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"Tossed You Excellent. They'll Offend You. They're Smarts."
Fri May 5, 2017 10:07

"Tossed You Excellent. They'll Offend You. They're Smarts."

Those are overnight Tele receives. Any doubt they will offend us well? Did they not do an excellent toss? Are they not a smart bunch that with only 2% of the human population they took over the entire surface of planet earth?

Will we not keep praying that Labor will take the concession to issue our money away from them and put a Committee of the Whole from Labor into issue our money?

The power to make war. Might we see it is to be found in who it is that has unlimited free money to do it with?

The intellectual root aspect of our society, the "Organizing Principle of Society," the concession to issue our "Abstract Receipts of Labor," our cash, our money.

Elders from outer space inform us that the issue of money, the root operation of our economy is "basic."

Tele receives:

"The geni boy only wants to torture. 10.32 am

Not your average roll. 12.13 pm

A mass failure of cowboys. 12.26 pm

Oh, my god, they're going to destroy us. 12.28 pm

Forever they're out. 12.38 pm

They cancel us.

Police rights are stupid. 12.54 pm

STRIKE THEM OUT, they arrest you for life. 12.55 pm

The mice will fail to shiveriness. 12.57 pm

Ein Zwei fetched us. 12.58 pm

48 and you fail. 1.01 pm

Because of radiation poisoning, they abandoned this field. 1.29 pm

Big set furious. 1.35 pm

That was fun. 1.45 pm

They next foul will nuke us. Team error. 2.19 pm

They just leave you sadly reduced. 2.27 pm

Pushing they failed. 2.29 pm

You're wasting time. 2.35 pm

Steer the state.

We've got nothing to say about anything.

They're going forcive real. 3.45 pm

You're right, for their opping they're off. 4.21 pm

Orange people don't have a nice symbol, just put you in a grave.

We've got a new strategy because H----- threw fist.

Just talk truth to me; just talk truth good. 5.08 pm

Give the settlement some hope, give the settlement some help. 5.14 pm

A personal save us. 5.16 pm

Bitch, make a sight wish to get us by. 5.17 pm

You've been ouched right here. 6.43 pm

Total wit. 7.05 pm

Jew is moshed here serious. 7.07 pm

Full degrade threaten. 7.13 pm

Floored you atlas sale. 7.17 pm

They're bourse dying us. 7.18 pm

You failed white guard, they wiped us out. 7.28

Patrick believes you don't have to tumble this field. 7.54 pm

War here psyches you. 7.55 pm

General exit. 7.56 pm

You are saved because you genuinely pushed you are saved. 7.59 pm

Tossed you excellent. 8.00 pm

They'll offend you. 8.01 pm

They're smarts. 8.02 pm

Our testicles are nice falsing, fall.

They arsed you treason. 8.03 pm

Their great siege signed us out of here.

You're dying off completely Bosch. 8.07 pm

Great shells have twisted you greatly for a great zero. 8.10 pm

It's overhead salesmanship. 9.00 pm

You fear rising, you're selfish porting. 9.01 pm

That's quite a sport you put out. 9.04 pm

You died all theory. 9.08 pm

You failed secret toss. 11.30 pm

Your embrace is now closed.

Your bad decision won't save your life, it's over, you scratched yourself out of here.

Jews failed to save us. 11.34 pm

Now you can't refuse their lousy European wars. 11.35 pm

You raped yourselves.


British here finished you out free volts.

You guys stay falsed out your lives will be fouled to you air.

They're fabulous strangling us.

You settled for true dies. 1.47 am

I failed to wake them. 1.51 pm

Predators are mousing you fantastically.3.02 am

Scientist lost this field. 3.04 am

Vast they sourced us. 3.15 am

Hysterical mushroom. 3.24 am

The ogrest rate." 3.41 am

Their lousy European wars, now we can't refuse them. We now the biggest war-makers of them all.

"You failed white guard, they wiped us out." 7.28

Judah reverse speech claims that he now has the majority of Americans died out of here. It will take a few years now but his scientists are telling him that we are finished by radiation sickness.

Such beautiful children and grandchildren we have. Only to lose them in the next few years to brimstone radioactive waste.

Might we not want to consider as true that those that pray to our good God above can be saved yet?

Judah core app, nuclear technology. The vast fortunes of workers money that has been spent to develop it. Do we recall that Judah sold it to us as a security measure?

If only our parents and grandparents understood that nuclear technology was not to protect us but to surprise extinguish our life forms, might they not have agreed to let Judah bring it in?

