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Democratinc 2016 Campaign Funded By Russian Banks
Sun May 7, 2017 05:00


Democratic Party elections were apparently funded, in a large part, by a Russian Bank named Tatfond-bank.

Tatfond-Bank - the Bank of the Fatherland - is also the bank of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Apparently over the last year this bank has given so much money to these Snakes that the Central Bank of Russia had so step in and lend it $1.6 Billion Dollars just to stay afloat.

A bank does not loose money when a loan goes into default - these loans are all insured.

In fact - most loans are sold to a Central Loan Clearing House like Fannie Mae.

So when a bank loans out $100,000 it then sell the loan to someone like Fannie Mae for, say, $90,000 and that money is pure profit - minus about $2,500 to sell the loan.

Thus for every $100,000 of loans they net around $87,500.

So how does a Bank go belly up??


The Bank either gives huge sums on Money to itís top employees or it gives money away to a Political Party.

In this case the Tatfond-Bank gave huge sums of money to the Democratic Party to fund their election campaign in 2016.

In fact - they went so far as selling $60 Million Dollars in Bonds in Ireland to help these Snakes in America.

So now we have a Direct Hit against the Russian Orthodox Church to the tune of $1.6 Billion Dollars that we know of.

The half a Billion Dollar bond I hold was supposed to help fund the Russia Orthodox Church - but I guess they donít need it now, do they???

So unlike America, Russia actually arrested the Directors of the Tatfond-Bank and will take steps to stabilize this once profitable bank.

Follow the Money: Itís Huge: From The Article:

From Tatfondbank to Royal Time Group to KPMG LLP: $129,689 given to Hillary Clinton; $100,000 given to host the Democratic Party Convention; over $50,000 given to US Democratic Party Senator Chuck Schumer; nearly $40,000 to the Democrat Party Service Corp; nearly $35,000 to the Democrat Party Congressional Campaign Committee; and over $33,000 to the Democrat Party Senatorial Campaign Committee.

From Tatfondbank to Royal Time Group to AECOM: $350,000 to Democrat Party super-PACS Priorities USA Action and Emilyís List; $136,800 to the Democrat Party Service Corp; $63,558 to Hillary Clinton; $26,234 to the Maine Democrat Party State Committee; $25,525 to US Democrat Party Senator Patty Murray; $21,800 to US Democrat Party Senator Chuck Schumer; and $18,632 to the Democrat Party of Virginia.

From Tatfondbank to Royal Time Group to Steelman Partners: $28,000 to the Democrat Party.


In other news:

1) Central Banks are spending $200 Billion per quarter to avoid a Market Crash

2) Donít worry - the Feds injected $1 Trillion Dollars into the US Banks to maintain their Liquidity - but at an annual rate of around $4 Trillion Dollars is not enough.

In previous articles we have seen where 90% of this money goes into CEOís Pockets so the banks really only have around $100 Billion per quarter to work with.

Why not try $4 Trillion a quarter, or $8 Trillion - or why not $1,000 Billion Trillion?

Over the last 10 years the Federal Reserve has injected over $72 Trillion into US Banks and over $10 Trillion into foreign banks and they are still broke.

3) Nordstroms is closing more stores but will not announce how many or when.

4) We saw in March that major retailers are closing over 3,591 stores this year. My guess is this number will double by December.

5) French Leading Candidate busted for Tax Evasion - yup - The Freak who married his High School Teacher who was 25 years older than him - has had a mass of emails released and he openly committed Tax Fraud and he may, or may not, get arrested.

The Eliteís Choice for the French Presidency - the one our last President is campaigning for - - Emmanuel Macron - openly committed Tax Fraud.

In fact - it was the last US President Campaigned for him that prompted the release of these Emails.

Huma Abadeen and her Husband Congressman Anthony Weiner and there emials led to these revelations by Wikileaks.

Emmanuel Macron can thank President ďOíBaĒ (((Canít say his name))) for his loss.

6) Russia is so worried about a massive world conflict that it is cutting itís military budget by 25.5% due to declining prices of oil.

7) In a sign of things to come in America - Puerto Rico just closed 179 schools.

8) Somaliís cause huge Measles Outbreak in Minnesota - largest in 20 years.

9) Finally - in a sign of things to come - huge rioting in the streets in the Oil Rich nation of Socialist Venezuela.

Please note this False Flag set up by SERCO to show civilians attacking an armored vehicle.


Time to tighten your belts and buy only what you need

We will have banking issues here in the US begin in September and by the end of October - unless there are huge changes we have already discussed - huge lay-offs as well.

We have shown you ways to save money on foods and ways to heal yourself without a doctor.

We even set up a channel called William Mount Cooking to help you eat cheaper.

For You Intel Geeks:

The Nuclear False Flags set for mid-May and early September may be stopped already as these elites are focusing on the destruction of the Trump Administration rather than starting a Full Scale Nuke Conflict.

Further - with the tightening up of Budgets by President Trump money is no longer flowing to the people that set up these False Flags.

No one in the rest of the world - with the exception of maybe China - will play in a world conflict and we have been told they are backing out as well.

So the attempt to Nuke Salt Lake and DC on May 24th may be cancelled due to lack of interest - we shall see.

As for Chinaís Closest Eastern Neighbor (((NORTH KOREA - canĎt say the word))) it will run around $1 Billion Dollars to buy back all the large 15KT Firecrackers the last presidency sold them.

This, of course, means the Trump Administration, will also have to buy back the Large 15KT Firecrackers they sold Vietnam, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey- oops - thatís top secret.

Please pray that your family safe.

Please also pray for a Miracle for America as our dollar is no longer the World Reserve Currency.

I also need your prayers as there are those in the VA in Seattle who apparently want President Trump Dead who are trying to shut me down.

Please pray that they are exposed and dealt with ever so harshly and that I can continue to try and save President Trumpís Life every step of the way.

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