"We've Tumbled You Successfully with Our College League." H
Tue May 2, 2017 09:22

"We've Tumbled You Successfully with Our College League."

Held us in for a full 100% die of the winter time guys. Will we not pray that we find the courage to bring the awesomeness of the love of our good God in to save us now?

"Try to perceive me, I love you. I want to save your lives. You disparage my shill that is trying to convince you to save yourselves." God our precious sweet Father said.

Our good God Almighty in heaven above. Now that we know where heaven is, 38 light-years away in the direction of the North Star, might we try telepathic communications to send our thanks to Papa for sparing us from Judah nuclear blast war?

The telepathic communication where we put our hands together and pray to the Almighty good God of our house of love and peace.

The house where hope keeps shining on everyone. The house of God that accepts us all as we are and loves us all unconditionally.

Have the angels that Father sent in not magnified the imperfections of weap Judah enough where we can see them now?

Has the magnitude of the deception not been amplified enough where we will not act to stop their war?

To defeat weap Judah, the deuce, the 2% of the human species that took over all mankind on the surface of planet earth using the power of paper to do it.

Might we see it is merely changing who holds the paper to do it? Will Labor not help us stop their eternal sport of war?

Brazil had a one day strike the other day. Several buses were set on fire. Might we recognize Judah was behind burning the buses?

The wilding and vandalism. Might we perceive that is how Judah defeats legitimate protests by having his opper teams mixed in creating violence to turn public opinion away from the demands of the workers?

No demand by the workers in Brazil to take the concession to issue the money into their own hands. Might we see that is the one thing that workers must do if we want to be free?

Will American Labor not lead the way by STRIKING THEM OUT and taking the concession to issue our money away from weap Judah brand and putting it into the hands of a Labor Committee of the whole?

"For the cow we jail wood. Sable rules. We've tumbled you successfully with our college league. We encourage management to crime. We slowly bruise you attached. I'm completely done. Life is suitable for snatching people. We die you in.

My app's portable laugh entitlement. We just ban vision and STRIKE you all. Catastrophically we've taken off your field, fish heads were no problem. With a reservist child's spirit, I've stalked.

You failed to richlys now. We rape with lifers. My route is piracy. We sapped you guys critically here, put you into the past. You're established by officials that fall you off," Judee say.

Will Labor not give us our grand juries so that we can retire these officials that fall us off?

Will Labor not bring in the awesome love of our good God? Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

The reservist child's spirit that Judah has stalked us with throughout his history of infesting us. Will Labor not put aside the childishness of the errant guy?

Are we not aware that our good God has given us a destiny to live in peace and love with each other everywhere and all of the time?

If we perceive this will we not make peace in our time?

The only people funding war, the mild man that Judah scored. Will we not examine our hearts and minds to find the courage we need to end our blind?

Will we not accept that war is not our fate?

The howlers that prowl the halls of congress and occupy the seats of Parliament. Will Labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and install those that really represent us?

"I've warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR."

How is it that we have not acted on the words of wisdom of our good Lord?

"Intellectuals we sport, we sport them quite a bit. I'm on the balance sheet for 32," Judee say.

Might a statement such as that help explain why we were such a pushover for Judah attack on us?

Might only one intellectual of the 32 on the balance sheet have given us a clear thought that would help us out?

What if all 32 were still in? Are we getting any idea of how massively Judah has shot us here?

"Jew opp is truly dead, criminal sight's still appin here," Judee say.

For opping us with thousands of nuclear missiles to wipe us out is it not pretty clear that Judah is out? Certainly. Did Father not say, "they have no defensible rights?" Yes, Father did say that.

And yet Judah's criminal sight still oppin here. Will Labor not fix that?

"This is a fasci nation, it has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. IT IS NO MORE, PUT THEM OUT, THEY'RE CRIMINALS!" Our good God Almighty in heaven, our precious sweet Father said.

As we are being wiped out of life form is there not some way that we will turn to our god God to save us?

"I'm a complete death," Judee say.

Will American Labor not recognize the truth of that statement and let them off right? For his last nuclear war against us, the one he is using nuclear brimstone waste to shoot, are we not aware that Judah is a complete death?

They practice escaping into their undergrounds so there is no slip up when the time comes to run and hide from us.

Will Labor not accept the critical truth that we are funding the die of ourselves now?

Nearly everything we see or hear hired with our money to fool us here. While many articles growl at the guys that are making war in our world, how many of them give us the solution to cure it here? How many call for Labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the concession to issue our money away from them here?

Might we say other than Bitch there is "Zero" that call for striking them out?

That one fact alone, not one source other than Bitch is calling for a general strike to take the concession to issue our money away from them, might that clue us that most every story on the web, newspaper, radio or TV are clever false engineered by weap Judah?

Is there any chance that with all of the intellectuals in our land that are writing about the war that not one of them understands it is the issue of money that we must take from Judah to STOP THE WAR?