The voices that spoke against it then and still now. Has Judah not scored us out well?

If only our parents and grandparents understood that nuclear war fighting technology was built to create paralyzing fear and then finish us out. Might our parents and grandparents not have allowed congress to fund building it for Judah?

Though might we not consider that Judah has proven to be an exceptional salesman? For has he not only sold us the rope he is hanging us with but also the derrick for us to walk upon?

Might a nuclear weapon be as useful as an open window in a high building for us to fall out of? Or could we view a nuclear weapon not unlike a firing squad to cure heartburn?

The faultiest failure of them all, weap Judah on free American Labor bourse, and yet he still holds us in his claws.

Pawing us with radioactive waste while he shoots our face with his war disgrace. Will we not keep praying for the day that Labor awakes and takes the concession to issue American Labor dollars away from Israel?

"Diminish what they are so that you can take what they have." The ethics that Judah teaches to his kiddies.

"Ethically they're criminals," our good God said. "They're no friends of mine, I died them truthful. They've poisoned my village I want them off. Put them out they're criminals." Father also said.

"You jack-us HUGE here. That psyche of yours trying to save us just foul us." 3.58 pm

Those Tele sends came in after Bitch put his post yesterday up at his daily test page to see what readers thought about it.

He wrote about how white have not reached out to help us stop the war and those are the responses his words produced, so he pulled all of his words about white out of the post as to not irritate or offend anyone.

Might we not have to think about it a bit though the day that white says "Jew go," Jew is gone with his terror state and eternal war?

The place that Jew has offended our world from, the lands of the mild man of the north. Europe the home base of Judah sports that Judah has controlled since he took over management in 700 AD.

If only Judah had not made his move too soon might he have been able to die off the entire human race?

As he did make his move to soon, shot at us with his great balls of fire and got caught, might he have to settle for only dying off a third of our species now?

Judah planned to get us all out with his backup shots of over 400 nuclear artillery pieces cleverly disguised as Jewish electricity plants, yet now that the angels that our good God sent in have shut them all down before they could be turned into Hitachi-GE, might Judah realize that he is getting no more than a third of the human race dead as he goes away from us for the very last time?

Might we have to lose a third of God's children on earth because we are not aware of what is going on?

Is that not what the Federation's computer simulations told our elders at the time of Jesus 2,000 years ago?

Is that now what our bible informs us of will happen when Judah goes away from us for good?

As our bibles predicted in the last days a third of the water on the planet would be poisoned. Is that not exactly what Judah has done? Yes, it is. And he is still poisoning our water even more.

Are there any out there that are not yet aware that we are now in the apocalypse? Is there not some general awareness that we are now in the last days of weap Judah ruling God's village on earth?

For those that are not aware we are in the last days might they be the one-third that is set now to die out of life form poisoned by radioactive brimstone waste?

The star of wormwood mentioned in our bibles. The worms all dead and gone due to poisoning from radioactive waste. The simplest forms of life wiped out by Judah attack with his hot radioactive brimstone waste.

The wood that lays on the ground that was left for the worms to have their chow. Now the radioactive wood just sits uneaten because there are no worms to eat it. All the worms died off from the brimstone waste.

Might we only wonder how long it will take for the death from brimstone waste to reach higher lifeforms than the worms that eat wood?

"We just be an intelligence to fool you right away for sports. The win suffered me critically, revealed I put you right in so I dog your mental to get more grease spots chemical-led waste. I make you a vegetable through vowels and get you to go overseas for my war, that's cannibals basic.

I do gorgeous with a fist but because of Mercury, I passed away. I boom a sight you helpless. When you figure it out you won't want me here anymore. I just fist you off contemptuous. I took America out of the field and closed you with my rude. Jew factory is now renewed in you," Judee say.

The Jew factory that built thermonuclear missiles and attacked us with them. The collaborators in every land that helped establish a brutal mission for them. Will Labor not help us to let them off right?

"My German beach heart attacks set you back. My pp was fishing to set you rude. I core you right with my tent disease. Jew give you a nice heart attack to sooth. Mercury's taken me off of my big course, I guess I got to go," Judee say.

While Judah still is privately holding the Organizing Principle of Society, the concession to issue American Labor money, might we not be certain that he is going to lose it one day?

Has Mercury not taken Judah off of his big course in the right way?

"I've been de-psyched dead," Judee say.

Rather than Mercury taking Judah off his big course did Mercury not let Judah take himself off of his big course the right way?

