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House please assist in ending the extreme Censorship
Thu Apr 20, 2017 07:04

Due to the heavy censorship the picture of the comparison of Queen Victoria and myself is once again not allowed. Perhaps it is still on my Twitter site you might be able to see the picture.

The one who posted on my so called twitter site was obviously NOT me. After trying hard and long to post anything on Twitter such as trying to comments to the White House or Donald Trump Jr. or Lou Dobbs all NOT ALLOWED. My question is how many other people with data and evidence are NOT being allowed to comment?

On my Mother's side:
Direct descendent of Bonnie Prince Charles.
other lineage include:
Mary Queen of Scots 10th great grandmother
James VI/I 9th great grandfather
Charles I 8th great grandfather
James VII/II 7th great grandfather
James Francis Edward 6th Great Grandfather
Bonnie Prince Charles 5th great grandfather
Gilbert Stuart 4th great grandfather
Archibald Stuart 3rd Great Grandfather
Jame Ewell Brown Stuart 2nd Great Grandfather
James E. Stuart Great Grandfather
Elsie Stuart eldest of four daughters
of James E. Stuart
Betty Simpson/Sempson
change due to Windsor demand
Eldest daughter of Elsie (Clara)
Patricia JHS daughter of Betty Sempson
Patricia holds also the Covenant Blessing of King David which was given to her by her ancestors who passed it down to Betty her mother who passed the Blessing down to Patricia. The inheritance ring as well was passed down to Patricia. When in Edinburgh at the Museum of Scotland James Francis Edward had the inheritance ring on him in the Gallery painting on the thrid floor. The painting was on loan from London.

Dut to James VII and II being forced out to vacate the throne for the so called Velvet Revolution, the throne can be once again the Stuart Throne and is hereby declared as such.
Parliament should take this as my declaration to resume the actual lineage of the House of Stuart/David to be the monarchy of Scotland, and the UK.

BTW my lineage on my Father's side goes back to Queen Victoria which is quite obvious cue to my looking like Queen Victoria my whole life.
5010 Old Hobbtown Way
Rudy, AR 72952
479-471-1895 home
479-650-1896 cell
479-226-2827 Patricia's cell

AND this post had to be done over and over and over to be able to get it out at all.

Patricia JHS

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