"I'm just failed, don't shoot me. Bail adjustments are being advised now. The bail companies are porting out now. He did cheap urban, 40 dead. I proceed Madison, our true force here. I have a great time striking fools away," Judee say.

The bail companies that have had their records catch on fire and burn. Are we understanding that they have been sporting with the bench?

Will Labor not help us at all? Will Labor not help us end this criminal Israeli enterprise that is putting us in?

"A four and half-year-old will give us a squash here. I pitch you with a great sauce, that's how I hold my forgery in. H-----'s been busted theory. Eventually, it's a fall down racket, I hustled you by chippin. With druid, I'm almost through.

I'm a Jew fail on a fail. Rainbow shaft for purity left me out you most. We make beggars rich with our toss-a-ment. Our debts did fail right. We use a dog right so we can do some suffering here. Judee roll popper routine.

We favored our past rule where we could march you with a goon boy. All our tricks are about completely out. They're sinking our fasch watch. It's die Drew hours now. For Papa's beef I'm still wet," Judee say.

Here again from yesterday's post is some informed non-Judah facial reverse speech:

"4 eyes let Jew spice you out of your life form now. Within a week you'll be completely dead. You're stupid because you were errored."

Did Judee not tell us that he perfectly degenerated Bitch? Leaving the old world that was in permanent war only to arrive in the new world that Judah took over and put into permanent war. How is that for erroring a guy?

Did Papa not explain that stupid comes about from enduring prolonged periods of suffering?

The world at war both in the old land and now permanent sports war in the new land of America.

"You're stupid because you were errored."

Might we note that Bitch did identify the source of stupid as rooted in the violence that is put upon man?

Judah, having superior knowledge knew that Papa was watching His children here. And Judah chose to ignore the good advice of Papa and just kept killing His children year after year, century after century, millennia after millennia.

Will we not praise the magnificence and glory of our good God above that He left Judah let himself go?

Judah with his thousands of years of planning to steal away all of God's kids. Judah reveling in being the king maker. After losing his great balls of fire to Sir Casper might he look somewhat less than the big king maker? Might his true face not resemble a common hood?

The "Yahudi" our Arabian family calls Judah. Might we see where the word "hood" comes from?

Will Labor not take the concession to issue our money away from the "hoods?"

The sat with their hoods over their faces issuing dooms from their benches. That was until 1215 when Magna Carta came in. Will Labor not let them off right?

Will Labor not put our rights in again?

Tele receives:

"They got a big war coming in here. 3.07 pm

You've suffered war. 3.12 pm

Witless will infect again without a circuit. 3.23 pm

You lost your life winning. 3.35 pm

It makes me sad to see you've failed this awesomeness. 3.57 pm

You're leaving your minnow fail to force. 4.01 pm

For negative you've stumbled your future. 4.02 pm

Race war ballistic kills you. 4.04 pm

The place is a complete washout. 4.07 pm

Luniverse. 5.09 pm

The bribe is all that is keeping them in. 5.43 pm

They warred, stumbled air. 5.48 pm

Their false is ruptured. 5.49 pm

You failed to save your own life. 5.51 pm

Patrick, some checks will wipe here. 5.52 pm

Your outfield died yourself. 5.57 pm

You failed threat Georgian gorgeous. 5.59 pm

They fall us down with paper. 6.07 pm

Let's take their cages off of here. 6.08 pm

We're dying in field from Russia. 6.16 pm

Michelin died. 6.18 pm

They're terroring us now. 6.19 pm

Died, you failed your nation. 6.20 pm

Tore mental. 6.21 pm

Platypus still boursing here sausages right. 6.22 pm

You lost your rights for minnow fears. 6.23 pm

They bust you in a fuel cycle. 6.24 pm

Jew shot you dead, he pushed the ruin that shot a tremendous air. 6.35 pm

We're Dreyful sealed failed. 6.36 pm

They're ultimate fasching here. 6.37 pm

Wire this failed famous off. 6.38 pm

They want the gentlemen to die. 6.39 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT, they're completely devilish nervy pups. 6.40 pm

They've got an attitude to rightly die us.

They make cheesecake fail you. 6.41 pm

Close fasch here, get them to quit it. 6.42 pm

Their lies disease works beautifully. 6.44 pm

They beautifully consciously bore us. 6.45 pm

Pittsburgh leaves selfish. 6.46 pm

Their ban on sex has cost us tremendously. 6.48 pm

Criminals shot you palace aid. 6.49 pm

Their stalking, it was failed.6.50 pm

A torpedo government with a threat mind. 6.51 pm

Oh my god, they're raping us here, they're raping us out of life. 6.54 pm

Pat failed righteous. 6.55 pm

Bad theory threw out.

