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"Patrick Your Rising was Arranged for You, They're Quite Fiz
Thu Apr 20, 2017 10:30

"Patrick Your Rising was Arranged for You, They're Quite Fizzly Here.

That is a Tele receive from 1.25 AM. Have the angels that our good God Almighty sent in to prevent our extermination in a nuclear war not arranged our rising here? Did they not save us so that we would be here to rise? Yes they did.

By allowing Judah to take his best shots, an all out nuclear missile attack in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011 with 1,000 long range intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with 3,200 thermonuclear warheads and then again on June 11, 2014 Judah's attack from 2 British submarines with 960 one hundred kiloton thermonuclear warheads shot at America, might we not consider that the angels did arrange our rising for us?

For attacking us with genocide in his heart and mind as he did are we understanding why our good God Almighty said of Judah, "They have no defensible rights?"

Do we recall Father also said of weap Judah, "I died them truthful, they're no friends of mine?"

From Father's message from the other night, "I'm great sourcing you, intellect is big. Please don't be dumb, they have packages from Cleveland as they go inside. More war will steal you."

That we have extraterrestrials that love us as their children, which we are, will we not let their BIG intellect help us in our most dire hour of need?

Might we only try to imagine the BIG intellect our extraterrestrial family has that they let Judah build all the nuclear weapons he wanted and then took them away from him when he shot them at us?

In 1350 AD extraterrestrials from the Federation that precious sweet Father sent in visited with the centers of power of planet earth, Royals, Vatican and Judah, inviting them to join in peaceful cohesion with our family from the universe.

The Centers of power of planet earth already having perfected the predator relationship with us, reject overtures from the Federation and continue on with sporting the human race on earth out of life.

Might we try to understand that the decision was made thousands of years ago to sport the human race until Judah was technically capable of destroying us in total?

2% of the human race on planet earth and they have taken over every single government management position there is. Might we not wonder how they have done it?

Might we see it all in their ability to ORGANIZE to get what they want?

That they identified the most significant aspect of our societal organization, government, and got hold of the ORGANIZING Principle itself, the concession to issue our money and took it away from us, might we not have to give them credit for being much more focused than the rest of us?

Their introduction of financial slavery, a forced taking of Labor, found in the income tax.

Might we recall reading they never put forth the controversy about returning us to a forced taking of Labor, rather the controversy was crafted on whether or not an income tax could be put in based upon if it was a direct or indirect tax?

America, born in physical slavery in 1791. When the income tax became law in 1913 might we consider that was when wage slavery began?

A forced taking of Labor out of a workers paycheck rather than holding the physical body in.

Might we see the great advantages of a forced taking of Labor through the income tax over physically owning the slaves in that when things are slack, no need to feed or house the workers?

If this is true then why has some one not told us about this? Why has some one not explained that in legal terms we are slaves because of the forced taking of our Labor that is used to fuel their sport war machine?

"Druid skipped the truthful and listened to my junk, that's why he's going," Judee say.

Might it be that the 'smart ones' prefer to keep silent so as to not have to endure what Judah does to anyone that tries to tell the ordinary fish the truth of what is going on?

Do we recall the good man Lucky Lindbergh told us that Judah was behind the wars that America was fighting? And do we recall what he got for trying to help the ordinary fish? His little baby boy taken out of his crib and his head bashed in.

Harold Washington, former mayor of Chicago, 1983-1987, another good man, tried to help us. Informed us that nuclear weapons had to go. Made Chicago a nuclear free zone.

And do we recall that Harold died at only 65 years of age. Might his life span not have been chemically impaired by ten, twenty, or even more years?

Bitchie served Harold because Harold served us. Do we recall that Bitchie figured out when he was seventeen years old that nuclear weapons would take us all out of here?

"You have a limited range, operate within it. You're not to rule, electrify them. Your technical is higher than you are aware of," Father said to Bitch.

Bitchie, high school drop out that had a GED equivalence to go into the US Navy at 17, intelligent enough in mathematics to figure out that nuclear weapons would die us all out.

The only thing Bitchie did not know for another 32 years, the plan all along was to die us all with nuclear blast weapons if possible, with a backup shot of brimstone waste to make certain that God Almighty would not stop him as he pushed to take out the whole human race. Bitchie not smart enough to even figure out that there is a good God above.