"It was always our right to fire you for treasure. I fist you sometimes with Jew literates. Jew radio core on you true. I blew you off for a minimum state Drewess. 5 vowels I used to set you back. We discourage your sex with our ruditics," Judee say.

The radio core that Judah has on us. Might it not be time to say "goodbye" to our lifeforms now?

"I always hawk you child molester here. Liberation happens it won't let us bruise people in war. Forever Marsh capped our sports great. Jew fantus-a-dog complete. My weap principle wiped off your states and your nation.

The Martian don't want us to thief peoples. I challenged you ruse. Fist is how we got our poverty through.

I just symbol the fist, Patrick rolled me right. I just socked the white guy. Bitch underrates my story I put on you. I manage Morgan all fiercal. We just need a cash war to stay alive so we're going to foul you good," Judee say

That last reverse facial speech statement, might we understand why America is now set for a big attack?

To stay alive are we seeing that Judah needs a big cash war? The staging that is going on with North Korea to get a war going to bring their big guns to bear on us here. Are we understanding it is all false to leave us wreckage here?

"H----- possess you so my deed was discouraged," Judee say.

Might we understand that our extraterrestrial family do not consider us as possessions, rather we are as brothers and sisters, fathers and mothers, objects of love to them?

Do we recall it was the world renowned astronomer Sir Fred Hoyle who in 1975 told reporters that he was of the opinion that we are "somebody's property?"

Might we understand that Sir Fred knew of the numerous times that Judah tried to make us disappear with his newly invented atomic boom booms?

Will we not say a prayer of thanks for the gracious love of precious sweet Father that has kept us in?

The genocidal atrocities that is only sport for the Judah life form. Unwilling to let innocent life go on. The errant life form that has cast himself out. Is there not some way that Labor will help us now?

"We're going to foul you good. I'm vicious on a right commission. I fate you wicked. We devil state. Once an atom bomb stops holding you you'll see our real force. H----- let Iowa see our deal. To true righteous we have failed, it's our witless.

Your salary I'm weaping out. To the Jew site you have perfectly failed. The pup has pulled out the Irishman's score. I did some right good fist, we bust them fantastic. I'm pork-a-fied. I service boys faultless. Our fighting screwid is almost out, I can't screw them," Judee say.

"We see you're honest where they are perjury." 7.59 am

Thank you for that read on Bitch truth. Though in their false are they not nearly perfectly untruthful?

The other day Bitch put in a reverse speech of Judah where he said he would send a "garbage man" to shoot us. Bitch hesitated in putting it in as he knows that an honest sanitation worker would not do such a thing. Are we not aware that honest working people will not harm other people?

From reading his mind might we see though how Judah thinks about us? My apologies to sanitation workers for putting Judee think in. Are sanitation workers not as honest as it gets? Sure.

Will Labor not be certain to see that there are many sanitation workers on the Committee of the Whole to justly issue our money for us?

"I challenged you ruse," Judee say.

List of items visible from the photos Rabbi Shmuley Boteach took with Steve Bannon on Tuesday:
Debbie, Bannon and Shmuley
Scmuley and Bannon

But “Kate’s Law” addresses what is really a bureaucratic problem with a nuclear bomb. Sections of “Kate’s Law” actually create stricter punishments, a legal double standard, for all undocumented immigrants. In fact, the bill gives people without papers much harsher sentences for the same offense than someone with papers would receive. Surely this violates the section of the 14th Amendment that ensures due process of law for all persons, regardless of immigration status.

Additionally, critics of “Kate’s Law”; point out that this bill is extremely expensive for taxpayers. Since “Kate’s Law” increases mandatory minimum sentences for immigrants re-entering the country, the US Sentencing Commission estimates that, if it passes, the prison population will increase by 57,000 prisoners. That is a whopping 25% increase.

That organization also estimates that this would bring up the Federal annual prison budget from seven billion dollars to nine billion dollars to account for housing these new (not-really) criminal prisoners.

A two billion dollar annual increase in incarceration funding is a disproportionate response to a single death, however sad that event that was.

The bill, “Establishing Mandatory Minimums for Illegal Reentry Act of 2015”, is also known as “Kate’s Law.” If passed, “Kate’s Law” would impose a mandatory five-year minimum sentence on aliens who illegally reenter the country.

In the loss of Kate Steinle might we see there are several billion dollars that Judah is looking to pocket from the young woman's death?

When our grand juries are active might we not get a much better look at what really happened there?


Reportedly the bullet that struck the young woman was a ricochet. She died several hours later in the hospital.

Can we only wonder what the actual cause of death was?

"Our medical side won't let wisdom pass,

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