will we not pray that Labor will step in here at this last moment, STRIKE THEM OUT and try to save ourselves?

Lunatics leaving us with pleurisy, their last gift to us from their strange love. The best hope for the whole human race, the United States of America on our sacred Bill of Rights.

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take over the issue of cash so that our Bill of Rights is more than a "GD" piece of paper?

The operating instructions on how to run our system that provides protection for each and every one of us. Will Labor of all groups not try to recognize just how important our rights are to us?

They're cycling their new dungeons in. Millions of their Replicon shells now boursed in to take over what is left of the United States as they put millions more into their cages.

The millions of workers being replaced by robots over the next few years. Might they be mousing the workers for insurance before the workers know what it is all about?

Do we see if arrested and caged a die will not only collect the insurance but it will also relieve the employer of having to pay unemployment benefits?

To respect and honor each other's dignity. To love one another. To care for one another as we pass through this short life. Might those be the real basics in life?

"I'm afraid to die." One Tele send said.

While that may be understandable, might we not act so that we are not afraid to live?

Bitch will keep praying to Father to hear His love for His children. Might this be the last day before Father may have to leave us to the whims of Judah to finish sporting us out right? Might the rapture now have to begin?

Bitch apologizes again for the stupid mistakes and errors he has made over these last 5 and half years of trying to bring Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT, take the authority to issue money into the hands of Labor and STOP THE WAR!

God bless you, God bless us all. Thank you.

Love God

Have mercy

Wednesday, April 19 — Psalm 51:1–6
Job 22,23; 1 Corinthians 3:1–11
Thus shall you say to one another, among yourselves, “What has the Lord answered?” or “What has the Lord spoken?” Jeremiah 23:35
Paul wrote: So if you have been raised with Christ, seek the things that are above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. Colossians 3:1
Generous God, you have provided us with many blessings in our lives. As we acknowledge these gifts with thankful hearts, may we hear your call to share what we have received from you. As we give to others, help us also to receive more from your word and teachings that will allow us to better serve you and your Kingdom. Amen.
3.12 pm

Did a little food shopping this afternoon and collected some more Tele receives along the way. Also saw a nice sign:

Will Labor not choose kindness and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Here's some new Tele receives"

"They're all through with this place, they moused it completely. 10.06 am

Very cannalistic' sake you. 10.07 am

They just bomb us HUGE. 10.12 am

STRIKE THEM OUT for their purple days. 10.15 am

He's falsed the white ghetto out. 10.18 am

Jew is irripassable. 10.21 am

It's British psyching. 10.30 am

They came to rescue us. 11.09 am

He's taking them out great. 11.37 am

Much warred fish. 12.46 am

They're out for too famous. 12.47 pm

They terror us right. 12.58 pm

They score poor people. 1.01 pm

Tight butts. 1.17 pm

You're with us juicyful. 1.22 pm

Terror fighting. 1.35 pm

It's ended. 1.45 pm

This is pure exhausting. 2.10 pm

It's tumorin'. 2.20 pm

Mess die." 3.01 pm

"They came to rescue us." 11.09 am

Will we not say a prayer of thanks to precious sweet Father for sending our big brothers and sisters in to give weap Judah's missiles a time out?

Might we not be joyous that Sir Casper and His diligent team timed their missiles out so good that they are now sitting in a museum inside of Mars?

Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and let the love of our good God save us? Please STRIKE THEM OUT Labor before they finish us off.

They got too dangerous and in the process as the Tele sender said, "they're out for too famous." Are we understanding that they are all done in God's village on earth? If understood must Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Will Labor please read the warning signs that are all around us giving us the information to STOP THE WAR?

Will Labor please accept the sign, end sports war and act to give us kindness in our world?

Here's some more Judah reverse speech. What he is thinking in his mind:

"I finished you. Peggy's suing us. I'm a Jewish wreck so I'm quite out. If I have a trigger I use it to push you.

We naturally protest Druid success. Dolts commission. Our error sold you out Moscow way to put in England. Your future oxygen charge will weap you fully and make your baby dead.


Druid skipped the truthful and listened to my junk, that's why he's going. I pull your rights out for my school so I can score. Jewish business makes a summons to pull you out. My true gas pipe lets me wea

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