Who would ever imagine a deed so dastardly as to plot to die off all of the fellow members of our same species?

After seeing Vietnam in 1966 Bitchie was certain that war is a false. But what is the truth?

Looking in every library around searching for the words that would explain it all.

A 30-year search finally found it. In an old stack in the Des Moines public library in 1996. "The Cause's of War," that is from memory, written by a sociologist in about 1944.

In that book was the information that brought the words to explain it. Karl Liebknecht (1870-1919), a German Jew wrote that "war is not aimed at an external enemy, rather it is aimed at ones own domestic population. War subordinates the domestic population to exploitation at the hands of the dominant class," Karl wrote.

It finally broke through, there they were, the words that Bitchie some how knew at the intuitive level. Now he could share those words from Karl with others to help get the war out of our world.

And how did it work out for Karl? Judah hired Adolph to shoot Karl in the back.

Judah, not to be outdone by our extraterrestrial family that is rescuing us from extinction, built his 435 Jewish electricity dirty bomb shots. Knowing that only a couple of them in full melt down can poison out the entire surface of planet earth.

Elders from outer space and their computer simulations from 2,000 years ago and put into our bibles as prophecy, reveal that Judah will get no more than one-third of the human race died off when it is time for him to go.

Might we have noticed the over 40 Jewish electricity plants that have gone into emergency or unscheduled shut downs for one reason or the other in the last few years?

Might we understand that our extraterrestrial elders have blocked Judah from melting them down by their diligent actions in tripping them offline to allow the plant operators to get the Stuxnet controllers out?

Might we not want to consider just how cunning tricky Judee is in that he has put his human insecticide bug bomb in disguised as ordinary Jewish electricity?

Invisible, tasteless, odorless, and lethal beyond anything we have ever known before.

If Radioactive waste is so deadly might we wonder why our body cannot detect it easily until we are already sick from its affects?

Most things that are poisonous have sight, smell or taste that gives their poisonous character away.

Why do we not have natural sensory apparatus to detect when radiation is too high?

Might it be that because of the nature of radiation nothing can stay alive in its presence?

If high radiation prohibits biological life might we see that nothing can live in high radiation so there is no possibility to develop organs to detect it?

Next question, has this not been known by our top scientists? Yes, it has, in fact, it was figured out about 1920.

They understood at that time that radioactive products if spread in our environment would wipe the surface life forms off of our planet out.

They knew of the mutagenic and carcinogenic properties of radioactive substances. And they knew this in 1920.

Meanwhile, in America, Nathan Stubblefield was found dead in his home of malnutrition. His house toasty warm when they broke the door latch in to see why they had not seen him in so long.

They found two large pieces of metal facing each other hooked to wires connected to the earth that emitted wavy energy beams that kept Nathan's house warm.

While in the same time period, 1926-1928, Dr. Henry Moray was getting his car equipped with bullet proof glass because of all the bullets that were flying at him as he drove up the street.

What Nathan had done for free heat Dr. Moray had done for free electricity. Built his solid state transistorized radiant free energy device and was on the way to producing unlimited clean free energy for us all.

Might we consider the mathematics the 17-year-old high school drop out did in November of 1965 did not prove the answer, rather they proved what is not the answer? Is it not obvious that nuclear weapons are not an answer to let us survive?

Might we consider that without the message of love from our good God above that is where we are stuck at, not knowing the truth and limited to only finding out what is not the answer?

The renegades in Parliament and Congress. While we may not know the truth, by their consistently war-ful actions might our common sense not tell us their action are not true to us?

Plural, renegades
A person who deserts and betrays an organization, country, or set of principles.

Synonyms: traitor, defector, deserter, turncoat, rebel, mutineer

"He was denounced as a renegade"
A person who behaves in a rebelliously unconventional manner.

An individual who rejects lawful or conventional behavior

Having deserted a faith, cause, or religion for a hostile one

Someone or something that causes trouble and cannot be controlled

A person who does not obey rules

A person who abandons religion; an apostate.
synonyms: apostate, heretic, dissenter
"a religious renegade"

Traitor, defector, deserter, turncoat, rebel, mutineer.

Might we consider that Judah himself is not a traitor, defector or turncoat to us at all, for can we not appreciate that Judah was never with us in the first place at all?

Will Labor not try to perceive that what we have in Judah is an enemy combatant that has taken over planet earth from within our societies?