Thank you, it's finished. 6.59 pm

Breeze summons. 7.00 pm

Sadist holds the valuable handy. 7.02 pm

Stupid hos fell. 7.05 pm

Their torquing fell. 7.10 pm

Lethargy is how they carriage us. 7.13 pm

Uncle smoked them failed, shut the bad bust, you've destroyed yourself. 7.14 pm

It's fun ideous. 7.28 pm

Martha childed us. 7.29 pm

They're getting Russia to service your field. 7.31 pm

This is not our fate. 7.34 pm

They're dying them out failed liberty. 7.35 pm

He only needs a large fail to destroy you. 7.37 pm

He'll get you into an accident to score you. 7.41 pm

Their breeze racket cloistering filthy terrorizing scores you out. 7.43 pm

They're dying us off, get it? 7.45 pm

Stupid, they're closing up this field. 7.47

False they jail us. 7.48 pm

Poverty is what they are forcing in on us. 7.58 pm

Pluti-hits. 8.01 pm

A gen-a-beast. 8.04 pm

What is the result if they don't come in? A mass die off easily. 8.09 pm

You're bracing fiendish wars. 8.12 pm

Primitive ends, complete closure.

Molest volunteers here. 8.14 pm

They're stuffing the grease mill. 8.15 pm

Definitely false, they failed deceivous. 8.20 pm

The White guy is fairly hustled. 8.21 pm

Thanks to the professor for providing the legal. 8.26 pm

He despoils your eagle, your ethos. 8.29 pm

Get rights, they have no rights. 9.10 pm

A lot of drugs have taken us away from here. 11.36 pm

It's bad muscled. 11.37 pm

Sheriffs have raped us all.

They false our economy and Cicero fails. 11.45 pm

They push a muscle age, authorize yourself.

Police are Bristol. 11.48

They got your safe off. 11.49 pm

Our voices failed murder here. 11.58 pm

We now are victals.

They tried to rape us forcefully and we've done nothing about it yet. 11.59 pm

They psyche you out with a gallery. 12.01 am

Bore you with satellites. 12.02 am

They have no defensible relationship.

Judah fails you pixel. 12.03 am

Bar analysis shames us fail. 12.04 am

They've set us dead. 12.05 am

Their whole site failed, hustlers abandoned us. 12.12 am

You failed to save your own asses. 12.21 am

A settlement life is quite scared.

Juveniles threw you out. 12.25 am

Haliburton is corrupt.

Policemen rightly shelved us. 12.26 am

Julius prevents you from zero point energy.

They void you animal. 12.27 am

The major scheme right.

Your winning synergies is goosed out. 12.29 am

The professor dies a war fish. 12.30 am

They canceled our state reefid. 12.31 am

Their vitamins double set you out of here.

That little job you do is punishable by real ungrateful. 12.32 am

They're dying riches.

Die theory, they bubbled us bubble gum.

Sui-state acknowledges challenges, you must STRIKE THEM OUT!

Patrick, save us here. 12.35 am

They've got no rights. 12.36 am

Police lethal has failed, RISE HERE! 12.41 am

They'll die you missile vigorously. 12.42 am

Take them out for a nice house. 12.43 am

Eisenhower made their history. 12.44 am

It's real sack. 12.46 am

'H' warred us. 12.47 am

I don't believe you failed me so sweet dumb. 12.48 am

Heart attacks spite you guys. 12.49 am

It's over here, they deviled us. 12.50 am

With zoo antlers, they're happiest. 12.51 am

They've taken your currency out with a threat. 12.52 am

Moscow yielded gracefully.

For suicide, you're being moshed great. 12.53 am

Their settlement is a safe war. 12.54 am

They've got no rights, for their theft of thee, they're done. 12.55 am

They're criminals that have died your life forces. 12.56 am

They're necessarily tombish. 12.57 am

If you all refuse they cannot arson you.

Particled police are war forces out of here. 12.59 am

Purposely they have failed your life seriously. 1.00 am

Their right assignment is to die you all.

They're trying to frame us filthish. 1.03 am

You failed to save us.

There's nothing ethereal about their genocide. 1.05 am

They're submersing your checks now. 1.06 am

Unless you like a rich jail STRIKE THEM OUT!

They're advising lethal. 1.08 am

If not for the Irishman the yid scourge you right. 1.09 am

Nickels made their century, I right outed real fail. 1.10 am

They're right falling us rightfully. 1.12 am

Sheenies hauled you out failed fabulously. 1.14 am

They died you rightful out of here real nice. 1.15 am

Phonys opped you for 5%. 1.16 am

Expert, they pulled the economy. 1.17 am

The genius that you are frightened of is now passed already. 1.19 am

They've failed our life forces and failed our field. 1.20 am

They push to die us out of contact. 1.21 am

You failed Ricedom. 1.22 am

All abusage holds your state, courage will close them out.

They use children to establish a tyranny. 1.23 am



Hush Geneva up, we urge your rightful sales deluxe. 1.24 am

They hold the

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