A mimic. Might we see that is what Judee does to get hold of us?

1 Corinthians 3:16 Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst? 17 If anyone destroys God’s temple, God will destroy that person; for God’s temple is sacred, and you together are that temple.

Might Labor try to perceive that our good God loves us all equally?

That we are God's temple and Judah attempted to destroy us with nuclear blast weapons. That Judah is attempting to destroy us with nuclear waste weapons. Will Labor not open our minds to the BIG intellect that our good God is offering us to save ourselves?

God Almighty is dying them off tunnel death, due to their weakness, their inability to accommodate others.

Will Labor not join with the BIG intellect that Father's love is gifting us with and RISE to save us?

Jeremiah 3:12 Go and proclaim these words toward the north, and say, Return, thou backsliding Israel, saith the Lord; and I will not cause mine anger to fall upon you: for I am merciful, saith the Lord, and I will not keep anger for ever.

13 Only acknowledge thine iniquity, that thou hast transgressed against the Lord thy God, and hast scattered thy ways to the strangers under every green tree, and ye have not obeyed my voice, saith the Lord.

14 Turn, O backsliding children, saith the Lord; for I am married unto you: and I will take you one of a city, and two of a family, and I will bring you to Zion:

Are we not seeing in our time the prophecy of God being acted out with the plan that Father has for His children on earth?

Are we seeing that those that want to remain with the mass of the human race Father is gifting them with a 6 birth cycle transition to afford them the opportunity to get out of the animal primitivism stage of existence?

Father said, "I'm rolling them into the mass of the general population."

Will Labor not respond to the love of God and STOP THE WAR?

Are we not yet detecting the superior level of intelligence that the house of our good God is affording us the opportunity to enjoy?

The love of God we can have in our everyday lives versus a guy that hates us and still wants to harm us as much as he can before he is totally out of here forevermore.

Are we not perceiving that the sadness and regret that Judah has is that his great balls of fire were not able to reach us?

Though Judah missed us with his great balls of fire are we not perceiving that he is reaching us with his invisible nanoparticles?

12.59 pm

Just finished a lunch break and elder spoke to Bitch.

Bitch at first thought he said, "harsh will be leaving in a week." 12.35

Then Bitch repeated what he said and then elder said this time where Bitch could hear it real clearly, "Marsh will be leaving in a week."

Might we understand what is on our plate when the Martians leave earth zone? Might we consider that Judah still has thousands of nuclear weapons that can still destroy this planet in total?

Then only about 2 minutes later I heard Father say, "They soul offend me."

Here is the rest of today's post:

"I'm a Jew screw you out of the universe. You remain available to thief. With a cage I'm appin, it's a sport. Nice man show you Judah's stupid way. The police screwed out on us here," Judee say.

The police are stuck here to be destroyed in war with us. They are not invited to go into Judah's mountain shelters to sit out our die by nuclear waste. Are we understanding why they are not serving Judah sport any more?

Will Labor not STRIKE Judah OUT and end them screwing us out of going into the universe of peace?

While reading some news reporter reverse speech Bitch learned that Judah was so effective with his false spin of Bitch that he damaged Bitch with lies as one of the reasons why American Labor has not acted to help us yet.

"You're damaged because of my false performance. I showed you a nice hard and weaped you with it," Judee say.

The other reason why Labor has not acted, according to the reporter, is due to Bitch "low spell."

The reporter did add though, "you eventually will get them out of here."

As we and our children and grandchildren are being poisoned in ways that we cannot escape once this waste is in is there not some way to bring Labor to act based on the harm that is being done to us and our families rather than what lies Judee says about Bitch?

Instead of basing your decision to STRIKE based upon Judee lies or Bitch low spell, might Labor not think of just how seriously you yourself are being put out of here and act to STRIKE THEM OUT?
Will ET Save Us? Can ET Save Us?

By Ray Larsen
Exclusive to

During the Chernobyl disaster, just before the graphite core was about to explode, a spherical craft appeared above the damaged reactor and fired 2 beams of “crimson” light right at the core, quenching the out of control fission reaction. If the core had been allowed to explode, the amount of radioactive materials raining down on parts of Europe and Russia would have been hundreds of times worse.


From Pravda, “The UFO brought the radiation level down. The level was decreased almost four times. This probably prevented a nuclear blast.” “It seems that aliens are….basically wor

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